Season 4 Episode 4

Day 4: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • seemslike a filler

    I wish i can like this episode better. I felt this as an episode for buying more time. Killing Debbie (felt bad though the character was new) seemed to me a bit unnecessary. Chloe getting fired and arrested? Jack staging a robbery was good. Looks like they gave everyone to do something for an hour and fill the episode.
  • Could be Better!!!!

    What makes this episode be different from other average episodes?

    The crazy situations in which jack does get involved. Like this robbery for example. The writers managed to control well the situation and to gain a few good minutes.

    Navi drama reached a limit point and escalate to another level. The situation was preditable, but at least the real drama will begin.

    It seems that we will have a new drama thanks to driscoll, i think the writers have a perfect substituive for driscoll in the future.

    Thanks God chloe´s situation reached a limite since it is not the first time that jack takes action against CTU orders.
  • What else but the Jack Bauer solution?

    Kinda second-rate. To start, it gets tiring to hear Jack say, "Do so-and-so or I will kill you!" over and over again. There's also Audrey and Heller's escape attempt, which you might have found cool, but which I thought was a dumb, cheap attempt to give those two some activity for the hour. And lest I forget (though I'm still trying)…Maya Driscoll. *shudder*
    It's high sailing at the Araz residence as Dina tries to get Behrooz to kill Debbie. That's about the only pro I can recall. The stuff going on at CTU isn't all that interesting. Marianne establishes herself as a very mean lady as she blackmails Edgar, but that isn't much to talk about, probably since we barely know or care about the new characters at this point.
    Chloe eventually gets the satellite feed that Jack asked for, and Jack takes Kalil as a "hostage" to get away from the cops. Too bad that once he lets Kalil go on the road, Jack almost immediately gets pulled over. And Driscoll finds out about Chloe stealing the satellite bandwidth and has her arrested. Not that interesting.
    But despite the cons, this is a decent episode overall, and there are a few real good ones to come later. Eyes peeled.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Debbie's death.
  • Jack in robbery...

    Oh.. that was nerve wracking. The whole try to get satellite up thing what only gets worse as Jack's little robbery turns to get more and more out of his hand but he manages it and with the suspect, he gets out and the man is followed by satellite and 1 hour away from Heller.. Heller on the same time takes his own little escape what does not go well but he tried.

    Behrooz storyline takes quite expected turn but not in the way I expected it - mother was all behind it and she does it for him. Oh..

    And the end.. how to get out of that mess.
  • Review

    Another episode that barely was able to provide enough entertainment to even consider it an "Above Average" episodes. Jack holding up the store was fun for a little bit, but then it just got a little too boring and repeatitive. Chloe asking Edgar for help was interesting, but not enough to save the episode. Behrooz and The Araz family drama is also getting a little outdated. We all knew that anything will be done to protect what they are doing, so the mother trying to kill Debbie wasnt that big of a shocker. The scenes between Heller and Audrey were actually the best of the episode, a rare instance where Jack Bauer is displaced as the best of the episode. Overall, the last two episodes have really struggled to maintain my interest. Hopefully it will begin to pick up as Jack moves in for the rescue soon.
  • Good Episode of 24.

    Jack Bauer acting like a bandit it makes for a good Episode of 24.
    Cloe on a computer makes for a series classic Driscoll problems also makes for a series classic because family problems has been done this time and in the past and future of 24. The Araz mother will show how much she whants their massion to not fail SOD and dauter try to leave and are not able to do so they are caught and locked back up ing thier cell. This is one of the best hours of the season and i liked it all in all it is a good episode. The End
  • great episode

    Jack Bauer is tracking down a terrorist. He is forced to hold up a convenience store so he can keep the terrorist from slipping off CTU's satellite surveillance. Behrooz mom commits murder in order to protect the secrecy of the terrorist attack. Secretary Heller and his daughter Audrey sacrifices their lives so the terrorist can't harm the country's interests. This episode is filled with action, the sets are awesome, and the scenes were directed really well. It's a fast paced episode, Jack Bauer really rocks. The story is so awesome, the characters really did well. The bad guys really looked like they were diabolical.
  • The Jack Baur we love to watch is back with pistol and ready to shoot anybody.

    Until now the season has been kinda slow for me. I watch 24 because of the action and suspense and to see Jack take down bad dudes. Since Jack is no longer working for CTU in the begining of the season, he is not the killing mashine I tune in to watch. Well, hold the phone, in this episode, Jack is back.

