Season 3 Episode 14

Day 3: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2004 on FOX

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  • Nina once again tries to escape CTU, but it does not go as she hoped. President Palmer now has a for more dificult problem to deal with.

    This episode is my absolute favorite of season three. It could also possibly be my favorite episode of the entire series. The reason for that is its truly excellent ending. For me the greatest moment in all of "24" is when Nina's run of good luck finally comes to an end. In fact I loved it so much when I saw it for the first time I stood up and cheered! Even today, I love when Nina is shot and killed. That just goes to show what an excellent job Sarah Clarke did in the role. She made me truly hate her. More than any character on this series. However as much as I love that scene, I cannot give the episode a perfect score. It could not have been more obvious that Nina would kill all the interrogators and try to escape leaving a trail of dead bodies just like she did at the end of season one. Also, this whole nonsense with the baby being Chase's daughter seemed so dumb. If I wanted such nonsense I would watch "Days of Our Lives". Still this episode earns the title of Best Episode of Season Three for the greatest moment on "24" history. I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it. So long Nina!
  • Nice Ending!!!!

    Logic/Details - » This episode objective was one of the most attractive in this season. The writers had all the good material to make this episode one of the Best. Nobody expected one old character to die so soon or the great Drama Played at CTU. So the writers play all the scenes until the last scene, where we say goodbye. This really show how the writers manages a episode, fill the entire episodes with scenes, some scenes will be good because of the creativity and than the final scenes is what we really want to see

    Progress -» Is all about confrontations – Jack and Kim Vs Nina, Palmer Vs Sherry, Kim Vs Chase and a little more.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» The last five minutes sell this episode high. There are many nice drama scenes.

    Ending - » Simply Beautiful, one thing that you expected so many time.

    Overall - » This episode is special, since it marks the end of one of the great characters in 24. The rest of the dramatic scenes played very well in this episode, almost all the scenes was entertaining and the final scene speak all.
  • Finally...

    I think that if there was like 10 minutes left of this episode, I was thinking. This is one slow episode and it will not get good score from me as there is just nothing important happen - we have little tension between Tony and Michelle as Tony was involved with Nina and now he is going to question her. We had Kim and Chase and that baby thing, Jack and drugs - this mean everything they had postponed and now had to deal it but nothing what would give us something new. It all changed with the few minutes in the end and made that episode such a special and worth to remember episode. To be honest, I thought it is not even possible- that Nina Myers would not get away again. But sorry.. she did not. I most say that Nina is the best villain I have ever seen, I think. The way she always managed ruin things and always come out quite ok.. Oh.. I think it is sad she is out but the revenge Jack finally had.. It was worth it..
  • The end of Nina Myers.

    Wow, just wow. A truly great episode!! Apart from a few scenes involving Palmer, the whole episode is at CTU. Tony's interrogation of Nina was pure genius. One of the greatest moments of the season so far. There was a little bit of humour thrown in, such as when Tony said to Nina, "I'm guessing its not the knee". The way he said that was so great, it was typical Tony. But!! He knew Nina was most likely HIV positive but he had her blood all over him :o :o What the hell was he thinking?

    Nina's suicide attempt was shocking, but then when she managed to get away I got really pissed off and thought 'Oh, for gods sake!!!' I couldn't believe that a half-dead Nina managed to take out a room of people, including two agents. How crap must they be? And then, Kim manages to find Nina. I knew that there was no way that Nina would shoot Kim, it would have been too cruel for Jack.

    For a moment I thought it was going to be Kim to pull the trigger, but how satisfying it was to see Jack pump at least 3-4 bullets into her!! Nina Myers was the greatest villian of 24 ever but it would have been very unrealistic for her to keep crossing paths with Jack, and getting away alive. So it was the perfect time to kill her off.

    Quote of the hour! Jack Bauer: "You don't have any more useful information, do you, Nina?... No you don't"
  • Bang Bang, the Witch is Dead!

