Season 4 Episode 24

Day 4: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 23, 2005 on FOX

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  • Best tv show episode ever

    This is by far my favorite episode of any tv show ever. I would give it a score of 20 out of 10. Legendary actor performances, lots of action, jack saving the world. DSacrificing him self by playing dead. Too bad this was the last we saw of Michelle. Some great Tony moments.
  • About this episode

    It had great single-camera sound mixing.
  • "Meh" finish to a "meh" season

    This season surrendered all hope of going out with a mindblowing bang hours ago. It could only pray for something a few decibels higher than a whimper. The ending we get is bit louder than that, but it's still my least favorite finale of the eight.

    It follows the structure of the S1 finale; the first twenty minutes focus on the main threat, and the rest on a mini-threat that recently emerged. The end of the Marwan/warhead arc is quite anti-climactic. I admit that both the sequence leading to Marwan's suicide and the suicide itself are pretty cool, despite the worst greenscreen effect I've ever witnessed. But it's cheap that CTU still realized the missile was heading to Los Angeles (doy), and all that buildup for a little firework was just as cheap, if not cheaper.

    Logan then prepares to hand Jack over to the Chinese government, but Novick and Palmer learn of Walt Cummings' secret plan to kill him instead. So Jack formulates a plan with Tony, Michelle, and Chloe to fake his death, and it's all over with before 7:00 AM.

    "Rushed" is a good way to put it, but "reckless" and "clumsy" are better. The show has certainly seen worse episodes, but this one nonetheless has too much crammed into it (the same could be said for the entire second half of this season), and what should've had me biting my nails instead had me scoffing. However, what really worries me is that my least favorite finale is the first one without a sappy Jack-and-Kim reunion.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack walking off into the sunrise. It can't make up for a moderately crappy S4, but I wouldn't worry...
  • makes it up

    This episode makes it up for all dullness in previous episodes. Second half of it is more interesting than first. Though there are logical loop holes it is entertaining enough.
  • The end of the first half of the adventures of Jack Bauer!

    As the show has eight seasons and this finale is much closer than the last, i personally consider this season ending like a little stop that envolves all the events of the seasons 1-present 4. And this season (i found it better than the third) ends in a spectacular fashion!.
    The fact that Jack Bauer must fake his death to escape from his enemies is sad, but intelligent and too much shocking and surprising (something that i was looking for in previous finale!!) and, despite that this finale has drama, surprises and action (and everything is perfect) but it doesn´t surpass the classic first season ending, it gives us the best final shot of Jack Bauer: walking free under the watch of the rising sun!. Extremely awesome!.
  • Are you kidding me? It's obvious the writers wrote the start and the middle of the series, and left the end for later. then they realised - there is no later - and just wrote their way out of it! (spoilers ahead)

    Are you kidding me? It's obvious the writers wrote the start and the middle of the series, and left the end for later. then they realised - there is no later - and just wrote their way out of it! (spoilers ahead)

    (spoilers ahead - be warned!)

    I can't believe how they dropped the ball in the last few episodes - and all the previous reviewers didn't call their bluff!

    The USA is so terrified that the Chinese will be able to say in public that during a nuclear attack the sent forces to their embassy? are you kidding? lets kill jack, the who single handily saved the day (and previous days as well) just so they won't be angry at us.

    And then they fake jacks death. until they show the body to the Chinese, there is no chance they will buy it! oh - because a special agent saw jack dead, the Chinese are supposed to believe the USA? because everybody knows that the secret agents won't lie! or because everybody knows that they hate CTU for doing all the fun stuff every time there is a crisis, leaving them to pick up for custody warriors from the battle field! - sorry, but this entire story line is plain rubbish.

    Now, about the president. We got that the writers wrote a small politician in the part. A man who couldn't stand for the task. But on the other hand realised it, and took the right measurements. Then at the end, we learn that he had people doing his dirty work, and new to trust them - to the extent of killing people in order to quite down some political scandal. this is not the same person! and i don't believe he didn't know or couldn't imagine - at least he was prepared to take the chance.

