Season 4 Episode 16

Day 4: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2005 on FOX

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  • One of the best ever

    One of my alltime favorite 24 episode. Lots of action. Airforce one shot down, great scenes between edgar and chloe and tony and michelle. We also have the introduction of Gregory Itzin's character. Which became president and traitor later.
  • Relief

    This episode comes as relief after several episodes of boring agony - who would have thought that they will be going after president. And I was absolutely sure president will be saved and I could not believe when they actually managed to hit. As said in the episode they were deceived by their own technology. This episode is lot cooler than many previous episodes. Hope this seasons regains its original momentum with this episode
  • After a few mediocre episodes, this one brings 24 back to life


    This episode has been very well done. I enjoyed the scenes at Mitch Anderson's apartment with the pretend FBI Agent, they were very good. I think that it is because there is FBI it is something more believeable than the fictional CTU - which makes me think that the new FBI storyline in Season 7 will be very successful.

    Who would of thought that Air Force One would be blown up? In hindsight, I would have to say that it was rather obvious. Stealth plane, President is in the air, "president has a tight schedule" were good indicators.

    The tense drama with the realisation that AF1 is a goner was awesome, definatly the best parts of 24.

    Overall, this episode was very, very good. Only way to make it better would have been me not knowing AF1 was going to blow up. In Australia, it was advertised as a pivitol episode that US aired again, again and again - so I wanted to know what happened!
  • Impressive

    The really had it all back in track with this episode. It starts with big bang and ends with even bigger.

    Again, they managed to put so much in one episode. First trying to catch Marwan who luckily gets away and almost blows everyone else up. Then there is the apartment search thing and false FBI agent. I loved that storyline there.

    And then they finally figured out something that I got quite many episodes ago. Ok, we all got it I think.. it was just almost like said out.

    And between all the action, some drama too - what Tony finds out and Chloe and Edgard...

    Eager for next episode.
  • The Last Scene Saves this episode!!!

    In 16 episodes of 24 season 4, only 4 can be considered above the normal ou something special.

    24 format was 8 in 8 episodes we have small resolutions, with the preparation of the next threats. This episode 16 should do exactly this, however with episodes below the usual level of 24, I could not predict anything special from this episode.

    The Final Scene changed my opinion. 24 sometimes do some things that are impossible, however, sometimes this is what make an episode good or special.

    This wasn´t a great episode, but you are not going to forget what happened in the final scene.
  • Diamond in the rough

    A temporary rise in quality as the Mitch Anderson arc comes to a rousing end. The hour first follows the CTU raid on Marwan's hideout, which goes extremely well. Except that Marwan makes his second escape of the day and all the valuable information files get blown up.
    But we do get a nice action scene in the hideout, and Jack finds a thread leading to Anderson. Yes, it's essentially another new lead, but this one isn't as painfully annoying.
    It's no secret that Anderson's going after Air Force One. But the writers themselves don't seem to think the audience has gotten it by now, so there's this little attempt at humanizing President Keeler by bringing his son in. Gratuitous? Yep! Uncalled for? Indeed! An indication that Anderson will actually succeed at his mission? Quite possibly! But if you want the absolute ultimate proof that Keeler's about to go out, Vice President Charles Logan is introduced.
    Paul's out of surgery, but why discuss that? Edgar makes a mistake while silently mourning his mother, and Chloe covers for him, but who has time to care about that? Tony finds out that Michelle and Buchanan have some sort of romantic history, but…okay, mentioning that was just stupid. Let's get past all that and proceed to the end. The final act is first-rate, and without it, I'd score this episode a 6, tops. Jack's little speech to Anderson is good, and just when you think Anderson might renege on this whole thing…let's just say that the last-second shocker (if you want to call it that) is not a scene to be forgotten soon.

