Season 4 Episode 1

Day 4: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • One of the best season openers i have seen

    After being fired from CTU, Jack is work for Secretary of defence, but has a meeting at CTU that morning. Ofcourse, at the same time, there is a plot of terrorism going on, and Jack recognices one of the suspects, it isnt long before we get old Bauer, torturing suspects and getting results. Here we see Chloe and Edgar fighting but the chemistry is already present. Having seen the whole series this was planned, but how could we have known how great Edgar's character would be, and that Chloe would be at CTU at the end of the series.
  • Best way to begin

    I have to stay the first 3 seasons took a while to take off and the first episodes in all these seasons had been to set the pace. The first episode in season 4 on the other hand plunges right into the story and keeps us on the edge of the seat always. My first question was what happened to Tony and where is Michelle. Is she with him? Is Tony still in jail. It is kind of surprising and little refreshing to see a whole lot of new faces. Another good thing here that there is no Kim :) so no more kidnapping. Jack not working for CTU is something I felt little hard to believe, particularly after what he has accomplished, it seemed to me kind of foolish to have him fired, that too, when he had presidents approval for what he has done. This season appears to be more promising than earlier ones.
  • Best beginning since Season one!

    After the suspenseful season three, 24 is back again in this new season, with a lot of changes in visual aspects and brand new faces. So it can be explained as a new era. And Jack Bauer looks very well in this new season. And this new season looks well too.
    At first, this is the best beginning yet, since the beginning from the season one.
    Any season had a beginning as powerful and so engaging like this new series.

    The acting is perfect, and the new characters are very good. The suspense is great and the action is so powerful.

    Very good beginning.
  • A Great Way to Begin This Season!!!!

    Producing too many seasons can be bad, since the writers began to run out of ideas.

    For the time being 24 escapes, because this season promises to be good, with enough news.

    Beginning for the CTU, we have several new characters, it gives a new air to the show. Jack does not work in CTU anymore, palmer is not the president, and probably Tony is in jail.

    This season starts with action and it ends with action and with a good ending.

    Jack now has a new love in his life, Andrey play both kim and teri role , since she is captured alive by the terrorists, because she is a daughter of a politician.

    Since Palmer is out, Heller will play a vital role for jack, because now jack had lost is influence over the presidence.

    With this in mind, Audrey and Heller are Captured, and now Jack has to save them. Nothing particulary new of course, but done in a diferrent way.

    Until now, this season seems nice. We are going to see for how much long.
  • A new day...

    Oh.. it looks weird.. Some time has past and they have redone everything in CTU as the place looks totally new but I think this is the point - Jack is having totally different life, it looks like Kim is happy and living far away from all the trouble but trouble is just around the corner for Jack.

    Oh, the episode is just a perfect build up of excitement - the train that really gets it all going on the first moment, then the family breakfast what brakes it all with sentence - so far everything is going just like planned. And CTU.. and then Jack figuring out what is going on.. oh.. have to see more..
  • Something wicked this way explodes

    For its time, the S4 premiere beat out all other "24" premieres. Though it's since been upstaged by the S5 premiere, "Day Four: 7am - 8am" thrills, chills, and kills. The action starts when a commuter train is derailed by a truck containing C-4 explosives. And that's just the first scene.
    As we get introduced to the new characters (Erin Driscoll, Sarah Gavin, Curtis Manning, Edgar Stiles, Audrey Raines, and Secretary of Defense James Heller), we're also reunited with the remnants of the first three seasons: Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian. We also get a good look at the Bigbads, the dreaded Araz Family. The family element makes these villains especially ominous, and it pretty much turns the family theme of S1 completely on its head.
    This premiere differs from previous ones in that Jack doesn't just walk into CTU and get a formal briefing on the main threat. Instead, we learn what the threat is by watching it just unfold and play out. Quite a different setup, I'd say. Will this uniqueness lead to a better season than the last three? Well, S4 has already aired in its entirety, so I'll just give you my opinion: NO. But this is still an extremely impressive premiere, and we should all enjoy the quality while it lasts.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Audrey and Heller's kidnapping. Quality in the house, son!
  • Review

