Season 2 Episode 24

Day 2: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on FOX

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  • One of the best hours of television you'll ever watch

    Aaaah yes, the Day 2 finale. Quintessential 24. Bigass action scene. Tidying up of most of the major plots. And a true WTF? moment at the end.

    -The INCREDIBLE shootout at the Coliseum
    -Jack in hand-to-hand combat! Which led to...
    -Jack's best kill ever, the wicked neckbreaker!
    -The incredible editing with the split-screens
    -A hilarious moment involving Tony coming out to greet Kate and Kim
    -Tony ordering Chappelle out of his chair
    -Palmer firing Mike
    -The return of...well, if you've seen this episode, you know who I'm talking about. Her icy stare as she shook Palmer's hand sent a chill down my spine.
    -Final shot of Palmer

    -An out-of-place Warner reunion scene
    -Palmer not letting Prescott and his cohorts resign
    -The ending loses some of its oomph after watching its resolution in the beginning of Day 3

    Let me just focus on the action scene and the ending for a moment. When this episode aired, the action scene was THE best in the show's history and the ending only trailed the ending of the Day 1 finale. I mean.....my God, my hat is off to you Jon Cassar and crew.

    Jon Cassar has been mindlessly bashed by some people in the past, but this incredible hour proved just how great he can be.
  • A great way to tie up one of the best seasons of 24. This episode fills in all of the questions the viewer had throughout season 2 and brings up new ones in the end. The way they tied up the Warner family problems at the end was well done.

    A great way to tie up one of the best seasons of 24. This episode fills in all of the questions the viewer had throughout season 2 and brings up new ones in the end. The way they tied up the Warner family problems at the end was well done. It was an action-packed kick-a$$ episode that, after it was done, felt like you sky dived from 40,000 feet in the air, landed on cement head first, and then was shot in the back afterwards. That statement fits the season 1 and 4 finale better but works for season 2 as well. One of the most memorable moments in the whole episode was the last scene where President Palmer has an assasination attemp against his life. The season leaves you with a cliff hanger that makes you want to do all of the things mentioned above. Overall, the season 2 finale of 24 was a great way to end a great season.
  • The perfect conclusion for the best season of 24 (so far). Warning, contains spoilers.

    I really loved this season when I watched it the first time, I recently purchased it on DVD and I just finished watching this episode. I really think that this is the best 24 season so far. I really love David Palmer's character (what a great actor is Dennis Haysbert, by the way) and this season is the one with the most compelling storyline about him.

    This episode has one of the greatest action scenes in 24, the final shootout. It's really great to see Palmer's freightened look when he realizes that Sherry may die, it's only a second but is great anyway.

    Jack is in really bad shape, but he manages any to save the day, the nation and the world again. This episode doesn't have the best Bauer that we saw in 24 anyway, but it's a great ending (great fight at the end).

    The ending of this season is I think one of the best things that I've seen on TV ever (along with the bombing at CTU and the nuke detonation), I wanted to scream the first time I saw it. It really bothers me that they didn't continue this storyline on season 3.

    It's not the best episode of 24, but it certainly has the greatest ending (and not only of 24, I don't think that nobody is gonna be able to top this in many many years). A perfect 10, the best way to close a perfect season.
  • Great show and great finale

    I am glad that both Palmer and Jack finally get
    The last laugh and to some extent Tony who ordered
    Chapelle out of his chair. No wonder I hate Chapelle and
    Wished that Tony would haul off and deck him. Finally, Palmer fires Mike and that Palmer proves that you can't mess with the President of the United States!
    Kingsley tries to set a trap and Jack beats someone with his karate skills!
  • Second season accomplished what the first one couldn't ; the plot was strong all along. Unfortunately, bunch of questions weren't answered. Oh and I'm not gonna buy a game to do so.

    The plot of season 2 was very strong because as we progressed, new questions came up. The nuclear bomb exploding was the most exciting scene ever on television. However, after that, we were happily driven into the deep neverending 'mass' called 24: season 2: the plot.