    Hourly Highlight:
    What, are you kidding me?
  • Review

    I'm slightly confused to why there was no silent clock used at the end of this episode. The silent clock has not been used at all throughout the duration of season 4 and now seemed to be a pretty good time to try and use it - considering the unbelievable twist that has just been presented to us. Air Force One actually being hit was one of the biggets shocks of Season 4, maybe even of the entire series. I was impresses with the writing of this episode, something I cant say that I have been able to say much the past eight hours of Season 4. The one way conversation of Jack Bauer trying to convince Anderson to reconsider what he was about to do was brillantly done. I really liked everything that Jack said and it made me feel like he really did everything he could in order to try and get Mitch Anderson to turn the plane another way. I thought Michelles apparent involvment with Bill was kind of odd, I didnt see those two having a connection in that way. I thought that Tony and Michelle might get back together, but with only seven hours left Im not seeing that as a likely possibility. The fake agent Drake was a decent filler part of the episode and the beginning raid of Marawns hideout was also very well done. Overall it was a good episode from beginning to end, one of the best episodes of Season 4 so far.
  • 24 is saved.

    The last few episodes were terrible. They didn't really move the story forward, they were awkwardly paced, and also, they were simply boring.

    This episode, finally, ends the series of the boring episodes.

    No, it's still not the usual 24, at least not the first part of the episode.

    I'm seriously getting tired of this whole 'there's a mole among us' thing. Surely, it was surprising in season One, and exciting in season Two, but now, it's just ridicilious.

    Seems like every second woman is a mole.

    The search for the hard drive was weird; bit predictable, I mean, who believed that the woman will actually get the HDD and escape and / or shoot Jack?

    The ending was brilliant though. Although it wasn't level with the nuclear bomb moment from season Two, but it was close - I never thought they'd shoot the Air Force One down...
  • great episode

    CTU closes in on Marwan's location but he escapes in the last minute. Jack finds something that may help him figure out what Marwan's been up to. Audrey spends some time with Paul, she thinks about reuniting with him when the crisis ends. President Keeler is onboard Air Force One with his son without realizing that his life is in danger. This episode contains loads of action scenes that can get your heart racing. It's a really cool fast paced episode. The writers did a good job with this episode. It's really entertaining, I had a very good time watching it.
  • The last scene saved the episode.

    During the episode, I was asking myself: How long will this go? Why isnt it over yet?
    I was telling myself; There will be a GREAT clifhanger after split screen.... just show it. I want next week. This episode is weak!

    honestly, everything in this episode was a bit weak and poorly edited.
    Cheesy scenes searching for the hard drive. Jack shooting thru the wall - mole dies. But dont forget, she shot thru the wall too(not only 1 time) and it didnt hit Jack. Ok, whatever.

    Cheesy scenes on the plane too. OMG, the guy who played Keeler\'s son seriously needs to learn to how act! That was pooooor!

    \'Dad.. i am scared. by the way, i am hungry, too.\' honestly... that was incredibly weak.

    Okay, not wasting any more characters on this review. The last 5 mins owned. Air Force One got hit - Wow.
  • A much needed episode!

    What better way to begin a review on this episode than by adressing the main twist at the end? Being native to Sweden I have completely missed any big hype around this episode and had no idea they had something like this in mind, so for me the twist was excellent and felt like the typical 24 feel. Everyone (except Jack and maybe Tony) is expandable. Of course it's ridiculous that it happens precicely at the turn of the hour, but I can buy that...

    As for the rest of the episode, are we to forget about the disc thing now? Or is Edgar going to get into trouble for not alerting them earlier? By the way it almost seems like they're pushing for a Chloe/Edgar romance. At least Chloe seems interested enough. Nice to see her do something for somebody else for once.

    The revelation that Michelle and Buchanon are lovers was kind of uninteresting. There is negative tension between Tony and Michelle already, no need to create more. I can see why Tony would be pissed though! From what I understand Michelle walked out on him when he started drinking, blaming him for their separation. But if she was seeing someone else while he was in jail she was already ready to leave before he started drinking and just pinned it on him to ease her consience. Pretty low, Michelle... I have a feeling Tony won't put up with that!

    I think it's safe to say that Audrey will leave Jack by the end of the day. But it disappoints me that the writers didn't have the guts to let her leave because she fell out of love or something like that. No, they hurt Paul so that she could have a "justifiable" reason. Ugh. Paul had the absolutely quickest surgery btw, and he woke up and became oriented very fast as well. Some medical care they've got at CTU!