    Another point - after they find that the missile is headed to LA - they told that to the pilots, who found it and shot it down. This goes to 2 points:
    If they where able to find it and shoot it down - then everything done until then was worthless: all you needed was a pilot with a good eye sight or a good radar! they new it was heading towards a major city - a simple group of plains was all they needed. so actually all the efforts to find marwan etc. went to nothing. No one addressed this in the episode.
    secondly - and this goes to all the 24H series: there are more people and resources that the president can use in a time of national crisis!! really!! he can find more field agents that CAN do the job! He can put more that 2 plains over each major city and even a few more in between - just for the chance of spotting the missile! jack doesn't have to be everywhere all the time - more people can help.

    I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the 4th season - but can truly say the ending spoiled it for me.

    one last thing:you don't need to repeat every few minutes how grave the situation is - everybody knows!! it's grave! it's serious! it's real! it's happening! OK - we got it. As a way of creating suspense it's become ridiculous. Please if anyone can help remove this from the series - we'll enjoy it much more.

    waiting for next season, with hope ...
  • Entire season was strong up until the last couple episodes. Spoiler alerts.

    I just got done watching this season on DVD and I have to say it was such a strong season up until the last 2 episodes. It seems like they just gave up and fell into played out scenarios. Like when Mandy was \"Trying to escape while she was talking on the phone\", I seriously thought they were joking it was sooo obvious. Then the absolute worst part is after they capture her and cut a deal they dont even freakin ask where the missle is headed. Hello, are you kidding? Not once did they ask her if she knows, unbelieveable. Secondly, gosh wasnt that easy to shoot down that missle, all that build up for so little pay off.

    Finally, why does each season have to end with Jack out of the system or out of CTU? Then they have to spend the first part of the next season working him back in. Cant he just for once finish the day with a job?
  • Season 4 finale: too much better than last two seasons ending and almost at the same level than the classic first!

    In this season of 24, we have seen a lot of changes and this season was a really heart pounding experience. This one is one of the best seasons of the show.
    For me, this one has a 9,6 out 10.

    And it's finale is a really perfect ending. In fact, this finale is too much better than the previous two season endings and it can be comparable with the perfection of the finale from season one.
    It´s too remarkable, classic and so shocking and surprising.
    It´s the best episode of the whole season and the last 30 seconds are the best moment of the day.

    This ending is a fine example of why this show is one of the best ever. Kiefer Sutherland and its Jack Bauer are better than ever!.

    A really perfect finale.
  • Its Official, Jack Bauer is...

    This is not the Best Season Finale made in 24, but could have been the Best.

    If you compare with season 1 final episode (who deserves a 10), season 2 (deserve a 9) and Season 3 (deserve a 7 in my opinion).

    Season 1 conclusion was very well done, and because of the buil up, we had a great pay off in the end. The way that Jack kill the terrorists and in the same episode they caught nina, and the sad finale, made this FInale perfect. I think that season 1 is like a guide like, how to make a Season Finale.

    This is not what happened in this episode, of course, this final episode was good, better the the last Season Finale, just because Jack Bauer Situation.

    The fast Way that they dealt with Marwan and the missil was a little predictable, if not bad done. The biggest flaw was how the writers managed Marwan.

    Taking that away, the rest of the episode was very well done. The Chinese plot take the rest of the episode, and even the President administration take its actions, that is to kill Jack Bauer.

    That Alone, make this episode worth watching and this produced the Best Final Scene that will be ever made for 24, because that exactly how Jack Bauer last mission has a agent should end. Could've been the series finale.

    I gave a 9, because, sometimes, in 40 minutes, there are only few minutes, that make a episode worth whatching. And this final scenes with Jack, Michelle and Tony, Audrey and Jack, Palmer and Jack Bauer last conversation, make this episode at least, deserve a 9.
  • After all he did..

    .. the want him dead.

    Ok.. The start of the episode is good until they get to the Marwan and he dies as that point, the action seems just to die off and all is now about Jack and the chinese and I most say, I did not like it too much. But why this episode still got so great mark from me? First - the emotions after the rocket is down. Michelle and Tony meeting, Audrey telling Jack her decision... Palmer seeing Mandy and realizing it was she who tried to kill it.. and ofcourse Chloe, Tony, Michelle staging Jack's death.

