Season 4 Episode 17

Day 4: 11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2005 on FOX

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  • What an amaizing episode

    Rescue Jack, Air force one crashed, lots ofchloe and Tony and Audrey, new bad president etc. One of my favorite episodes of 24 of all time.
  • Exciting

    This episode is equally entertaining. We do not know initially what they were up to and what was the intention behind targeting AF1. Now that we knew that they wanted so called football to get the nuclear codes. Quite a plan. Villain's action is at best. He maintained his cool head and his head never stops thinking. He was quick enough to realize that someone found the football as soon as the transponder stops responding.
  • tense as hell

    This episode is sheer brillance, I don't know why it was given such a low score overall. Every bit was full of action and a great storyline. Even though it may be slightly filler, the storyline with the couple and the nuclear football was just excellent all thoughout the ep. It is one of the only times that you really care and root for the two guest characters who do not make any ridiculous decisions like other guest characters have done though the shows seasons. You just didn't want the couple to be hurt or killed, it was so great, the whole ep was outstanding and is a highlight of the whole season. An episode has not been this good in this season since episode 10.
  • A New President and The Football!!!!

    After a impressive episode like the previous one, it was probable that this episode would manage to maintain the audience interested in what would be going to happen.

    The president situation seems serious, thanks to CTU preoccupations , but the problem increases when we know exactly what the terrorists want, a very important briefcase, with the codes of nuclear arsenals.

    Even not knowing the couple, their situation is a least a little interesting, it allows Jack to have an opportunity to prevent this and of course, fails.

    However Jack situation it is filler, since the terrorists will get something, this part loses his value. The most attentive ones, will notice that the writers filled out the episode with this.

    Bill and Edgar are the only new characters introduced in this season of 24 that I appreciate, and Bill shows exactly why in this episode.

    The most comic situation is the new insecure president, that is afraid of assuming the presidency, he probably fears for his life, this must be interesting, since it seems that we have a great new character.

    Overral a good episode, but if this episode deserved a 9 pontuation, then the finals episodes and some previous episodes should get a 10+.
  • Exciting

    Oh.. I felt myself pushing fast froward button turning this episode on my control a many times. And not because it was boring - oo no. It was just in some part too exciting that I could not stand waiting much longer. I loved the storyline that some totally random people got something very important and now they have to protect it but in the end, they are just ordinary people and they have totally different way of thinking that Jack does and I really loved that down-to-earth feeling on those two in contrast with Jack who seems to be pretty good on those "longest days of his life" days.
  • Annoying aftermath

    Marwan's big terror plot against the US just doesn't ease up as it turns out that the real reason for shooting down Air Force One was to retrieve the Nuclear Football and steal a warhead. Mitch Anderson's fate is left up in the air…though the stealth fighter has been downed. Something about a "cover" in the last episode, now?
    Anyway, THIS episode features Jack's race to the Mojave Desert to stop Marwan from reaching the Football. So it's another self-contained storyline for Jack to trudge through, and it's all for naught since Marwan escapes with the nuclear codes anyway. I haven't minded plot progressions like this in the show's past, but those examples showed some subtlety. Here? Absolutely no progress. This hour could have been completely skipped and none would be the wiser.
    That includes Logan's arrangements to step into office with the help of the returning Mike Novick. Yes, Novick is back and working for the other side. We all need work, right?
    There's some serious disjointedness this episode. The writer must have thought, "I know! Let's have Jack shoot at a bunch of bad guys in an abandoned power plant in the middle of nowhere! That'll get the viewers' blood pumping and distract them from the season's increasing absurdity." If it got your blood pumping, good for you. But I can't find much to cheer about here.