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves here; the first 4/5 of the hour aren't much. Jack returns to CTU and gets interviewed about his drug use, Kim rags on Chase about the baby, and Nina's on the receiving end of some torture.
    That's the CTU action; over at District, Palmer learns about Milliken's death, then is fed some lie about Sherry not being there, and in a brilliant move, he buys it. But the lie is disproven pretty quickly, so Sherry makes up another lie, and Palmer…buys it again. What a President!
    This episode is very much like a roller coaster that remains relatively flat for the duration of the ride, then takes a sudden drop at the end. That's the best I can put it.

    Hourly Highlight:
    But the only thing anybody remembers about this episode is the ending, so let's focus on that. Now, how Nina was able to walk around CTU, let alone kill a whole crew of doctors, with a ruptured artery is somewhat lost on me. But is it even supposed to make sense? Hell no!
    Let's go over what could've happened regarding Kim:
    A) Kim shoots Nina dead. That would be wrong. Jack's the star of the show. Nina was the Krycek of the show in its first three seasons. Jack should get the honor.
    B) Kim shoots and wounds Nina, then Jack comes in to finish her off. Seems like overkill to me; I wouldn't shoot for it.
    C) Nina kills Kim, then Jack kills Nina. I don't mind this idea at all, even though it kinda leaves Chase's character a bit underdeveloped.
    Anyway, what happened has happened. Nina's dead. Every bullet put inside her was from Jack, and we'll just have to be happy with it.
  • Review

    I thought the episode was okay, with Jack killing Nina being the obvious good part to the episode. The only thing I didnt like was Ninas awesome ability to kill four people who were working on her with one pair of scisors. That to me was a little bit of a reach, with two guard armed with guns in the room. You would think that she would have been shot before she was able to get to all four people. Other then that small little plot hole - I thought the episode was a cool down period for CTU, which helps keep the realism in the television show. The siutation with Alan seems to be just getting started and I expect that Wayne and Julia are going to hook up one more time before this is all said and done, even if it is just to talk about what happened. Overall I thought the episode was very good - though it will be interesting how Ryan Chapelle and Tony Almedia handle Jack killing Nina, Im sure there were cameras in the room that saw him shoot her for seemingly no reason at all...
  • great episode

    Now that Nina Myers' escape plan have failed, she's back at CTU for interrogation. Jack is ordered to undergo a medical examination becuase of his drug addiction. Chase finally tells Kim about the baby. This is another great episode. Nina's appearance is a real show stopper, her evil deeds play well for the show, she becomes a perfect nemesis for Jack for the time being. There's action in CTU, the conflict happening inside the building looks awesome. It's so well directed, the actors did a good job playing their roles, they look so believable. The fast paced plot is exciting enough that we stop thinking that it's just a show.
  • Jack gets his revenge

    So lets put it this way - I never saw this coming. The moment Jack fired the final shots into Nina, I sat in disbelief with my jaw on the floor. And it seems as though Jack had been lying to everyone on how he would not compromise the nation for revenge. But it seems justified, she wouldn't give Jack anymore information. So what's the use of keeping her around an longer? He was going to kill her anyways, whether it was inside or outside CTU. I would of been glad if Kim would of killed Nina instead of Jack. It would have ended better. But now that Jack and Nina are even...for good...it's great that Teri can now rest in piece.

    Even worse -- Nina is probably HIV+...and I loved Tony's interigation with Nina...Nina made it personal...but Tony just kept dishing it back out to her.
  • Nina is finally dead. Thank God.

    Nina didn't have any more valuable information and Jack knew. So Jack shot her - multiple times. That was soooo awesome. I was so relieved and so happy.

    And Kim could've killed her! she had the chance to off her and she didn't. dang! but jack murdered yet another person. hm!

    Tony's neck was bleeding, as Nina pointed out to us. Yep.

    The whole fiasco with Alan and Julia and Sherry is so messed up. Everyone's gonna find out because Julia isn't evil like Sherry. Sherry can hide it, but Julia isn't that kind of person.