    The audio recording. The chip. Kinsley. The guy on the boat(mMax). Mandy.

    How are these people connected? That's something we will never find out.

    Also, we'll never find out the role of the guy on the boat. He seemed to be a leader type but what did he exactly want to possess? The oil is good for Kingsley's case right?

    Oh and Mandy, now how the hell does she come in the play? And, anyway... why the hellthey wanted to kill Palmer?

    Too many unanswered questions. And they wont be answered... only if you get the PS2 game'24'... but damn it. I am not gonna do that cuz 1. i dont have ps2 2. i am watching a tv show!!

    Anyway the episode itself rocked, Sherry was great, Jack was good, Palmer was great, Mike's storyline was sad, Prescott redeemed and uhm.. nice cliffhanger and firefight.
  • awesome episode

    season 2 now finishes on a high note. the action is relentless, the scene at the LA stadium was awesome. it\'s one the best tv action scenes ever filmed for tv. the storyline itself was really good, it\'s so well made. it\'s a very engaging story, you really buy into the plot because of the fast paced script and excellent acting. the directing is also remarkable, this episode ends in sort of a cliffhanger, it\'s a good ending. they really made a good episode, it\'s been a very enjoyable 24 hours. a whole season finishes well, this is the most exciting 24 hours on tv ever.
  • Wow.

    24 Season 2 was a huge improvement over season 1. Surely, the creators budget was bigger, but also, the plot was much stronger. It wasn't predictable, not at all.

    Would've you thought at the beginning that they're actually going to detonate a nuclear bomb?

    Well, season 2 was amazing. It's my favorite 24 season up until this day.

    The finale was no worse - it was brilliant. I loved how Sherry and Jack worked together, and Palmer's speech was really strong and efficent - it really got me, which is a big thing. And Jack and Kim finally reuniting was priceless.

    Not only was the acting top notch, but the action was it too. Finally, Jack didn't only kill with gun, but with bare hands. The ending was extremely shocking, I couldn't believe they ended the show like that.

    However, the reason I'm only giving the episode a 8.9 is that, there are too many unanswered questions. Questions that won't be answered, probably ever.

    Other than that, the episode is easily one of the best in 24's history.
  • Review

    A lot of questions were left unanswered, but the finale was still amazing up until the very last second. The ending left me confused, with the assassinition attempt on the presidents life something that I hope will be cleared up at the beginning of Season 3. The storyline wasn't one that was really ever elaborated on and it seemed kind of random to end it like that, though Im sure they did it for pure shock value and so they could decide if they wanted to bring Palmer back for another season, which I think that they shoudl. The possible romance between Jack and Kate is something that I would like to see deveolop, but the previews for season 3 dont seem to indicate anything of the like. There on screen connection is fantastic, though I think the writers like to stay away from relationships because having a member of his family be kidnapped every single time would be a little too much to believe. The fight scene in the stadium with Jack and one of the men was the highlight of the season, one of the best scenes 24 has done. The shot was brillantly shot and it turned out great.
  • great finale

    this episode sees the main plot coming to a close and finish. But still with fantastic twists, the David Palmer back up plan! I so did not see that coming when I watched it... classic! The finale scene is a perfect cliffhanger for season three.. although I now know the outcome of that plan. I did wonder how the writers would keep viewers between seasons, and the cliffhanger does it all! fantastic end to my favourite of all seasons, even better than season one! Look forward to seeing Jack Bauer in the future season 's.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Doesn't hold a candle to season 1 finale, but does this season justice. ALSO MY SEASON OVERVIEW