    Secondly - it had really good motion even if there was some really slow moment and a lot of talking on the Palmer and Logan side of the storyline what lead nothing

    Thirdly - the last phonecall Jack made to Palmer and how he said: do you realize when you end this call, Jack Bauer will be gone forever. I just loved it.
  • Jack Bauer is dead. Review and Season 4 Overview.

    This is one of the all time classic 24 plot twist endings and my favourite. After stopping the missle and saving the day, there is one more enemy Jack must evade. After the biggest mistake of his life in raiding the chinese embassy, resulting in the death of one of their agents, Jack Bauer becomes the number one man responsible for the job, as a result of the fellow agent that the chinese got to. So instend of Jack coming clean, and alowing the assassin to "accidently hurt him", he does something truly amazing. Tony, Michelle and Chloe, all help with staging his death, so that all will forget about him. They drop him off at a railway tracks where they say their final goodbyes. After Tony and Michelle leave, Jack makes a call to the final person who knows that he is alive; David Palmer. Their phone conversaion remains one of the series' greatest scenes and is very emotional and tear jerking. The final words of "Jack Bauer is dead" remian the most powerful in the series' history. And then comes the most famous shot in 24; Jack putting his glasses on and walking down the train tracks at dawn; a dead man, a true hero.

    Season Overview

    Best Episodes
    5. 11:00am to 12:00am
    4. 02:00am to 03:00am
    3. 05:00am to 06:00am
    2. 07:00am to 08:00am
    1. 06:00am to 07:00am

    Best Characters (Excluding Jack)
    5. Chloe
    4. James Heller
    3. Mandy
    2. Edger
    1. Dena Araz

    Best Scenes 5. 10:00pm to 11:00pm: Air Force One going down - Excelent tension.
    4. 05:00pm to 06:00pm: Office space - the super tense busy office scene in which Jack and Curtis look for Marwan. Has a real Die Hard sky scraper feel to it.
    3. 12:00pm to 01:00pm: Heller and Audrey's rescue scene - One of the best action scenes in 24 history if not the best. The first 10 minutes are pure pulse pounding. Definatly stands out this season. 2. 06:00am to 07:00am: Jack Bauer's final moments - His phone call to Palme is tear jerking and the line "Jack Bauer is dead is immortalized. Jack walking into the distance is as near wonderfully moving as TV gets.
    1. 02:00am to 03:00am: The opperating room scene - The most beautiful scene in 24 history. Extreame tension, wonderful score, brilliant writing, pitch perfect acting. Absolutly incredible. After you watch it, you will be stunned. Best Episode Endings
    5. 10:00pm to 11:00pm - "Did Air Force One just get hit?!?!"
    4. 02:00am to 03:00am - "I hate you Jack!!! I hate you!!"
    3. 10:00am to 11:00am - You know you're in trouble when Jack Bauer puts on a black ski mask....
    2. 05:00am to 06:00am - "His name.....is Jack Bauer...."
    1. 06:00am to 07:00am - "Jack Bauer is dead"
  • Review

    Not a bad season finale, but not one of the best either. The way that CTU found the missle was kind of dissapointing. The fact they recovered the information off of a device that was shot was kind of lame. Anyone with any kind of computer technology would have known they could have done that and Habib Marwan would never have left that in the plane. All that being said, it was still a good finale. The crisis was over after 25 minutes which allowed the Fake death of Jack Bauer to be the real season finale. I thought the finale was good, both emotionally and action wise but I think that the writing could have been a little better from Marwans standpoint. Marwan was out of the story for almost two hours, then everything is over after 25 minutes. I think the finale summed up Season 4 to perfection - Solid, but not one of the shows best.
  • Review!

    This was the best season conclusion upto yet and definitly needs a round of applause (Claps)! Hopefully Season5 and 6 will be even better!

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  • The best season finale ever!

    it\\\'s been a very long day. Everything about it just screams brilliant. I love the part right at the end, the telephone call between Jack and Palmer. When Palmer states that at the end of the phone call, Jack Bauer is dead, I teared up a little. Yet, at least I know he isn\\\'t actually dead. I hope the next season (when I get to see it) is just as good. Or better. It would be nice to see a fresher, newer season
  • Finally, the long awaited end of the Marwan storyline is here. But that's only the beginning...

