Season 2 Episode 1

Day 2: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX

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  • The second season begins with a new threat to the nation. So grave a threat that CTU is forced to call Jack Bauer back into service.

    After a spectacular finale to the first season, "24" does not miss a beat and gets season two started off on the right foot. It was a very smart decision to start this season one year after the season one finale. I think that was the right amount of time in between seasons. Once again the entire main cast is in top form. Dennis Haysbert is excellent right from the start. A very strong commander in chief during a time of crisis with strong leadership qualities who is not afraid to call out staff members who he feels are not supporting him. The same can be said for Kiefer Sutherland in the role which has defined his career. He too is just as believable in his role. The episode also benefits from a well written script. The main story of the episode was explained quite well here. A very good episode to start off another terrific season.
  • one of the best

    One of the best season premieres ever. Jack is gonna need a hacksaw, and needs a shave during this episode. Great humor, and we get to see Kim. It doesnt take much time before Jack kills a person eiother, and he is back.
  • 24 is back and there is a new threat.

    After the shocking death of Teri in the season 1 finale Jack is suffering even after a year and feels he can't return to CTU the place which he once trusted but couldn't protect his wife With season 2 starting a year after the first season there has been changes like Palmer becoming President and Kim with her new job which isn't what she thought it would be like The main part of this episode was the warning of a nuclear bomb which is set to go off in Los Angeles sometime in the day With Jack not wanting to come back he feels he can't turn down CTU when there is a threat as bad as this.
  • Not as good as previous season beginning, but stills being so cool

    After the climatic and unforgettable ending of the last season, 24 is back with another more plots with a lot of suspense and action.

    The second season of 24 has an engaging beginning which involves you and new characters who attracts you including the most previous roles from the first season, being the best of all the main character: the great Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland does a truly phenomenal job with his role, making a new twist in his character: a new Bauer, colder and more sadistic.

    But there is a problem: the script is fine and the new plot is very good, but there is a feeling which shows that this beginning is not as great as the previous and the level has decreased.

    But don't be worried about that. 24 and Jack Bauer are back to the place and promises you to be great and suspenseful in this new season.
  • Season 2 Starts!!!!!!

    This episode was great because the emotional level played.

    After one year, Jack no longer work for CTU, suffering with his lost, with a lot of beard, and trying to work out in realionship wit his ddaughter in vain for now. It is not difficult to feel sorry for him.

    Palmer is now the President of the USA. A new treat arrives, and we know that is worse then the last season, because it is a nuclear bomb that will go off today.

    What make this episode get only 8.5 is because Jack, since this new family drama is boring.

    Kim again is in trouble, since she can´t be captured again.

    Tony and michelle are now on the main cast.

    Palmer starts to have some minor problems in his administration and the Badass Jack we all Know is back in the end of this episode.

    OVerral, a 8 episode, that have much credit because of Jack and Palmer Scenes.
  • Another long day..

    Mm.. so year has passed from the events that ended tragically and Bauer looks like.. mm.. first sight he reminds me Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld but he just looks so much as not him.. and he acts out of char too but that is all excusable as they really show his fall after he had worked so hard that all of them could be together. And that failed. Teri is gone and Kim does not want to talk with him. So, quite desperate situation but no troubles. I really like the emotional level they have build for Bauer.. and for Kim and Tony also (so great to see him as main cast)

    The crises itself.. Maybe it is just going on but mainly for me this episode was about showing what had happened with Bauer and less about what is going to happen on that day.
  • The start of the best season.

    Pure brilliance. and it only gets better! Season one was classic and this season is no different. Day 2 is brilliant in every sense of the word. the stakes are high and the story is flawless. 24 will use this storyline again in seasons 4 and 6 but they do not come any where close to day 2. the plot, the twists, the charachter developments, all of them are pure genius. jack is back and better than ever. the warner storyline starts off seemingly predictable but it will eventually blow your mind. season 2 will live on forvever as one of the greatest thrillers of all time, tv and movie.
  • good epiisode

    Over a year has passed since the events of Day One. President David Palmer is fishing with his son in Oregon when he learns of an emergency. He is taken to his underground bunker, where he learns that a Middle Eastern terrorist group known as Second Wave is planning to set off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles
    sometime that day.

