Season 4 Episode 6

Day 4: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2005 on FOX

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  • Boring

    Same rehashed story lines every season.
  • Awsome episode

    Evetything is perfect in this one, one of the best tv episodes ever. Period.
  • About this episode

    It had great sound editing and stunt coordination.
  • one man show

    hmm yet again Jack managed to do everything on his own - taking down the mission almost singlehandedly. Heller and his daughter are rescued - no surprises there. Yet another mole revealed - no surprises there too. Some kind of emotional drama might start now that Andrey's husband's here. Behrooz scenes seem to gather good momentum and it might turn interesting from now.
  • The "24" equivalent of sex and post-coital cuddling (I imagine)


    Actually, I won't go quite that far in scoring this episode (heh, "scoring"). The first ten minutes ARE good, but the rest of the episode isn't up to snuff.
    First up, there are the post-rescue plots where:
    1) Heller finds out about Jack and Audrey's relationship, and
    2) Audrey's separated husband Paul Raines is introduced.
    I don't feel hot about the Heller thing, and Paul's goofy English accent makes me laugh.
    Second up, there's the twist regarding Marianne. The character was made out to be a b*tch from her introduction, so did the writers think they would get a good shock out of this? Whether they did or didn't, the scene's execution is horrible. Walk out of plain view, dial phone, and say "they found out about the Override" with shock music. Extremely cheesy.
    And about the Override (third up), we find out what was in that briefcase: a device that the terrorists can use to cause a mass nuclear meltdown across the country. Gah! Not a meltdown! This is horrible! What can we do?! What can we— …hey, it says "MF" on the briefcase. Heehee!
    Fourth up, the Araz subplot is still going strong. Navi hires henchman Tariq to help Behrooz dump Debbie's corpse…only Tariq has the added assignment of dumping Behrooz's corpse as well. Unfortunately for Navi, this doesn't go according to plan, and the dynamic of the Araz Family storyline undergoes a pretty drastic change.
    Fifth up, we get to hear the name of the next Bigbad to come along: Marwan. Sounds intimidating enough.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Behrooz shovel-whacking the **** out of Tariq.

  • Awesome

    Jack Bauer finds the secret hide out of the terrorist and moves in on his own. Jack needs to do the rescue fast enough as an incoming airstrike is underway. Andrew is again interrogated inside CTU. Curtis finds evidence that there is a much bigger terrorist attack. The Araz family are torn apart by their involvement with the terrorists as their own personal grievances come between them. Things are shown in this episode, it's a very fast paced episode. The action is just amazing, we see stuff happening here. It's a really entertaining episode. It's really well directed, it's awesome.
  • Review

    The first portions of the episode remind me how great this show can be with the proper writing and a good actor such as Keifer playing the role of Jack Bauer. Jack going in there to rescue Heller was a great scene. Even though the odds were far against him, the way the writers made it all go down made it seem so real. Little things like Heller asking Jack for another clip, instead of just aimlessly firing until help got there. Its little things like that that make the show something special. I thought the scenes between Jack and Audrey were both very well done. I dont think they could have picked a better woman for him, the two have a great on screen connection. Paul being in Los Angeles is just going to add drama. Im sure at some point this year he will play a bigger role, maybe getting closer to Audrey while Jack is out in the field. Mari-Ann being a mole could be seen from a million miles away, but it was still cool to see it happen now as opposed to later. I like knowing that she is a mole, so we can see how her actions change now that she knows that CTU knows about the real plan at hand. The middle part of the episode dragged a little big, but it was still the best episode of the season so far.
  • One of the best sequence

    I really love the sequence at the start of this episode - the saving Heller, all the action inside the warehouse and outside, the last act of that terrorist trying to use Audrey has a shield and then Heller seeing Jack and Audrey.. all the action around.. it was powerful and beautiful scene.