    Lots of things to go over since we last left 24 at the end of Season 3. Jack not working for CTU anymore is going to be an interesting problem. Unless Erin gives him a temporary job there to deal with this crisis, it looks as if he is going to be working without CTUs help. Now that he works for James Heeler though, I think his close connection with the president could sne him back to CTU again. Jack beign in a relationship, and happy, in this season should be good. The fact that his girlfriend was kidnapped one hour into the episode was a little bit of a reach by the writers I think, but I do like the fact that he seems to be moving on. I dont really like the fact that this "Paul" guy has been the topic of three conversations, it makes me feel as if he will play a bigger part in the season then we might be thinking. The man who took over for Bauer is sure to end up dead soon, as he is reckless and doesnt really notice the things that Jack can notice on the spot when it really matters. I think the Araz family and the man who has the computer information are both nothing but fillers right now and I hope they dont become a huge part of the storyline. Jack breaking into the interrogation room to get the information he needed out of the terrorists was awesome. Jack has always threatened to use force on someone without co-operating and this time he outright shot someone to get information within a couple of minutes until the deadline. With Heeler kiddnapped and Jack wanting to get Audrey back, things seem to be off to a very fast start here in Season 4. Also note - Erin Driscole is no Tony Almedia, George Mason, or Ryan Chapelle.
  • awesome

    day 4 begins quickly, we are introduced to jack's new life. he now works for the department of defense. he has a new girlfriend. his life is away from CTU, but a terrorist attack brings him back there and he is forced to assist in the investigation of a possible terrorist attack inside the US. this first episode is so fast paced, it's got action in it, it's so entertaining to watch. the producers made sure it's going to be another great season. i really enjoyed this. they did a good job with this. i'm already getting that same 24 excitement running through my veins.
  • This is what happens when they turn CTU into a skateboard park

    As he leaves the school, Jack Bauer goes to his car and cries in the last scene of Day 3. He has obviously just seen 18 months into the future, a day with more disaster and more lives lost than Day 2 and 3 put together.

    The beginning of the episode is unclear as Day 4 begins at 7:00am, yet it is still dark when the plane crashes. At first I thought this may have to do with timezones until I realised that LA is the furthest west of America and the last timezone ... I think.

    Wow, I've already confused myself and I only just started writing this review.

    Whether the train crash was supposed to take place at another time wasn't clear to me and - as stunning as the crash was (the special effects on this show amaze me constantly) - it was also confusing. Then there was Shariq, who was also confusing as he had a considerably bigger physical build than the man on the motorbike who retrieved the suitcase. So who was the man on the motorbike? The casting people and stunt teams really have to pay attention to things like this.

    But that's about my only real criticism for the episode as I thought this was a great beginning to the season. I wasn't overly impressed with Season 3 and hadn't seen Season 2 so really I was looking for a good follow-up to the premiere of Season 1 (and also of Season 5 as I watched this season after Season 5 finished. Which inevitably was a mistake). Season 4 has obviously taken the approach of "out with the old, in with the new" as we have a new set of CTU staff (although we still have the beloved Chloe), a new CTU building (with an uncanny resemblence to a skate park), President Keeler is now in charge, a delicious new set of terrorists and most importantly, Jack has a new life.

    18 months on from Day 3, Jack Bauer is now working for Secretary of Defense James Heller while he indulges in a seedy relationship with Heller's daughter, Audrey. Despite the fact that Audrey inevitably grows into a great character (see Day 5), one can't help but feel the hostility towards her in this episode that a lot of other fans have felt. The scene in the hotel room felt kinda cliche, but it set the tone for Jack's personal journey throughout Day 4.

    The new CTU staff are average at best, although they need time to improve. On first impressions, there's no real character in these new employees that Erin Driscoll - CTU's new head honcho - has hired. In fact, Driscoll herself doesn't seem to have one. Despite this, Driscoll is the kind of boss who obviously has her favourites (Sarah) and the ones who she has to tolerate (Chloe) which isn't the best attitude for the CTU head honcho to have, which is proved through Driscoll's ignorance of Chloe's lead.

    Chloe continues to get the best lines, even into this season. "Sarah, stop trying to be Driscoll's pet" made me crack up, because Sarah is just repulsive and a new employee that I can live without. If I was watching Day 4 before I'd seen Day 5, I probably wouldn't really have an opinion on the characters of Edgar and Curtis. And you just know that Ronnie will conveniently die in order for Jack to retake his place.

