Season 4 Episode 5

Day 4: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • awsome episode

    Great acting, great action. Jack is as good as ever.
  • interesting

    Did not expect that Erin would support jack setting her ego aside. It is sad though to see Chloe leaving. My favorite scene is when the police finds the terrorist's stolen vehicle and backing off - and the terrorist observing this and blowing himself. We get to know that there is an American assisting this whole thing. The time is getting nearer and Jack has no idea as to where Heller and his daughter are there.
  • Death in the fast lane


    The whole hour is preparation for Jack's arrival at the terrorist compound and subsequent rescue of Heller and Audrey. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its moments.
    The Heller subplot itself is somewhat juiced up. Not by the gassing-self-to-death thing; I wasn't impressed by that, since it was predictable that they would survive. But Audrey recognizing the white guy with the terrorists—that's what makes things a little more interesting. As does the arrival of Heller's execution time and the beginning of the Internet broadcast. CTU finds the location of Omar's compound, but further raising the stakes are Keeler's order for a preliminary attack to kill Heller.
    The other two big storylines are: Jack following Kalil to Heller, and Debbie's mother Karen looking for her at the Araz house. The latter is, as you might expect, funny as hell.
    The boring stuff: Driscoll decides to fire Chloe instead of sending her to prison, and Marianne continues to bug Edgar.
    I found it rather cheap that Kalil goes through the trouble of killing himself, yet Jack is able to find the compound rather easily. Oh well, who am I to gripe? If it leads to an awesome rescue sequence in the next episode, then lay it on me!

    Hourly Highlight:
    Kalil's suicide. Though I'm kinda disappointed with the absence of a big explos—Yay!

  • Another Setup

    Chloe was dismissed and now she is out of this season for the time being. It is a pity, since she is the only character who brings some emotion, and she was funny.

    Finally, the pursuit finished in this episode, it is difficult to believe that this all pursuit was almost in vain, in fact, the writers managed to gain a lot time with this. Now that Jack is free, its time to save Audrey and Heller.

    Marianne, Driscoll and Navi scenes are there just to buy some time the writers needed, to finish the episode, when Jack is about to save is love.
  • The execution draws closer

    So.. it is only hour from time when terrorist start with their "justice" and Jack is following the suspect who gets into trouble and then they get into trouble as the police gets involved and it all gets solved in very noticeable way. And the bad guy was not a fool and he did what he thought was right - very epic music and those frames.. very powerful.

    So, CTU is left without nothing until they figure it out other way but Jack does not like what is going on as president orders missile attack.. But did you forgot, Audrey is still there and Jack is not giving up his new life.

    Anyway.. it ends in really promising moment.
  • Review

    The third episode in a row that I consider to be filler by the writers of 24. Once again another hour was wasted with jack in transit, trying to follow the man before he gets to his destination. Theres no way this guy was this far out of the launch site on the day that all of this plans to go down. The writers try and keep to the timeline as best as possible, but having the guy try to get from point A to point B and having it take over three and a half hours is pushing the limits, even with the hold up at the store. CTU drama didnt amount to much in this episode - with Driscoll having a scene with her daughter and Chloe being let go from CTU. I actually really liked Chloe on the show and it was a same to se her go. She gave a very serious show a little bit of comedy and I think it was a mistake to write her off in the way that they did. The Araz family storyline was also weak, with Behrooz continually showing pain for Debbies death. The scene with Debbies mother was actually really well done, but other then that nothing but a filler. With Jack ready to go in and save Heller and Audrey, things might finnaly pick up with the next episode.
  • great episode

    Jack Bauer gets a lead on the whereabouts of Heller and Audrey. The Araz family faces a problem with their involvement with the terrorist attack. This is a really fast paced episode, Jack Bauer is just awesome. This is well directed episode, the acting is just awesome. They did a really good job making this episode. The production design is top notched, this is how TV productions should be. It's really awesome, they did a good job with the camera angles, it's really fast paced. It's very exciting to watch, the pacing is so well done that each minute seen on screen is very precious.
  • A bit frustrating that this episode is a filler, but it's OK. Episode summary in review.

    After their impressive two-night premiere, it's time to return to earth. It may be interesting to see viewpoints of those who watched the episodes one at a time instead of a block to see how this episode rates. As it occurred, this episode drags, but provides promise for later episodes.

    With a concrete lead, CTU follows Kalil through their satellite photos. Police inform Driscoll that Jack is in custody. Tail firmly between her legs, she's in a place where she can't give Jack a hard time since he's the only one with a clue. Jack is given control of the ground pursuit of Kalil and the APB for the stolen vehicle has been suspended, meaning that it was promptly placed amid a pile of busy work.