    In the end this felt like a much needed episode after the last couple of hours of average. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  • As a 24 loyalist, this was a very disappointing episode.

    I was really disappointed with the way they approached this episode. I am willing to buy into many things, because this is a television show, but this episode was not well done. As has been pointed out above, there are many things wrong about the whole senario that led to the downing of Air Force One. There had to be a way to do this that didn't involve using a using a plane that doesn't have air-to-air missiles and giving it radar it wouldn't use, and making it be able to outmaneuver fighter jets, which it could never do.

    This is the first episode where I felt cheated, but not the only one this season. I enjoyed the season, but this episode and the whole EMP and commandos invading LA thing are more than I can take. Also the final episodes almost non-chalant resolution of the missile crisis left me wanting.
  • This episode's biggest weakness was the hype Fox generated for it. They needed to justify the encore showings somehow, and their hype sounded better than accomodating basketball fans. It's good, but inevitable considering the foreshadowing. Entire epis

    After a four episode slump where the writers were desperate to fill time while behind the scenes creating what would become the final arc of the season, 24 seems to be back on track. Many of the elements that hindered the post-override episodes are gone or diminished. CTU's schoolyard bickering was downplayed from last week's absurdity. Jack's story had a sense of direction and moved forward instead of plodding in one element for an hour. For the first time in weeks, I was involved in the story.

    From the opening shot, it was clear that Keeler would play a big role in this episode. After fifteen episodes, they finally address that Keeler has been in the air since before the beginning of the season. It makes me wonder how much thought they've put into what to do with the president. Last season they had difficulty with Palmer's storyline so this season they wrote in Keeler's victory, but had his function has been only to move the story along.

    Most people I've talk to can tell that Audrey will go to Paul by the end. Even though she still has feelings for Jack and he is concerned about Paul's condition, he still tortured him only five hours earlier. Audrey saw how dark Jack could get on the job, and a few hours later, Paul's heroic gesture deeply touched her. Acknowledging his sacrifice to him certainly added to the inevitable.

    Had this been the last four hours, it would've taken the full episode to get to the raid of Marwan's hideout. Luckily, they were smart and moved the pace to get to the action sooner. The shoot out, while fun to watch, was routine aside from the opening and Jack surprising the dumbfounded guy while he was reloading. Blowing up all the hard drives was a good way to end it, but it makes me wonder why Marwan didn't set the explosives so that nothing could be found afterwards. Marwan seems only concerned about himself as he left the compound without informing anyone of the discovery of the wiring.

    Personal politics still abound in CTU, but they kept a far lower profile than prior weeks. Chloe and Edgar have to get together at some point. They bickered pointlessly about trivial matters last week. However, since Chloe was reminded of the suicide of Edgar's mom, she took the blame for Edgar's mistake. When Edgar confronted her about it, she dismissed him in her normal fashion. This weird office relationship is destined for romance.

    On that note, it was disappointing to find out Michelle rebounded with Buchanan while Tony was in prison. Tony was facing treason charges and the death penalty for her and she goes to another man. It makes her appear shallow. However, most fans still hope they'll rekindle their relationship by the end of the season. It could happen.

    Nicole pretending to be an agent was a great touch, even though it was clear that Jack was suspicious when they met. She wasn't convincing telling Jack that the ransacked apartment was done as an FBI procedure. However, he still went along. One thing that bothered me was why Jack didn't inform Agent Hart of his suspicions. Jack could've saved his life had he known to be careful when around her. But then again, we got another "stabbed in the brainstem" kill. Nevertheless, there was a great sense of suspense knowing that they're working with the enemy in a different dynamic from the "mole" storyline.

    Now we see another layer to this conspiracy as Marwan contacts someone upon escaping from the CTU perimeter. How they are connected isn't clear, but I'm guessing Marwan is the subordinate because he gave the person on the line an update. However, the person was ready to deploy, so it could be another one of Marwan's soldiers. I'm sure we'll learn more as the season progresses.

