Season 4 Episode 9

Day 4: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2005 on FOX

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  • Great episode

    Here we get lots of action, Jack finally catches up with Dina, and we get to see Tony lots too. We got a heartbreaking ascene with one of CTU's people, had me cry watching it. It was so well played. Still keep missing Chloe, but she would be back later that season. (Third time i watch the series)
  • another filler

    Nothing much happens here which really connects to the main plot. Edgar part was moving. His acting was perfect. He really seemed lovable person. And I am getting real tired of these pardons. It gives an impression whether true or not that US can pardon criminal of any kind if he or she can help them? Come on, you agreed to pardon a person who literally tried to blow up US. I understand there can be no other way around. But pardoning hard core criminals to get information out of them might not be fair for those who suffered because of them
  • Some insight on Edgar that moved me, and a wonderful painted-into-a-corner scenario which 24 does so well.

    This episode was interesting to me. The characters from two of the major storylines met and locked. 24 is at its best when it's painted itself into a corner, and it seems like that's where they are now with the Araz situation.
    We got to learn more about Edgar in this episode. I really like Edgar; he's a really good guy and very loveable. I had tears in my eyes when he spoke with his mother on the phone. I hope Audrey can come through for him. I liked that he gave her a little something to think about when he said that if his mother had been rich or a politician they would have found a way to save her. Some people's lives are worth more than others apparently; Edgar is spot on with this and it seems that the thought has never occurred to Audrey before.
    I was shocked to see that one of the reactors had a melt down. Usually in 24 they come very close to disaster but it's averted at the last minute. Like when the bomb in season 2 went off in the desert, and the virus in season 3 was only unleashed in one location. But this time around they actually had a disaster, one that will affect people's lives for generations to come, that was a bold move.
    What I'm mainly wondering is what more the terrorists have up their sleeve. If the reactor threat is over and done with in another two hours then they must have something else to cover the rest of the day. I'd hate to think what that could be that tops a nuclear melt down.
    I'm still wondering what happened to Driscoll's daughter by the way.
  • The Meeting!!!!

    This episode is more about details then anything else.

    When a treat like this one happens, there are some details you can add to make the treat more real. As usual, they buy some time with Behrooz (not Navi that I was talking in the past reviews), its necessary that he turns to his uncle, to allow navi to caught his son alive e to make one more problem for jack.

    Edgar drama is sad and was the only scene that make you feel how bad is this threat.

    Jack interrogations are repetitived but necessary because os the details, however, with dina, it ends in a different way.
  • Hey, look, plot convergence

    Jack finally meets the Araz Family in this superior episode. The collision of these two plotlines brings CTU in as well. And one of the nuclear reactors melts down. This is not an hour to be taken lightly.
    There is some filler when Edgar's mother, who lives close to the reactor, decides to commit suicide. But it's not that cringe-inducing; I was almost kinda moved slightly.
    Navi has an amusing little scene as he continues the search for Dina and Behrooz. Yes, infidelity is abominable, but filicide, uxoricide, political homicide, nuclear genocide, and Latinos portraying Middle Easterners are a-okay. Hotcha.
    The episode provides great insight into the characters of Jack and Dina as they sit down for some uneasy conversation and negotiate a deal to stop the meltdowns. The deal involves an immunity grant for Behrooz, which Keeler reluctantly hands over. There's something about a non-binding detail for that grant, but it's never brought up again, so let's forget it. Likewise, Behrooz is developed more when he works up the balls to tell Navi what a loathsome sack of garbage he is. A good episode that advances both the characters and the Override arc very well, and sets up key plot elements for the next couple of hours.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Navi crashing into Jack, which to Jack is apparently no worse than a frisbee to the head.
  • Clash over Behrooz

    So, when CTU gets to Dina it comes to simple solution - they have to get Behrooz out of it and Dina will tell them everything she knows and will help them to get the control mechanism. But it does not go easy - Behrooz is trying to get pain meds to her mom and Navi appears and it all ends is shooting and the way the all end up in the basement and it now sure - after Dina's very powerful speech why she helps them that if they can get Behrooz out alive, they have hope.