    As Jack barely makes it to the stadium with Sheri, from suffering a heart attack, every major player in the whole season is brought together by voice conference to finally find out if the tapes were forged. And surprisingly enough, the final out come of the season lies in the fate of Sheri Palmer. Who knew that one of the most hated charcters on the show, would be the one that we want to see succseed. In one of the most tense scene this season, Sheri meets with Kingsly at the LA Colusium, with of course Jack behind her. With almost every person in show listening to the conversation, the event seems far most intense. After Kingsly figures out that she doesn't have Alex, a massive shot out begins, with Jack kicking the most ass this season. The action scene ends with a great hand to hand fight between Jack and a thug, with Jack finishing him off with the wicked neckbreaker. After everything is resolved and people say their good byes, the real questions begin. Now the ending could be looked at in many different ways, but I tend to look at it as just a way to leave the viewer satisfied. As with Teri's death in S1, the assassination attemt seem more of a final cherry on top, than something that will be dug deeply into. I would also like to say that seeing Mandy's cold as hell stare for the first time gave me chills. Great way to end a great season.

    Top 3 moments from the episode:
    3. The Jack neckbreaker. Ouch. One of his best kills to date.

    2. The final clock, ticking to Palmer's heartbeat, as you see him slowly dying off. Is he dead? Well, no, but sick ending. 1. Seeing her icy stare through the crowd. One of my favourite OMFG moments of the season. Mandy is back baby! Someone's bound to die.


    Top 5 characters

    5. David Palmer - His best season storyline; increadible acting from Haysbert

    4. Kate Wanner - I really liked her character, especially when she travels around with Jack; she probably had one of the worst days of all the characters

    3. George Masson - probably one of my all time favs, who from the begining we knew it would be his last season; goes down in a blaze of glory. You will be missed George!

    2. Tony Almedia - Who doesn't love Tony? Eh? The man's freaking cooler than I could ever dream of being; He desplayed alot of emoitional changes throughout the day.

    1. Jack Bauer - Do I have to explain myself?

    Top 5 most hated characters

    5. The cop that arrested Kim and her boyfriend - just some dick that gave the Kim storyline more time on screen

    4. Sheri Palmer - once again my hatred for her continues.

    3. Ramone - Just f*cking shoot yourself!! You're storyline sucks!

    2. Chapelle - When Tony tells him to get out of his seat, is my pick for the "f*ck you stupid annoying character" line of the season. 1. Carrie - that fu*king b*tch! Every time Tony or Michelle would say something to her that put her down a bit, I would be like, "Yah, thats right b*tch! You don't mess with CTU!"

    Top five episodes

    5. 7am to 8am - the finale

    4. 10pm to 11pm - the end of George Masson

    3. 2am to 3am - Jack is tortured

    2. 9am to 10am - the bombing of CTU

    1. 1pm to 2pm - Jack vs. Nina

    top 5 worst storylines

    5. Kim and the little girl (what was her name again?)

    4. Kim and her boyfriend trying to get out of LA

    3. Kim and the crazy forrest guy

    2. Kim and the cougars 1. Kim and Ramone "I think you know where I'm coming from..."

    Top 5 episode endings (not including the last episode)

    5. 5pm to 6pm - One of the biggest twists of the year, as Marie Wanner ends up shooting the guard and Reza. I was stunned. As the tear rolls down her cheak, we can't help but feel sorry for Reza. "You realy were sweat...." she says before poping her lover. She is no longer the poor bride, but the crazy b*tch!

    4. 8am to 9am - Nothing too relvealing or dramatic, just the back of someone's head at a sink. As the camera pans around, we see a fully shaven Jack, as he slicks his hair back and stares at himself in the mirror. His expression is priceless as it looks as if his ready for hell. Jack's back baby!!

    3. 11am to 12pm - After the terrorist Jack is chasing kills himself, and tell Jack to look at the pictures, he opens the envelope. To his and all of our surprise, he sees the one person he pretty much hates the most in the world. Nina Myres. I literatly s*it myself.

    2. 12pm to 1pm - Jack finally gets Masson to let him interogate Nina. As he begins to fully understand what he is about to do, he looks at the screen, and stares at his wife's killer. He walks away to climaxing music, as Nina turns and looks straight at the camera. Not revealing, just powerful.