    So ah. Lots happened! Crazy.

    Chase is in a bind! Kim needs to toss him out with the garbage, because he's not to be trusted.

    Anyway, this episode was muy importante, and it was so fantastic to watch! I was so happy to see Nina die and now i don't have to scream at the TV like a crazy person anymore!
  • Normally, 24 episodes are action packed. However, this one, was not, at all. But you can always count on the scene after the split screens.

    If i had to say 1 word about this episode i'd say: good.

    The whole episode played in CTU. This time we only had brief scenes with Palmer. Most of them were boring, except the one where he questioned Sherry.

    We had a few short scenes with Amador and Marcus. Nothing important, we didn't gain new info, expect that the virus now has a buyer, and this buyer is planning to release the virus very soon.

    Alan's corpse is found, police arrived to the Miliken house, but nothing yet, expect the phone call Wayne does to Julia. Wayne tells her don't say anything until lawyer arrives.

    Inside CTU, both Nina and Jack are questioned.

    Jack about his drug addiction, Nina about...well... connection with Amador/Alvers, whatsoever.

    The difference is, Jack talks, Nina doesn't.

    There were a few humorous moments, I won't spoil them. They were cool, if it wasnt for them the episode would have gotten a bit boring.

    Chloe was excellent at the beginning, she's just soooo great, something different, gives the show a nice new taste.

    The last few minutes is where the episode really begins. Nina tries to escape, but she ends up dead.

    Yet another 24 episode I give low ratings, while this episode has kinda high. Sorry guys and girls,but if I look at the episode as a whole, including subplots, this really doesnt deserve 9 or even 10.

    Of course If i wrote the review right after the shock i got from last scene I wouldve given it 10.

  • Kim and Chase have a discussion about his baby Angela. Jack brings Nina back to CTU for interrogation but she tries to commit suicide and then tries to escape. Kim confronts her with a gun and Nina is killed by Jack.

    This episode was brilliant. However I wish that Kim could have killed Nina instead of Jack. I also hope Kim and Chase are going to be ok with each other after the baby incident. I was actually shocked that Nina died here cus i thought she would stay in it a bit longer. We also Michael Amador continue his mission with the virus. I am also starting to really dislike Wayne, probably because he doesn't like Sherry and I have always liked her. I also wonder what is going to happen to Tony and Michelle because they are in sort of an arguement. Overall a really good episode and definately one to watch.
  • Nina Myers, how I loved you so

    Well, this episode really lifted my spirits back in 2004. Season 3 had been rolling in muck for a while ever since Jack got to Mexico. It had had a few slightly above average episodes and some really crappy ones since then. But then this episode came along that seemed to be written for hardcore 24 fans and.....it was beautiful.

    -Tony and Nina's AWESOME interrogation scene
    -the haunting score at the end of the episode
    -some of 24's best character insights to date
    -final scene
    -Kim seeing Nina walk into CTU when she was expecting Jack
    -"Gee, I don't know Chase. I think she's kinda pissed."

    -Palmer's storyline was weak again

    This episode really revolved around two amazing scenes. Tony's interrogation was so great, especially knowing the history between the two of them and having Michelle listening in as well. Nina's line "First Jack, then you. Hmmm...what does that remind me of?" had me rolling laughing as did Chloe's snippy remark to Chase about Angela and Kim. And I thought it was great how they left Nina's true motives to our imagination since she refused to answer Tony's question.

    Then there was the great last scene. Of course, the commercials for this episode gave part of it away, but still....that CTU alarm going off with Callery's long deep notes and Kim looking around in panic were FANTASTIC! Of course, when Kim saw the downed agent and took his gun and the screens split, you just knew something bad bad bad was going to happen to that idiotic Kim. But...

    Jack saving Kim from Nina was oh so poetic. While you might disagree with Jack's decision to kill Nina on a moral basis, fictionally, I was so satisfied that I literally stood up and clapped. Bravo 24, bravo. And farewell Nina Myers, the greatest 24 villain(ess) ever.
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