    As for our new set of terrorists, forget Nina Myers. Forget Sherry Palmer. The delightfully creepy Araz family have taken center stage, and they are the most creepy villains in 24's history, especially Dina. With a house interior worthy of a space on Wisteria Lane and uneasy family relationships (the Araz elders aren't happy that Behrooz is dating an American girl), the Araz clan seem like they could just be any family. What their neighbours don't know is that they have a deep involvement in the events that are about to take place. Shohreh Aghdashloo and Nestor Serrano are a wonderful pairing together, and Jonathan Ahdout is quite a skilled young actor himself. By the end of the episode, you just want to be at an Araz family meal.

    The main leads established at the end of the episode are Andrew Paige and Richard Heller. One can't help but wonder why the terrorists kidnapped Audrey instead of killing her too, as it seems that it's only Secretary Heller they want. Something tells me that Richard Heller, similarly to Britney Spears, isn't all that innocent.

    I think this episode was a great set up for the upcoming episodes. Though the situations are similar, i.e. kidnapping, a CTU worker helping Jack without the boss' knowing, the episode really moved at a fast pace. I think it was one of 24's best premieres.

    Loved it when Jack took down the guard, shot his knee in order to extract the information. Classic disobedient out of line Jack.

    This season sure is promising, and it can only get better from here. Or can it?
  • 24 season openers never been top - notch, but so far, this is the best out of the 4.

    This is the 2nd time we start the season with Jack NOT working for CTU. But this time he\'s not a lonely, homeless, santa claus lookalike man.

    We meet a nice looking girl, Audrey(Kim Raver) who seems to have close relationship with Jack. Ya, well, since shes half clotheless... there must be something.

    Jack works for Secretary of Defence, whose daughter is the already mentioned Audrey.

    But lets not go this far.

    The opening scene features a train, explosion, a man, and a case.

    Yes, the whole xplosion was just for the case.

    Surprise, surprise. Whats in it? Not yet known.

    Kim and Chase are living happily together. They dont have ANY lines or appearance in season 4.
    The best storyline of this season, is, in my opinion, the Araz family's plot. Although they do get off'ed after a while, until they are featured, they are amazing. You would never imagine they are terrorists.
    Heller and his daughter visites Richard Heller(The secretary\'s son), but something goes wrong.

    and they are kidnapped. And thats where 24 starts off.
  • It is an average season premiere. I think this is an okay season of 24. I have only seen seasons 1,4,and 5. Out of those, I rate season 4 last.

    This episode starts off with Jack Bauer getting ready to go to his new job. He had been fired from CTU about eighteen months ago, and now his job was working for secretary James Heller. Of course, sooner or later, Jack is back out in the field. He has to go on the field to find out about a terrorist attack that happened earlier in that day of twenty-four. A train had been bombed, and a briefcase had gone missing. Jack had to talk his way into getting back into the field. They had gotten a new CTU director, and her name was Erin Drishcoll. I think that she had a grudge against Jack, so it was hard for him to convince her to let him go back into the field. They were interrogating a terrorist, where he walked in and shot the man in the leg. He then confessed to the events that happened at the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, Audrey Raines, the daughter of secretary Heller, is kidnapped with her father. They are kidnapped from her brothers house by terrorists. They being driven down the road when the episode ends.

    Overall, I would rate this episode a ten out of ten, just because it was awesome anyway. I would rate any average season premiere a ten out of ten, so why not rate this a ten out of ten. This season just keeps getting plot twists all of the way up until the final plot twist of the series. If you are new to the series, then you will love this. If you are not new to the serieis, you might or might not like this season. This was the first season of twenty-four I actually watched. I loved it right away. I think that if you are new, then you will most definetely love this first episode. Thank you for reading my review for the first episode of Twenty-Four season four.
  • Amazing start the season 4 start with a very good episodes i love it

    Omg this is very good first episode i love it but where is tony and mishelle???they we not come back again??

    I cant believe that someone else running ctu!!?

    Also i love the new characters there very good and Cloe is the best...
    Ok now i want to watch alla the episodes of season 4 and i will waiting the season 5

    I also learn from this site that kiefer is going to be in 24 for another three years!!! this is ver good!!! i dont want this show end never

    24rulezzzzzz the best tv shoe i have ever seen in my whole life!!

  • Wow, talk about starting the season off with a bang...

    I watched this episode earlier today, and it was so good I had to watch it again. The first five minutes with Chloe acting like she's actually in charge of something were obscurely disturbing - until the comment about "stop trying to be Driscoll's pet, she doesn't like it" - there's the Chloe I know and despise.

