Season 3 Episode 5

Day 3: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

5:02 P.M.-5:11 P.M.: The presidential debate begins. Anne checks up on Palmer as he takes the stage.

At the prison, a full-blown riot has broken out, with prisoners and guards fighting and smashing everything in sight. Jack and Ramon hide behind a door to temporarily escape the carnage. Jack uncuffs Ramon and tells him to pretend to fight with him over a gun. When he does, Jack yells for help and two guards come to intervene. Jack and Ramon jump the guards and knock them out. Ramon continues to beat his guard after he's down and Jack must call him off. They take the guard uniforms and prepare to slip through the mob.

Meanwhile, Chase tells Warden Mitchell that they must find Jack and Ramon and keep them alive at all cost. Mitchell is hesitant so Chase tells him about the virus threat to LA from Salazar's brother. Mitchell radios his men and tells them that Chase is in temporary command. Chase gets a call from Michelle, who wants an update. Chase tells her about Jack starting the prison riot and asks about the status of Kyle Singer. Chase knows that if they locate Kyle, they can convince Jack to back down. Michelle promises to let him know when they locate Kyle.

Kyle and Linda are still trapped in the quarantine tank. Kyle apologizes to Linda for getting her into this mess. He decides to try and find a way to get her out of it, so he stands on a chair and starts pulling on some pipes in the ceiling. He then begins to bang on the pipes with a chair, looking for wires.

Kim identifies Kyle's vehicle leaving the mall parking lot. Michelle interrupts Kim to ask her if she's aware of what's going on at the prison. Kim isn't, so Michelle tells her about Jack's attempt to break Ramon out. Kim tells Michelle of her father's phone call requesting Ramon's transfer. Michelle tells her to find Singer, as that is the quickest way to stop Jack from escaping with Ramon.

Jack and Ramon have dressed in the guard uniforms. Jack tells Ramon that they must fight their way through the mob of prisoners to find an exit. They dive in, but they lose the brawl and are both taken hostage. The prisoners march Jack and Ramon, along with other hostages, down the corridor until they encounter Chase. Shots are exchanged and the lead prisoner shouts that they have hostages. Chase tells them to hold their fire and lets the hostages pass. Chase and Jack make brief eye contact before moving on.

5:15 P.M.-5:24 P.M.: Adam is all over Kim for making a mistake and tells her that she needs to get her head back into finding Singer. Michelle calls Adam and tells him to ease up on Kim further, telling him about Jack and the prison riot, and how he used her.

Kyle has finally found some wire and attached them to the pipes. He makes a noose from the wires and slips it over his head, and tells Linda that she doesn't deserve what's happening and that if he dies, the virus dies with him. He jumps off the chair and tries to hang himself. Linda jumps on the chair and forces the pipes downward, putting slack in the wires. She is successful, as the pipes give way and the two collapse on the floor.

Hector oversees preparations for a welcome home party for Ramon. Claudia tells him he shouldn't be doing it, urging him to show Ramon that he is his partner and not his caterer.

Gael calls Hector with an update. He tells Hector about the riot and that Ramon is still alive. He also tells Hector that CTU is getting close to Kyle Singer. Hector knows that if CTU finds Singer, the deal is off, so Gael shouldn't let that happen.

Kim and Adam zero in on an object from the satellite image in the vehicle that looks like a gun. They conclude that Kyle has been abducted and work on an ID for the car.

Chase and Warden Mitchell locate Jack and Ramon with the other hostages in the prison laundry room. Chase tries to get a visual of Jack, but when the camera pans over, the lead prisoner sees it and shoots it out. The prisoners decide to have a little fun with the guards by making them play Russian Roulette. Through random selection, they choose an unknown guard and Jack. Jack puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Click! The guard is scared to pull the trigger, but Jack convinces him to just do it so at least he'll have a chance. The guard puts the gun to his head. The gun goes off. The prisoners cheer, as the guard's lifeless body slumps to the ground.