    The rest of the episode is very exciting too - they figure out why the train crash was ever part of it and why they took Heller - it all is a big plan and Berhooz finds out that his father wants him killed.. and Marianne's storyline takes even more exciting turn in the lasts seconds.
  • Finale the First Pay Off of this Season!!!

    It´s episode like this that 24 needs.

    A very good episode with action (very well done all the scenes) that finally brings some resolution and prepares new threats and dramas.

    Paul's appearance in this episode is done only to cause more drama between Jack and Audrey. He can be very annoying.

    BEroz has an interesting moment when he discovers that his father give orders to kill him. This is going to be interesting, because it seems that his mother will be in his side, against her husband.

    It seems that the writers brought some peace between Jaack and Driscoll this time. It seems that this new threat is the biggest threat presented in 24, and the only hint they have right now, of course, it is with Audrey, since she will participate in all the episodes possibles.

    Finally it is shown that marianne is a mole.

    Overall, a strong episode, with resolutions, some good scenes and revelations that makes this episode be above others.
  • A Season Classic with Jack taking out terrorists left, right and centre to rescue his boss and his girlfriend

    2nd favourite of Season 4 only to beaten by the season finale.
    (spoilers ahead)
    Jack saves Heller and Audery before the mission strike. Then the big twist was the kidnapping had been the a cover for a even larger attack on America. However the ending revealed a mole and then a moving dedication to a fallen US marine and his sacfrice to save others.

    A truly moving and classic moment in the history of 24.
  • Excellent episode - conflict, resolution, more conflict - it's going to be a hell of a day, Jack...

    I love Jack Bauer - he is just so amazing... lol... The slide down the hill on his way into the complex was just too cool - very well orchestrated by the stunt coordinator.

    Considering that five episodes have been spent setting up the public execution of Heller it is amazing that the rescue can be effected in less than ten minutes and one does not feel ripped off by the abrupt resolution. May I also say, "Go Audrey!!!" lol... I had feared that she was going to be a total wuss, but was very impressed that she didn't actually fold and turn into a whimpering mouse but instead helped in her own rescue.

    Erin Driscoll is still irritating me in a very large way - I think it's the actress herself who bothers me, I don't like her lack of expression, facial or vocal. As a character, she is obsessed with her position of authority, and seems to react to the events of the day far too slowly to actually be an effective team leader. The one decision she has made so far that I can applaud is the one to reinstate Jack as head of field ops due to the death of Ronnie. The bit about establishing who is in charge was a bit much, though - albeit typical for the character.

    William Devane is often a very over-the-top actor (or maybe that's just the roles he's played), but as Secretary Heller he is excellent. The part where he takes a strip off Driscoll for the treatment of Richard is great. The reunion and subsequent confrontation between Heller and his son is very well done, and the betrayal that Richard feels I hope is the precursor to something down the line.

    Behrooz is in a very difficult position - the killing of Debbie, then the misdirection of her mother - now he's being set up to be killed himself, by his own father. He doesn't know that, but he senses that Tariq is not just someone to help him bury Debbie's body. Apparently he can commit murder when the occasion warrants it - although arguably it was pre-emptive self defence... The question becomes, now what does he do?

    We find out in the last five minutes what was in the briefcase - an override to take control of a nuclear power plant and prevent a nuclear disaster. In the hands of the terrorists, of course, it becomes a weapon to *cause* said meltdown, and now Jack has to find it.

    One last thing - who exactly is Marianne reporting to, anyway?
  • Jack single-handedly takes out the terrorists and saves the Hellers, all in 10 minutes before an air strike.

    This was the best episode of the season. It started out with heart-racing action. Knowing Jack only has 10 minutes to save Heller before the air strikes made the episode so fast paced and kick ass.

    This episode showcased the series best asset: Jack Bauer. Episodes like this are exactly what the character of Jack is designed for. He throws caution to the wind and does what needs to be done, against the wishes of his superiors. He's never scared. He's a relentless badass who will stop at nothing to do what is right and save the day.

    Not only was this the best episode of the season but it further cemented Jack Bauer as the best leading character in tv in the past 10 years.