    This episode's biggest weakness was how Fox publicized the "twist that would change everything". Granted, 24 doesn't have much choice regarding what is used in promo material. They must've thought 24 fans wouldn't know about the intended target until they revealed it. Since Marwan told Anderson three hours before that the president had a tight schedule and they couldn't be late, it was clear the president was somehow involved in the threat. 24 is one of the most analyzed (sometimes overanalyzed) shows on TV right now. The fans didn't forget that line, especially since it was placed at the end of Day 4: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

    Even without the hype, it felt clear Keeler was doomed. When he appeared in season three, the writers probably didn't think they would let him win and his character since then hasn't been utilized beyond executive orders. In this episode, they did more character development for Keeler than in all of his prior episodes combined. I did like the addition of his son. He made Keeler more human as they were facing how to tell America about the threat and later with imminent death. You could draw a parallel between Kevin Keeler and Richard Heller. Both are sons of powerful men, but Kevin stayed with his father while Richard rebelled.

    What really signaled the end was the introduction of Charles Logan, the Vice President. Why else would they throw in the vice president unless he would become president? It's similar to when Prescott was introduced in season two. In the end, the impact of the attack isn't as strong as it should be because of the last minute characterization. Had Palmer been on the plane, it would've been devastating even if he were a background character this season. Keeler's last minute characterization was good, but not enough for a truly devastating loss.

    We learned about Anderson's history as Jack tried to talk him out of firing at Air Force One. Unfortunately, 24's format doesn't allow flashbacks to Anderson's military days, so we have to rely on his background file which has to be brief to keep the action going. However, characterization comes out during Jack's monologue to him. This is an intense scene as Jack uses his psychological knowledge to try to reason with him, even though it doesn't work. Anderson doesn't say a word, but his face expresses so much. Perhaps then he realized what the possible consequences were for what he was about to do, but had to proceed because of the dangerous men with whom he was allied or he may actually believe in Marwan's cause. While the terrorists are Middle Eastern, they've kept religion low key. This could be because of pressure from interest groups or it could mean that there is something else behind their acts.

    The terrorists this season have had the highest success rate ever. While last season the virus was unleashed and hundreds died, it was contained before a major outbreak occurred. So far, the terrorists managed to derail the train, take control of the override, kidnap one of the world's most powerful men, meltdown a nuclear power plant killing a large number of people and now they've likely killed the president, his son plus a considerable section of his cabinet and advisors. Killing Heller was the only major thing they didn't accomplish, and they could brush that off since Heller's trial was part of the meltdown plot.

    Having so many victories adds to the dramatic impact of the show. 24's never been a show to play it safe and often its risks are rewarding. Most of season three's best episodes detailed the aftermath in the Hotel of Doom. Seeing people dying agonizing deaths with no cure is devastating, but it worked well on 24. Many of the episodes following the nuclear bomb detonation are among the most underrated. Now we'll see a country dealing with a presidential assassination or at least an attack for now. I wasn't born when Kennedy was killed, but I know how much it affected the country since it was compared to 9/11 in terms of how it affected the country.

    There were several 9/11-esque moments in this episode. Jack discovering the files of the F117, the detailed blueprints and interior shots, on the terrorists back up drive was scary, but Chloe's line about how the technology for the stealth fighter is working against them hit the mark. What helps separate 24 from a lot of what's on TV is their daring to show our worst post-9/11 nightmares and not revolt the audience. Who else would shoot down even the fictional Air Force One during wartime?

    The president could've survived the initial attack and that the end purpose wasn't to kill the president, but to bring down the plane. Chloe mentioned that the plane suffered an indirect hit. Also following the cliché rule, since Keeler didn't tell his son he loved him, they'll live. For now.

    It's great to see 24 recovered from the mid-season rut, which now feels like a normal phase for a season. Thankfully, they toned down the insignificant fights at CTU and focused more on accelerating the pace of the show, which was lagging. As the final third of the season begins, they've established something intriguing and horrifying but still mysterious. I hope that as they reveal the next part of the plan they don't wait too long to reveal or else most fans will have figured it out beforehand. I can't wait to see what Marwan has planned next.