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Season 3 Episode 15

Day 3: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Chappelle threatens to pull Jack from the investigation for killing a material witness, but Jack persuades him to hold off when they find a fresh lead on Amador's whereabouts.
Amador and Alvers meet with the man who is planning to unleash the virus in LA within the hour.
Michelle and Gael locate the target area, but things really hit the fan when they attempt to capture Alvers in the process of releasing the virus.
Wayne argues with Sherry over the consequences of Milliken's death as the police turn up the heat on Julia.moreless

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  • Great Surprise Inside This Episode!!!

    Logic/Details - » The objective here was to present the Main Villain, treat the Nina Dead consequences and Sherry recent actions too. However they decide to advance a little more and release the virus in a Hotel and guess who is there? Amador was caught too.

    Progress -» Jack Caught Amador is a good advance, the Main Villain appears, Sherry is managing the consequences of her actions and a virus was released on a Hotel. Wow, too much for an episode of 24, don´t you think.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» There is a great surprise in the End and this is what sell this episode so high. Also one of the Villain is finally caught. So this episode offer satisfaction and a great surprise.

    Ending - » Great ending with bad consequences.

    Overall - » This is that type of episodes that will be remembered just because of the last scene. Also seeing Michelle in action was nice too. Deserves a 9 just because of 3 – 4 scenes. That was very well done.moreless
  • And the outbreak happens

    Wow.. My first thought. Again, they know how to build a episode. The start was little slower and mostly about the aftermath of shooting Nina but the tempo just rolls on as Chade and Jack go to mission and get Amador. The whole running on clock as we have seen what the bad guys plan is.. and hoping that Jack finds out on time.

    And we think that the action on the Amador's hideout was magnificent, the real tension and motion starts when Michelle leaves CTU to go to the hotel. The whole thing with her and Tony and not trusting.. and then when they are on scene and Michelle decides to go in.. We saw her first time in real action and she is good.. and Gael.. oh.. I liked that char.. and the way this episode ended.. Superb!moreless
  • Oh my god, :o eek!!

    Just as I was thinking her character wasn't doing that much, Michelle comes out of nowhere and totally kicks ass! I never knew she had that in her!! But... but... the virus is out in the hotel! :o

    What a cliffhanger! and Gyle has had a full blast of it!! Michelle is also in the hotel, could she be infected?? =[ Wow, that was an absolutely fantastic ending, this season just keeps getting better and better. It wasn't quite as fast paced as some of the other episodes. It actually started off quite slow with all that crap about whether or not Nina's murder was justified, but it certainly built momentum towards the end. And if I was that hotel manager, as soon as they said the virus might be in there, I'd have been gone out them doors, lol.

    Ha ha, and I felt the pain when Chase cut Amador's fingers off. =| That interrogation was pretty good, but I wonder who this man Jack knows is supposed to be, is it the guy who was with Amador before? Those scenes with Amador, Alvers and that man were quite good but there is a massive difference between them and Salazars, isn't there? and I don't get why they'd want to release a virus to kill innocent people. I guess we'll find out more in the next episode...

    Sherry's phone conversation with the cop was really funny, especially her pretend reaction when he told her Alan Miliken was dead. I'm loving this storyline a lot, I wonder if Palmer will be her alibi though? =/

    Quote of the hour! Jack Bauer: "We can protect you." Michael Amador: "My family?" Jack Bauer: "Yes." Michael Amador: "You couldn't even protect your own."moreless
  • Hitting the fan

    With Nina out of the way, the virus storyline starts heating up like crazy. The final Bigbad of the season is introduced, and he's English! Though we're not supposed to know it yet, the next episode's Previouslies give it away, so I'll tell you right now that his name is Stephen Saunders. But revealed in this very episode is that he has a personal connection to Jack. Let your imaginations flow, pervs…

    Jack is let off the hook for his actions last hour (because he's Jack Bauer) as he goes to hunt down Amador. He successfully captures Amador, but he's too late to retrieve the virus. It's been converted from its mucky liquid form to a powder that can spread much more effectively. In a nutshell, a portion of the virus is released at the Chandler Plaza Hotel by Alvers. And "24" proves its ability to shock once again by having us think that CTU will be able to stop it, then…they don't stop it! Muahahahahaha!

    The first two seasons have had similar minor victories for the bad guys, but this one raises the stakes by condemning up to a thousand civilians to death. Keep topping yourselves, writers. Pretty soon, it may all backfire on you (*cough*S4*cough*).

    Hourly Highlight:

    Nice that Jack and Amador have some time to chat about their families.moreless
  • Review

    I thought that this was one of the better episodes of the season, with the virus being realeased at the end. we are so used to seeing CTU stop bad things before they happen, it will be interesting to see how the control the massive panic that is sure to occur once the hotel guests get up and start asking questions about why they cant leave. Of the main stars of this season - Gael Ortega and Michelle Dessler both now have there lives in serious question. I think that we are going to see some really intense phone conversations between Michelle and Tony once he finds out that she has now been exposed to the virus. What Jack will be doing in the next episode I dont know - liekly trying to go over Steven Saunders and learn the connection that he has with him in the past. Season 3 has taken a huge pivotal turn and I thought this episode was very well written, Alan Milikin Conspiracy (boring, old all ready) to the side...moreless
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Nathanial Moon

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