Season 3 Episode 10

Day 3: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Claudia manages to free Chase from his captors, but she pays a high price for her efforts.
Wayne turns to Julia, while Palmer calls on Sherry for help against Milliken.
Jack and Ramon make plans to get to Nina, in the hopes of intercepting the virus.
Chloe's work at CTU is disrupted when she is forced to take care of her baby.moreless

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  • Good moments and bad moments...

    A so-so episode. The scenes involving Chase were the best of the episode. The torture and the escape had me on the edge of my seat, but it was very sad when Claudia died, =[ why is it that the ones who try to help out always have a tragic fate? Things with Jack were boring in this episode though, the only remotely interesting thing that happens is that he kisses Nina *rolls eyes*

    Sherry Palmer being back will make the Palmer storyline a bit more interesting for sure. I didn't like the conversation between Wayne and Julia at the restaurant though, it was too cheesy.

    The CTU scenes really dragged this episode down. My god, the storyline with the Chloe and the baby is just stupid!! What is the pont? I'm not going to say anything bad about Chloe because I really like her, but this has to be the worst storyline in 24 history, unless the baby is infected with the virus or is secret mole working for Nina.

    Quote of the hour! "Nina: (sighs) What are you up to, Jack?"moreless
  • An episode with good scenes filled with tension!!!!

    Logic/Details - » The objective in this episode is not very attractive, since Jack and Nina have a private reunion and Chase has to be free. So the writers had to do some miracles scenes to keep things interesting enough to avoid to bring boring scenes.

    Progress -» Chase escapes and Jack is with Nina.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» The scenes featuring Claudia can keep you at the edge of your seat. There a sad scene also. You have some interesting action and Jack and Nina private moment. Also someone you know is back.

    Ending - » Besides the return surprise, the ending is not very attractive this time.

    Overall - » Another good episode that is valuable because some character as some good scenes with tension that can keep you in the edge of your seat. Another surprise was made also. Overall deserves a 7.moreless
  • Nina Myers is just...

    .. I would say so evil but we all know that.. her char is just superb. She manages to come up with such an amazing plot turns. The moment when she came out of the wan last episode was superb and this episode, she just keeps the surprise up. The choice she makes with Jack and how Jack has to convince her that he is a new man. That was just cruel.

    On the other storylines.. the whole thing with Chade and Claudia. I was so sad to see her being shot. She did everything she could to help her family and Chade.. and she ended up.. I hope Chade will get rescued and he would be out of the major trouble..

    And where is Palmer.. there just has to be Cherry.. oh..moreless
  • I'm beginning to grow bored with this show, quite frankly.

    I never watch a whole season of 24 without any interruptions from other (better) series. This time I acquired the DVD of Invasion S1 and it made me drop this 24 season immediately. I always return to it though, just after I finish watching all episodes of the "distraction". Maybe that's a good thing, but probably it's just because I have nothing else to watch then.

    And always (without fail) I get a sinking feeling when I start watching 24 again. It has a really nice premise and the plots are, when summarized, not that bad either. I actually got pretty excited at the beginning of this season because of the whole virus storyline. But as always, as the season progresses 24 shows to me its eternal flaws: little or no character development, not enough originality or twists in its plotlines, many fillers (most notably the episodes where the action has progressed nothing whatsoever during the 45-minute run).

    Now, onto this episode. It simply didn't work for me. The "comic" relief this time centered on Chloe who had nanny troubles and thus had the genius idea of hiding her baby beside her desk the whole evening. There was a little domestic scene between Tony and Michelle, the first being angry with the latter because she had doubted his professionality and told Chapelle about that. This could've easily been discarded as we already dealt with this problem in the previous episode. The main storyline however didn't bring much relief either... Jack tried to get in with Nina, which ultimately succeeded. Chase just kept being tortured on and on and on and on.

    All in all, nothing to keep me enthralled for several hours on end.moreless
  • Three men, a traitor, an ex-wife, and a baby

    If it weren't for the crap about some baby at CTU, this would be a relatively stellar hour. And the return of everybody's favorite African-American would-be First Lady of the United States doesn't thrill me either.

    As the Milliken subplot develops some more, Jack's got his hands full tracking down Nina and forcing her cooperation in helping the Salazars get the virus. He manages to find her meeting with Amador in a church, then gets knocked out and tied to a chair with Nina ready to kill him. Which she stupidly doesn't.

    Elsewhere in Mexico, Claudia rescues Chase from the torture shack, but of course has to die in the process. Okay, so Chase is geared up to actually do something in Mexico besides scream, but we'll see what that something is in the next hour.

    Now this is still another episode that tries to wring the Mexico storyline for all its worth. However, I do like the fact that Jack's doing something other than following up on a lead or getting involved in a gigantic shootout. In my opinion, it makes the tone of this first half of S3 more suspenseful, even original by "24" standards.

    But…baby at CTU? Arrggh!

    Hourly Highlight:

    Hector shooting Chase through the hand (and as we'll observe later, that hand just can't seem to catch a break).moreless
Edouardo Garcia

Edouardo Garcia


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Matt Bushell

Matt Bushell


Guest Star

Gino Montesinos

Gino Montesinos


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Gina Torres

Gina Torres

Julia Milliken

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Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis

Michael Amador

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Julian Rodriguez

Julian Rodriguez


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Chase is escaping Hector's ranch in the back of the truck, Hector empties his clip while shooting at Chase (the pistol's slide stays locked back just before the camera cuts away) but he continues shooting in the next scene. Funnily enough, the same thing happens to Chase's gun right after, and he still continues to shoot.

    • Another violation in the real-time format; Claudia is in the bedroom talking to Sergio, then the camera cuts to her walking outside the house to talk to Hector's guard at the shed.

    • If you freeze the frame on the scene in the CTU conference room where Gael gets the call from Hector Salazar, the mobile displays *RINGER OFF*, although it still makes an audible ring when Hector's call comes in. Also, a time and date can be seen: 7:39P Oct 30 2003. This is obviously the time when this scene was filmed.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • Towards the end of the episode when Nina's passport is flashed onto the screen and Kim reacts to it you can see that it shows an alias. The name on the passport is Sarah Berkeley, Sarah Clarke's married name now that she is with 24 alum Xander Berkeley.

    • Vanessa Ferlito stated in an interview that Claudia and Jack were supposed to have a future together, but the writers had to kill her off when she chose to sign on to the Tommy Lee Jones comedy, Cheer Up (released in theatres as Man of the House). She felt this was a golden opportunity, since the producers at 24 never signed her to a long term contract.

    • Throughout Season 3, Penny Johnson Jerald is credited as a Special Guest Star. She was credited under that same title during most of Season 1.

    • Throughout Season 3, Sarah Clarke receives the "and" credit.