    At CTU, George Mason is ordered to contact Jack Bauer, who may be able to provide a lead to the terrorists.

    Jack has been out of commission since the death of his wife. He is also estranged from his daughter Kim, who is now working as an au pair. He isn't interested in returning to work, but changes his mind when Palmer personally requests his help.

    Kim overhears her boss abusing his wife, so she locks herself and their little girl in the bedroom. Gary forces his way in and attacks Megan.

    A young girl named Marie is marrying a man who may have connections to the leader of the terrorist group.

    At CTU, Jack learns that the key to finding the bomb rests with a group of American terrorists whom he infiltrated once before.
  • An okish episode, but nothing really stood out.

    The majority of the first episode is spent discussing the nuclear bomb which is planned to be set off sometime that day. Jack no longer works at CTU and is still suffering from the death of Teri. But, not suprisingly, he ends up back there half way through the episode. The beard he has is both hilarious and scary and I was glad that he shaved it off at the end of the hour.

    Its great to see that David Palmer is now the President as he was a very strong character in season 1 and I hope his storyline this season is as good as it was before.

    I was also glad to see Tony, it looks like hes going to have an important role this season, even more so then season 1. And Mason too, hes still as funny as ever but for some reason looks a hell of a lot older than he did in season 1.

    Kims back too, her storyline with the little girl is probably a lot less interesting than in season 1 and its completely irrelevant to the main plot.

    Quote of the hour! Jack Bauer: "I need a hacksaw."
  • Great start to day two.

    So this episode takes place 18 months from the end of season one. and Jack is still feeling bad a about what happened to Teri. The new threat to the nation is Middle Eastern terrorist group known as Second Wave is planning to set off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles sometime that day. Palmer is brought to and underground bunker. Jack Bauer is called in my George Masion. Kim is now working as a nanny, and is looking after a little girl. But all goes wrong when the father attacks the mother and Kim is forced to run away with the child. Overall i think this is a great start to season 2. I like how this season is going, definatly one of my favourite episodes.
  • Gonna be a bumpy ride…

    Picking up eighteen months after S1, we join President Palmer as he is alerted to the presence of a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Because the writers wanted him close to LA this season, he'll spend the first big chunk of the season at this huge underground headquarters called the OC. Among other things, Palmer is told that the threat may be based out of a foreign government. Catch the key word there? Government. Brrr… But don't worry. CTU will certainly stop the bomb from going off, and this talk about war will certainly be dropped. Certainly. Am I right? I certainly am. Maybe.
    And of course, no season is complete without Jack Bauer. The first half of the hour centers on him trying to get his life back together and moping around in sadness (a year-and-a-half later? I guess the more badass they are, the harder they fall), and the second half has him come into CTU to help with the threat.
    The writers had a heavy burden to go and start another season after the glorious S1, but they went ahead with it anyway. This episode starts out the season nicely, introducing several key characters who will develop in their respective storylines and telling the viewers everything they need to know without ruining too much of the mystery or suspense. And it places a cool shock in the closing minutes to draw the audience in even further.

    Hourly Highlight:
    "I'm gonna need a hacksaw." Who says murder and postmortem mutilation aren't hilarious?
  • Review

    The comeback was good, not steller but it was good. 18 months after the death of his wife Teri Bauer, Jack seems to be suffering from a small sense of depression and withdrawl still. His apparence is nothing short of looking like a hobo and he no longer works for CTU as the events of day 1 forced him into early retirement. A lot of information was given for the first couple of minutes of the show. Senator Palmer has also won the elction, making him the president of the United States which I was happy with because I thought Dennis Haybert was a good actor. When the crisis arrives Bauer doesnt want to get involved, but by the end of the episode the same badass Jack we all have come to know and love returns for a great start to the second season...
  • It wasn't bad..The first time I had seen the show.........

