Season 3 Episode 22

Day 3: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 11, 2004 on FOX
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Jack and Tony clash as the time for the hostage exchange draws near. Keeler meets with Palmer and demands his resignation, while Wayne begins a secret operation against Sherry.

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  • About this episode

    It had great single-camera picture editing and stunt coordination.
  • Many Flaws!!!

    Logic/Details/Plot Holes - » This episode really show how messed up this season may be. There are some things that make no sense in this world and this episode managed to be one of them. How could Jack said that to Tony? Make Michelle stay and do the exchange? Was not more easy if they have his daughter and tried to put her in the Hotel if Saunders would not give up? but no, we will risk Michelle Life´s. Saunders was willing to do everything to take his daughter back, so they have her, but the writers made Jack Brain been Frozen and following the writers stupid orders

    Exchange his daughter for the virus capsules was a better idea. I Could not believe when Saunders exposed so much, well at least he don´t have the capsules. If this is so difficult or don´t allow to do what the writers wanted, they could had make another clever plot, not this way. For the beginning I could guess that Michelle wouldn´t die, because of the way that is plot was written. It was incredible how easy Tony was caught and how is possible that a super Clever Saunders was not watching the Phone. Really Sad.

    Progress - » The Exchange was made and Michelle is safe and Saunders was caught.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» It is really difficult to choose, but the best moment was when tony mentioned Jack wife´s. Maybe Palmer conversation with Keller was nice to see.

    Ending - » Nothing to report.

    Overall - » To many logical flaws make this episode a little joke and destroy all the suspense that could be created. Of course, there are persons that are distracted and don´t care about logical flaws, they only want see Jack and Co on Screen, but for me this was a little bad, if not the worst. There are time that 24 sacrifices logic for emotions, but this totally destroyed any type of tension that I could feel and the episode became very predictable and the only thing that could caught me by surprise was if Michelle died in this Episode. I never thought in my life to gave a 5 to an episode of 24, never.moreless
  • Super action packed episode

    This was a real pearl. First we start with Tony who is on the run with Jane and Jack gets to them without a problem and Tony has no way but do what Jack says and he is worried that Jack does not care what comes with Michelle. It was a really powerful moment when Tony reminds Jack Teri and the clash they had on the payphone.

    And it gets even more exciting. Michelle has nose bleed and we all know what this is and it fooled me for moment before I got it was just an act and she proves she can get away but no - Jack wants her to stay and she works it out.

    And that all leaves us to the exchange - Michelle for Jane and she is not so willing to go trough and on the important moment she turns back and runs but Saunders is confirmed and a visually effective shootout start..

    And now they have Saunders.. but virus is still out there...moreless
  • I just tried to ford the river…

    Suspense! Intrigue! Emotional conflict between the protagonists! And just enough action to place this episode quite high in the S3 hierarchy. The only downside is the Palmer subplot.

    Things quiet down a little when Jack catches up to Tony and convinces him to go along with his plan to catch Saunders out in the open.

    Simply because Michelle has to have something interesting to do before being delivered back to Tony, she fakes being infected with the Cordilla virus and attempts an escape, only to get caught on purpose to give CTU a chance to capture Saunders. Filler, I believe. Though there is a hilarious scene where she calls Chloe, who hangs up 'cuz the reception is bad. It's not the Hourly Highlight, so I had to mention it here.

    The end is worth it: Saunders' face when he realizes he's been duped and his chase scene with Jack to the LA River both make this episode a must-not-miss. It's interesting that the "24" producers actually collaborated with the military to make this scene happen; makes one wonder exactly how big the budget is, or better, how big an influence the show has with the government. Anyway, there are still two episodes to go, and I don't think you'd want to miss either of them.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Two F-18s flying practically out of nowhere and blowing up Saunders' getaway chopper. I'm laughing my ass off!moreless
  • Review

    The entire first part of this episode acted as nothing but a filler, with the last half being some of the best scenes that they have shot this season. The Palmer and Sherry storyline has grown boring since last episode, as I really dont like there on screen connection together in the long run. I like the filler parts of there storyline when it came as a surprise, but the more it devolops the less interesting it becomes. Next episode looks to be a little better, with Wayne trying to get the evidance back from Sherry. I thought the action scenes with Michelle trying to escape was really well shot - for a second I thought she really had been infected with the cirus and my heart sank into my stomach. Overall I thought that scene and the scene with Jack capturing Saunders was really well done. With the last two hours closing in, Jack is going to need to break Saunders in order for him to give him the location of the 11 vials that he still has at his disposal. The second half of this episode was a 10, but the first part of this episode was just too slow and boring for me to give this episode a better rating.moreless
Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston

Bruce Foxton

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Kevin Fry

Kevin Fry


Guest Star

Shawn Woods

Shawn Woods


Guest Star

Penny Johnson Jerald

Penny Johnson Jerald

Sherry Palmer

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Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Stephen Saunders

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DB Woodside

DB Woodside

Wayne Palmer

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    • Michelle: (On the phone to Jack after escaping from Saunders) You want me to give myself up?

    • Chase: If I transferred out of field ops, would you consider staying with me?
      Kim: (sighs, shakes her head) I want to stay with you, and I would raise a child with you, Chase. I just won't raise one for you.

    • Tony: But protecting her is not your priority, is it? If she were to get killed, that would be an acceptable loss, wouldn't it? My God, Jack. Didn't you learn anything from what happened to Teri?
      Jack: Shut up, Tony. Shut up. ....Tony!
      Tony: Just because you sacrificed your wife for this job doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice mine.

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