Season 4 Episode 20

Day 4: 2:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 02, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • William Devane (Heller) does not appear in this episode.

    • At around 2:45 AM, when Jack is in the truck with Lee Jong, he receives a call from the president in which he says, "Jack, Buchanan told me that you had Lee Jong in custody and that he was wounded." Buchanan had no idea that that operation had even taken place at that time and certainly not of known that Lee Jong was wounded.

    • Despite the fact Jack tells Tony not to let anyone know about his China mission, Tony brings up the map of the Chinese consultate on a big overhead monitor and talks to Jack over the com system in a normal voice with people walking by all around him.

    • When Jack drives from CTU to the Chinese Consulate, it only takes 11 minutes of on-screen time. But when they're driving back with the wounded Lee in an emergency situation, Jack says it's going to take them 25 minutes to get him back to CTU for medical help.

      This is corrected in the Region 2 DVD release with Bauer saying they are 15 minutes away off camera.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: You don't work for Jack, you work for me!

    • Jack: Hey, how are you holding up?
      Chloe: I'm not used to the idea that I just killed someone, if that's what you're asking, but I'm doing my job.

    • (While paramedics are examining her)
      Chloe: I told you I'm not hurt. I did the shooting. Now please leave me alone so I can do this!

    • Chloe: When I shot that guy, I thought I'd go all fetal position, but the truth is, I didn't feel anything. At all. I hope I'm not some kind of a psychopath.

  • Notes

    • Francois Chau is incorrectly credited as Francois Chao in the episode.

    • There is a rare occurance for US TV in this episode - instead of Palmer addressing Koo Yin as "Mr Yin" (a mistake many TV shows make), Palmer calls him "Mr Koo". This is accurate as "Yin" in Chinese would be the character's Christian/given name, and "Koo" is his surname.

    • Sean Callery was nominated for an Emmy for the music that he composed that was played in the final scene of this episode.

    • Glenn Morshower ("Agent Aaron Pierce") now joins Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard and Dennis Haysbert as the only actors to appear in all four seasons of 24.

    • Dennis Haysbert is credited as a Special Guest Appearance for this season.

    • Arnold Vosloo is credited as a Guest Star, but only appears in recycled footage from the previous episode (on the damaged videotape).

    • This episode marks another rare instance in which the split screens are not used to transition to the final scene.

    • Lina Patel appears briefly in Chloe's first scene of this episode, but she is uncredited.

  • Allusions

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