Season 3 Episode 5

Day 3: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2003 on FOX

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  • Jack's plan to break Ramon out of prison goes horribly wrong. At CTU Chloe inadvertently reveals Jack's heroin addiction to her superiors.

    Do you think the writers of this episode saw the Academy Award winning film "The Deer Hunter"? Just thought I would ask. This episode is not just my least favorite of this season, it may also be my least favorite of the series. The whole thing with the prisoners forcing the guards into a game of Russian Roulette was too much for me. Contrived and formulaic. Who among us did not think that when Jack told the guard to pull the trigger that the guard would die? Could not be more predictable if you tried. That guard should have just pointed the gun at the prisoner and pulled the trigger. One thing that redeems this episode to a small extent is Mary Lynn Rajskub. The scene where Chloe finds Jack's heroin stash is the best scene in this episode. She played that scene damn near perfect. This is an episode definitely not worth seeing. Well, you win some, you lose some.
  • About this episode

    It had great single-camera sound mixing.
  • Kiefer Sutherland advises you all against gun violence… Now let's get down to the BANG and the BOOM!

    As I said before, this episode could've been combined with the previous one without losing much footing. But I can forgive that, since then we wouldn't have the great Russian roulette scenes.
    Yes, this episode is filler; the prison riot scenes didn't HAVE to be shown, but if it has to happen, then it has to happen. And what would be the point of having Jack resort to such a ridiculous escape plan in the first place? No, the riot scenes instead constitute a self-contained crisis that Jack and Ramon must find their way out of before continuing with the main virus threat. It's pretty much the basis for this hour.
    Meanwhile, Palmer starts his presidential debate with John Keeler, which…whatever.
    CTU goes through its own stuff, which is mainly pinpointing Kyle's location, but also with their discovery of Jack's heroin addiction. Darkly funny scene where Chloe tells Kim all about it.
    Strangely enough, the Russian roulette game helps to build some character development for both Jack and Ramon. Specifically, it helps to define what hard-headed badasses these guys are. While we kinda knew that already, what with the first two seasons and the pen stabbing earlier, it's a welcome piece of filler, and it makes for quite an improvement over the last few episodes. The big shootout later is just a sweet bonus.

    Hourly Highlight:
    The wimpy guard shooting himself.
  • First Pay Off!!!

    Logic/Details - » This episodes continues where it left. Manage a prison riot is something difficult, but the writers did a good time management and even Palmer Debate was a little interesting.

    Progress -» This episode Jack is trying to free the bad guy but found some complications. In the End he manages to get out, however, the guy with the virus was caught and Jack did all for nothing.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode is nerve wrecking, the Russian roulette is a great example of that. The guard who died first, build the necessary tension, since neither Salazar or Jack could die. So, what sell this episode is the great tension and the fact that the virus plot is already over for now, or at least the phase one. Ending - » The ending was great, the fact that Chase found out that they had Kyle Singer just as Jack and Salazar left with the chopper was very well done.

    Overall - » The first pay off of this season that started slowly but it seems that 24 is in fact back on track. This episode deserves at least a 9
  • Wow

    This episode.. specially the end was mind blowing. I planned to watch only one episode and now I am on my third and after this there will be forth too. Oh.. it just has so much excitement.

    The whole prison thing - playing Russian roulette. First round was nerve wracking but the second one where Jack is against Salazar. That was brilliant. And Chase really proves himself as a good agent. I like that char. The ending was irony in Jack part. few seconds more and none of the things would happen the way they do now but... And the thing in CTU. Kim in position she is now.. She is not annoying. Could you believe that? And Chloe.. and Michelle.. exciting
  • What a cracking episode!

    How tense was the russian roulette, eek!! I don't think 24 has EVER been that tense. I felt sooo sorry for that guard who ended up killing himself =[[ And then it was Jack vs Salazar, that was so nerve-wracking because we knew it would be terrible if either of them got killed, so it was up to Chase to rescue them! I found it hilarious when Salazar said to the prisoner that if he dies his brother will go after him. It's the best episode so far this season for sure.

    It was the debate between Palmer and Keeler in this episode, but they were hardly in it so that was a good thing. I never thought I'd ever say that because I'm usually interested in whats going on with Palmer, but not this season. I think I'm missing Sherry and Mike.

    The ending was greatt, I loved the fact that Chase found out that they had Kyle Singer just as Jack and Salazar left with the chopper. Now they've found Kyle Singer it looks like the virus threat is over already, which is strange considering its only been five episodes. I didn't expect them to find him so quickly!! I thought he was going to be a problem so its hard to tell exactly where the season is going to go from here. It looks like the only problem now is Jack. Salazar will probably take him hostage and Chase will come to the rescue.

