Season 4 Episode 19

Day 4: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Chloe is unexpectedly thrust into fieldwork when a woman reports that her boyfriend may be part of the terrorist conspiracy.

Jack and Curtis find their latest efforts to trap Marwan thwarted by the Secret Service, who have orders to arrest Jack for insubordination.

Mike calls on ex-President David Palmer for help as Logan continues to display a lack of leadership.moreless

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  • Chloe does Ripley!

    Commenting on an earlier episode I wrote "Chloe's back."

    Forget that.

    Now Chloe's really back, doing her best Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor impression!

    What a kick!

    Gotta confess I didn't see that one coming.
  • And look who is back

    I can say one of the best characters. Presence of Palmer can change everything - how it looks.

    Rest of it seemed to be just a filler with Marwan getting escaped again. Chloe episode at the end is good one of all. Rest of the things again do not really connect to main story line - except now that Palmer is back some dullness will be gone.
  • And now for something completely the same

    The bad streak continues when Jack and CTU close in on Marwan once again, and Marwan escapes once again. This started to get tired two hours ago.

    Also, Audrey goes overboard with her whining. Was I meant to get so annoyed with her character? If not, the writers/directors really messed that one up.

    The nightclub setting is just wasted. First of all…why does Marwan record his message in a nightclub? Should it make sense at all, or is it just for the sake of having a scene take place in a nightclub? If the latter, then they could have at least utilized it to the max. Don't they know how to give a sleek atmosphere to scenes like this? Haven't they seen Michael Mann's "Collateral"?

    Since the story keeps writing itself into corners where deus ex machina is the only way to go, The Formula churns out another lead. CTU literally does nothing, and just lucks out when a woman calls with information. Stupid. And Chloe uses a gun. Stupider.

    However, I am somewhat thankful for all the suckiness. None of the episodes in previous seasons have put me off as much as this and other S4 episodes have, and although I could find things to gripe about, I still usually had to overstate my positive opinion. But many episodes this season have done the opposite; they've allowed me to say negative things without the need to tell people I still like them, because I don't. So thank you, S4, for letting me expand my range as an amateur online critic. And I only say that now because the season gets better from here. Sorta.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Marwan's message. The More You Know…moreless
  • Terminator Chloe

    I loved the ending to this episode, the whole episode was kinda slow but Terminator Chloe at the end made up for it. It was hilarious. It also marks the return of one of the shows best characters David Palmer even though you know what happens later on if you have watched all seven seasons of the show. The marwan story is getting a bit repetitive and this is not the last time he manages to escape being arrested, although the next time is a lot cooler. They need a new villain to add a new flavour to the season which has declined in quality since episode 10 with only episode 17 saving it.moreless
  • Worth Watching!!!!!

    The weak point in this season of 24, is that every episode utilizes the following formula -» 1 Case/Storyline Per Episode, which is normally tied with the Main Case/Storyline.

    Make a episode focused only in one Case/Soryline, give you the sensation that nothing really happened in a episode, if the Storyline is poor.

    This can be dangerous, since it is more probable, that you will like a episode with 3 storylines at the same time, giving you the sensation that too much happened and even if you don´t like 1 our 2 Storylines, you can like the third Storyline.

    In 40 minutes, you will only remenber the best parts, the parts that made you felt something. This usually means that only 1 to 5 minutes in a 40 minutes episode, that is important. This is how a show can get a 10 or 9, just because some interesting ou well done minutes.

    This episode do that, chloe situation at the end, make this episode worth watching, the tension was great also.

    Even if you don´t agree with that, is always great when you have a surprise in a episode, like "palmer is back".

    The President Storyline was also interesting and you have a imediate resolution in this episode.

    Jack Filler Task was at least important to president Logan Storyline Resolution.

    So, you have 3 Cases/Storylines, even if you don´t like some, it is more probable that you will like this episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • William Devane (Heller) does not appear in this episode.

    • Palmer no longer has the scar that he had on his hand last season (which was a result of the attack in Season 2). However, it is unknown if it is a goof or if it could have healed.

    • When Chloe is hiding from the shooter in the laundry room, she locks the door and pushes a tumble-dryer in front of it. When the shooter works his way through the door and unlocks the door, he opens the door with a remarkable ease, implying that the tumble-dryer wasn't there anymore.

    • When Chloe is being shot at and calls CTU, they say that nobody can get to her within 15 minutes, then 10 minutes -- but it only took Chloe 5 minutes to get from CTU to the house she was at (she was still inside CTU at 1:50, arrived at 1:55) with the car driving at pretty slow speed, so Jack and Curtis could've gotten there themselves in under 3 minutes if they drove fast.

    • Approximately 19-20 minutes into the episode, while Jack is getting into position at the club the on-screen clock shows the time at 1:25 and some seconds. A few minutes later the camera is focusing on Marwan and the clock shows 1:23. This was fixed in the DVD version.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • The track that they play in the club is a remix of the 24 theme made by the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren.

    • For the third time this year, a former regular star (Dennis Haysbert) is uncredited upon their return. The producers obviously wanted Dennis Haysbert's return to be a surprise, but intense media coverage made it impossible.

    • This episode was followed by another webcast of 24Inside, featuring Roger Cross ("Curtis Manning").

    • John Thaddeus appears briefly in the first scene of this episode as the medics are working on his broken hand, however, he is uncredited.