Season 2 Episode 14

Day 2: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2003 on FOX
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Jack and Kate try to break Marie's resolve so they can learn the location of the bomb.
Palmer confronts his ex-wife with the information that Stanton gave them.
George finally steps down as director of CTU and hands the position over to Tony.
Kim discovers her host's deception.


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  • With Kate's help Marie Warner is captured and interrogated at Norton Airfield. In the meantime, President Palmer does some interrogating of his own.

    A definite improvement over the previous episode. I was hooked on this episode from start to finish. As is usually the case Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert are terrific. Their scenes of their respective interrogations are nothing short of fantastic. I also like how they take initiative. Especially President Palmer when he dismisses Sherry despite her warnings. Sarah Wynter once again does very well here. The scene where she faces off with her sister is well done. The same can be said for the scenes where Marie is being questioned as she suffers from the pain of her gunshot wound. The fact that she still has some love for her sister despite murdering four people and hoping to murder millions more shows what kind of person she is and that is something to be commended for. If Marie were my sister I would want to be on the firing squad that shoots her! Finally this review would not be complete without mentioning George's dignified exit from CTU. Tony's announcement was well done and George's final words to him before leaving were nothing short of great. I also think it was a good idea to have the click silent after George's departure. Another terrific episode in what is shaping up to be another great season of "24".moreless
  • The Phase Two it is almost Over!!!!

    This episode is more satisfying than the previous one.

    They finally found the Bomb. but before that, we had some good Scenes.

    MArie with Kate scenes were tense, which gave the idea that Kate would die, but Jack did the save.

    The Way that interrogations scenes were made was good, with Marie constantly screaming and crying like a baby.

    Palmer vs Sherry was good, because Sherry can be very convincing.

    Kim Strange Guy Plot finally is over and now she can move to another trouble as usual.

    Mason departure is made in a perfect way timing and now we have a new director in CTU. This Mason death sentence plot made some very emotional Scenes, who wrote this, gave one of the best ideas for this season.moreless
  • Sad emotions and excitement

    This is a episode what on some parts nails and one some parts looks little off.

    All things with George and Tony on CTU where amazing. The way George took his resigning and going away and what he said - that he wanted off but not anymore. And the speech Tony gave. Really beautiful.

    Also the whole thing with Kate and Marie was great as it really put me think - what is needed to make a girl to think the way Marie does - to let everyone die. It is a good question and I am not sure I know the answer.

    What I did not like - the whole Palmer's thing has been very annoying on that day.. and Kim.. I better not start.. But the pros overweight cons..moreless
  • Time is running out...

    That moment between Kate and Marie was really tense and I expected Marie to kill Kate, I really did. But Jack comes to the rescue, shoots Marie and her wig falls off. When Marie was a brunette she was so much more of a badass but now shes gone back to blonde shes screaming and crying like a baby. We have to put up for this for the rest of the episode but I still love the scenes when Jack interrogates her.

    Palmer confronts Sherry, and guess what, she makes up more excuses. Although she is quite convincing I don't believe it, and neither does Palmer so he gets rid of her. It was a funny moment when Sherry says that she didn't sleep with Stanton and Palmers says 'I didn't ask!' But overall, the goodbye between Palmer and Sherry was extremely weak compared to their goodbye in the season 1 finale.

    George Mason's departure from CTU couldn't have been anymore perfect. Aww, what he and Tony said to each other made me have such a frog in my throat!! But the most emotional moment is when he heads towards the door, that walk... that walk seemed to go on forever... and my god, it was so sad with that music in the background. So damn sad, it hit me hard.

    Oh, and I love the idea of Tony being the head of CTU.

    Quote of the hour! Kate Warner: "I don't believe you'd shoot me." Marie Warner: " I will because this is more important than your life. Or my life."moreless
  • Norton Airfield: Part 2

    Way to bring the whole decoy element into the mix in order to stretch things out for another hour, dudes. But it works out, since Jack gets to try and squeeze the nuke's location out of Marie Warner (along with some blood out of the gunshot wound on her arm), which is VERY enjoyable to watch.

    This episode also brings in the character of Carrie Turner. Ugh, I ******* hate that *****. Since she never becomes a full-fledged villain, unlike a certain somebody in S5, I don't know what to do except despise the hell out of her.

    There's some weird drama between Palmer and Sherry, now that he knows she's a part of the conspiracy, and she's begging him for a chance to prove her innocence. That's a yawn.

    As with many other episodes, Jack's role is what makes this one so good. And in the end, the stage is set for the final episode of the nuclear bomb arc, since he finally finds the damn thing, the REAL one this time, albeit in a somewhat anticlimactic way.

    I'd say this hour is the worst of the Norton Airfield trilogy. But it's still an 8, so what does that tell you?

    Hourly Highlight:

    You gotta love it when Jack interrogates a woman. After shooting her.moreless
Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon

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Max Martini

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Dylan Haggerty

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Reiko Aylesworth

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Jude Ciccolella

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Laura Harris

Marie Warner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Jack asks for a translator in order to interrogate Omar; however, a "translator" deals specifically with the written word while "interpreters" deal with the spoken word. Not only is it improper English, but it would be irresponsible to ask for a translator, as they could have been presented with someone who is incapable of understanding accents and dialects, or worse: someone who is deaf but quite capable of working with text. Someone in Jack's position who deals with terrorists and interrogations on a daily basis would know the difference given that government bodies demand heavy certification to avoid incongruities.

    • According to on-screen time it takes 6-8 minutes between when Kate spots her sister and when she walks over to the hanger to investigate - this seems kinda odd.

    • That cut on Kate's ear healed in 3 hours. Is she genetically engineered?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Palmer: Sherry, right now, we are teetering on the brink of a war that will lead to the deaths of millions of people. We have to stop this disaster today, right now, before it begins!

    • Sherry: I didn't sleep with him.
      Palmer: I didn't ask.

    • Jack: I know you think this is going to further your cause. But deep down, I don't think you want to go through with it. I don't think you can justify killing millions of innocent people.
      Marie: Nobody's innocent in this country. I'm not afraid to die.
      Jack: I don't believe you. I've seen people who are willing to die. I've looked them straight in the eye just like I am you. You're not one of them.

    • Kate: I don't believe you'd shoot me.
      Marie: I will. Because this is more important than your life. Or my life.

    • Palmer: As President of the United States, I order you...no, as someone you claim to love, I'm asking you. Help me, Sherry!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Lourdes Benedicto, who begins her role as Carrie in this episode, got lost on her way to the studio on her first day and ended up hitting a police car. She was let off with no charge. The cast nicknamed her "Cop Car Killer".

    • This is the second time the clock silently ticks. It is silent as Mason exits CTU for the last time at 9:35 PM. It is the first time it ticks for someone when they haven't died.