Season 2 Episode 23

Day 2: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 13, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When Jack hits a dead end with his lead, he realizes he must persuade Sherry to help him get evidence against Kingsley.
Things go awry at CTU when Division becomes suspicious of Chappelle's absence. Michelle goes off-site to work with Jack.
Mike and Prescott ask Palmer to aid them as the bombers get closer to their targets.moreless

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  • After Alex Hewitt's death, Jack is forced to have Sherry help him get the necessary evidence to save David Palmer's presidency and stop a war.

    While this episode was not terrible, I found that I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Since this is the penultimate episode before the finale, I was hoping for something fantastic and feel disappointed with what I received. I did not like the character of Alex Hewitt. I just can only take so much of his whining and paranoia. Another liability here is Ryan Chappelle for reasons I have stated in previous reviews. He is just as annoying as ever here. Tony and Michelle are reliable characters as is well known. However I felt their story was a little predictable in the sense that is is painfully obvious that both of them would be vindicated. I certainly did enjoy seeing Jack work the case, but aside from that there are not many positive things to say about this episode.moreless
  • Not as good as predicted!!!!

    If you compare the semi - final episode of the season 1, you can think that this episode needed more substance.

    What takes this episode momentum is alex, all the pursuit, to end like this. Chapelle action one more time, make him a partial villian, carrie to is in the last.

    All the things that could end well are denied in this episode, even for michelle and Tony.

    Palmer situation was more about filler and some details and we have a new villian in play.

    Overral the expectation for this semi - final season can hurt you, because the writers decided to keep the pay off for the season finale episode.moreless
  • Good episode but the last episode before the final.. you would expect more...

    So, this season is almost over and I feel it has not been as strong as 1 one. And the last episode before final goes the same music - it is good but not stunning and somehow even slow and little annoying. The thing I am happy is that Tony and Michelle did not manage to walk away as on so many occasions on this show, people just get by with everything. Now someone did not.

    Jack storyline was the most exciting as everyone else were just.. they were but nothing exciting. Palmer taking the call - I think I got what they tried to show but it did not have no need like Kim doubting Kate.. she is always getting into trouble and now, the only time, there is way out, she doubts.. oh..

    But one episode still to go.. Hoping the bestmoreless
  • The episode before the finale in season 1 was incredible, but...

    This episode is so weak in comparison.

    The episode before the finale in season 1 made me nervous, very nervous. Just thinking about it makes me want to watch that episode again because of how dark and suspenseful it was. Another attempt was made on Palmer's life; Palmer faked his death; Nina was revealed as the mole. The little things like that make me realise how amazing season 1 actually was.

    And with this episode there are still so many gaps!! A blatent filler that definitely wasn't needed for such an important episode. God knows how they are going to fit everything into the finale.

    I didn't like how the situation with Alex Hewitt was dragged on for half an hour,, he only ended up dying anyway.

    The highlight of the episode was probably Tony being put in handcuffs. But when Michelle got caught, why didn't she show the audio program to Chappelle as proof that the Cyprus recording could be fabricated?

    At least this episode has shown us that Jack is suffering from his condition, so he's not a super human after all!! But the ending was not that good, the car crash wasn't even a bad one.

    Quote of the hour! Michelle Dessler: "I did what I thought was right, I still believe that. I won't let you lie for me."moreless
  • …and mounts…and still mounts

    Once again, we're at the penultimate episode of a "24" season, so let's go over whether it does what any penultimate episode should do: nicely set the stage for a great finale.

    Well, it sets the stage. For some reason, this doesn't feel like the second-to-last episode of the season. Sure, there's tension abound, but I find that there isn't a lot of climactic buildup. Jack and Sherry set up a sting operation against Kingsley, and that should get one geared up and ready to end the season gleefully, but for me, something just feels off about it. Maybe it's because the plot feels too hasty and rushed, unlike S1, where there was a gradual buildup to the finale.