    When he is forced to find a way to stall the bad guy for whatever reason, Jack decides to put on the black mask and stage an armed robbery. This just goes to show that Jack will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

    Richard is a crybaby that does not want to be associated with his dad but when trouble comes a calling he is first to envoke his fathers name.

    Driskoll is a you know what! I liked Mason's character as well as Chappelle but do not care for Driskoll. She is just not very believable.
  • 10.00-11.00 am, and Jack's still on the trail of no-good baddie type Kalil. After the previous episode and deciding to stall for time by robbing a shop, Jack's role as pretend bad guy continues on, and doesnt go as well, as i'm sure, he would've liked...

    Throughout the history of 24, we've seen Jack from all angles on both good and bad days. We've seen him stressed, fighting against the clock, angry, and heck, even against everyone in the world other than himself. Jack's multitude of different personalites continues in this episode, as once again, we get to see him as a "baddie".

    When you seen Jack deciding to rob the shop in the previous episode, you automatically knew it wasnt going to go as planned. This episode focusses largely on that notion and the consequences, and we get to see just how stupid an idea it actually was. After getting all the shop customers to play hostage, threatening to shoot them, and looking at their mobiles, it's not long before a cop visits the shop. When things go wrong, he too, is taken into the shop, and held hostage. Like most hostages, they're pretty well behaved, but it was good fun watching Kalil reluctantly do as he was told, and even better watching him try to catch Jack out physically and verbally.

    At the end of the episode Jack escapes the store, conveniently taking Kalil with him as hostage. By this time Chloe has the sattelite coordinates working, and Jack lets him go, knowing he's being tracked. Back at CTU we get to see Kalil running, and it's not long before he's stolen a car and a cell phone, hoping to rendezvous soon with Navi.

    Elsewhere, the episode unfortunately isn't as exciting. Office backstabbing and uncertainty at CTU dominates most of the episode, and time is completely wasted by giving Erin Driscoll her own storyline. Mid-episode she gets a call from her schizophrenic daughter, and tells her merely to "take your medication". The scenes involving that plot were without a doubt filler, and weren't needed at all. The same could be said about the Heller situation. After faking a heart atack, Heller makes a break for it, aquiring an assault rifle in the process. He gets to the end of one corridoor, and it's not long before both him and Audrey are captured again. Well, it made for a nice five minutes viewing, didnt it?

    Undoubtedly though, the best part(s) of this episode takes place in the Araz household, when after inviting Debbie over, Dina insists Behrooz kill her. He doesnt, and while he and Debbie try and escape, Miss Pendleton collapses to the ground. Knowing her son didnt have what it took to kill someone, Dina had poisoned her tea in advance. How sneaky, but definately fantastic viewing, along with the obligitary evil expressions of Dina.

    The ending of the episode seems a little obvious, and uninspired. It does however, prove to everyone that attempting to rob a shop is a stupid idea, as in the last few seconds of the episode, Jack has been cornered by Police cars.

    Who said TV makes you do bad things, eh?
  • Uneven, the best stuff belongs to the Araz family. Episode summary in review.

    If you can isolate 24 at its best and worst, you could find it in this episode. CTU's incompetence becomes more frustrating as they spend more time looking over each other's shoulders and yelling at the people who are actually working. However, what shines in this episode is the cold-blooded nature of Dina Araz, who would be the breakout character from this season.

    Jack blacks out the cameras and corners the other customers and the clerk on duty. He gets their wallets and cell phones, too. When Kalil refuses to cooperate, Jack assaults him and gets his gun. Jack asking whether Kalil was a cop was priceless because this role allowed him to knock him down a notch. Unfortunately, Jack can't leave since Chloe hasn't gotten the satellite coverage yet. He'll have to wait longer as Chloe is called into a meeting.

    Driscoll's head nearly explodes when she finds out about Andrew and what Jack has been doing since being cut out of the investigation. It is even interfering with her work, as she seems more concerned with Jack than the suspect now. Her desire to be above Jack overrides everything else.

    The meeting of the heads at CTU is to discover if Chloe has aligned herself with Jack. Chloe's reactions tell Driscoll that she knew about Andrew and therefore would be working with Jack. To confirm these suspicions, she has Sarah spy on her. However, Chloe is great at her job, and can tell that she's being kept tabs on, so she appeals to Edgar for help. Edgar relied on her help a lot early in his tenure and this would be returning the favor.