    Hourly Highlight:
    "Hey." BANG!
  • Review

    Couple of things to go over here. I thought the writing picked up a bit in this episode as I felt the episode had no weak parts. Since everyones focus was on Jack and the football there was not really a filler storyline throughout the entire episode. I thought that the actors that played Jason and his wife did a fantastic job as one hit wonders. They really did what I think everyone would have done in there situation. They called the cops when they realized they had stumbled onto Air Force One and then they paniced and acting scared while in persuit. I like how the writers didnt make them do anything that everyone else wouldnt do. The action scenes with Bauer took this episode away, between him tricking on of the guards to get past him and saving the couple at the end. The trick by Marwan to get what he needed from the football and then leave was genius. Im still unsure why Jack would make the helicopter stay with him considering that all of the hostiles were down. He wasted about a minute when they could have been going after the second jump, which I would assume was able to escape into the night. President Logan seems very nervous and not very presidential like. At a time like this he needs to be strong and he is everything but. I like Georgory Itzins acting in this role and I think he is the perfect man to play this jon. It will be interesting to see how it turns out in the next few episodes.
  • Air Force One

    This has to be the best Episode of the season. Never in the history of television have they done something like this shooting down Airforce one well atleast not that I know about. That just blew my mind The intensity in the opening minutes was off the wall. And putting those campers in the middle of the action was interresting. Here's a normal guy and all he wants to do is spend sometime with his wife and he ends up finding the code's that can luanch nuclear attack's and being chased by Marwan the world's worst terroist. Talk about having a crazy night. This episode once gain proves why 24 is the best show on television.
  • great episode

    CTU raids Marwan's hideout, but he manages to slip through their fingers. Luckily, Jack locates a lead that may help him identify Marwan's next target. This episode shows some surprises, it's really fast paced, it's a really cool episode. The drama is so cool, this is a really cool episode that shows a really cool plotline. The writers did a good job with the story's progression. When things slow down, it doesn't feel like it's slow because the tension are raised during those slow moving scenes. I had a good time with this episode, it's really awesome. I had a good time.
  • After last episode's disappointment, this episode came, aired, and... owned!

    The football. You heard of it? No, not the game. Although, you need a playbook to play this, too.
    Still dont know what am I talking about? Watch this episode!

    You'll find it out.

    GENIOUS. What a FILLER episode, but still, it was EXCITING, Nerve wracking, and amazing at the SAME TIME!

    Jack didn't do much in this episode.

    2 strangers did.

    A man and a woman. Ordinary people. They were camping near the place where AirForceOne crashed. Altho the explainatio nwas a bit cheesy(have a baby.. hmmm mmhh...:D) but it was great.

    Marwan and his men are on the way to the football.. Jack is too far...... Yes! Action is on.

    This episode had incredibly strong _unpredictable_ plot. If Jack carried the football, it would've been predictable. I mean, Jack doesnt die. Jack doesnt break. These people DO!

    all I can say: WOW! Nice one, writers! More episode like this, Please!

  • Certainly raised my pulse!

    A very exciting episode. This installment definitely got my pulse up. There were weak moments, sure, but the pacing and the editing was brilliant and the feeling of being chased is always effective.

    I can't believe that couple didn't hear the debris from Air Force Once crashing down though. You'd think there'd be a large thud. I have to say it felt cheap that the president survived when most others didn't. Cliché even. I had thought they would be brave enough to kill the president but I guess I was wrong.

    The whole storyline with the football was decent but not great. I loved the chase part of it, but the football itself seemed less interesting. I hope it's not going to be a dragging storyline since they didn't find all parts of it.

    Audrey Raines made herself useful for once. Most of all she reminds me of Kate Warner, which is not really a compliment. I know she thinks Jack was brutal with Paul and that Paul was very brave to risk his life for Jack, but Jack has risked his life several times during the day and she doesn't seem to be impressed by that. I like her when she's helping out at CTU but her other storyline is tiresome.

    Mike Novic returned. I wasn't really pleased to see him. The 25th amendment seems to be his favorite thing in the world, he's certainly got a thing for replacing the president. But this time around it seems like Jack trusts him and that he's involved somehow. Interesting.

