Season 4 Episode 12

Day 4: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2005 on FOX

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  • little dull

    The only thing that is more relevant to main story that happened in this episode is reentry of Michelle. This starts a new phase. I really did not appreciate the way she left her husband and the way she treated him at CTU. After all, he lost job because he tried to save her. She lived because of him. She should not let that slip off her mind and leave Tony. Now that she is back it might get interesting to see what she was up to during this period.
  • Lights out!


    Okay, the last episode ended awesomely: CTU stopped the meltdowns and Marwan escaped the Rockland Building. So rather than focus this hour on a tense manhunt in the immediate vicinity, the writers took the easy way out and had Jack simply go and tackle another lead. Ugh.
    What a boring lead it is; the McLennan-Forster arc is a mistake from the get-go. Not only does it take the characters on too far a tangent from the main storyline; it eventually brings in a heavy-handed political message that makes me want to barf.
    Paul accompanies Jack to McLennan-Forster to find info on Marwan. Why does he accompany him, exactly? Paul actually gives a reason, but it doesn't really matter. It's just an excuse to put those two together for a stupid and awkward story arc. The white executives at MF (teehee!) plot against Jack to stop him from finding any incriminating evidence, and activate an EMP. Marwan makes arrangements with a henchman regarding an Air Force base. Driscoll steps down as she's reeling from the death of…I'm not even gonna say it. And Michelle Dessler comes in to replace her. Yeah, that's not contrived at all.
    This is the nosedive—the point where the writers lose their mojo and start scrambling for ways to fill out the rest of the season. And while they will come up with a few good ideas, the remainder of S4 is mostly a mess as far as I'm concerned.

    Hourly Highlight:
    The blackout. Excellently creepy music.

  • Some Drama and Fillers Task

    With 13 episodes left, the writers come up with a filler task for both Jack an Paul. Nothing really relevant happened. However, it seems that paul will be killed ou injuried, to cause some drama between audrey and Jack.

    Driscoll is out and her drama could be heartbreaking for some viewers, the moment she have with heller was very well done.

    Tony Almeida was the only pay off of this episode. He takes driscoll position on CTU and it seems that he only coud have lost it, in laters episodes. However, this in the end of this episode, to create a strong episode finale, that make some viewers like me want too see how this will roll.
  • Vice versa feelings

    There were things I liked and things I did not and it would have got better mark if the ending had been as strong as the start.

    As the first part of the episode was about Driscoll and her dealings. It was just heart broking to see the aftermath and how she just could not handle it. And Heller talking to her, very beautiful moment. I loved that part of the episode.

    The other part and the end - it was mostly Jack and Paul being on that new office building and getting into trouble. I just wonder how Jack did not get it before that they might not be so happy to co-operate or why CTU did not warn them if they figured it out quite early.

    Anyway.. blackout there.. and the ending.. they are bringing back more and more old char.. I loved how Tony reacted.
  • Review

    Another average episode for the writers of 24. Marwan escaped, though we didnt see anything near the beginning of how he got through the rest of CTU. I thought a little bit more attention should have been paid to that. Jack and Paul going together to MF to try and found out what Marwan was working on was just a filler task to make sure that Marwan had enough time to reestablish a new plan for the day. A lot of the early scenes at MF were nothing but fillers and the end wasnt enough to stabalize the episode enough. Driscoll had a great scene with the Secratary of Defense, which was actually the best scene in the episode. Tony taking over command for a total of - 40 minutes was a bit of a waste. I think it would have been better if Michelle had shown up at the end of next episode but its still good to have the gang of Tony, Michelle, and Jack back together. Overall, it was a decent episode but again nothing amazing.
  • 24 season 4 6:00pm-7:00

    what an amazing episode.I cant believe it that people are rating this episode 8.7 it should be al least 9.0.it had great directing(when all the lights turn off in the city),great acting(jack and paul),great score.i really liked the moment when jack tried to prevent the electric bomb to happen and when he screamed while he was holding the door .Great EPISODE!!!!!and most of the 6:00-7:00 episodes were great like season 3 (6:00am-7:00am)where chappelle dies(the silent clock was amazing)and season 5 (6:00pm-7:00pm)SPOILER ALERT BIG SPOILER!! Where edgar dies (also the great silent clock!!)
  • great episode

    Jack along with Paul Raines visit a defense company where Marwan used to work at. The company refuses to cooperate and destroys any evidence they have linking the company to Marwan. Erin Driscoll's takes herself out of the job after the suicide death of her daughter. Heller appoints Tony Almeida to run CTU on an interim basis while division searches for a replacement for Driscoll. This episode is so awesome, some characters leave, the scenes with Jack Bauer and Paul Raines trapped at a city block was done well. They really looked like as if their lives are in trouble, great episode.
  • Very un-believable McLennan-Forster story

    I have a major problem with the McLennan-Forster storyline. I just don't understand how murder of a government agent, murder of a civilia, property damage, obstruction of justice and all that can be a better option than handing over some evidence to help the government! Even if they do manage to kill Jack and Paul, it doesn't kill the investigation, and CTU knew where Jack and Paul were and what they were doing. I never thought i would give my favourite show a 4.5/10, but there it is. Very silly stuff.