    For millennia, suicide has been a popular option among those captured or about to be executed to prevent embarrassment. Heller is making such a plan at the hideout, since only an hour is left before the trial begins and hope of rescue is dimming. He wants Audrey to strangle him, which obviously upsets her. It's hard to believe being in a situation where a daughter would have to murder her father, but on 24, and unfortunately in real life, such situations exist.

    Audrey can't do it for the obvious reason the fact that if he dies, she'll die too. They would never let her walk away. She's only alive now as leverage. Both will have to commit suicide, so Audrey knocks a nearby gas pipe. One thing that got me was that Audrey was still wearing heels. Why didn't the terrorists swipe them when they got there? Those stilettos could've inflicted serious damage if they were used properly.

    Marianne calls in her favor to Edgar, asking that she bump up her security clearance. This is where we start to see more of Edgar's character. When she threatens to name him during a call to Driscoll, he complies, but he firmly tells Marianne that this is it. She doesn't mind this since she's only concerned about her career. Curtis observes this and tells her to stop, though she won't.

    Chloe's progress tracking Kalil doesn't result in rehiring, but instead she decides to cut her a deal. She'll be allowed to resign quietly and avoid jail time. This is a serious blow to Jack. Real life obligations aside, Driscoll needs to swallow her pride. They are in crisis mode and Chloe is the best of her field. She's escorted out of the building, but Edgar talks to her first. In the closest she'll get to an "aw" moment, she calls him a geek, but a nice guy.

    Dina and Behrooz take care of Debbie's body. To protect her son, she shoots the corpse to make it look like Behrooz obeyed his father's wish. She tries to justify this to Behrooz, but he is in mourning Debbie and the unfortunate circumstances that led here. Things become more complicated when Debbie's mom calls looking for her.

    Jack's pursuit is too smoothly, so an impatient Kalil honks the horn. For someone who would want to be low profile, he seems to want to draw attention to himself. However, this guy hijacked a bright yellow truck. There's almost some road rage as the xenophobic drivers get out of their car and confront him. The first time I saw this, I was expecting a major body count, or possibly Kalil beaten, but it the cops intervene. That APB bites Jack, as it didn't get to the officers. The officer in the car cautiously approaches the vehicle, but stops once they find out. It is too late. They should've attempted to capture him there.

    Kalil figures that he is being followed since the officers let him go with a stolen vehicle after one approached him slowly. To avoid leading them to the hideout, he kills himself by running his car into a truck, creating a cool explosion. Jack is without leads and the trial will start within twenty minutes. The best they can get is a scan around potential areas based on some hints they noticed the phone conversations.

    Maya's story line this week is thankfully brief, but still distracts from the main threat. Compared to the secretary of defense's life, it seems insignificant. I know that sounds really insensitive, but I think had they played it differently, or had this been on a show that didn't require a need of urgency, it may not have as annoying. If there was a personal story follow up, I would've rather it been about Richard.

    Despite Kalil's death, the broadcast will go as planned. We see another layer of this organization, as a white guy is inspecting the ever mysterious briefcase for Omar. Although it was in a train crash, the contents are in tact. Omar suddenly smells gas and his thugs frantically break in the room to revive Heller and Audrey. Here comes an interesting development: Audrey recognizes the white guy. That comes into play later in the afternoon, as the next phase of the plan becomes clear.

    Those who have protested the show have a positive example of a Middle Eastern character with Behrooz, who has made a huge advancement this week in his story line. No matter how much they try to justify it, he is disgusted that they would murder an innocent girl. It's a turning point. When Debbie's mother comes by looking for her dead daughter, Behrooz lies and saves her life. Had she stepped a foot inside, Navi and Dina would've surely killed her.

    Edgar is able to find a location for the hideout. To amplify the pressure further, Keeler learns this information and decides to deploy a missile to the location to stop the trial from happening. It can hit them in 10 minutes. Jack then finds out that only Heller is the priority in this rescue mission. Minutes later, as the broadcast begins, Jack learns about the strike, but that doesn't stop him. Where would the fun be there?

    It's unfortunate that five episodes in we get a filler episode where little happens. Audrey and Heller try to die, but fail. Jack follows the guy and makes it to the hideout as CTU watches. Behrooz takes care of Debbie's body. Perhaps behind the scenes delays caused them to push back events in future episode. However, many filler episodes and arcs do lead to something worthwhile.