Season 3 Episode 15

Day 3: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

3:02 A.M.-3:07 A.M.: Tony tells Michelle that Jack just killed Nina. Michelle asks if the shooting was justified. Tony says Jack wouldn't risk their operation merely for revenge. Michelle asks if he's sure. Tony doesn't answer.
Chappelle tells his men to secure the server room and tells Jack, forcefully, that he wants a word. Jack tells Chappelle about the shooting and that Nina was going for her gun. Chappelle says that Nina was a material witness and that they needed her to find Amador and the virus. "I know exactly what she was," Jack growls. Chappelle says he can't certify the shooting as self-defense until they review the security footage.
Chase goes to Kim and asks her how she's doing. Kim says that she's always wanted Nina dead after she killed her mother, but now that she is dead, she doesn't know how to feel.
Amador's unknown contact arrives at the club and meets with him and Alvers. The man tells them not to worry, as they have plenty of time. Amador asks him why they chose such a limited target instead of a place like the airport. The man tells him that their goal is not to inflict a large amount of casualties, but rather, to send a message.

3:07 A.M.-3:11 A.M.: Tony informs his staff about Nina's shooting. Chloe frets that they won't be able to find Alvers, since Nina was their only connection to him. Tony tells her to run all of their checks again. Michelle reports that they have Russian Intel that 10 bio-detonating devices were stolen from the Ukraine recently. These devices are used to disperse pathogens into the atmosphere. Tony believes that Alvers will use these devices to release the virus, so they may not have much time to locate him.
Amador's contact is demonstrating the detonating device for Alvers, showing him how to properly flip the switches so the virus will be released. It seems that the virus has a dispersal radius of 100 meters, which can increase depending on wind and weather. Alvers experiments with the detonator and the other man glares at Amador. He tells Amador that he knows about his deal and Mexico and blasts him for being stupid and greedy. He tells him that he alerted every intelligence agency to their operation and put Bauer on their trail. Amador says he still expects to be paid for his work, so the man gives him an account authorization number. Amador types it in and 10 million dollars flash on the screen. Amador complains that its only half of their agreed price, but the man tells him the plans changed when he went to Mexico. He'll get the rest after they hit the hotel.
Chloe picks up Amador's bank transaction and tells Adam about it. Adam tells Kim to run a check on the account, which comes from a bank in Zurich.
Chappelle and Jack review the security footage of Nina's shooting. Chappelle claims that Nina was down when Jack shot her, but Jack insists that she was going for her gun. Chappelle says that Jack deliberately stood in front of the security camera so he could obscure a visual record of her shooting. Chappelle says that he can't legally let Jack continue to work in the field as long as the shooting is unresolved. Jack says that Nina killed his wife and would've killed Kim if he'd not shot her. Chase comes in and tells them that they have traced Amador. Chappelle is still reluctant to let Jack go, but Chase defends him, saying that Jack is still working at a higher level than anyone else. Jack asks Chase to leave and tells Chappelle that it's his call, but that he can still do his job. Chappelle finally relents and tells Jack to go ahead.

3:15 A.M.-3:18 A.M.: Wayne is on the phone with Julia again. He tells her not to call him and reminds her not to speak to anyone but her lawyer. Palmer enters and Wayne pretends to be speaking to someone named Bill. Wayne hangs up and tells Palmer that they should stay as far away from the Milliken matter as possible. Palmer tells Wayne that they should call Julia and get her side of the story, indicating that he thinks Sherry might be innocent. Wayne tells him that it looks suspicious that he called Sherry in and a few hours later, Milliken ended up dead.
Jack and Chase are preparing to leave. Kim talks to Jack and briefs him on an agent named Wong, who will be helping them capture Amador. Jack tells her that Chappelle cleared him of the shooting. Kim tells Jack that she knows he had to do it. They embrace and then Jack and Chase leave.

3:19 A.M.-3:25 A.M.: Wayne bursts in on Sherry as she tries to take another catnap and confronts her about the role she played in Milliken's death. She accuses him that he'd have done the same thing, where he retorts he would never have been there. Sherry reminds him that David called her into clean up Wayne's mess with Julia. Wayne says he wanted Milliken off Palmer's back, but not like this. Sherry calmly tells him that complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions. If Palmer doesn't know about her being there, it can't hurt him. Everything will be fine as long as Julia keeps her mouth shut.
An LAPD officer begins questioning Julia about the circumstances of her husband's death. Julia says she should wait for her lawyer, but Det. Norris says his questions don't require council. He asks her if she was asleep when he died, and Julia explains that they've kept separate bedrooms since his stroke. Norris asks her if she has any friends who own a light-colored Mercedes, as the maid saw one leaving their driveway earlier. Julia says they have many friends who own a Mercedes. Det. Norris notes that the security cameras were turned off that night. Julia blames the maid, but Norris is growing suspicious that there is something more.
Kim is on the phone with Jack and tells him that they won't have Amador's exact location for a few minutes. As they drive toward the general vicinity, Jack thanks Chase for backing him up with Chappelle earlier. Chase says he wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it. Jack asks Chase if he's going to tell Kim about the baby. Chase tells Jack, courteously, to mind his own business. Jack minds, since they're talking about his daughter. Chase says that Kim is a grown woman and they love each other. "Let's just stay focused on what we're gonna do," Jack mutters.
Alvers arrives at the Chandler Plaza Hotel with a briefcase. He phones Amador and tells him that it will take him 25 minutes to plant the virus. Amador tells him to be sure and give himself plenty of time to get away once its set. Alvers reassures him that he doesn't want to be in any of the body bags that they'll be carrying out of there later.