    Finally. Marwan is dead. 24 Season 4's biggest flaw was Marwan. He escaped too many times from the CTU. He noobed' the CTU completetly. He made Jack Bauer look like a clown.

    Thank god, he's done. Not much I want to say about it; let's just say, if they spent 1 more minute on Marwan, I would've stopped watching 24.

    What made up for the Marwan storyline was the plot twist. The chinese wants to arrest Jack. Unfortunately, nobody can do anything against it. However, some people are afraid that the chinese would use Jack to gather info about the US goverment.

    So, people close to the president order to kill Jack. Luckily, Mike and Palmer are informed about this move, so they can warn Jack and set up a fake death. The death of Jack Bauer.

    This was a really good plot twist. Jack died for (almost) everyone, thus, this episode was perfectly capable as not only a season but as a series finale.

    The best scene of the episode has to be Jack walking in his sunglasses. Jack Bauer... is a hero.
  • Just the right finish to Season 4.

    It may not be the most popular opinion, but to me Season 4 was specatacular. It had intense action, nail-biting suspense and great characters. It got even more intense in the last 5 episodes with this episode topping the rest.

    (spoilers below)

    Even though I think the missle threat ended way too "peacefully", like everything just came together itself (that also being the thing that stopped me from giving this episode a 10), the other elements of this episode, such as: Audrey ending her relationship with Jack, Palmer's dialogues to Logan, Jack's escape sequence from CTU and the aftermath were some of the best things we've ever witnessed in 24.

    The writers once again managed to impress the audience as they did with the previous seson finales, setting up the gear for the next season masterfully. The direction and acting were superb as usual, so was everything else. I think the music crew should get a special mention as they did some exceptional work.

    Overall, a very memorable season finale. Pretty much one of the best 24 episodes ever.
  • awesome finale

    it's been a very long day. elements inside the white house are saving face and gets the secret service to set out a trap for jack bauer. david palmer warns jack that his life is in danger. Mandy cuts a deal with the government so she can give up the location of marwan. this finale is action packed, this is the climax of the show, it ends on a high note. the action is relentless, jack's journey to oblivion is sad to watch, the drama is high. everything ends really well, it's a sad ending, but a good one for the show.
  • Jack Bauer is dead. Or is he?

    Season 4 had a great start. For about 12 episodes, it was incredible.

    But then, the whole plot started to get boring, predictable, and slow.

    Unfortunately, I can not give this episode mor ethan 8.8. I have to rate the WHOLE season, not just 1 episode.

    Anyway, let\'s see.

    The episode contained mild action, but it was spectacular. The planes blowing up the rocket was great. Marwan\'s fall was cheesy, very cheesy.

    Not to mention the fact thta Mandy escaped again. Damn that girl! Ihope she will be killed some time, just like Nina.

    Mike succesfully redeemed, and it was great to see him supporting David and Jack. He was excellent. So was David. His phonecall with Jack, and his speech with Logan... excellent. What a pity he\'s not the president anymore!

    Inside CTU, Tony and Michelle are reunited. Great! One of the few TV couples I like.

    The final scene was very intense, and I wont spoil it. All i can say is: if this was the series finale, It would\'ve satisfied me.

    Now, closing comments about season 4:
    as mentioned above, it went downhill fast after 11-12 episodes.
    but still, it was probably the most action packed season so far. EMP bomb, nuclear powerplant, misslie, whatever.
    they completetly offed Kim, whch is good and bad. Good because she had dumb subplots. Bad becaus eJack NEVER contacted her, not even in the final scene! Jack\'s generally a good father, but... oh well.
    Audrey was annoying. Jack\'s got a job to do, come on, leave him be!
  • A brilliant episode!

    I do love 24 season finales. But this one is really the best. Everything about it just screams brilliant.
    I love the part right at the end, the telephone call between Jack and Palmer. When Palmer states that at the end of the phone call, Jack Bauer is dead, I teared up a little. Yet, at least I know he isn't actually dead.
    I hope the next season (when I get to see it) is just as good. Or better. It would be nice to see a fresher, newer season.
  • Amazing season 4 Amazing ending

    Oh my god!! i love this show! i have finish season 4 and now im waiting season 5...