    Quote of the hour! Roman Salazar: "If I die, my brother will find you."
  • Review

    Everything is started to come together in this episode, though I think the only thing that is going to become of Jack taking Salazar in the airplane is a hostage situation. Im not sure if the plan is to fly to Mexico in that Chooper, but Im sure some kind of action is going to be attempted by CTU to bring down the airplane. Palmers stroyline got a little better, as the debate has now started and he seems to be getting destroyed in it. he talked out of turn and really came off as a weak character, something we have not seen much off from him. michelle learning of Jacks drug use is sure to get attention from Ryan Chapelle, who we heard on the phone with her in this episode. The scenes with the Russian Rollete game played with Jack and Ramon, as well as the escape plan with the Chooper was very well done I thought. Overall, one of the better episodes in season 3 thus far...
  • great episode

    Jack gets Ramon out of prison, but he encounters an obstacle as hardened inmates hold both of them hostage. Chloe learns about Jack's drug addiction and she reports it to Michelle. President Palmer and Senator Keeler debates on a live telecast. Kyle does something stupid so he can save Linda's life. Things happen in this episode, so much stuff is presented here, the music is great, the action scenes are excellent. The slow dramatic scenes are also excellent, it's a well directed episode, the dialogue are well written, I don't even think about the story, I just watch the story unfold before my eyes, it's awesome.
  • A highly overrated episode that features a few excellent scenes, but overally... \'we\'ve seen it allllll before!\'

    Now, don\'t get me wrong, I was highly entertained by this episode, especially loved the prison scenes.
    However, the epuisode had some weak points. For example, the subplot at CTU, Chloe finding the drugs. Not strictly related to this episode, but this whole Jack takes drug thingy is so out of character. And now it\'s just got worse.

    I liked how Adam changed, though.

    Now.. dont get me wrong. I like conspiracy, and all that... but it is a bit funny to have another dirty agent. You know... we had plenty in season 1. Its just... getting repeatative.

    I also think the Palmer vs Keller scenes could have been more powerful, more intense. Do you remember Season Episode 21 when Palmer\'s trail ends? I do. Why couldn\'t they pace Palmer scenes like that in this episode too?
  • Viewer discretion advised? You know what that means...an awesome episode is straight ahead!

    Ah yes, the return of the best show on television. Whenever I give an episode a 9+ rating, it has to elicit some sort of amazing emotional reaction from me. The Russian Roulette scenes were riveting and I was literally holding my breath while watching it for the first time.

    -Great Palmer storyline this episode. I love the idea of the presidential debate in the show. Nice transition from the debate to the prison in the opening act.
    -Hilarious bit with Ramon beating the guard in glee.
    -Another hilarious bit with Kyle Singer attempting suicide. Too bad he failed. :(
    -Great intensity by the prisoners.
    -The first Russian Roulette scene was in the top 5 most intense scenes in this show's history. Simply incredible. Great acting by everyone involved, especially the guy that ends up shooting himself. Bravo.
    -Glad to hear Chappelle's voice again.
    -Second Russian Roulette scene was incredibly badass as well. I loved some of the little dialogue between Peel and Ramon.
    -Great action scene when the Russian Roulette was "interrupted."
    -Good stuff by Palmer against Keeler in the debate. Why can't we have a president like Palmer in real life?
    -AGAIN...hilarious moments with Chloe.
    -Another great ending. Say what you will about Season 3, but it consistently delivered spectacular endings to its episodes. Intensity by Sutherland and James Badge Dale. Hilarity when Jack zooms off in the chopper two seconds after Chase found out that Kyle Singer was in custody.
    -Kyle Singer scenes were limited and weren't that bad when he was on.

    -Why exactly did Jack tell Peel that he was a federal agent?
    -Stupid allegation that Keeler throws out there during the debate. I mean...if you follow politics at all, it just didn't seem that realistic.
    -The end of Linda's appearance on the show. :(

    Whoo! These kinds of episodes are what us 24 fanatics live for. Hardcore intensity! Hooray!
  • Jack and Ramon start a prison break to help escape.

    WOW! This is such a good episode, and talk about intensity. I was in so much suspense during those russain roulette scenes. This epsisode will leave your heart pounding on your chest. This was very well written!

    The guest stars did a great job of capturing a prison environment. I really felt sad for the hostages. Also Jack and Ramon, that was suspensful too, as if either of them died there would be horrible consequenses.

    The action was also good as it always is on 24. The cliff hanger is great, of course I won't ruin that. This is what I like about season three, after this episode, you will have to watch the next one, and it continues.

    Well thats all I have to say.