    God, I love this show.
  • Awesome way of concluding the kidnapping storyline while not relieving the sense of urgency. Episode summary in review.

    24 thankfully didn't fall into a rut of filler episodes to draw out this kidnapping arc. Since it was happening at noon, they couldn't draw it out for hours without boring the audience. Although the rescue could've been a decent episode alone, limiting it to the opening act results in an explosive action sequence. The increased pace throughout, as complications arise, adds to the notion that viewers shouldn't celebrate Jack's victory yet.

    Immediately we're thrown into a tense situation as Jack has only seven minutes to save Heller before the missile hits. Although Jack hasn't been in the field since season three, he hasn't lost his ability to operate a one man rescue mission, easily dusting off a few guards and getting one of them to reveal where Heller is located. Simultaneously on the broadcast, Omar is listing the things they're charging Heller with and that he has willingly confessed. I'm surprised that more wasn't made out of this confession. Even if it was only politically, the ramifications of a government official giving in to terrorists would be considerable.

    Hiding from various thugs, Jack hears Audrey pleading to spare her father. Jack follows these cries to her cell, which luckily was sealed from the other side when the guard didn't want to hear her anymore. She rightfully insists that he go rescue Heller first, but he affirms that he will get her next. Before he leaves, he hands her a knife, which of course she will use since it takes up considerable screen time.

    One thing that surprised me was how short the trial was. Perhaps they were quicker because they believed that someone could've still used Kalil's lead to find their hideout. Heller's sentence is death by a gunshot to the head. I wonder if the writers subjected themselves to watching any hostage videos the Heller one was based on. They may have only read a synopsis, and they changed things around to not be too exploitative. For example, Heller's execution isn't by beheading, and he doesn't give a prepared speech pleading for his life.

    What the terrorists don't see is Jack just behind a box of conveniently placed boxes, hinting to Heller that he was safe. Heller tilts back in his chair and Jack unleashes hell, killing almost all the men in the room and freeing the secretary. The next few minutes a frenetic gunfight ensues as Jack and Heller take on the guards Jack. Jack gets shot, but since they can't kill him six episodes into the season, he has his vest on. Though they run out of ammo, the cavalry come by to mow down the other terrorists.

    Only Omar remains, and he has Audrey hostage. Though they drop their weapons, he's still going to kill her. Luckily Jack gave her that knife a few minutes earlier. She stabs him. Omar writhes away in pain, and Jack throws another knife into his arm. A marine finishes the job. The three principle characters are safe and the audience gets to breathe. If the episode has one fault, it is that this opening act threatens to bowl over the rest of the episode.

    With the first major threat blown away (literally), the second act serves to establish the next threat and complications, which have been hinted at through the first five episodes. While they are preparing to head to CTU for debriefing, Audrey mentions that she recognized one of the men. This ID would be important to the next few hours as no other leads exist. Also, through this exchange Heller learns that Audrey and Jack have been involved.

    Jack's relationship is in a good place obviously, and the writers can't have that this early in the season. Therefore, they bring out Audrey's husband. Paul calls from CTU asking about her. He flew in from DC when she was kidnapped. Our first impression isn't that great. He comes off as a goofy English guy who says things slowly. Thankfully, he became less stuffy later in the season.

    Navi reacts oddly to the news of Heller's rescue. It doesn't bother him that the execution didn't occur. He knows that the purpose of the broadcast was served. We believe that he means that the purpose was a devastating blow to the country's morale and feeling of security, but by the end of the hour we know it leads to a much darker and extensive threat.

    Behrooz is furious when he finds out about the news. Someone he loved died for a red herring. He doesn't know what to believe, which further fuels the doubts he has had about the mission. Someone knocks on their door. It's Tariq, one of Navi's associates. He's there to dispose of Debbie's body. What?s implied is that he is there for more than that. The first bad sign is that they're burying a body in the literal middle of the day. Second would be the ominous looks, a trademark of 24, Tariq and Navi exchange.