    Overall a good episode!

  • Two bad episodes in a row for a great show.

    The whole notion that the football contains the actual launch codes to arm a nuclear warhead is ridiculous. It gives the President the codes he needs to start the process, but the actual codes that arm warheads are not contained in that box. The minute the plane was hit all the codes would have been changed and the football would have been worthless, other than with regard to the location of the weapons.

    Maybe I have just been blinded in the past by my love of this show, but it seems like the last two episodes have been completely unrealistic.

    Bring back the 24 that I love!
  • Marwan's escape was not something that could have happened.

    I just want to comment on the escape of Marwan. How is this possible: Jack goes to the plant, takes ten minutes to enter the plant (he has to get past a terrorist), walk to the two campers and gets out. In the meanwhile NOBODY else is at the plant where the most wanted terrorist of the US is? No choppers, airplanes? And even after Marwan gets away in his jeep, why doesn't the chopper follow him? And why didn't they follow him using satellite?

    This episode really bothered me, because this was so unbelievable, especially after Marwan escaping so often already.

    I really wish that someone try to explain me, HOW CAN A MAN [President of US] SURVIVE A MISSEL HIT and a PLANE CRASH and STILL ALIVE! This episode made me lose everything that i belived in 24 ... All the reallity gone to nowhere just to show that the US president is strong... comon, i cant belive on it, sometimes is better show the bas side then create a entire fraud and lie to justify something...

    This is a separated episode, but the damage in 24 reputation and everything that i liked on the serie was damage in this episode.
  • Probably one of the best things going for this episode was that it didn't have to live up to the expectations the last episode did. It's a good self-contained crisis that sets up the next arc. Beware, entire episode summary encapsulated in review.

    Following last week's episode was an easy task because they didn't need to live up to the hype Fox generated for 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM. It would have to answer why they would target the president, but it didn't have to deliver on a promise of a mind blowing twist. It looks like they are finishing preparations on what will be the season's final act.

    Hearing the transmissions from Air Force One made me think that while it was powerful in itself, it would've provoked a more potent reaction had Palmer been on the plane. Even the resulting search for the president (poor Kevin) would've been agonizing if we were awaiting Palmer's fate. I hope that Buchanan's throwaway line that Anderson was killed isn't the end of the pilot, since it would be very anticlimactic.

    By replacing Keeler with Logan, they've reset the role of president as the season prepares for its climax. Keeler was at best a background character who kept the plot moving when necessary. They must have big plans for the president since they have gotten a new guy to fill that role as opposed to throwing Keeler to the center suddenly. Also having the president switched in the middle of a crisis adds to the stakes involved. They should utilize this opportunity to develop Logan's character.

    In a rather unceremonious return, Mike Novick comes back after being gone since the season two finale. This reentry should've been better prepared. He hasn't been on 24 for so long that having a casual return hurts the dramatic impact. Only Mandy has been away from 24 for longer, and most fans remember seeing her pop up to give Palmer a handshake, as anticlimactic as the aftermath was. Granted Novick doesn't have the cult following of Mandy, but even not showing his face as he walked into Logan's office and playing a dramatic sound when they did would've worked effectively.

    Another problem with his comeback is the logistics involved. When we last saw him, Palmer had fired him for conspiring with the vice president to throw him out of office. Now he is in a new administration and it seems as if nothing has happened. Sherry also has been dead since before Keeler's election, so he didn't have that card to help him. He does have an ally with Walt, the suspicious aide we saw at the end of the episode. Maybe Keeler really hated Palmer and wanted Mike on his team. I hope that they clear this up in the next episode. This does help if or when Palmer returns to the show.

    Novick never learned the consequences of his deceptive actions from the second season and Logan must not know about them either. Assembling the cabinet without Logan's knowledge isn't much different from what he did in season two. While he paid dearly, losing his position and Palmer's trust, he never faced the penalty for Lynne's fall. They need to address this, even if it is the only reason they brought him back for.