    Also Edgard talking with her mother.. beautiful scene.
  • Review

    Not so much a filler episode as much as it was an episode that had a lot of information and a lot of storylines come together at once. Jack and Tony were able to get to Dina and Behrooz, all though Behrooz was able to get away just in the nick of time. The scenes with Bauer and Dina got a little dragged on at a point, but everyone always wants to be pardoned (in this case Dina wanted her son to) so even though it seems repeative the writers at least keep it in the aspect of realism. The scene with Edgar and his mother was nothing but a filler. With the other two storylines needing to come together, the Araz family storyline stopped and his began a little. I hope it doesnt affect him too much in the episodes to come, as I think it would continue to slow down the plot. Overall it was a good episode - setting up the next couple of hours more then being an episode that I will remember.
  • awesome

    Jack and Tony zeroes in on Dina's location, but Behrooz escapes. Dina is now in CTU custody. She asks for full pardon for Behrooz in exchange for her full cooperation. Edgar's work at CTU gets distracted when she learns that he mother is trapped at a residential community very close to a nuclear power plant. Behrooz asks his uncle for help but he calls up Navi. The Araz family have a pretty good storyline in this episode, their story is the main focus of the episode. This episode contains the needed action to get the plot going. It's really exciting.
  • Good stuff. Episode summary encapsulated in review.

    Already, the nuclear override storyline is heading preparing for the payoff. While it helps make for amplified tension, this pace bites 24 later in the nighttime hours. The storyline involving Edgar's mom is subject to debate among fans, but I vote in its favor because it continues to flesh out one of recurring characters. It is sad to know that the Araz family storyline is close to done, but it the arc's end is explosive. Some of the stories could've been better developed, but overall this episode is a solid entry.

    Following Marianne's arrest, Curtis and Driscoll prepare to conceal some facts for the official inquiry as to how Marianne was allowed in CTU. Curtis adamantly opposed having her there. Although his reasons were personal they could still face an intense investigation if that became public. For an opening scene, I'm surprised that they didn't do more with this. This scandal could've really helped make the post-override episodes more interesting. Instead, they preferred to wrap up this mole storyline quickly.

    Jack is able to salvage a lead. On Powell's cell phone, he finds two numbers Powell recently called. One is Marianne's and the other is unknown. Edgar sets up a triangulation search. It turns out that this other number is Dina's. At a hotel room, Dina's cell phone starts ringing. They ignore it in case it is Navi. The phone rings enough times for them to triangulate the call to their location. One nit pick: why would Powell need to contact Dina? Throughout the day, anyone updating the Araz family called Navi. It may have been more practical for the hospital Behrooz and Dina were at an hour before to alert CTU about their visit and they find the hotel through some inquiries.

    Navi's search for Dina leads to her sister Farrah's house. The rest of Dina's family is clueless about their terrorist involvement. Farrah doesn't know where she is. To make matters worse, Navi discovers that she is having an affair with a white man. Despite his feelings, he doesn't kill either of them, but rather stomps out of the room stating his contempt for her behavior. Of course, this is ironic considering he is going to kill his wife and son.

    Another member of Dina's family not involved with the terrorists is Naseem. He is a doctor and can help Dina take care of her pain. This is one of the positive Middle Eastern figures of the season. Considering how short his role is, this probably didn't satisfy those criticizing these portrayals. Behrooz decides to ask for helpalone, setting up for the major complication later in the hour when CTU and Navi find each of them in the respective locations.

    Jack prepares to head to the hotel, but Tony is apprehensive. He thinks he is done with CTU, but Jack convinces him that this nuclear crisis is too dire to walk away from yet. Tony rather easily comes with him. The actions in the last hour have reinvigorated our down and out hero, and his old self can't win this personality battle.

    24 is rather good at showing the terrorists having some degree of success each season. Whether it is Teri's murder, the bomb going off or the virus' release, such actions amplify the consequences so the audience can know what is at stake. Early in this episode, the terrorists achieve another victory. The San Gabriel Power Plant melts down. It's chilling to see Heller talking to the men in the core, disfigured by radiation, as they tell him that they can't leave because they've been exposed.

    The meltdown hits CTU personally, as our gawky hero Edgar tries desperately to help his mother, stuck in the area and unable to leave because she has no car and all of her neighbors have evacuated. Some people complained about this storyline for being another melodramatic personal story on 24, however, I liked it. I had gotten to like Edgar a lot as the season progressed. This helped me sympathize with him a little bit more.

