Season 4 Episode 19

Day 4: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • Chloe does Ripley!

    Commenting on an earlier episode I wrote "Chloe's back."

    Forget that.

    Now Chloe's really back, doing her best Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor impression!

    What a kick!

    Gotta confess I didn't see that one coming.
  • And look who is back

    I can say one of the best characters. Presence of Palmer can change everything - how it looks.

    Rest of it seemed to be just a filler with Marwan getting escaped again. Chloe episode at the end is good one of all. Rest of the things again do not really connect to main story line - except now that Palmer is back some dullness will be gone.
  • And now for something completely the same

    The bad streak continues when Jack and CTU close in on Marwan once again, and Marwan escapes once again. This started to get tired two hours ago.
    Also, Audrey goes overboard with her whining. Was I meant to get so annoyed with her character? If not, the writers/directors really messed that one up.
    The nightclub setting is just wasted. First of all…why does Marwan record his message in a nightclub? Should it make sense at all, or is it just for the sake of having a scene take place in a nightclub? If the latter, then they could have at least utilized it to the max. Don't they know how to give a sleek atmosphere to scenes like this? Haven't they seen Michael Mann's "Collateral"?
    Since the story keeps writing itself into corners where deus ex machina is the only way to go, The Formula churns out another lead. CTU literally does nothing, and just lucks out when a woman calls with information. Stupid. And Chloe uses a gun. Stupider.
    However, I am somewhat thankful for all the suckiness. None of the episodes in previous seasons have put me off as much as this and other S4 episodes have, and although I could find things to gripe about, I still usually had to overstate my positive opinion. But many episodes this season have done the opposite; they've allowed me to say negative things without the need to tell people I still like them, because I don't. So thank you, S4, for letting me expand my range as an amateur online critic. And I only say that now because the season gets better from here. Sorta.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Marwan's message. The More You Know…
  • Terminator Chloe

    I loved the ending to this episode, the whole episode was kinda slow but Terminator Chloe at the end made up for it. It was hilarious. It also marks the return of one of the shows best characters David Palmer even though you know what happens later on if you have watched all seven seasons of the show. The marwan story is getting a bit repetitive and this is not the last time he manages to escape being arrested, although the next time is a lot cooler. They need a new villain to add a new flavour to the season which has declined in quality since episode 10 with only episode 17 saving it.
  • Worth Watching!!!!!

    The weak point in this season of 24, is that every episode utilizes the following formula -» 1 Case/Storyline Per Episode, which is normally tied with the Main Case/Storyline.

    Make a episode focused only in one Case/Soryline, give you the sensation that nothing really happened in a episode, if the Storyline is poor.

    This can be dangerous, since it is more probable, that you will like a episode with 3 storylines at the same time, giving you the sensation that too much happened and even if you don´t like 1 our 2 Storylines, you can like the third Storyline.

    In 40 minutes, you will only remenber the best parts, the parts that made you felt something. This usually means that only 1 to 5 minutes in a 40 minutes episode, that is important. This is how a show can get a 10 or 9, just because some interesting ou well done minutes.

    This episode do that, chloe situation at the end, make this episode worth watching, the tension was great also.

    Even if you don´t agree with that, is always great when you have a surprise in a episode, like "palmer is back".

    The President Storyline was also interesting and you have a imediate resolution in this episode.

    Jack Filler Task was at least important to president Logan Storyline Resolution.

    So, you have 3 Cases/Storylines, even if you don´t like some, it is more probable that you will like this episode.
  • Chloe in field and Palmer back

    I love when the bring back old chars and this choice now was good. Logan is president who does not want it to be and it just reflects everything he does - he cannot make the decitions, he ruins Bauer mission and in the end, when he tells Mike that he don't want to be president.. ah, it was good and well done and Palmer will be back in action.

    Getting Chloe to the field was again totally different and she and that big gun. That was something we did not expect from her but she is able to do that too. Something new about Chloe.
  • Review

    Logan (actully Novick) calling David Palmer to come in and help with the situation should make for an awesome last 5 hours of television. David Palmer is exactly what Charles Logan is not, a confidant leader who can make tough decisions. It also gives Jack someone who he can tell the utmost of stupid ideas to and still have them approved for the lack of any better options. I thought his reveal was one of the better shockers of Season 4 and I cant wait to see him in the next episode. Marwan escaping for the third time in a row is a little bit of a reach on the part of the writers, but at least they made it seem believeable with the tunnel in the basement that would allow for an escape just in case they were discovered. I didnt think the writers did a good job the last two times he has gotten away, but this time I thought the writing supported what happened. Chloe having to shot the man was actually pretty exciting, though the CTU agents and Secret Service like to die in this show before they get a chance to do much of anything. It seems everytime the terrorists get the better of these so called CTU agents, maybe one day the CTU agent will kill the man before something drastic happens...
  • great episode

    Chloe O'Brian goes to a home of a girl whose boyfriend is a terrorist in order to check out a computer. She finds herself in harms way when Marwan sends someone to kill the girl. Jack and Curtis closes in on Marwan's position but President Logan inexperience decision making gets in the way of their operation. Mike Novick gives David Palmer a call so he can give President Logan some assistance. This episode raises the stakes, the writers are doing a good job making this episode really watchable. It's a really cool episode. I had a good time watching it.
  • After beginning to hate the past few episodes of 24, this episode finally saved the season.

