Season 3 Episode 9

Day 3: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2004 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Palmer clears Anne's name with the press, but he finds that he is facing a new problem when his biggest campaign contributor reveals a startling secret about Wayne.
Kim and Michelle worry about Tony's mental ability when he continues to make mistakes.
Jack and the Salazars meet with Amador, but the deal turns sour when someone from Jack's past appears on the scene and competes for the virus.moreless

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  • Someone is Back!!!

    Logic/Details - » The objective here was very simple, complicate things, bring a old character and give a new plot to Palmer.

    This episode continues to be solid, some surprises and the last scenes managed to build a nice tension. There are also some scenes with tension like when the new buyer arrives and with Chase.

    Progress -» A old character is back and Jack didn´t Get the Virus yet. Palmer has a new things to worry about.

    Emotions/Stimulation/Highlights -» An older character is back (surprise) and you have some scenes with good tensions.

    Ending - » Filled with tension and a new complication for Jack Bauer.

    Overall - » A solid episode with a surprise and some tension that continues to build details for the next episodes, this episode deserve at least a 7.moreless
  • Never say never...

    Oh.. this episode was mind blowing.. When we saw that van and some black hair.. my first thought was Nina.. then I thought.. that would be just too much and maybe it is Mandy or.. but no.. it was Nina and it was perfect. I just love the reaction she brings out of Jack. Perfect.

    And now where Anne is out of the loop for Palmer, new problem rise. And they are even more bigger.

    And Jack losing the bit on the virus. That was hard. Not that I was sure that he won't get it. They never go easy. And the whole thing with Tony and the way Michelle and Kim were doubting him.. that hurt.. and Michelle needs a lot of damage control.moreless
  • Uh oh, guess who's back!

    This episode was pretty good. And Nina Myers is back!! I wasn't expecting her to arrive, but as soon as Amador said there was another bidder, the thought of it being either Nina or Mandy crossed my mind. The auction was boring though and not as intense as I felt it could have been, it was blatently obvious that Nina was going to win the bid.

    The Palmer storyline has been crap so far, but now there is a random situation involving Alan Miliken. I really liked this storyline though, its a drastic improvement from the previous one, and you'll know exactly why in the next episode.

    I hated Kim so much in this episode, and what I hated even more is that she didn't get a telling off by Chappelle for it. I think she makes more trouble when shes out getting kidnapped. I felt sorry for Michelle, I guess she shouldn't have believed her, and Tony was a total dick as well. I don't like seeing this side of Tony, it reminds me of how he was in season 2 *shudders*

    Quote of the hour! Roman Salazar: "The man has more lives than a cat."moreless
  • Going once, going twice…

    The plot starts off dry as Chase enters his torture session (I'm no longer impressed after watching Jack's torture in S2) and Claudia fails to give Jack a way to contact CTU. But strangely, it all works out, since Nina (wha?) Myers (huh??) shows up to compete for the virus, delaying the swoop-and-strike for a little while.

    Because of said delay, CTU's gotta find another way to keep busy, so there's this big plotline about Kim and Michelle doubting Tony's ability to run things. It's really subtle how the writers just threw that in there. But honestly.

    Since the Packard storyline has been milked dry (and the milk was already rotten, by the way), Palmer must also find something else to do, and that comes when his old buddy Alan Milliken tells him to fire Wayne for sleeping with his wife Julia. I'll admit that this subplot is better than anything Anne and Ted had to offer, but still, with a government operation to retrieve an extremely lethal virus in Mexico, who really has time to care about some adultery-based grudge match?

    The plot stops drying and starts thickening when Nina wins the auction, forcing Jack to focus the next few hours on finding her and getting her to cooperate with the Salazars. Interesting, much?

    Hourly Highlight:

    Wanna see Jack Bauer begging for his life in front of two stereotypical Mexican druglord brothers? Search no more!moreless
  • Review

    I thought that the scenes with Jack and the Salazars really made this episode stand out, but the continuous need to have some sort of a filler role played by David Palmer is getting a little old. Having his campaign supporter call him just after everything has gone down (at almost 915 at night) was a little bit of a reach by the writers to try and find something to fill in the gaps. I am all for needing some scenes where Jack bauer doesnt appear, simply because of the nature of the show, but it just seems like David Palmer is always given some kind of goverment conspiricy that he has to work out or his presidency will be in jeopardy. The situation at CTU is also becoming a little bit old for me - with Tonys question to led CTU always seeming to be in doubt among his fellow workers. I thought the scene betweeh Tony - Michelle and Ryan was great, but it wasnt enough to save there part of the three way storyline. Good episode overall, with Nina being a huge surprise facotr that none of us saw coming...moreless
Margaret Easley

Margaret Easley

President's Aide

Guest Star

Darren O'Hare

Darren O'Hare

Second Reporter

Guest Star

Albert Hall

Albert Hall

Alan Milliken

Guest Star

Josh Cruze

Josh Cruze


Recurring Role

Jamie McShane

Jamie McShane

Gerry Whitehorn

Recurring Role

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Adam Kaufman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At around 9:20, President Palmer finishes his initial conversation with Mr. Milliken over the phone. About 9:47 we see that he is already back at the office were he confronts his brother with what he learned at Millikens. A little over 25 minutes back and forth, including the conversation with Millken (all the way from the office - and all the way back) seems highly unlikely to have happen in the presented time frame.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • David: I just got back from seeing Alan.
      Wayne: What did he want?
      David: Oh, I think you know.
      Wayne: Know what, David?
      David: He wants me to fire you!

    • Chappelle: You better find Bauer and make this thing work, Tony. Otherwise, the two of you and Jack, assuming he's still alive, are gonna take the fall for everything that happened today, from the prison riots to Salazar's escape and every dead body in between!

    • Claudia: (to Jack) If you're lying to me again, I'll kill you myself.

    • Hector: (looks at Chase) Could he have come here on his own without backup?
      Ramon: Maybe he came by himself to rescue you. How sad. Does it bother you, Jack, that your partner is going to die trying to save you?
      Jack: It breaks me up.

    • Ramon: (about Jack) The man has more lives than a cat.

    • Jack: I don't work for CTU anymore Nina, I work for myself.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Sarah Clarke does not appear in the opening credits, clearly because her return was meant to be a surprise. She does appear in the closing credits.