Season 4 Episode 20

Day 4: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 02, 2005 on FOX
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After Logan authorizes Palmer to take charge of the crisis, Palmer sanctions Jack and Curtis to infiltrate the Chinese Embassy on a covert operation to capture a suspect. Tony and Michelle continue to bump into each other's personal lives, while Buchanan expresses anger at being kept out of the mission. Jack faces Audrey's wrath when a medical dilemma places Paul's life in jeopardy.moreless

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  • Newclear, not newkewlar

    It's too late now, but somebody should have told Kiefer Sutherland the word is "nuclear," not "newkewlar."

    It's not that hard. New as in not old. Clear as in not overcast. New Clear. Nuclear.

    Sutherland is a talented actor who can play heroes or villains with equal conviction. But he really missed the boat on that one.
  • Disappointed

    I was disappointed to see that Jack literally killed yet another man in his attempt to save people

    This time perhaps he could have avoided doing this. My question, would he have done the same thing had Kim been there instead of Paul. I do not think so. Besides that, the episode is good to watch. Chinese consulate plot is very key and it is going to take new turns from here. Palmer is as good as he ever ismoreless
  • The Final Scene make this episode Superb.

    Since 24 it is about terrorism, morality always come with the package.

    One of the things i like to see is that being a hero, is not easy, and 24 show you that. Be a hero sometimes, make you the bad guy in the eyes of another person.

    Jack is a character that do whathever it takes to save millions. This time, he cross the line 2 times. One will only have repercussions later. Other happens in this episode and is for sure, one of the best Scenes created in 24.

    Now I understand why Paul saved Jack and why he didn´t died when he was shot.

    This episode offer you some action too and a new storyline that will be important more later.

    Seeing David Palmer on screen is always a pleasure, the man have what it takes to do the difficult decisions. However, the decision he made, will have consequences.

    Overral, in 40 minutes, what makes this episode be special, is the final minutes. Other minutes was more about details, with nothing really special our different.moreless
  • Very well written

    Oh, this episode. This is what I love about the serie - the totally hard and impossible choices they have to make - Jack has to go to the consul territory to get the man who is their only lead and it goes bad when he is discovered and consuler killed. And to make it even worse, just as Audery is having talk with her husband, he starts to crash and they rush him into surgery and when Jack comes with his witness and points gun on the surgent to save his patient.. oh.. the choice he had to made and Audrey reaction. I really wonder how he is able to.. and the face.. Audrey rage.. it was so emotional, so powerful.moreless
  • Big Trouble in Little China

    Though the season never quite recaptures the essence of greatness that it had in the beginning, this episode is quite an improvement over recent debacles.

    Jack finds a lead that he can use to get to Marwan, but this plot thread originated in the previous episode, so at least there's that. And almost as if to focus on a race other than Middle Eastern, the lead is a Chinese guy taking refuge at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. And there begins Jack Bauer's nasty situation with the Chinese.

    David Palmer's back in the White House, and on his word, Jack breaks into the Consulate and kidnaps their latest suspect. Okay, so Logan welcomes Palmer into the place, gives him the authority to do anything to stop the terror crisis (i.e. do Logan's job for him), and Palmer ends up sanctioning an act that gets a foreign government representative killed. …Side-splitting.

    Yes, things get complicated when the idiot Chinese Consul accidentally gets shot by an idiot Consulate guard. And when one of Jack's idiot CTU partners is briefly unmasked and caught by an idiot security camera. Idiots!

    But enough about that; what everybody's talking about is that Paul goes back into surgery thanks to a new complication, just in time for Jack to return and force the doctors to work on his wounded suspect, inadvertently letting Paul die. Nice work. That is a good scene, and both the acting and the music make this episode stand out from a flat season.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Again, nice work.moreless
Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • William Devane (Heller) does not appear in this episode.

    • At around 2:45 AM, when Jack is in the truck with Lee Jong, he receives a call from the president in which he says, "Jack, Buchanan told me that you had Lee Jong in custody and that he was wounded." Buchanan had no idea that that operation had even taken place at that time and certainly not of known that Lee Jong was wounded.

    • Despite the fact Jack tells Tony not to let anyone know about his China mission, Tony brings up the map of the Chinese consultate on a big overhead monitor and talks to Jack over the com system in a normal voice with people walking by all around him.

    • When Jack drives from CTU to the Chinese Consulate, it only takes 11 minutes of on-screen time. But when they're driving back with the wounded Lee in an emergency situation, Jack says it's going to take them 25 minutes to get him back to CTU for medical help.

      This is corrected in the Region 2 DVD release with Bauer saying they are 15 minutes away off camera.

  • QUOTES (4)

  • NOTES (8)

    • Francois Chau is incorrectly credited as Francois Chao in the episode.

    • There is a rare occurance for US TV in this episode - instead of Palmer addressing Koo Yin as "Mr Yin" (a mistake many TV shows make), Palmer calls him "Mr Koo". This is accurate as "Yin" in Chinese would be the character's Christian/given name, and "Koo" is his surname.

    • Sean Callery was nominated for an Emmy for the music that he composed that was played in the final scene of this episode.

    • Glenn Morshower ("Agent Aaron Pierce") now joins Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard and Dennis Haysbert as the only actors to appear in all four seasons of 24.

    • Dennis Haysbert is credited as a Special Guest Appearance for this season.

    • Arnold Vosloo is credited as a Guest Star, but only appears in recycled footage from the previous episode (on the damaged videotape).

    • This episode marks another rare instance in which the split screens are not used to transition to the final scene.

    • Lina Patel appears briefly in Chloe's first scene of this episode, but she is uncredited.