    1. 9am to 10am - My favourtie ending ever. Jack acting the part, all cool and evil and such. He asks the driver what they're doing. Driver answers they're turning a government building into a cemetary. Jack asks what building. The Driver calmly answers "the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit". As Jack tries to register what he just heard, he cooly anwsers, "Yah, cool....alright..." Still acting the part, he faces the front, his expression slowly turns serious, as he puts on his glasses. My mind at the time was like, OMFG.... God I love 24!!!
  • great episode...

    This was one of the best finales that 24 has created thus far. It sums the season up with a bang. Jack goes with Sherry to meet with the bad guy. However, things go south and Jack has to protect Sherry. He succeeds, but puts himself in danger. His heart almost fails and the bad guy almost shoots him, but he is sniped. Palmer and Tony have their moments in the episode also. Overall, I just like how they ended the episode. The ending was sweet when Kim came to see her father. Overall, great episode and one of my favorite 24 episodes.
  • This is one of the best season finales of 24, it was great this the exact reason why i watch this show

    Jack and Sherry crash into a ditch and they survive (thank god.)Jack wires her up and she gets the evidence that the cyprus recording was forged. later he passes out then Kim comes to help him. the last part was wierd but it was good. this is the coolest episode of this season. i love the part when Jack finally get reunited with Kim. it was touching when she said that she would take care of him. it was full of action and had me wanting more. When the new season comes out i as soooo watcing it. i cant wait for season 7!! my friends and i watch it all the time.
  • A breathtaking and action-packed finale!

    A great finale, not as great as the season 1 finale, but still great. I loved the stuff with Sherry Palmer and Peter Kingsley, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The shoot out at the stadium was amazing as well, but Peter Kingsley's death was just too lucky.

    Other highlights of the episode were when Palmer fired Mike, and Tony's conversation with Chappelle (ha ha at Chappelle acting like he was Tony's friend.) I didn't really see the point of the scene with the Warners after not seeing them for ten episodes. It was a very random scene which had no relevance to what was happening with Peter Kingsley.

    Yes! I liked that Mandy was back, it was a nice twist. She was the only character who wasn't resolved in season 1, and they brought her back for the season 2 finale. Excellent! The ending was shocking, and I expected Palmer to be dead but season 3 says otherwise. So therefore, it wasn't as shocking as it was made out to be. Many things in season 3, including this, are left unexplained, which left me quite disappointed.

    I'd say that season 2 is just behind season 1 for me considering there have been some slight faults with it, such as everything that happened with Kim!! But someone who made season 2 brilliant was George Mason. *sniff sniff*

    Quote of the hour! Tony Almeida: "It's like this, either fire me, or get outta my chair."
  • End zone

    Just to get one thing out of the way, the whole plot thread surrounding Alexander Trepkos and Max is overkill.
    To get another thing out of the way, Novick suddenly requesting CTU's help in bringing Kingsley down is a little cheap. Just last hour, Palmer was locked in a room while the bombers were heading for the Middle East, and Tony and Michelle were arrested for conspiring against CTU. But now, some new information solves those problems and causes Jack to get help from pretty much every direction. Well, there's less than an hour to go until S2's end; I guess the writers need all the help they can get to resolve the story with a happy ending. Yes…happy…
    Kim's problems are over, or rather, the Kim problem is over. Sure, she's still in the episiode, but when the writers actually come up with something good for her, she isn't all bad. Kate's story has ended as well, though the Warners still get a creepy reunion in Marie's holding room. Yay for closure!
    Jack quite literally saves the world by proving that the Cyprus recording is BS and getting Prescott to call off the war. In the process, he gets involved in a grand shootout Kingsley and his gun-toting minions at the LA Coliseum. This action sequence alone gives the S2 finale high points, and brings the WW3 crisis to a very good climax. The main characters all get their "goodbye" scenes, and Palmer's public press conference brings a large feeling of grandeur to the season's closing moments.
    And another crisis pops right back up, but you needn't pay attention to that. S3 certainly didn't.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jack Bauer: the amazing, wall-running CQC neckbreaker!
  • Good episode