    As I said, It's not a bad episode.I quite liked it,Although it was definitely not one of the more exciting episodes of the series.i had never seen the show before but I rented out this season, having been told it was the best.It started off a man fishing with his son.We then see he's the president and is called away from his vacation.There is news that a terrorist is in los Angeles and is ready to blow it up..Today!they find out how serios it is and miust call in jack Bauer.meanwhile Kim see's her bosses daughter being abused and has to do something about it.It was an okay episode and only had action right at the end.
  • awesome

    a year passes after the events of day one. things haven't been going well for jack bauer, but a threat of terrorist attack forces president david palmer to personally ask for his help. jack goes back to ctu to lead an investigation that will help them stop the attack. kim bauer now works a baby sitter. a government contractor's daughter is marrying a middle eastern man who could be a terrorist. this episode introduces us to a lot of intrigue. it's an exciting start for the season. this is really exciting, it brings the same excitement of season 1, 24 is sure to rock this season.
  • Again one of the best shows!

    I love Jack Bauer and how he deals with grief
    As well as with anger. Now that his wife is dead
    And his daughter is estranged from him. Working as a babysitter of some sort.
    He is about to quit the feds when the President wants him back on the job.
    Seems as though David Palmer thinks highly of him!
  • Really wasn\'t sure how to classify this episode. I wanted to post a review of my reaction to the episode after having completed watching season 1 but not seeing episodes past this one yet.

    I was rather confused at the beginning of the episode. I was expecting the story to resume the following day with then finding out for sure if Teri survived being shot or not. 1st off I was rather disapointed after all of the events that happened in season 1 that she was shot so I was expecting to have seen the 1st episode or two be of her at the haspital in surgery and then finding out everything is going to be ok.

    However and unfortunately that is not what happen. I found myself thinking what the heck when the episode started. The sudden jolt to Kim being with yet to be identified characters and not being informed that the events about to take place were like a year or more after the end of season one had me confused. But once I they revealed a bit how this was later than I thought from the end of season 1 it began to make a bit of sense.

    I can only assume that they will explain more of the events that transpired between the end of season 1 and this episode. Like who are the people Kim is staying with? Why didn\'t she stay with her dad and get through the loss together? Why Jack quit rather than deal with things but then comes back to the job again? etc. And I certainly hope they explain some of the stuff that went on during that time. I\'d be rather disapointed if they left all that out.

    Over all this episode does a good job of setting up the plot. Getting the characters in place for the events that will take place, and having enough suspense so that you don\'t feel like the episode is dragging on. Not much new is revealed of the already known characters\' character but rather get introduced to some of the new character\'s character. I anticipate that I will like how things turn out in the coming episodes.
  • Jack's back in this great season premiere episode.

    This episode was a great start to what turned into my favorite 24 storyline ever, the nuclear bomb in LA arc. It was very well-written and you could just tell that everyone that worked on the show was very pleased to be back for a second season.

    -Great, disturbing beginning that mirrored the start of Season 1.
    -Kim at her absolute hottest in her first scene with Megan. Elisha Cuthbert was looking damn good.
    -Great reintroduction scenes that keyed us in immediately as to what had happened between Seasons 1 and 2.
    -Jack looked hilariously awful the first time we see him.
    -Great scene where we learn that there's a nuke in LA.
    -Nice misdirect early on with Palmer talking about terrorists and the next scene being Reza driving in his car.
    -It was wonderful seeing Jack's new pad. Jack going over in that scene to see an old picture of him, Teri, and Kim was great for hardcore 24 fans.
    -Great score in this episode that really hit some scenes perfectly.
    -I was glad to see Tony be the one that tried to convince Jack to stay at CTU. I also liked how Jack saw the mom with her child to convince him to stay at CTU. It was very Terminator-esque.
    -Palmer's interaction with Rayburn at the end was vintage Palmer.
    -That Marshall Goren looked just like a pedophile. Great casting choice. I also loved his little smugass grin and chuckle.
    -Jack killing Goren out of the blue was absolutely positively perfect. Great dialogue and acting. Of course, the hacksaw bit was side-splittingly wonderful.
    -I really liked the Gary/Megan storyline for Kim. Easily the best Kim storyline of this season. And the sound effect of Megan smaashing her head was my all-time favorite 24 sound effect.
    -As soon as you saw Jack shaving, you knew he was officially back. Great job.

    -There was probably a bit too much Kim in this episode, especially since it was the premiere.
    -Also, this being a premiere episode, it could have had a bit more action to help people tuned in. However, that didn't really hurt it for me.

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