    The past few episodes of 24 began to really suck. I hadn\'t seen a good episode since the first 8 hours. Bringing back President Palmer was a definite save for the story line. I never really liked Chloe until seeing her in this episode. Her shooting the terrorist was not only action packed, but absolutely hilarious. I had to watch the scene 2-3 times. The unfortunate thing is that many of the episodes lately have been utterly implausible. As a 24 fan, I realize that some of the plot lines are sometimes highly unlikely. Marwan\'s planning is way too flawless, and he was able to pull off far too many acts of terrorism. Hopefully, the show will take a better, and more reasonable tract from here.
  • How many times you can punch the air in one episode?

    From the obviously weak as hell president figuring out he's an idiot ("this is all my fault" and "that's not what I meant to happen") to the return of yet another well loved 24 character, this episode had it all.

    Topped off by computer geek Chloe doing her best Rambo impression.

    This is definitely a return to form for the show and almost overshadowed the escape AGAIN of the Mummy.

    Nice to see that Jack, in supremely annoyed mode, decided to give up the chase at the nightclub.
  • Marwan escapes a 3rd time, the emphasis is put on just how much of an idiot the President is, Chloe kicks some ass.

    The first thing that struck me was that Prado was being attended to medically, in CTU directly after the last episode - in which the last seconds showed him being knocked out without any real time elapsing. Oh well. The newly sworn in President continues to frustrate the heck out of the audience and characters dealing with him...there\'s a reason for this revealed towards the end of the episode. After a fairly easy lead to Marwan, he then slips through CTUs fingers for a 3rd time (thanks to a Presidential blunder). Easy come easy go... Chloe Kicks some butt at the end - her acting is comedic - is this intentional? Enjoyable episode on the whole - somehow they\'ve made a nuke in this season feel like an entirely diffrerent threat than the nuke in the 2nd season, possibly because Marwan\'s character is such a devious mastermind. Although analysing the events do seem a little over-elaborate to plot all in 1 day. Palmer makes a come back, in what is a season of loved character Returnees.
  • 24 is back on track!

    Now we're back on track! This episode had some real energy, thrill and above all a combination of good acting and good writing.

    The only weak spot I can think of at the moment is the stupid terrorist. I know they needed the plot to move forward and all, but who bookmarks a terrorist website if they don't WANT to get caught? Blowing Your Cover For Dummies. But his girlfriend was a great character, not the typical hysterical girlfriend minor characters in these types of shows tend to have. And here in Sweden the storyline caused quite the misinformation, as the episode info claimed that "Chloe gets sent out into the field when a woman calls in reporting that [Chloe's] boyfriend might be a terrorist". I was like "Chloe has a boyfriend? What about Edgar! Wow..." Turns out she's single but they had me fooled for a while.

    And speaking of Chloe... I liked seeing her go Über-Chloe, or Terminator Chloe if you will. How fun for the actress to get to do some "field work" and not just roam the CTU sets day in and day out. Miss Rajskub did a wonderful job with her character in this episode, and I'm very glad to see Chloe stay in character throughout the ordeal. One of the best moments of this season!

    Palmer's back... I'm very happy to see him, after the failure that is Charles Logan. I'm not familiar with the American titling system, so I don't quite understand why people insist on adressing him as Mr President, but on the other hand it gives a familiar feel to it. I've missed Palmer this season, he gives a weight to the show which is much needed.

    I hope the rest of the season stays this high, if it does it will more than make up for the line of bad episodes we've had now for a while.
  • The last five minutes redeems the last few episodes that have wandered away from what made this show great.

    The last five minutes redeems the last few episodes that have wandered away from what made this show great.

    I loved Chloe! This is the kind of thing that this show has been missing, that moment when you just want to scream. An excellent job by the writers and the actors. Way to redeem yourselves and write and act like I know your capable of.

    By the way, I hate the stupid Vice President. I've only ever come close to hating one person as much and it was Sherry. But at least she had a backbone. This guy is a snake.
  • After one of their weakest episodes, 24 could've found themselves in a slump. However, they picked themselves out with this riveting installment, containing one of the best final shots in 24 history.

    I was worried about 24 coming into this episode. Of recent episodes, many were below their standards and two, one of them being the previous week's, were among their worst. With six episodes left, how would 24 recuperate from the growing pains of the transitional arc and begin delivering on its promise? This week's episode is a strong indicator that things are coming back to shape, which is a relief.