3:30 A.M.-3:36 A.M.: Sherry gets a call from Norris. Sherry asks him how he got her cell number and he tells her that Julia Milliken gave it to him. He asks her if she was at the Milliken home that night. Sherry denies this, and Norris tells her that Julia has told him of the manner of Alan's death and how Sherry prevented her from giving him the medication that would save him. Sherry again denies being there and says that President Palmer can back him up. Norris says they'll be in touch and hangs up.
Wayne enters Palmer's office and wakes him from his own catnap. He gives Palmer an update on the hunt for the virus. Palmer asks him what's on his mind. Wayne tells him that he joined his administration to be an asset and not a thorn in his side. Palmer tells Wayne that there's no one that he can trust as much as him. Before Wayne can fully absorb this, Tony calls with an update. Wayne demands that he stay on the phone with them until Amador is caught.
Jack and Chase arrive at the club where Amador and Alvers are held up. Agent Wong goes in to scout out the place and spots an armed guard outside an office door. He reports this to Jack, but he's suddenly taken hostage by a guard from behind. The guard marches Wong into Amador's office. Jack realizes that something has gone wrong when they lose contact with Wong, so he and Chase hit the club with the rest of the team. Amador shoots Wong and tells his men to get out, just as CTU enters the building. They trade shots with Amador's men and the CTU agents start throwing stun grenades to disable the attackers. Jack busts into Amador's office, where Wong is lying, dead. He nails Amador and reports that he's been neutralized. He tells Chase to help him get Amador into a back room, so the SWAT team won't disturb them.

3:40 A.M.-3:46 A.M.: Jack and Chase have Amador in the back room. Amador whines to Jack that he betrayed him and that he worked for CTU all along. Jack says that he's just better at betrayal than Amador and asks where the virus is. "He knows all about you, Jack," Amador says cryptically. Jack presses him for a name, but Amador is too scared to talk. Jack tells Amador that they can protect him, but Amador doesn't buy it. "If you go up against him, you're a dead man," Amador says. Jack clenches Amador in a headlock and slashes his fingers with a knife, causing Amador to pass out. Jack tells Chase to do it again when Amador wakes up.
Jack's cell phone rings, and it's Tony. Jack tells him that they got Amador, but missed the virus. Jack says that whoever they're up against knows him very well, so he tells Tony to check on everyone Jack has worked with in the past five years, on both sides of the law. An agent shows Jack an incubator, which isn't contaminated but has some hairs and fingerprints on it. Another agent finds Amador's laptop, which has a floor plan of the Chandler Plaza Hotel on it. Jack tells Tony that the hotel is a likely target and that they should send a team over. Tony asks Jack if they should evacuate the hotel, but Jack says that could accelerate the spread of the virus if its been released.
Tony calls Phillips, the head of security at the Chandler Plaza. He warns him of the threat and tells him to look for Alvers, sending him a description. Michelle walks on to the floor dressed in black field garb. Tony objects to Michelle leading the team, but Chappelle says that Tony must stay at CTU since he's in charge, and Michelle has prior experience with an Anthrax outbreak in DC. Gael will go along as second in command. Tony pulls Michelle aside and tells her that he can send someone else, but Michelle stands firm.

3:50 A.M.-3:57 A.M.: Michelle and Gael are driving to the hotel and Michelle is on the phone with Tony, who tells her that NHS is 20 minutes away. He orders Michelle to wait until biosuits arrive before they go in. Gael tells Michelle that Tony was eaten by guilt over the fact that he couldn't tell her about the secret operation with the Salazars. "I just want this day to end," Michelle sighs.
At the Plaza, Phillips spots a suspicious man entering the laundry room, but before he can follow, Michelle calls from outside the hotel. Phillips sends another man to check it out while he speaks to Michelle over the phone, while they face each other through the glass front of the building. He tells her they haven't found Alvers yet. Michelle says that they should start on the guestrooms if they don't find him. Phillips says that will take time, unless CTU can send in some manpower. Michelle says they'll send in more men when the hazmat suits arrive. Phillips comments that they don't have hazmat suits. Michelle can't look at him. Gael informs her that Alvers was spotted on a security camera and figures that he's been in the building for the last half-hour. Michelle decides to go in anyway and Phillips lets them in. He indicates where Alvers went and Michelle goes to investigate.
Meanwhile, Alvers enters the ventilation room and places the detonator with the virus behind the blades of a fan, which starts up as he leaves.

3:57 A.M.-4:00 A.M.: Michelle stalks through the basement and comes upon the corpse of a security guard. She spots Alvers and orders him to freeze. He tries to convince her that he's only a maintenance man, but then he makes a break for it. Michelle promptly takes him down. Alvers takes a swing at her, but Michelle holds on to her gun and orders him to cuff himself to a pipe. He does so and she asks him where the virus is, telling him that he's dead if it gets out. He tells her its in the ventilation unit. Michelle radios Gael and tells him where to look.
Gael goes to the ventilation room and tells Michelle that he's found the vile, which is hooked up to a timed detonator. She tells him to wait for her to send down a hazmat suit, but he wants to disarm the detonator. He opens the grate protecting the fan and sticks his hand under the spinning fan blades. He is just about to grab the vial when the device detonates, blowing the virus right in his face.

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