    Returning to CTU, Heller tells Audrey that she needs to be clear to Paul that their relationship is over. He now knows about her relationship with Jack. Their ordeal softened his "traditional" views about relationships, since he is calm about it, but he's still blunt. Paul is naive about his chances rekindling their marriage, which makes him more of a sympathetic character.

    Curtis watches a live feed of agents documenting the evidence when he finds the briefcase we've known about since the premiere. No payoff just yet as it is empty, but a corporate logo on the briefcase provides a useful clue. The logo is for a defense contractor called McLennan-Forester and its CEO isn't talking until he gets clearance.

    Debbie's mother didn't go to the cops, Dina reports. She can't help but notice Navi's disposition and Behrooz's absence. When she finds out where he is and whom he's with, she cries hysterically. Tariq is bad news in general and went to bury Debbie and kill Behrooz for his inability earlier. Navi blames his life here as what made him an unbeliever towards their cause. While Dina may believe that too, her maternal side's strong presence presents an interesting dynamic. Only Navi is cold blooded enough to murder his son. Perhaps he always knew this, and that's why he sent Dina out to watch Debbie's mother.

    Heller triumphantly congratulates CTU for saving his and his daughter's lives. Driscoll gladly takes the credit and attempts to squeak by Jack's disapproving glare. Jack's classier than arguing over who gets the glory since he isn't in this work for rewards. He gets temporary control of Ronnie's position, effective until the end of this crisis. Driscoll wants Jack to respect her rules, though. Unfortunately, nothing is said about rehiring Chloe, who proved to be an asset in Jack's investigation. Driscoll should relax about disobeying her rules until the crisis is over.
    During his conference with the heads at CTU, Heller asks to see his son, unaware that he has been subject to sensory deprivation. Initially he is outraged by it, believing that Richard wouldn't be involved with terrorists despite the massive ideological differences they have. He goes to the room where Richard is held and asks him to be clear about everything, but he is withholding something from his personal life. In a cold moment, Heller permits Curtis to do whatever it takes to find out what this is. He loves his son, but his duties are to protect millions. But is it the right call? It could be. 24 has a unique opportunity to explore the ramifications of these actions that harm others even if it saves lives.

    Paul sees Audrey being bandaged and asks her about their future together. She does the right thing, but it must've broken his heart to tell him that she was in love with another person. Although she doesn't say who, Jack inopportunely comes in to check up on her. When Paul leaves, they have a tender moment alone, a rare time in between crisis. Paul doesn't seem to have a clue until he sees Jack and Audrey interacting while looking at photos of the men from the hideout.

    While Behrooz prepares to dig Debbie's grave, he sees that Tariq has a gun with him. Knowing what will happen, he smacks him in the head with the shovel. Behrooz wants to know who set out to kill him, if it was Marwan (the first mention of the big bad this season). Tariq tells him it was Navi. Following this bombshell, Behrooz can only act on his anger as he beats Tariq's head in, driving off in Tariq's car afterward. This episode is a turning point in his arc.

    As the episode ends, we finally find out what was in the briefcase. The McLennan-Forester courier was carrying an override device. This machine is capable of controlling nuclear power plants remotely, preventing or causing meltdowns. Power plants are protected by firewalls, but Jack deducts that Heller's trial was a mere forum to unleash a virus that would allow them to override the protection the plants have. 104 plants are at risk of meltdown. That is hardcore scary.
    Marianne hears this and walks to a remote location, calling her contact to inform him that they know. Many had a hard time buying another mole at CTU, including me. Though it is believable as every action we've seen Marianne take be manipulative and opportunistic. She is known to do things to increase her power and advance her career.

    Mole revelation aside, this is a great episode and one of season four's highlights. It's unfortunate that the middle section of this season would plod along. This episode's accelerated pace is an asset. It also serves to keep the intensity going even when the first major threat has passed. Also having one of the worst terrorist attacks yet on 24 helps to add the urgency and importance.