    Justin Grima

    This is my 4th review.
  • An episode focusing more on the characters than on the terrorist threat.

    This episode was neither very good nor very bad. It was an in-betweener, but it felt necessary. There has to be some hours where nothing terribly exciting happens or else it would just be too unbelievable. This episode focused more on roles in the flock than terrorist threats.
    I liked seeing Jack and Paul working together. Mighty big of Paul to forgive Jack the torture earlier; I had Paul pinned as the type who never forgets something like that. I'm almost starting to like Paul. Almost.
    Marwan, aka my favorite mummy, didn't really do much in this episode other than hint that the terrorists have more up their sleeve. Yeah, I figured that much already.
    I'm surprised to see Driscoll written out so quickly. 12 episodes have passed and I figured she'd be around for at least another 6. But I guess after what she's been through she's not much use to anybody. Plus they needed a reason to bring Michelle back. I liked Heller's interaction with Driscoll in this episode, and come to think of it I like Heller's style all together. He reminds me of Palmer in many ways, only he doesn't have a psychotic ex-wife.
    Looking forward to see what will happen now that Tony and Michelle come face to face at work again. Nothing like a national crisis to shift things around in their relationship. First getting them together then breaking them up... I just hope we won't have to listen to a whole lot of cheap shots between the two of them, or Tony bringing up what he did in season 3 and Michelle responding by the reasons why she left. We know that bit already.
    I'm not really at the edge of my seat in waiting for the next episode. But then again, after a filler episode they usually have a more pivotal one.
  • Fails to capitalize on the momentum of the previous episode. Episode summary in review.

    After some consistently entertaining episodes, 24 slips with this one, and the resulting arc too. The sense of urgency isn't there. CTU is so desperate to find Marwan, but he spends most of the hour not doing anything. What happens next isn't worrying Marwan, but rather he's approaching it at a leisurely pace. If he's not deeply concerned, why should we be? Instead we get the villains from arms dealer McLennan-Forester, who come off more as inconsistent.

    Edgar finds some more information about Marwan. He worked for McLennan-Forester, the company that created the override. This information helps clarify how Marwan would know about the override being on the train and how it works. Jack decides to head over, having Curtis take Paul and Audrey back to CTU. However, Paul knows their computer system since he made it for them. He volunteers to go with Jack, who accepts. Now we're in a situation where Jack and Paul have to work together. It's going to be awkward.

    Driscoll is devastated following her daughter's death. Sarah finds out and Edgar wonders how Maya would be able to kill herself. This is something they threw in if they needed a storyline later because it is never brought up again. There is no need to add mystery to this. Whether Maya killed herself due to negligence or the CTU staff killed her is never brought up again, which makes this loose thread unnecessary and frustrating.

    It also distracts Driscoll from her work. Though she says that she is too valuable for the investigation, she can't focus on locating Marwan. She's quiet when the president calls and she spaces out when Tony asks to relocate agents to finding Marwan's cells. Sarah wants Driscoll out, but Edgar asks to be easy on her considering Maya died ten minutes ago. He's the most suitable character to bring up sympathy, but they don't say why since it's clear to viewer.

    They surmise that Marwan has been planning this attack since coming to America. His job at McLennan-Forester was used to recruit others. Jack demands a tight perimeter around the building, but Marwan manages to get out of the building and board a bus rather easily. While on the bus he sees a mother and child and smiles. This feels incomplete without the accompanying scene where he says goodbye to his family. It was cut.

    As they head to McLennan-Forester, Jack calls Audrey. She asks that he take care of Paul for her. He agrees, and luckily they don't reiterate a hundred times that Jack just tortured Paul. Paul tells him that he isn't angry, but he doesn't want to let go of Audrey, even though it's clear that she's made her decision. The writers and James Frain (the actor) had to be careful in their portrayal to make this guy just proud and not a possessive, abusive jerk. I think they handled it well. I feel sorry for Paul.

    Tony, Heller and Driscoll get together in her office to discuss what Marwan is going to do next. One thing they never discuss is the possibility that Marwan could leave LA. Previously, the terrorists on 24 only had one goal over a day. However, it would be anticlimactic if the big bad left only eleven hours in the episode.