    Jack gets the cashier to open the safe, where he only finds one roll of cash and a few coins. What many viewers didn't notice was Jack put the cell phones and wallets in the safe. Perhaps the camera angle wasn't clear enough. Either way, Kalil is growing impatient and plans to do something. Ironically, they would consider him a hero, when he really is a part of the attack on America.

    At the hideout, Omar grows impatient and has them prepare for the trial without Kalil. Heller has come up with a clever plan. Audrey grows concerned about Heller's behavior and its effect on his heart problem. He "left" his medication in the car before the kidnapping. It's good that they set this up now so when later their escape attempt isn't too contrived.

    Ten minutes later, Heller collapses, feigning a heart attack. Audrey gets the one inept guard to come in to help him, allowing Heller to pounce on him. Whether she knew this was an act is unclear, but Heller's attempt to escape is bold and cool. He must have been in the 70s what Jack is today. They only gun down a few men before they are overpowered. Omar threatens Audrey's life to make sure Heller doesn't try that again.

    The longer Jack stays in the convenience store, the harder it is to keep other people from coming in. It is mid-morning, so pretending to be closed while several cars are parked in the lot doesn't help your argument. While they are moving to the back, Kalil tries to spray Jack. Of course, it will take more than that to take him down. Then Jack finds a policeman stopping at the store. He gets too suspicious, so Jack takes him. Now, why didn't he at any point inform the officer who he really was? Jack disarmed him, and clearly was in control of the situation. He could've pulled him aside as an ally to keep the customers cooperative.

    Here is the juiciest, most shocking part of the episode. Dina pretends to have a nice chat with Debbie about her relationship with Behrooz, while he tries to stay calm. She finds out the information regarding the hideout and informs Navi. Navi believes that Behrooz should take care of this problem since he started it. Dina instructs Behrooz to take Debbie to the basement and kill her. Behrooz tries to help Debbie escape, but Debbie collapses dead before they can leave. Believing that he couldn't kill her himself Dina poisoned the tea Debbie drank earlier. Then she coldly scolds him. Poor Behrooz, his mom's warped worldview believes that murdering his girlfriend is a favor.

    Driscoll continues her incompetence by making Sarah spy on Chloe while they should be doing everything to find where Heller is. When nothing is found, Sarah is assigned to find out who is working with Chloe to help Jack. She suspects a possible connection when she sees Edgar looking at satellite photos, but nothing damning. It still worries Edgar that he may be fired for this, but Chloe says she'll shift the blame away from him. This is probably where the Edgar/Chloe shippers started to have an argument.

    Marianne, ignored by Curtis during the briefing earlier in the hour, uses a chance conversation she overheard to gain some leverage. She confronts Edgar about what she knows and is able to extort some aid from him when she needs it. Sherry would be proud. I don't think a woman as beautiful as Aisha Tyler would need to worry about calling up my attention.

    Now here comes the obligatory personal story line that irritates everyone. Driscoll gets a call from her daughter, who has not taken her medication. Why doesn't Driscoll have her under watch? Maya can't live without help. Driscoll tries to get her to take her medication, but she doesn't and it results in Maya getting into an altercation with a neighborhood boy. Driscoll again proves to be a terrible head by diverting resources to take care of her personal problem, where she scolded people for doing likewise.

    The police arrive at the store and Jack leaves all the customers except for Kalil, taking him as his hostage. Satellite coverage is up. Jack informs Chloe that Kalil will be on foot. Kalil is obviously suspicious as he has been Jack's punching bag for the hour. Jack allows him to walk away. Driscoll finds out about the satellite and fires Chloe, although she was the only CTU agent doing anything relevant to finding Heller (and Mary Lynn had to shoot episodes for the now defunct The Sketch Show). Though Jack is proven right, it doesn't convince her to rehire Chloe.

    They manage to tap the cell phone Kalil swiped (which seems to be an incredibly stupid thing for a terrorist to do) to discover more about their plan in a minute than they had the previous hour. Jack manages to drive for around fifteen minutes before police surround and arrest him. This isn't much of a cliffhanger, but it may have not meant to be one. At least the critics of the last cliffhanger are eased to see that the robbery scenario was confined to this episode.

    Here is a slightly uneven episode. CTU and the robbery wore down as the episode progressed. Chloe's exit is sloppy considering Jack isn't penalized, even if it is for a nonsense reason. Driscoll's personal problems, an attempt to make her human, falls into another melodramatic plot line that 24 has a weakness for. However, it is the Araz story line, where we see how dark Dina truly is, that redeems this episode.