    We see a new, softer Jack in the hotel room with Audrey - I have a few issues with him this way. Jack needs the finely honed edge he's had since Terri and Kim were kidnapped oh, so long ago. As we find out not too much later, he hasn't actually lost that edge, just buried it for a while. It does seem, though, that not even he is sure if that it's still there.

    The Araz family is also somewhat left of center - the appearance of a normal family morning with a surreal conversation about the train bombing and contact or lack thereof with "that American girl". Dating tips and terrorist tactics in one go.

    You know Jack's edge is merely buried when he spots the tell at the drycleaner's shop leading to the arrest of Tomas Sherek, but boy, does it ever makes its reappearance during the questioning. Gotta love it when Jack shoots the prisoner... lol... After all, it's not like it's the first time he's done it.

    I have a problem with the way Driscoll so blithely dismisses Jack and his concerns over why Sherek is in L.A. She may have fired him a year earlier, but she's throwing away a valuable resource in his intuition in regards to what's going to happen.

    On a side not, I have to say, Keifer carries off the scruffy look like no one I have seen in years. He's wearing a very well-cut suit, a gorgeous blue shirt, and has at least a day's worth of stubble on his face. *sigh* :)
  • The beginning of season 4

    This show has excited me very much. I anticipated the start of the fourth seasom very much. I was certainly not disappointed by the way the season went. It was well worth the time I spent watching it. I hope Season 5 will be even better. I can't wait until January.
  • A new day, a new cast, a new Jack, same 24. Episode summary in review.

    It had been seven months since season three ended, and 24 would be facing a few more changes. The cast is largely new actors. In the premiere, only Jack, Chloe and President Keeler are the only spillover. Fans would have to adjust to the new characters, along with tuning in on Mondays instead of Tuesdays. Also, they had to wait seven and a half months to see this, much longer than previous seasons so expectations are high.

    24 begins its fourth season explosively. A man, Brody, sits in one of the passenger cars, nervously sipping on some coffee as another suspicious man walks towards him. Brody has a briefcase handcuffed to his hand. Suddenly the conductor spots a truck stalled on the tracks. Despite his attempts to break, it collides and the explosives inside cause the entire train to derail. A henchman watching from a distance rides his motorcycle to the wreckage, callously stepping by the victims to get to Brody. He's out for the briefcase. Why is unknown. Briefcases are great for creating tension and mystery. Contents of mysterious briefcases have been featured in many TV shows and movies, including Pulp Fiction.

    Over at the new CTU, Chloe and new agent Sarah Gavin overlook some information regarding a person on the terrorists watch list who has been spotted. Chloe's social skills haven't improved since last season, as she calls Sarah out for kissing up to Erin Driscoll, the new head of CTU. Through various bits of information, Sarah shows Chloe information that a terrorist attack was supposed to take place at 8 AM on the East Coast. They put those pieces together to theorize that they may have meant West Coast time. For a show that is done in real time, I'm surprised they don't do more about time zones.

    Early on, we already know something big will happen at the end of this episode. It's an easy way to lure in viewers, especially first timers, since this season was a new beginning. Few shows get an opportunity to win over a large new audience this point in its run. But since 24 changed its cast, moved to a new night and changed most of its cast, they stand a chance to get those who haven't followed the previous three seasons to tune in without having to worry about past stories right away.

    Up in the main office, Erin Driscoll discusses the train crash on the phone. Chloe comes in and tells her about the possible connection they've made between the train crash, the sighting and the threat. But what really is the purpose of this scene is to set up what has happened to Jack in the interim between seasons. Erin fired Jack because of his drug problem. What Jack has done since then is answered in the following scene

    We cut to a hotel, a few hours after the scene in the DVD prequel, where Jack is getting ready to attend a budget meeting at CTU. He now has been working with the Secretary of Defense, James Heller. For the first time since season one, he's in a happy relationship with a woman. He's dating Audrey Raines, the daughter of his boss, Secretary of Defense James Heller. He doesn't know about it yet because Audrey's divorce to her husband hasn't been finalized. Jack is grateful to be out of CTU because he wanted a life where he wouldn't have to be detached. This recalls what happened throughout season three regarding the balance of personal relationships and public service. It is also interesting to see how Jack will return to game mode by the end of the hour.