5:28 P.M.-5:38 P.M.: Adam and Kim are just about to get a lead when they encounter error messages. Adam determines that it's a problem with the router. Kim goes to the back room to check it out and finds Gael taking a screwdriver to the computer. She asks him what he's doing and he says he's looking into the router problem. Kim gets suspicious, but Gael says the problem is fixed. Kim returns to Adam just in time for them to locate the car in which Kyle was kidnapped. Kim tells Michelle about the car and Michelle orders all authorities to begin searching for it. She then updates Chappelle on the latest events, and tells Chloe to search Jack's office in hopes of finding a reason why Jack has gone rogue. Michelle then calls the hospital to check on Tony's progress. When they tell her that Tony is still in surgery, Michelle patches into the video feed from the operating room. She cries as she watches the doctors work on her husband.

At the prison, Chase prepares to move in on Jack and the hostages. He orders radio silence so they won't be overheard. He and Mitchell's men guards crawl through an air duct to the laundry room and watch the proceedings with their fiber optic cameras. The lead prisoner forces Jack to play another round of Russian Roulette, but this time he selects Ramon as his challenger. Ramon tries to beg off, claiming that he's really a prisoner and not a guard. Jack speaks up and tells them to pick someone else, since Ramon is a prisoner and Jack is a federal agent. This doesn't convince the prisoners who want to see Federal Agent Jack go up against "The Foreigner." Jack puts the gun to his head. Click He slides the gun over to Ramon, who warns his brother will find his captor if he dies. Ramon puts the gun to his head. Click Jack takes the gun and spots the camera through the vent. Jack turns the gun on the lead prisoner and kills him. Chase and his men break in and a shoot-out ensues. Ramon grabs a shotgun in the confusion. Chase and the guards reclaim the prisoners and save the hostages, but Jack and Ramon have disappeared in the chaos.

5:43 P.M.-5:50 P.M.: Chloe is going through Jack's office when she finds a mysterious vial in the trash. She calls for someone to come down from the drug unit, with a test kit.

The presidential debate continues. Keeler questions Palmer's choice in character, citing Sherry's misdeeds with the nuclear bomb three years ago. He then drops his own bomb with the Dr. Anne scandal. Palmer accuses Keeler of launching a personal attack and not sticking to the issues. Backstage, Anne starts to look worried. Wayne chides her.

An agent from the drug unit tests the vial positive for drugs. Kim asks Chloe what she's doing in Jack's office. Chloe tries to stall at first, but then breaks down and tells Kim about Jack's drug habit, capping it off by showing Kim a box full of Jack's drug paraphernalia. Chloe tells Michelle about Jack's drug use, but before Michelle can react, Adam informs them that they've found the car. Michelle orders her field agents to go in for Kyle.

Jack and Ramon are at an exit of the prison as a helicopter lands outside with more men. Jack orders Ramon to give him his shotgun and take off his uniform. Ramon complies.

5:54 P.M.-6:00 P.M.: The agents phone Michelle and tell her they're closing in on Kyle. Michelle asks Kim to give them satellite cover, but Kim is too upset over her discovery about her dad's issues.

On the prison roof, Jack holds Ramon at gunpoint and demands that Chase give up the helicopter. Chase tries to persuade Jack to wait a little longer since they are close to finding Singer, but Jack won't back down. Finally, Chase tells his men to let Jack go. Mitchell orders his men to stand down as Jack and Ramon board the helicopter and start it up.

Kyle and Linda are recovering from his suicide attempt when CTU agents storm in and save them.

Jack disables the radio and locator as they take off. Michelle calls Chase and tells him that they've just found Singer. Chase tries to yell at Jack, but Jack doesn't hear him over the noise. As they fly away, Roman laughs and tells Jack "Congratulations. Now you are an even bigger enemy to your country than I am."

Tick, tick, tick...…