Season 2 Episode 1

Day 2: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

12:00 A.M.-12:02 A.M.: Seoul, South Korea: A man is being brutally tortured in order to extract information from him. The man eventually gives up information, and a call is made.
8:02 A.M.-8:06 A.M.: The new president, David Palmer, is out fishing with Keith. Palmer asks his son about his mother. Keith says she is putting on a strong face, but it's just a mask to hide her pain. Palmer's Secret Service protection intervenes, telling him that there's a situation. He is whisked away from his son and taken to the underground Northwest Regional Operations facility. Back in Los Angeles, Kimberly has begun working as an au pair for a couple to look after their young daughter.
8:06 A.M.-8:12 A.M.: At CTU, George Mason appears less than thrilled to be in charge of things. His mood turns to mock elation when Eric Rayburn of the National Security Agency sends in a request to call in Jack Bauer. Jack, who now looks very much like a bum, has been inactive since Teri's murder a year earlier.
Palmer arrives at the underground facility, and the briefing begins. He learns that a nuclear device is under terrorist control in LA. A group known as 'Second Wave' appears to be in control of the device, and intel suggests that the prime minister of an unnamed Middle Eastern state may be involved.
8:12 A.M.-8:17 A.M.: Kimberly's employers, Gary and Carla Matheson, have just had breakfast. As Carla leaves, Gary comments, in a very creepy tone, that Kim has a great body. While watching Megan outside, Jack pays Kim a surprise visit. They haven't really spoken since Teri's death.
Palmer calls the Prime Minister and demands information on Second Wave. Intel shows three Second Wave bases operating in his country, but the Prime Minister denies this.
8:17 A.M.-8:22 A.M.: Eric Rayburn wants Palmer to speak to the Pentagon about a retaliatory strike. He refuses, citing the lack of evidence indicating whether or not the foreign country is responsible for the threat.
8:22 A.M.-8:24 A.M.: Marie Warner is floating around on Cloud Nine, getting ready for her marriage to a Middle Eastern man named Reza Naiyeer. Her sister, Kate, is unhappy about this for reasons that aren't entirely clear. What is clear is that she believes Reza is trying to take advantage of their father Bob's wealth. Reza sends the company car to the airport to pick up his cousin.
8:24 A.M.-8:28 A.M.: Jack returns to a spacious residence, but has clutter scattered all over. The phone rings, but he lets the answering machine pick it up. Tony Almeida from CTU leaves a message on his answering machine and grabs a glass of water and looks at a picture of Teri. The phone rings again, and Jack decides to answer it. The female voice on the other side asks him to stand by for the President. Palmer pleads with him to go to CTU to hear about the current situation the country is about to face.
8:28 A.M.-8:31 A.M.: Carla comes home to wrap a gift for Gary's secretary. She is visibly shaken as she asks Kimberly to take their daughter, Megan, upstairs to play.
CIA Headquarters at Langley issues an information flow advisory. Tony calls in several staffers that had the day off.
8:31 A.M.-8:36 A.M.: After getting off a conference call, Mason briefs the staff about the bomb threat, then tells Tony that he believes Jack has been called in because of a previous cover mission.

In Oregon, the briefings continue. The NSA is still unsure what kind of nuclear bomb they're dealing with. Casualties could range from the low thousands to the millions depending on the kind of bomb it is.
8:36 A.M.-8:46 A.M.: An unidentified man enters an industrial building. The few people in the room seem to be working on constructing a bomb. CTU's computer data analyst, Paula Schaeffer, is now having trouble performing her duties due to over-compensation to impress her superiors. Tony tries to set her straight just as Jack returns to his former workplace. They waste no time in briefing him on the situation. Jack immediately turns and leaves to get Kim. He calls her, pleading with her to leave Los Angeles, but would not asertain as to why. She hangs up and turns off her phone, refusing to deal with her father right now.
Jack has a change of heart and decides to help out, on the condition that Tony look out for Kim's safety and gets her out of LA. Jack learns two things: their prime suspect is nowhere to be found, and a key witness against him is in protective custody.
8:46 A.M.-8:49 A.M.: Marie informs Reza that an ex-boyfriend whom she was with for six years will be attending the wedding. Reza is unhappy due to the fact that all of his brothers' wives were virgins, and his family might not approve. Kate, clearly offended by his mindset, is called away to the phone. Ralph Burton, a private investigator she hired, tells her that Reza's financial dealings in the past were all legitimate, but that his name came up in another file. Syed Ali, an international financier with ties to terrorist groups, has had dealings with Reza in the past. Ralph tells Kate he will need her help to find out if Reza's business was on the up and up, or if he himself is a terrorist.
8:49 A.M.-9:00 A.M.: An irritated Palmer is told by his aide that the Joint Chiefs are waiting to speak with him. He chews out Rayburn for trying to go behind his back and set up a conference call with them before he was ready. At CTU, Mason has the State's only witness who's been brought in to help Jack establish his cover waiting for them. The witness, convicted of eight counts of kidnapping, made a deal to testify against a known terrorist in order to avoid jail time. To Mason's horror, Jack pulls out his gun and kills the man. Moments later, he asks for a hacksaw.
Gary arrives back at his house, and immediately begins screaming at Carla. Overhearing the struggle, Megan tells Kim that she hates it when her father gets like this. Kim locks the door, just before Gary pounds on the door, demanding that they open it. Kim quickly replies that she and Megan are in the bathroom. She puts a towel on Megan's head and tells Gary she was in the shower. Gary tries to send Kim out of the room. When she refuses, he picks her up and throws her to the floor. Megan tries to run, but Gary grabs her, causing her to fall and hit her head.
Jack is in the restroom, shaving his beard off.
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