    My first impression of Jason and Kelly, the couple camping out who find the football among the wreckage, wasn't good. Considering 24's history with stories involving civilian lives, notably Maya's arc this year, this had some weight. The sound of Anderson's missile striking Air Force One would've been unmistakable. Even the crashing debris must've made a loud noise. They wouldn' have second guessed that something big happened. Second, these people on 24 tend to have a lifespan of about 2-3 minutes. However, this became the best portrayal of ordinary people caught in a terrorist situation since Andrew Paige at the beginning of the season. Both actors and much of their dialogue were believable. Jason reading about, but not knowing the Football's name and his casual language talking to Jack ("You know those terrorists...they're here"), made me sympathize with him.

    Paul needing follow up surgery starts another look into Jack and Audrey's psychologies. Audrey has been thinking a lot about her relationships with Paul and Jack and what men they are. Jack knows well that to do his job, he needs to remain detached while he's doing it, which is something Audrey can't do. Not to say Jack doesn't care. Hours before Paul took a bullet intended for Jack. Jack will be grateful for that for the rest of his life, but he has to think about the job now.

    Their relationship draws parallel to the camping couple. Kelly can't think Jack's way when her husband is cornered by Marwan and his thugs. I can't blame her. She's not trained to handle a situation like that, few people are. Though she is handling a major piece of the terrorists plans with her, seeing her husband be shot and to have them put pressure on the wounds is too much to ask for. Thankfully, Jason kept quiet figuratively about the location of the Football. Both acted out of love for the other. Jack showed his compassion by not giving them a hard time for doing so. Her scream did help lead him to them.

    The personal drama has been toned down to the point where it is hardly noticeable. Two weeks ago, it reached excruciatingly annoying heights with Chloe and Edgar's pointless bickering. Jason and Kelly weren't overblown and it worked as a personal story of average people in impossible situations in addition to contrast between Jack and Audrey. CTU was brief in personal drama when Buchanan told Tony Michelle still had feelings for him. Many fans have been disappointed with whom Michelle and Tony rebounded. I hope that the writers and the lovebirds can make amends.

    One of the more frustrating things was Jack being caught in a shoot out with a gunman for ten minutes of the episode. This is more realistic than prior Jack gun fights, but for dramatic purposes, it's best to keep these brief and exciting. I liked how Jack cleverly threw some of his bullets into a coffee can and started a slow burning fire to make it sound like he was firing back, giving him time to sneak up on him. His line "Hey" before killing him almost feels like Jack wants to branch out into one-liners.

    The set of the unmanned plant was great. I loved the coarse yellows featured throughout, and since it looked uniform throughout, aside from a few corridors, the main set could've doubled for various other places in the plant. It really felt like it was the middle of the night in a scary, empty power station. You couldn't account for where any of them were, which added to the suspense. Some could argue that Jason and Kelly could've rerouted their path to be near the station in case they were already tracked (which we knew they were), but they are not professionals, and it did lead to an ominous locale.

    Marwan's becoming the Road Runner of 24. He has escaped from CTU's clutches 3 times in 5 hours that I count. Since he has part of the Football, he should find a stationary hideout of doom to conduct the next phase, because constantly getting close to Jack, but narrowly escaping is getting old. Of the villains of 24, he has some of the most wasted potential. Maybe that will change since he is no longer constantly running around grabbing the tools he needs to complete his operation (at least for now).

    With some of the nuclear playbook in Marwan's possession, they now have set us up for the final arc of the season. This should end some of the sillier elements we saw in the episodes following the end of the override plot. The lack of mystery about what the terrorists wanted helped after last week's mystery most of the viewers knew about hours earlier. Only seven hours are left. While this episode may have been only a point A to B exercise, it seems to approaching the level it was in the beginning of the season.