    One of this episode's flaws was the lack of continuity regarding Jack's resignation. It appeared that it happened so he could get the information out of Prado, but in the opening minutes of this episode, we learn Jack is still working. Did he resign and reapply within three minutes? Being cheated out of another segment of Jack rogue was a disappointment. It does lead to consequences later on, which hurts their investigation significantly.

    Audrey represents the way they should've handled last week's torture debate. Instead of coming off like a babbling idiot or a bleeding heart that would rather help the terrorists than prevent future attacks, Audrey is thorough and strong rationalizing the consequences of Jack's actions. It would've been better if they explored this further and had it do more than thwart the sting operation. This does seem to be a step in the right direction to get an effective dialogue going again. 24 blurs the line between good and evil, as the good guys end up doing deplorable things to prevent deplorable things from happening. In desperate times, they go extremely far and while it does help the dramatic impact, there needs to be a follow up.

    Logan can't win. His indecisiveness has been harshly criticized since his entrance. When confronted to make a choice, he calls Secret Service to arrest Jack for going against his orders. As Jack is finding Marwan, using a cool camera through the ventilation shafts (man I want to raid CTU's toy chest), Secret Service arrive, which blows their cover and leads to another escape by Marwan (4th since 6 PM). Jack really shouldn't get so mad at them. They have no choice. He should be mad at Logan.

    Although this wimpy president is a little ridiculous, it does set the stage for the return of another old friend, Palmer. I was hoping to see him at the start of the season as a civilian friend of Jack's, following up on their conversation in the season three finale, but the Audrey arc was more important to establish where Jack was when the madness started. Some may criticize 24's decision last year to fire all the leads except for Kiefer Sutherland, only to bring them back later on in the season. I don't agree with this. It helps to see Tony, Michelle and Palmer back. Their returns this season certainly were better contrived than Sherry and Nina's last season, which were far more to please fans. If only Sherry had been scraped last year and put in this season.

    While in the club, Marwan, unmasked, records a statement made to instill fear. I think it is safe to presume that that tape was what Terror Thug had when Jack killed him. This will soon be revealed to CTU when they analyze it. Although the chip Nabila found will probably be the most useful, the tape could provide some clue that we didn't see when they shifted perspective to Jack and CTU. As for the threat itself, it was appropriately chilling. Vosloo, with those haunting sinking eyes, does a fantastic job at keeping his voice at a slow boil. Despite the incompetence of some of Marwan's associates, he never raises his voice, which can be effective at scaring the audience.

    If anything other than Jack is going to take out Marwan, it'll be one of his stupid subordinates. Why did Sabir bookmark a terrorist website for his non terrorist girlfriend to see? That's like a regular boyfriend leaving porn in the VCR or DVD player. I guess detachment works for both sides. Many of the terrorists have been brought down through some personal relationship (Syed Ali in season two, Stephen Saunders last season.) Maybe this will be the first step in Marwan's downfall.

    Nabila, Sabir's girlfriend, succeeds where the "Look, We're Not Racists" brothers failed. I think most people know that not every Middle Eastern person is a terrorist. Interest groups, offended by the terrorist's race, pressured 24 for positive Arabic characters and the result was too over the top not to be an attempt to appease them. Although I believe the actress is Indian, it was a much more natural portrayal of someone who wanted to help prevent the attacks. This was far more important than her ethnicity.

    Chloe and Edgar have to get together by the end of the season. Granted many fans are hoping for Tony and Michelle to get back, but Chloe and Edgar seems like there would be some potential. While there is still schoolyard bickering between the two, like when Edgar refuses to let Chloe use the computer to work on the only lead they have because he's doing general work. But it's clear that there is something, like when he tells her that he wanted to go, but couldn't because Chloe is the best and compliments her. Chloe's awkward "I know" still represents how she isn't quite ready or sure how to handle whatever feelings they have. Next week will definitely feature the aftermath and hopefully the end of the pettiness between them.

    After all of these missions where the bad guys surprise them, wouldn't they want to bring some more reinforcements to obtain the only lead they have in capturing and preventing his next attack of a major terrorist who has already done a lot of damage. Two Red Shirts doesn't make sense, especially in the middle of the night. After Curtis' melee at McLennan-Forester not even twelve hours earlier, wouldn't they take better care at retrieving vital information? I don't know why they needed to access it there. It looked as though all the information was on the lap top.

    How cool was it to see Chloe out in the field? This could be a major turning point for her character. As the socially awkward but technically (literal sense) brilliant analyst, she has never been in a situation where her life was threatened. I loved the fake out when the thug shot at the car they were in, only to have the bullets repel because of the bullet proof glass. It helped add to the suspense to have him standing at them firing with a shotgun. Then to have him get in his car and start ramming them, all the while Jack and CTU could only tell them the password to access the weaponry. When they got it open, it was beautiful. I was jumping out of my bed.

    This episode makes up for last week's awkwardness. They're continuing to set up the pieces for the final part, but it seems as if the transitional phase is over. The last five minutes made this episode. Chloe blowing away that terrorist was one of the best things I've seen on 24 in a long time. I think my faith has been restored.
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