Season 4 Episode 2

Day 4: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack pushes Driscoll to reinstate him in the wake of Heller's kidnapping. He finds himself working as a subordinate when the Field Ops team goes to pick up Andrew.
Behrooz finds himself torn between his loyalty to his parents and his feelings for his girlfriend as he is sent on his first assignment.
Heller tries to comfort his daughter as his captors broadcast their intentions on the Internet.moreless

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  • Awsome episode

    Its so good you are mad every time an episode ends. I can not see any tv show ever topping this.
  • The pace continues

    Writers have wasted no time in bringing Jack back in action. It is so good to see Chloe is still there and is on Jack's side. Kind of felt bad for Behrooz. Is Debbie going to be a victim now?

    Managed to keep the tension alive in this episode. Though reinstating Jack back in field seems to show a weak side of Erin.
  • Just to Make Time and Build Some Details!!!!

    This second episode of 24, contrary to the previous episode, is more weaker. As we all know, jack is back in the field, even is that is temporary, we know this is not true for the past experience like season 2.

    The terrorists managed in some way (plot convinience) to discover the location of the chloe friend´s, now Jack has to find him, before the terrorist kill the guy. For that to happen, roonie has to die.

    Up to now 24 begans well, but had already began to show repetitive signs, which takes away the proper intensity and emotion that the audience should feel.moreless
  • Back in the field

    So, Jack is back on his usual position - trying to save the crises.. ok, this time mostly Audrey and then defense minister. So, now it is all about the man who saw something on the internet and he is in trouble. They are after him and they are tracking his call and when Jack gets back to field to pick him up, they get first and it all ends up with many dead agents and Jack on her own after him.

    I think the another quite interesting storyline was Behrooz and his dealing with his parents. The whole family looks very promising and I am sure we will have good storylines there.moreless
  • Fun 'n' games

    S4 remains strong in its second hour, where everyone gets to work on the newly emerged threat: the kidnapping of Secretary Heller.

    The bond between Jack and Chloe evolves further when she comes to him with news on Andrew Paige, the catalyst for the events to follow. After some bickering with Driscoll, he gets paired up with Ronnie Lobell to go pick Andrew up at a train station.

    The members of the Araz Family are developed with the following moments: Navi and Dina hover their faces freakishly; Behrooz reluctantly delivers a mysterious briefcase then talks with his girlfriend Debbie; Navi slaps Behrooz. Ace.

    But elsewhere on the villain front, henchman Kalil Hasan is also going after Andrew, so the audience can focus on this race between the good guys and the bad guys. And Heller and Audrey are brought to a compound where they meet Omar, who's in charge of…whatever the terrorists want to do with Heller.

    In the end, Kalil wins the race, and Jack begins the story arc where he must follow Kalil around and get to Heller. Also in the end, we find out that Heller's gonna be executed in three hours. It's a wild ride of a season so far, and that ride won't be stopping anytime soon.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Kalil shoots Ronnie.moreless
Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Debbie Pendleton

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Beau Dremann

Beau Dremann

MTA Officer Marx

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Annie LaRussa

Annie LaRussa

Jeannie Paige

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Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Chloe O'Brian

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Tony Plana

Tony Plana


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Louis Lombardi

Louis Lombardi

Edgar Stiles

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When they cut back from commercial at 8:42:49, there's an insert of Secretary Heller in his suit, but it was ripped off of him by the terrorists at 8:35.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Andrew: Who are you?
      Hasan: I'm that man that's going to kill you if you don't follow my instructions.

    • Navi: We've spent years planning for this; waiting for this day to come. Now it's here and you have compromised everything.
      Behrooz: [Debbie] didn't see anything. I made sure of it.
      Navi: We'll see how much she knows. Call her and tell her to come here.
      Behrooz: Father, please don't do this, this is not necessary.
      Navi: I decide what's necessary, not you!

    • Ronnie: So, what's it like working in DC?
      Jack: For the most part, we solve problems in theory that will never come into play. You wouldn't be interested.
      Ronnie: Then why do it?
      Jack: I've got my reasons.

    • Driscoll: Has it occurred to you that we might be farther along if you trusted me half as much as you trust Jack Bauer?
      Chloe: You know what, Miss Driscoll? I'm really not in the mood to play the part of the scared student in the principal's office. I came to you with important information that my friend Andrew gave to me, and you chose to not respond to it.

    • Driscoll: It's a simple job, Ronnie. You pick up the subject and you bring him in.
      Ronnie: Bauer has not been in the field for a year and a half, okay? That has consequences! It's my ass that's...
      Driscoll: (interrupting) Which is why I need you to keep him on a tight leash. It's not optional; it's an order.

    • Ronnie: Okay, so let me understand this: Bauer illegally shoots a suspect and now you are going to let him back in the field?

    • Driscoll: I'm having you locked up for impeding my investigation.
      Jack: You do that, and I'll tell the President that you had Sherek in custody over half an hour before Secretary Heller was even kidnapped, and you couldn't break him. I did!
      Driscoll: Are you threatening me, Jack?
      Jack: I am asking you to let me help rescue Secretary Heller.

    • Chloe: I may have a way to find Heller.
      Jack: I'm being detained, why are you telling me?
      Chloe: Because I don't think Driscoll is handling this the right way and I don't trust her, I trust you.

    • Curtis: Chloe, I need you to move everything from the train bombing to the secondary server.
      Chloe: I did that already.
      Curtis: Good. Then re-key the databases so that the kidnapping and the bombing are synched up as well.
      Chloe: I did that too.
      Curtis: What haven't you done?
      Chloe: I haven't opened a pipe to the Army Criminal Division yet.
      Curtis: Do it.
      Chloe: I'm on my way to.

    • Omar: Our soldiers have taken the terrorist James Heller into custody. In three hours Heller will be tried for war crimes against humanity. If he is proven guilty, he will be executed in accordance with our laws. Because we have nothing to hide, the world would have full access to these proceedings.

    • Terrorist: Take off your clothes.
      Heller: You first.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The scenes involving the compound where Heller and Audrey are held captive were filmed at Fort McArthur, located in San Pedro, California.

    • During several commercial breaks throughout the premiere event, loyal 24 fans got a sudden burst of nostalgia when former cast regular Dennis Haysbert (President "David Palmer") appeared on their TV screens. But Haysbert was a long way from his role as Commander-In-Chief, acting instead in his capacity as the official spokesman for Allstate Insurance. Allstate remained as one of the primary sponsors of the show throughout its fourth season.