    Yes it is, a good episode. And as with last year, the last seconds of the ending make it worth a lot. But if I think this was a season ender and with all the things going on, this is the end. I am not all happy. I think the season in full was little slow and many filler parts that not been needed and the ending was what we all expected. Maybe it felt because in first year, 24 was something totally new and shocking and now we all know what to wait. Maybe.

    Anyway, I liked how everything worked out very well for everyone. I like the plot twist in the end with Maggie.. Jack getting his prove, Palmer back in office (for not long)... It was a good episode.. a really good one but... it could have been little better.
  • Fantastic way to end Things and Star Others!!!!!

    I think the writers might not have arranged better ending than this one.

    It´s only behind Season 1 finale by little.

    Michelle and Tony are free and the way the writers did it, was very well done, however, you had to suspende your believes a little.

    Also sherry Palmer finally did a good job by Jack Side.

    Jack Scenes was very suspenseful and , because you think that kingsley will not fall for Jack Plan. Jack health condition help too.

    Good action too for a Season Finale. The Final Scene between Jack and Kingsley was very good, its like a inverted situation for what´s happened in season 1.

    Palmer Plot is over and its a pleasure how the writers closed this situation about Palmer administration and mike too.

    The Final Scene it is a surprise and leave you with a great Cliffhanger for the next Season. Not everything in 24 is supposed to end well.

    Overral a great Season Finale for a great season with a badass Jack, nina return, CTu attacked, A conspiration plot, some impossible and helpless situations, make this one of the Best seasons, Until some season comes to surpass this season 2.
  • Heart pounding finale!!!

    This second season of 24 is not as perfect as the first season. But it has great twists, an engaging plot, unforgettable and necessary moments and some characters which makes you have a suspenseful time. So, it's a very great season. For me has a 9,6 out 10.
    And it's finale is on it's overview level: a superb ending, fast and light, suspenseful and with an ending twist that leaves you with a shape of a "O" in your mouth.
    I mentioned that is not as perfect as the previuos season ending, but it´s cliffhanger is really unexpected and leaves at the edge of your seat.

    A really great ending and a really worthwhile season.
  • Terrific Cliffhanger!!

    Season 2 finale of 24 was excellent!. It doesn´t came to the first one level, but if the episodes gives you more action than the drama or surprises of the past, and you only have to judge about the action of the episode... i say that the action is fast and truly exciting. It doesn´t play with your emotions despite the final scene with Palmer (this is the unique finale which doesn´t ends with Jack). And the action is top notch and spectacular. See Jack Bauer fighting and shooting is the answer about why everyone consider this carachter as one of favourites of any TV show!.
  • Awsome season ending

    We get more cliffhangers, more moles. Sherry does something good, Jack almost dies again. Kingsley is stopped but the back men is not. Novick bbetrays Palmer, but Palmer gets in tyrouble, one of the best tv episodes i have ever seen.
  • The second season ends with Jack putting Sherry in harm's way to hopefully stop a war.

    The last few episodes are not without their share of problems, but the season ended on a very positive note. Both of the story lines presented here were very well done. Sherry actually surprised me here. For once she thought of other people instead of herself when she decided to stay and help Jack when she could have walked away. Sherry's meeting with Peter Kingsley was terrific as well. For once I actually liked her and supported her. Did I just say that? I did! The climax at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was great. Well staged with plenty of action and suspense. A thrill ride from start to finish. Also, like I needed another reason to like Tony Almeida any more than I already do. I LOVED seeing him tell off Ryan Chappelle. Just loved it! Everything worked in this episode. A great way to end another fantastic season.