Season 3 Episode 6

Day 3: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack and Ramon struggle to evade the authorities, while Palmer must shut the debate down because of the prison break. Kim stumbles on to Gael's secret.
The Singer family learns a startling piece of news about Kyle's health.

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  • Continues to Be Great!!!

    Logic/Details - » After the Last nerve wrecking episode, the producers decided that Jack can only escape by the end of this episode. This means that all the 20 or more scenes just be around this, however the writers managed this very well and great many twist in the way.

    Progress -» Jack managed to escape, however….Kyle Singer, not everything is not what it seems, and Palmer is more screwed, like Kim which is in trouble one more time.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» This episode continues to build tension towards Jack situation when he was in the chopper with Salazar and needed to escape. Kim situation is something repetitive, so you may don´t care. Palmer leaving the debate and concentrates more on Jack situation gave him a better time on screen. The twist With both Kyle Singer and Jack. You have good drama that can be touching.

    Ending - » 3 Mini Twists are great so see.

    Overall - » The twists, the tension build, the impossible situation that Jack as to overcome, Kim in trouble Again, good drama scenes, make this episode deserve at least a 8,5.moreless
  • Not again, Kim

    And just when I started to believe Kim would be "normal" she again ends up in trouble and I would bet she will be kidnapped.

    Anyway, Chase continues his "always seconds late" happenings as he manage to get the hail sequence too late and finds the emergency exit too late too. Oh..

    Jack does everything to get Salazar out and they manage to get to the airfield and ofcourse nothing is like it seems on the first time and so he is taken with bad guys.

    And things are not like they have to in CTU too.. Chapelle is in power and Michelle wants to go to hospital but just does not find the right moment. And they all learn that virus was not a threat with Kyle. So what is this all about?moreless
  • What can I say? So many things happened in this episode!!

    What a suprise, Kim is in trouble again. Gael will release the cougars on her in the next episode, I'm sure of it lmao. I won't complain too much though as I'm glad that Gael's secret has finally been discovered. But I'd rather it have been Michelle or Chloe that he pulled the gun on, just so there could be someone different in trouble for a change.

    And, surprisingly, I was glad to see the return of Ryan Chappelle.

    At least the Palmer storyline actually was relevant with the main plot this week. I found his withdrawal from the debate really great and the reaction of the public was hilarious when they were accusing the emergency of being made up. I was surprised that Palmer was willing to give up on Jack so easily though, it kind of reminded me of the episode when Nina took Jack hostage in season 2. However, this wasn't as good as that because we didn't see the emotional side of Palmer like we did then.

    The conversation between Kyle and his parents was quite moving. It was a huge twist to find out that he didn't even have the virus, but its strange how everyone was so shocked because it was never definite that he had it anyway, Jack only presumed. The kidnapping of Jack at the end of the episode was interesting, even though I did see it coming.

    Quote of the hour! Wayne Palmer: "David, right now..." David Palmer: "Right now, it's Mr. President."moreless
  • Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city…

    About the first half or so of the episode concentrates on CTU contemplating whether to shoot down the chopper carrying Jack and Ramon. And I mean that; besides a little scene with Kyle, all the plotlines focus on the chopper. Even Palmer withdraws from the debate to reluctantly give CTU his permission to shoot Jack down. All of this culminates in an awesome sequence where Jack evades military fire and lands in downtown Los Angeles. Kinda sad that it's all over after just twenty minutes.

    The rest of the hour has a lot to live up to, but it manages. Chase follows Jack and Ramon's tracks, Michelle learns that Tony's out of surgery, Palmer goes back to his own boring little storyline, and Gael the mole is found out. That last one involves Kim stupidly getting herself into trouble. Just like old times! Later on, Ramon knocks Jack out and takes him onto the plane, because Hector wants him alive for a reason we don't yet know. Not too shabby for an hour's worth, I'd say.

    In the episode's final act, we learn that Kyle is in fact not infected, and that just causes some huge confusion for another hour or so. But keep watching. S3 makes even less sense as it goes along.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack's landing. Wouldn't have been the same without Callery.moreless
  • Review

    We now seem to have a shift in what the threat against the United States is. It seems that the bio threat is no longer anything to worry about and the focus now shifts to Jack being brought back to Mexico in a hostage situation. Palmer withdrawing from the debate makes it seem to me like they are planning on bringing in Keeler next season as president, which I don’t mind at all. I love David Palmer and everything that he has done, but in order to keep the show fresh I think it would be best if he were written off the show for a couple of seasons, maybe to return for shock value sometime later. I hope that the situation with Ann doesn’t become too involved and I hope that this is the end of the Palmer storyline for a little while. Ryan Chapelle returning to CTU was great. I love his character as he is the head honcho at CTU with Tony Almeida still in surgery and he plays his character very well I think. The action scenes in this episode was great throughout, though I was very surprised that David Palmer allowed his brother into shooting down Jack Bauer’s plane, though the argument he made was pretty convincing and obvious. Overall it was a great episode, with a lot of big twists being revealed. Kim seems to have once again gotten herself into trouble, hopefully this time it doesn’t last nearly as long...it will only take CTU about 20-30 minutes to find her and by that time Gael will be exposed…moreless
Ted Marcoux

Ted Marcoux

Sam Singer

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Lucinda Jenney

Lucinda Jenney

Helen Singer

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Steve Rankin

Steve Rankin

Major Blanchard

Guest Star

Jesse Borrego

Jesse Borrego

Gael Ortega

Recurring Role

Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson

Anne Packard

Recurring Role

Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida

Ramon Salazar

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The only part of the episode that Tony was in is in one of the boxes coming back from a commercial break, and has no lines. This is the first time that a main character's only appearance is in a box and does not appear in a proper scene, and the third time with no lines in an episode.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Wayne: This is politics, it's not medicine. So do me a favor and stay out of it!
      Anne: Stay out of it?! I am it!

    • Chase: Chloe, come on, give me the hailing frequencies!
      Chloe: I can't make the servers go any faster, okay?!

    • (radar beeping)
      Salazar: Hey, what's going on?
      Jack: It's military.
      Salazar: How can you tell?
      Jack: Their formation; rate of speed. They're gonna be on us in the next three to four minutes.
      Salazar: And then what?
      Jack: I assume they've got orders to shoot us out of the sky!

    • Kim: What did Chappelle say in the briefing?
      Adam: He said a lot of stuff.
      Kim: Are they going to try and shoot down my father?
      Adam: If they have to, yeah.

    • Wayne: David, right now...
      Palmer: Right now, it's Mr. President.

    • Chappelle: Our mandate does not allow to bend to accomodate for personal relationships.
      Chase: You're right, Ryan. And after you shoot Jack down, you can personally explain that to the president. (hangs up cell phone)

    • Kim: (freaked) Adam! Adam, there's something seriously wrong with… (sees Gael is there instead)
      Gael: (very calm but sadistic) I just remembered, I forgot to close that file.

    • Salazar: You really are the best aren't you Jack. When you were down there with us I had no idea you were an agent. We accepted you. You didn't need to put the needle in your arm, you did that for other reasons. The same reason as all other junkies, to kill the pain. What's your pain Jack? What does the needle make go away?

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