    But whatever. The episode contains some very good moments, such as Tony and Michelle getting arrested. Yep, they're put into CTU custody, leaving Jack without any help. And to rub salt in the wound, Palmer's in another self-contained plot where he must speak with the Turkish Prime Minister to let the bombers fly through their airspace. Which he does to save the lives of the bombers. How noble. But really.

    In spite of what I said up there, the episode gets me excited for the next episode, because most episodes of this show do anyway.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack shooting Hewitt in the leg. And Hewitt actually being shocked about it.moreless
Braeden Marcott

Braeden Marcott

Prime Minister of Turkey

Guest Star

Heather Salmon

Heather Salmon


Guest Star

Tony Wayne

Tony Wayne

Agent Powers

Guest Star

Randle Mell

Randle Mell

Brad Hammond

Recurring Role

Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze

Ryan Chappelle

Recurring Role

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Vice President Jim Prescott

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After a commercial break, we see a shot of the map with the planes over the Mediterranian Sea. The direction that they were flying was nowhere near Turkey, where Palmer was forced to ask permission to fly over.

    • In the closing split screen of the episode, David Palmer is shown sitting in a black leather chair in the same positioning and furniture type as the Former President Abraham Lincoln is depicted in at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. This was probably meant to draw the comparison between the dilemmas David Palmer faced when deciding on how to proceed in the wake of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil and the dilemmas Former President Lincoln dealt with when deciding how to proceed just prior to the Civil War.

    • When Jack is chasing Hewitt on the rooftop, Hewitt climbs onto a raised level of the roof, then pulls up the ladder to try to keep Jack from catching him. We see Hewitt drop the ladder at the top of the wall, with a portion of the ladder extending over the edge. Jack then climbs a pipe which is attached to the wall, just to the right of where the ladder was placed. When Jack reaches the top, the ladder is gone.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Sherry: You wouldn't hurt me.
      Jack: Make no mistake: I'll do what I have to do.

    • Sherry: What kind of support will you be getting from CTU?
      Jack: As of now, none.
      Sherry: Wait a minute! You don't expect to take Kingsley down by yourself? That's insane!

    • Kingsley: I'm not gonna let some pimply-faced techie ruin everything we've planned. If he gets brought in and testifies, there's going to be no place for any of us to hide.

    • Michelle: What do you think they'll charge us with?
      Tony: They could push for treason if they wanted to.
      Michelle: You think they will?
      Tony: Depends on how big of an example they want to make of us.

    • Sherry: No! Kingsley has evidence that will implicate me, there is no way I'm going to do this!
      Jack: Mrs. Palmer, you're gonna... (collapses, grabbing his chest)
      Sherry: What?!
      Jack: It's nothing, I'm fine.
      Sherry: Don't tell me it's nothing! What's going on?

    • (Novick walks into holding room)
      Palmer: Yes?
      Novick: I need to speak with you, it concerns national security.
      Palmer: As I am not the Commander-in-Chief anymore, I don't see how that would be relevant.

    • Brian: Wait, Mike. Mike, wait. Just hold on for a second. I remember when you signed up for David's first run at the Senate over 20 years ago. That's...that's a lot of history just to throw out the window. Come on, Mike, I know you just did what you thought was right, but let him try to prove his case. You owe him that.
      Novick: I'll have Colleen set up a computer station for you. You won't be able to transmit outgoing messages.
      Brian: That's fair enough.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The Season 2 DVD set contains a two-part documentary that details the making of the final two episodes of the season.

    • The scene where Jack chases Hewitt on the roof was originally going to take place on a busy highway. This scene was detailed in an online exclusive on the official 24 site.

    • Nina Landey (Eve, the woman stabbed by Kingsley) played a different character (Amanda) in season 1's 2:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.

    • Vicellous R. Shannon was supposed to appear in the episode, but he was cut from the final print. The deleted scene is available to view on the Season 2 DVD set.