Season 3 Episode 4

Day 3: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Michelle is torn by personal and professional obligations when she must take charge of CTU after Tony is seriously wounded.
Kyle and Linda are captured by Hector's men.
Jack and Palmer have a secret conversation, leading Jack to take drastic action in the face of the Salazars' threat. But Jack's plans are complicated when Chase gets in the way.
Anne pushes Palmer back on to moral ground in the face of her ex-husband's blackmail scheme.moreless

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  • Do the CIA/CTU vet applicants?

    I missed out on 24 when it came out and just catching u now. You would think that having had two major terrorist incidents controlled by inside agent - they might just be a bit more careful. I guess I'll stop being worried and enjoy the action!

    Hey Ho.
  • Little Better

    Palmer plot continues to be boring, nothing really relevant happens, and it is more weaker that the previous season conspiracy plot.

    Jack as usual is the highlight of the episode. Now we finally see Jack doing crazy ideas that only he can execute. This mini plot prison should be interesting. Chase presence is now more justified, he will be Jack direct obstacle for now

    Kim, Tony and Michelle play their roles. Michelle is in drama mode, Tony is in Hospital and Kim helped her father in a indirect way to his supossed final mission.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -moreless
  • Creating chaos..

    Oh, Jack has to make a hard decision when Palmer follows the rule not to give in terrorist demands and does not let Ramon out. So, Jack goes to rouge mission to break him out and that is not easy. On the wrong moment Chase tries to save the day and so Jack has to deal with him too and all the hell broke lose when they do not manage to get out in time.

    On the other fronts, in CTU that Gael is trying to get Michelle leave as then he would have much easier than and Michelle - oh it is hard to see her suffer and her struggle to stay and do her job and be where she wants to be.

    Very exciting episode.. really nerve wrackingmoreless
  • All hell breaks loose!

    Certainly not quite as good as the previous episode, but I loved the ending when Jack broke Salazar out of prison. Things are going to get interesting now... I'm not convinced that the Salazar's are the main villians of the season though. This show has as a habit of making us believe we know who the bad guys are, but then we are randomly introduced to someone else.

    And Michelle not wanting to be at the hospital with Tony was too unrealistic!! But I wouldn't be surprised if Tony is back at CTU in a few episodes, haha.

    The Palmer storyline is continuing to be a yawn. But I think that Wayne is a good character, and I like that he seems to have different policital views to David. The debate could be interesting and I hope it improves this the Palmer storyline because I loved it in season 1 and 2.

    Quote of the hour! Chase Edmunds: "Let me know when you start to worry."moreless
  • You and your crazy schemes

    In pretty much all respects, this episode is merely there to keep the S3 episode count at 24. Except for Kyle Singer's subplot, all the events here could've been merged with the events of the next episode without losing too much credibility or realism (the latter of which doesn't really matter on this show anyway).

    Yes, Kyle gets captured by Hector's goons and brought to some sealed-off chamber, left to wait until the virus begins eating away at him. His girlfriend somehow gets dragged into this as well.

    Jack uses Kim's amateurishness to his advantage, forwarding a bogus prisoner transfer document so he can get Ramon out of prison. That's pretty funny.

    Jack's agenda conflicts with that of Chase, who's gone to the prison to get some information out of Ramon. So Jack knocks Chase out, which is also pretty funny.

    Over in Mexico, we meet Claudia's little brother, which is just stupid. Fine, Hector can let him play with his gun if it makes for character development, but little kids don't belong in this show unless they're here to get killed.

    Everything considered, the hilarious ending is what makes this episode worth it, and it leads to some very nice drama and tension in the next hour.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack ordering all the cell doors open. Raise your hand if you thought this was a smart plan from the get-go. Anyone?moreless
Kevin Chapman

Kevin Chapman

Warden Mitchell

Guest Star

Andy Umberger

Andy Umberger

Dr. Linzer

Guest Star

David Labiosa

David Labiosa


Guest Star

Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson

Anne Packard

Recurring Role

Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida

Ramon Salazar

Recurring Role

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Claudia Salazar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • There was an editing goof during the "Previously" clip. After Tony got shot, Kyle started to run and when Jack arrived, Kyle was gone. The next shot showed Kyle running again and Jack is not there.

    • A young kid (no older than 10) shooting a gun like we see here would probably get hit in the face by the gun when the recoil went off.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jack: Chase, what are you doing?
      Chase: I'm goin' to talk to Salazar.
      Jack: Get back to CTU, now!
      Chase: And do what? Some filing, some dusting around the office?

    • Salazar: You're a tough guy, huh? You are not worried what may happen if you lay a finger on me? Okay, if you're not worried, neither am I. (Chase starts roughing him up)
      Chase: Let me know when you start to worry.

    • Anne: The problem is you can't stand the fact that your brother wants me in his life.
      Wayne: Because you're a distraction, Anne, and you're a liability.
      Anne: Compared to whom? Sherry?
      Wayne: I'm not gonna sit here and try to defend Sherry. She went off the rails! But at least she understood the game, and she understood David. She was with him for over 20 years!

    • Palmer: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

    • Jack: This will be my last assignment.

    • Anne: (to Palmer) You've never been about what's easy, you've been about what's right. That's who you are, that's who the people elected to lead them. For what it's worth, that's who I fell in love with.

  • NOTES (3)