Season 3 Episode 23

Day 3: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 18, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack pushes the envelope in an attempt to force Saunders to disclose the location of the missing vials.
Sherry meets with David to discuss her terms, while Wayne breaks into her home to find the incriminating evidence.
Tony finds himself facing a harsh penalty because of his efforts to save Michelle.moreless

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  • Sherry's last breath.

    Was a waste like the rest of her.

    Oh my was I happy when she got shot, think I even danced. I've hated her face since Season 1 and I have literally been waiting for this to happen. I could not be happier with the way she died (that's a lie, I was hoping for slow death by dynamite). I can honestly say that I've never wanted a character gone as badly before, and it happened. The only thing more satisfying than seeing her die was in Season 2 when she told Bauer he had no authority over her and he shot at her to prove he did. Seeing her face go from angry to fearful was just about the best thing ever (as you can probably see I harbour great resentment towards this character).moreless
  • One Last GoodBye!!!

    Logic/Details/Plot Holes - » This time I paid more attention to the details to see what 24 writers would do to make this episode more interesting, since I really don´t knew what they had prepared, if the Main Villain was caught. I mean, where is the tension then? This is why I don´t appreciate Virus plot made in a show like this, because you can lose all the tension. An virus will not be release but a bomb could explode, because the damaged would be more contained and the same with attacks against the president.

    Progress -» Two character deaths. Saunders Confess. They still looking for the Last Man with the virus.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This time tony scenes were boring. Jack craziness was more cool to see. Palmer last Plot is more interesting since the semi conclusion was really unexpected.

    Ending - » Before the Last Scene, that was unexpected and there are some kind of satisfaction, the last scene is nothing.

    Overall - » This episode managed to be good, but I think that this episode deserves at least a 7, because this is the goodbye for one of the great characters of 24. It really seems that this chapter will end bad, for Jack, Palmer and Tony.moreless
  • Payback to Sherry

    So, this episode has two major storylines - one is Jack who is after the last one of the virus holders and it all ends up in metro and they get the wrong man and now the right one have to know they are after him. So, it will all go to the last episode.

    The second is Sherry. She has forced Palmer to take some other kind of acts and Wayne goes to her house to get the bottle but Julia gets there.. that was surprise and it all ends in blood.

    I think the most powerful moment of the whole episode was when they managed to get Saunders talk by threatening her daughter.. poor girl.moreless
  • What's that over the horizon?

    With Saunders captured, the only thing to do now is track down all the couriers planning to release the virus across the country. This episode begins the short, two-hour arc where CTU goes through its final phase in stopping the Cordilla virus. Jack manages to squeeze the courier locations out of Saunders by using Jane as bait, and teams up with Chase to see things to the end.

    The writers wisely chose to conclude the Palmer/Sherry/Milliken subplot in this hour, leaving the finale open for Jack and CTU. While Palmer distracts Sherry, Wayne and Foxton go through her house to find the incriminating pill bottle. This wasn't all that bad; it was actually fun to watch at times. But it's done now.

    To me, the rest of S3 is just filler for Tony and Michelle. I realize those two had to be kept around until the end of the season because they're main characters, but there's really nothing they do in these last two hours that couldn't have been skipped altogether without hurting the story too much. Then again, I'm in the minority that finds them overrated. Or maybe I'm just the only person.

    By the end, everybody's focusing on Jack and Chase as they close in on the final courier, Arthur Rabens, in a subway. It's the main story that requires the viewers to watch the next episode (like it's gonna be any story BUT Jack's), and it prepares us all for a great finale.

    Hourly Highlight:

    "When your daughter is infected, I'm gonna make you watch her die." That's our Jack.moreless
  • Review

    The beginning of the episode was very well done - with Tony Almeida being arrested and charged with treason. It seems as if the writers are deciding his fate for season 4. He can go to jail if they opt to go that route or they can choose to have Devid Palmer pardon him for the crimes that he commited. In the end, I thought the beginning of this episode was very good, the middle was terrible, and the ending was pretty good too. The middle portion of the episode filled with David and Sherrys Palmers conversation along with Wayne conducting a search of the house was very filler for so late in the season. Consdiering that most of the time was spent as a lost cause, seeing as how Sherry had the bottle on her the whole time (which was pretty obvious to me). The finale looks to be set up pretty well, with the primary ending being a hunt for the man in the train station. The fact that NO ONE left the train station in the two minutes the Jack got the wrong guy was kind of wierd. If they had a perimiter team in place thats fine, but they never said that. In the end - good episode, just too much junk in the middle with the Palmers.moreless
Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston

Bruce Foxton

Guest Star

Andrew Borba

Andrew Borba

Man In Subway

Guest Star

Brian Catalano

Brian Catalano


Guest Star

Penny Johnson Jerald

Penny Johnson Jerald

Sherry Palmer

Recurring Role

Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne

Stephen Saunders

Recurring Role

DB Woodside

DB Woodside

Wayne Palmer

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Jack takes down the civilian believed to hold the virus, the bag drops perfectly onto the ground standing up. In the next shot, it is lying on the ground.

    • At the begining of the episode, Saunders tries to convince his daughter that he is right in what he is doing. During this confrontation he reaches out his handcuffed hands to take her hands in his. When he does this you can clearly see the cuff on his right hand spring open.

    • When Chase is walking toward Jack and Saunders holding Jane's arm, the camera is on Jack's back and we see Saunders turn to him and mouth the words, "What are you doing Jack?" with no sound. The camera then immediately goes to Saunders' face. He is looking in Jane's direction, then he turns to Jack and says, "What are you doing Jack?" Obviously more than one camera was filming at the same time.

    • After Julia shoots Sherry and the camera pans back to Julia there is a man standing in the room to the back of the kitchen.

    • If President Palmer ordered that all public transportation be shut down, why was the subway line running in LA, one of the target cities?

    • When Wayne is down in the cellar, he's wearing gloves. When he goes upstairs to confront Sherry, the gloves are gone and we never see him take them off.

    • If Foxton and Wayne need more time to search Sherry's house, why do they ask her to meet with David only about a 5-10 minute drive away?

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