    Driscoll faints, prompting Tony and Heller to come to her aid. A medic comes and escorts her to get some food. Her absence prompts Heller to seriously discuss replacing her. Since Tony has the experience (though many nit-pick that he has three years experience, not two), he'd be best to head CTU, even if it is temporarily. Heller agrees, but still insists on contacting District for a permanent replacement. It's a little early to talk about a permanent replacement. Isn't it? Driscoll can't work now, but she may be fine in a few days. They could've said "official" or maybe I'm pushing the syntax too much. Of course, everyone knows who the new replacement will be.

    At McLennan-Forester, Mr. McLennan learns about the current situation from another executive. I found this scene interesting considering the differences between the two men. McLennan wants to come forward, but the other man doesn't out of fear that the PR will ruin their company. This situation could be applied to many conversations Sherry and David had regarding cover-ups. McLennan is more honorable, but is a pushover unlike David. He lets the other man and Conlon, head of security "take care of it". In classic tradition, the crime doesn't get you; it's the cover.

    Heller finds Driscoll and comforts her. He knows about loss. When his wife died, he ignored his grief until long afterward. He doesn't want her to do the same. She should go home and grieve. He convinces her to leave and hand the power over to Tony. For a sub par storyline, this resolution wasn't bad. However, it does raise the question about the purpose Driscoll's character had. Her character didn't do much aside from serve as a reason to get Jack back in CTU. She may have been tough, but she hardly compares to Mason or Chappelle. It would've been better had they just kept Michelle around and had her be the boss.

    Jack grows wary when Conlon tells him that McLennan is busy at a meeting. They lead them to his office, where they watch from another room. Though he can access Marwan's computer and erase the incriminating evidence, Paul's knowledge of the system alarms Conlon. They prepare for drastic measures to prevent Jack and Paul discovering anything incriminating. In their building, they have prepared an EMP bomb; a non-lethal weapon destroys all electronic equipment. Though it will destroy their hardware, they figure it's better than ruining their business.

    Curtis isn't happy about Tony getting the job over him, and he has reason. Tony doesn't even work there officially. When Tony tells Edgar that he wants to be his go to guy, Curtis tries to get Edgar to go his way. Tony makes peace by emphasizing the temporary aspect of the position and his stance to get out of there when the crisis is over.

    It's funny how they are working so hard to find Marwan, but when we see him, he is idling away in the open. He's waiting for a man, who updates him about their upcoming attack. The men at the Air Force base are ready. Marwan tells him a name of someone who will get him out of the country. When he asks what Marwan will do, Marwan is silent, implying that he doesn't intend on living through it. Unfortunately, the future attack is so specific that the vague hints now aren't enough.

    McLennan and his cronies continue worrying as Paul proves his expertise in the software. They decide to prepare the EMP for detonation, planning to blame it on Marwan. Conlon contacts the guard in the EMP room, who initiates the detonation sequence. As it charges, the electricity flickers and phone lines are down. However, the AIM was working fine. Now this just came off as stupid. Tony and Jack message each other about the situation (unfortunately devoid of emoticons and smileys). Jack realizes that McLennan-Forester is on to them, and discovers the EMP. Tony finds where the EMP is in the building.

    Paul prints some encrypted evidence, which causes Conlon to rush to the room. Jack runs to the EMP room, hoping that he'll be able to stop it. Conlon comes in and nonchalantly asks what he was printing. Paul says he can check it out himself Paul is craftier than we thought, replacing the hard copy with blank pages and running for the door. He manages to hide in an empty room.

    Jack beats up a few guards and makes it to the EMP room. Unfortunately, nothing he does stops the bomb. In a last ditch effort, he tries to stop the door by himself, screaming as if he'll absorb the energy given off by the bomb. Everything goes dark. Jack tries to find the entrance, which Paul has, but Conlon arrives there simultaneously.

    CTU receives word of the EMP's detonation and tries to figure out what to do. One of the helicopters crashed, and needs help. Tony talks to Heller about the EMP, at which Tony thanks him for his work. The replacement from division has arrived, and Heller would like Tony to stay to help ease the transition. Can you guess who it is? Can you? It's none other than now straight haired Michelle. No one gasps in surprise.

    The first episode in this new arc fails to capitalize on the suspense of the prior episode. What was a promising cliffhanger of Marwan impersonating a CTU agent fizzles in the first act, as Marwan gets away rather easily. Little is accomplished in this episode aside from shifting the deadweight that is Driscoll's character and bringing Michelle back in the fold.
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