    Back at CTU, the entire crew assembles to find out how and when Sherak will leave LA. Chloe brings up the time zone difference, and being the effective leader that she is, Driscoll dismisses it. This scene also introduces Edgar and Curtis. While initially it may have been overpopulated, they were able to gain focus on three of them. Edgar is shy, but eager to please. We don't get much from Curtis now.

    On the streets, Sherak calls Mr. Araz to confirm things are going to schedule. The Araz family would become one of the most compelling storylines of this season. They are also one of the most controversial. Some activist groups complained that the inclusion of a sleeper cell consisting of a family was xenophobic and drew more suspicion on them. While I can understand their concern, unfortunately some Middle Easterners are terrorists. Clearly not all of them, that is a silly thought. I don't think 24 has a racist or xenophobic agenda seeing how often they've cast minorities in pivotal roles (Tony, Michelle & Palmer.)

    I think they did a good job showing the Araz family as more than mere terrorist stereotypes. Navi, the father, was probably the closest. Despite Navi's promise that the mission will change the world, Behrooz isn't into it. He is also dating an American girl against his father's wishes. Navi and Behrooz are two sides, whereas Dina is the middle. She cares about the mission, but she still cares about her son. These differing perspectives aid to the story later.

    An important moral of this episode…downloading kills. Andrew Paige has stayed up all night stealing software in the hip office of doom when he stumbles upon some code that seeks to corrupt the entire internet. Now this sounds a little absurd, however, in retrospect it fits with a larger part of the threat. In Die Hard fashion, he has to leave the office so the terrorists can infiltrate and leave him the only lead. He informs his former classmate, Chloe. Of course when Driscoll find out about this, she tells her to give this lead to the FBI.

    Jack and Audrey get ready to head out for their busy days. Audrey heads out with her father, the Secretary of Defense, for a secret meeting with Audrey's brother. Jack heads to CTU. Jack and Audrey seem to think that they've gotten away with something, even if Heller looks like he has some clue about what his daughter is doing.

    Chloe, who must be thinking, "Everyone here is stupid except for me" more than usual, is relieved to see Jack return to CTU. We get a loose end tied up when Jack mentions that Chase and Kim are living a calm life and raising Angela in peace, which probably eased the minds of many critics of these two characters.

    Jack can see something big is happening, but he must take care of his meeting with Driscoll first. Though he isn't usually vindictive, he does take some joy in giving her a hard time on her budget. This is just a scene for character relationships since they're about to capture Sherak. It's clear Jack is much better at fieldwork than his replacement Ronnie, as he can see clues at the store that they can't, which results in a successful capture.

    Meanwhile, Audrey and Heller arrive at his son's house. Richard is scheduled to speak at a protest that could embarrass his father and the president. At heart, this is a typical tumultuous father-son relationship, but they should've been a little more discreet with the politics. The son, a stereotypical liberal, is depicted as a babbling idiot where Heller, a member of a right-wing cabinet, is more reasonable. Both sides offer good arguments, and they should've presented it that way. It would've offered a layer of complexity from "I'm doing this to make dad mad."

    While Andrew called Chloe, terrorists raided the hip office of doom and killed his co-workers and is now interrogating the last girl, who Ids him. It's a tense moment, although he'll survive because he is a link to these terrorists. He manages to elude the men out to kill him.

    Erin sends Jack over to a cubicle to work on their budget, but that lasts for a few seconds when Sherak is brought in. Jack knows the man and could be useful interrogating him. His instinct tells him that there's more to this than a train bombing or else he wouldn't be as visible. Being useful, Erin dismisses his help and lets Ronnie do it, which amounts to "Please tell me what's happening at 8. I'll be your friend. (Pause) You're mean!" Jack tries to appeal to Heller's DOD connections to allow him to extract the information, but he can't. Out of time, he shoots Sherak in the leg and finds out that the target is Heller. It's shocking, but good to see Jack back.

    Though he tries to inform Heller, it is too late, as a team of kidnappers blow up one of the cars Heller's secret service agents were driving in. They ambush the secret service and take Heller and Audrey hostage, leaving Jack helplessly listening to Audrey's screams. It's an interesting angle and a great way to end the premiere.

    Politics aside, this first half of the premiere is strong. The new cast eases in as if they were the old one. There's a sense of immediacy right away as a mystery threat composes the first hour, which is indicative of the rest of the season. Jack's eagerness to lead a different life, to his enthusiasm for helping prevent the attack is interesting to watch. "Instinct never dies" is this season's tagline, and it fits well with Bauer's character.