    So lets start! First im very glad that Tony and Mishelle is back together again also im very agry with president Logan he dont deserves to be president he He agreed of jack death…I don’t like him…anyway President Palmer was very good in the little episode we have see him…Now about the Jack dead.. I cant believe that he save all he save the people BUT the want to give him to Chinese ! they lost their mind??? Anyway am very glad that Jack is still alive and am waiting for season 5 I cant wait!
  • Fantastic. Brilliant. Great Last Scene

    This was a great episode and one of the most emotional for a long time. I know, the season 3 finale did put across Jack's built up emotions, which we hadn't seen. But, this finale saw a few of my favourite characters leave the show.

    Unfortunately I have already been told what happens in Season 5. Palmer and Tony leave unfortunately, which I find very moving - two of my favourite characters.

    How the producers dealt with the death of Marwan was somewhat disappointing however. It was a shame that they didn't really get to speak - Marwan simply killed himself - I didn't feel 'fulfilled' in that Jack didn't get to do anything to him, if you get my gist.

    However, the faked death and Audrey's apparent emotions really brought this together, along with the "friend" exchange between Palmer and Bauer.

    Oh, and I didn't see that link between the series with Mandy coming - that was well done. I know most would have, but I wasn't looking closely enough.

    All in all, a fantastic season finale.
  • What a episode! Jack is dead and is now wanted by the chinese government to warp up the best season so far. (spoilers ahead)

    All time favourite!
    The missile was destroyed early to warp up the china storyline with Jack.
    The stroryline will end with Jack been handed over to China but Cummings plots his death. Palmer will warn Jack who tries to escape but only to die. What Jack dead? Is it the end of 24? The answer was no with Tony, Michelle and Chole help him fake his death to escape the US and the Chinese government.
    To end it was Audrey's reaction to Jack which is followed by the final ever conversation between Jack Bauer and David Palmer. This contain one of my favourite lines:
    Palmer: This is probably the last time we’ll ever speak. Jack, you do understand when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead.
    Jack: I understand that, sir. Mr. President, it’s been an honor.
    Palmer: Same for me, my friend.
    This ends with Jack hanging up and walking into the rising sun offically deceased. On the other hand the only downfall of the episode was Marwan's fate and it been David Palmer & Michelle Dessler's 2nd to last appearence on 24.

    What an end to Season 4!
  • this episode roked

    michelle and tony make a great couple they should never break up buts sad how she dies in a car bomb chloe is cool but strange it looked shes had botox but jack this was his best performance yet when marwan cut his hand that woul have urt so muchi would have let marwan die but whe he died that was sad tony was almost crying and then he started to cough that guy how gave him up should rot in hell the finishing seen where he puts his galsses on was very csi miami style but a great see we now by to jack and hello to frank
  • Jack Bauer is now wanted by the chinese.

    I had read that Kiefer Sutherland wasn't sure if he wanted to do a 5th season. So when the secret service guy said that Jack had no pulse then I thought, oh no, he's dead, and this is how the show will end. But when Tony was able to revive him then I was totally shocked that he was still alive and I'm even more shocked that they'll be a 5th season.
  • A great wrap-up for a medium season.

    So, season four has come to an end. A partly weak season wraps up with a series of really strong episodes.

    They had me wondering there for a while whether or not they would save the day. I kept thinking that 24 is the kind of show which COULD demolish an entire city. But when it was revealed that the target was LA it was obvious that they would stop it on time. And honestly, after that revelation it felt like they hasted through it. "We are so screwed, oh there's the missile, yay we are all saved".

    Audrey dumped Jack, though not in the type of scene I had expected. I had expected a whole "I don't know who you are" speech but instead Audrey impressed me by telling him that she loves him but they belong in different worlds. I loved seeing her reaction to the news of Jack's death, for the first time in far too many hours she realised that Paul was not the only person she stood to lose.

    Mike Novick is back on track. I'm glad to see him get his redemption and prove that he is after all only trying to do what he believes is best. I really hated his guts for a while but now I can like him again. They handled it very nicely, kudos!