    With the immediate aftermath of the kidnapping gone, they need to concoct a reason for Audrey and Heller to stick around. Shocking as it sounds, CTU is understaffed, so they stick around to help CTU stay on top of the investigation. Heller's probably easier to keep around because of his function as Secretary of Defense. However, the opposite appears to be true, as Heller didn't have much to do in the latter part of his stint this season.

    At the hotel, Jack and Tony meet fellow agent Lee Castle, who reluctantly allows Tony back on the field. Jack assures him that he wants Tony backing him up when they enter. They should've employed character more. Having someone like Tony returning to the field after what he did would certainly cause some questioning of judgment, although we know Jack's to be right. They could've done something substantial with Lee's storyline aside from having him be the background agent this season. After this episode, little else is done with his character.

    They infiltrate the hotel room and stop Dina from killing herself. Lee steps on her wound to get her to talk, but Tony tells him to stop because she may go unconscious considering her current state. Meanwhile, Behrooz arrives at the hospital and finds his Uncle Naseem. He inquires about some painkillers, lying about Dina's bad back. This prompts Naseem to call who else, but Navi. Navi convinces Naseem that Behrooz may be into drugs and that he should keep him there. Everything is set for the climax of this episode, as Navi is coming to "get" him.

    Jack's unable to find anything on Dina or Navi's criminal records. He will need some type of leverage and he gets it rather quickly. CTU found the phone call Behrooz made two hours earlier after killing Tariq. He finds a reluctant Dina and tells her that he has to power to get the president to pardon Behrooz for everything he's done today. She agrees to do it, but Jack warns her that the offer expires when the next power plant melts down. It's great to see Kiefer and Shorheh together in a scene. Shorheh has been extraordinary this year, and Kiefer has great chemistry with many of the characters on 24. This turned out not to be an exception.

    Keeler doesn't want to grant immunity to a terrorist, although we know that Behrooz is a good person who found himself with bad people. Since time is running out, he grants it, but makes sure it is non-binding. She tells him where Behrooz is. Jack gets her to call. Though Behrooz is suspicious, she eases his worries by telling him that she will accompany them to the hospital to get him.

    Unfortunately, Edgar's request for assistance getting his mother out of the area is denied. He's forced to have an emotional goodbye to her as she tells him that she will kill herself to avoid a prolonged death. In his grief, he almost walks out of CTU, but Driscoll stops him. She threatens jail time if he doesn't resume working and plays the mother card, asking what she would want him to do. It was manipulative, but it had to be done since Edgar is one of CTU's best workers. Although I would think that maybe Edgar's efforts saving 98 plants from melting down would warrant a special favor, but alas, they're focused on saving the maximum amount of lives. Ironically, the nuclear cloud is blown over those attempting to escape.

    Behrooz finds out that Naseem called Navi and panics, running down a corridor. Dina should've told him to stay in a crowded place like Jack said. But where would the drama be there? He runs into his father, who kills Naseem and takes Behrooz into a stairwell. After a Michael Corleone-esque "You broke my heart", Behrooz informs his dad that agents are coming to the hospital and that if he's killed, Dina will tell them everything.

    The last few minutes of the episode are suspenseful, as Jack frantically searches the hospital after finding out about the shooting and the hostage situation. Jack finds Navi and Behrooz as they're attempting to drive out of the hospital. They hit Jack, but luckily, Jack has superhuman healing powers and bounces back rather easily. Navi gets out of the car and holds his son at gunpoint, leading him down to the basement.

    Dina is getting extremely worried. Knowing what Navi is capable of, she tells Jack that he will merely wait it out until the plants meltdown and then kill Behrooz. If they can't save her son, then she will stop cooperating. She still believes in the mission and would be happy to see the other meltdowns. However, Jack doesn't seem to buy it, as he dismisses it with a semi-sarcastic "You get that?" to CTU.

    The inevitable meeting between Dina and Jack is fun to watch. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore her psychology with him. The characterization is scattershot. Curtis recently found out that her ex-flame is guilty of treason, Tony's back in the field with other agents; these should've been developed more. However, the Araz's storyline makes this episode, and while I may be criticized for it, Edgar's mom did too.