    The Almeidas seemed to be off to live a peaceful life together, far from CTU. Seems exactly like Chase and Kim if you ask me. Tony will be back, I can't imagine that they would let that character go. The audience loves him as much as Jack trusts him. Besides, we need that one character other than Jack who we know is always doing what he believes is the right thing, even if he might be misguided. We never have to guess Tony's intentions and that is a huge relief in a show where most people have ulterior motives.

    Chloe seems officially a member of the 24 family now, since she got to take part in the secret of Jack's demise. Honestly I don't think I would have trusted her with it, but since I like our awkward Chloe it was nice to see her get some recognition.

    Another great focus on the bond between Jack and Tony. I really love how they are there for each other. You could totally tell that Tony was in on the whole thing when he was "chasing" Jack. I loved how he lashed out at that secret service agent and how desperately he tried to revive Jack. When the two parted ways it was obvious that there was a whole lot Tony wanted to say but couldn't, and Jack understood. Great stuff!

    I was disappointed that Jack called Palmer in the end. Not that I don't love Palmer, but I was rooting for the call to be to Kim. I know he owes Palmer a whole lot, but that does go the other way too, and Kim is his daughter. She's already had the "your father's dead, oops he's not" thing thrown at her before, twice is kind of harsh. Oh well, I assume Tony will be the one to let her in on the secret. He seems to be the official middleman of the Bauer family.

    Season four ended with The Agent Formely Known As Jack Bauer walking off into the sunset, across railroad tracks unless I'm mistaken. A real Lucky Luke ending. Can't wait for next season!
  • This is tied with two other episodes for the best in the series. Too bad it had one major flaw that ruined some of the show....

    The Season 4 finale of 24 was crucial to watch because it is the essence of what 24 is...action packed, filled with surprises, and deserving of its originality fame. The "death" of Jack is brilliantly done and cleverly worked into the whole Chinese government plot, and it is excellent that Jack still has a few friends who can keep his secret. Tony shines again as risking it all for Jack, almost losing it while trying to revive him after pretending to be dead. The final conversation between Jack and Palmer makes me think that Dennis Haysbert's time is up, but the stare he shared with Logan makes me think he won't let that man be President for long. Finally, the only downfall of the episode was the death of Habib Marwan, because his fall was completely fake looking...totally ruined that part of the episode. And the last thing, Mandy was in this episode, so it was awesome. The only episodes that might beat this one are the one in Season 2 when Jack ditches the plane and Mason takes over, and the Season 3 Episode when Chase escapes from the Mexican ranch.
  • It was mean that Audrey thinks Jack is dead!!!

    I still think it is rather mean that no one tells Audrey that Jack is really alive. I mean, she had a wretched day!! Her dad and brother were kidnapped, her estranged husband died and then the guy she loved "died".
    On the other hand, maybe they were simply waiting till after the funerals to tell her, otherwise she wouldn\'t show the proper degree of emotion. At least I hope that was the reason for not telling her.
  • It just keeps getting better.

    This was the best season for 24. But then again they all were excellent. 24 had me at season 1 and I'm still hooked. I can't wait to see how they bring Jack back for the next season. I wonder if Cloe will return to CTU and maybe as a field agent.
  • This is the best episode of 24 since S1-E24 or S2-E24 nobody messes with Jack Buaer and lives

    I was so inpatient to see this episode i downloaded it from the states 3 weeks before it aired in the UK and i am glad i did. i loved every minute of this episode watching Jack being branded a traitor after saving the whole city also watching Habib Marwans face as he fell from the building was good same as The Mummy 2.

    Overall excelent episode 10/10, A**, etc cant wait to see how they bring him back in season 5 but it will be fantastic even if Jack turns to the dark side!
  • Opens a plethora of possibilities for Season 5.

    What an amazing ending to a very exciting season. The writers threw more events and plot twists at this season than any of the past seasons. Bringing Mandy back was a surprise and awesome since Nina was killed back in Season 3. She has the edge, ruthlessness and sex appeal that we've all been wanting. I hope she comes back again sometime in the future since she's been given immunity. I really hope they use some continuity the next and have the U.S. go to war with China. I have high hopes for Season 5.
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