Season 4 Episode 2

Day 4: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • Awsome episode

    Its so good you are mad every time an episode ends. I can not see any tv show ever topping this.
  • The pace continues

    Writers have wasted no time in bringing Jack back in action. It is so good to see Chloe is still there and is on Jack's side. Kind of felt bad for Behrooz. Is Debbie going to be a victim now?

    Managed to keep the tension alive in this episode. Though reinstating Jack back in field seems to show a weak side of Erin.
  • Just to Make Time and Build Some Details!!!!

    This second episode of 24, contrary to the previous episode, is more weaker. As we all know, jack is back in the field, even is that is temporary, we know this is not true for the past experience like season 2.

    The terrorists managed in some way (plot convinience) to discover the location of the chloe friend´s, now Jack has to find him, before the terrorist kill the guy. For that to happen, roonie has to die.

    Up to now 24 begans well, but had already began to show repetitive signs, which takes away the proper intensity and emotion that the audience should feel.
  • Back in the field

    So, Jack is back on his usual position - trying to save the crises.. ok, this time mostly Audrey and then defense minister. So, now it is all about the man who saw something on the internet and he is in trouble. They are after him and they are tracking his call and when Jack gets back to field to pick him up, they get first and it all ends up with many dead agents and Jack on her own after him.

    I think the another quite interesting storyline was Behrooz and his dealing with his parents. The whole family looks very promising and I am sure we will have good storylines there.
  • Fun 'n' games

    S4 remains strong in its second hour, where everyone gets to work on the newly emerged threat: the kidnapping of Secretary Heller.
    The bond between Jack and Chloe evolves further when she comes to him with news on Andrew Paige, the catalyst for the events to follow. After some bickering with Driscoll, he gets paired up with Ronnie Lobell to go pick Andrew up at a train station.
    The members of the Araz Family are developed with the following moments: Navi and Dina hover their faces freakishly; Behrooz reluctantly delivers a mysterious briefcase then talks with his girlfriend Debbie; Navi slaps Behrooz. Ace.
    But elsewhere on the villain front, henchman Kalil Hasan is also going after Andrew, so the audience can focus on this race between the good guys and the bad guys. And Heller and Audrey are brought to a compound where they meet Omar, who's in charge of…whatever the terrorists want to do with Heller.
    In the end, Kalil wins the race, and Jack begins the story arc where he must follow Kalil around and get to Heller. Also in the end, we find out that Heller's gonna be executed in three hours. It's a wild ride of a season so far, and that ride won't be stopping anytime soon.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Kalil shoots Ronnie.
  • Review

    There seems to be a lot of irrelevant side stories this season. In the past the side stories usually involved Sherry Palmer or Kim being kidnapped, but with neither of them being on the show this year it seems as if the primary source of filler drama is going to come from the Araz family. It seems that we are going to learn a lot more then we usually get to know the enemy this season, including Beerozs situation with his girlfriend Debbie. I have yet to see a really good filler plotline that I like and the parts with the Araz family in this episode were not that good. Erin Driscoll is not a very good CTU director. Not just becuase she doesn't do anything that Jack likes, but mainly because her style of work mimics Ryan Chapelle, and Ryan simply did it ten times better then she ever coule. Ronnie dying was about the perfect thing that anyone could ask for after only two episodes. With no one else to led field ops, it looks like Jack Bauer will just fit right back into CTU. Overall it was a so so episode, nothing really amazing happened.
  • another great episode

    Jack Bauer forces Erin Driscoll to reinstate him to active duty as Secretary Heller gets kidnapped by terrorists. A son of a terrorist couple Behrooz finds himself torn between two worlds. This episode is filled up with action and surprises, it's a really exciting episode, we see lots of stuff in it. I really loved this episode. The action scenes are well directed. The dramatic scenes didn't feel like they were slow, the tension are so high within those scenes. It's a really well directed episode, the actors were awesome, they really hit their marks. The plot is so believable, you stop thinking that it's just a show.
  • It's a question of loyalty. Who do the CTU staff trust? Also in this episode is hints that Navi's terrorist group like naked older men.

    24 is essentially a show which is built around trust and that you should be careful who you trust. This was first established at the end of Day 1 when Nina Myers was revealed as the Drazen's mole inside CTU, and since then there have been other moles within CTU, the government and government agencies.

    But can you really blame Chloe for not being able to trust Erin Driscoll? Although we have only known the character for an hour, it's clear that she is always at risk of slipping up and lets her personal beliefs and opinions of people get in the way of the job. However, it seems that Driscoll is really being tested by Jack as she realises that Jack is (successfully) trying to undermine her authority and Chloe is helping him. Driscoll retaliates by refusing his reinstatement until Jack threatens her, but it's clear Driscoll knows Jack is right.

    This episode is essentially about highlighting the power struggles between the employees of the Counter Terrorist Unit, whether it be between Erin Driscoll and Jack Bauer or the feud for control between Jack Bauer and Ronnie Lobell later in the episode. If of course these people had watched the previous 3 seasons of 24, they wouldn't have any problems with Jack's methods. But they obviously didn't. However, I think it's good that Chloe is still able to trust Jack even though it's likely she's had barely any contact with him over the last year - and I think the pairing of Jack and Chloe vs. CTU is quite interesting to watch.

    Driscoll should really take note that it's thanks to Jack that CTU have a lead in Andrew Paige, and also that Jack got the information about the Heller kidnapping after Driscoll and Ronnie (oh, dreadful Ronnie) had been interrogating him for half an hour. Lukas Hotaas is good in the role of Andrew Paige and his last conversation with his mother is performed well, as well as his fear at being hunted down by terrorists.

    The scene at the train station where Ronnie is shot had me in hysterics. The car chase part of it wasn't exactly splendid and even Shawn Doyle couldn't make a good performance out of his death scene. Doyle is so awful in the role, it's hilarious. And the fact that Ronnie just managed to get Jack the handcuff keys (what was Ronnie thinking handcuffing Jack to the pipes?) before he died was rubbish. Get real.

    What I don't understand is how Kalil (is this the terrorist's name? I'm not sure) managed to hack into Andrew or Chloe's phone and therefore reach Andrew before CTU did. I guess terrorists have everything easy.

    One terrorist who isn't getting everything is 17-year-old Behrooz Araz, as he is asked by his father to deliver a briefcase to where Omar is holding Secretary Heller and Audrey Raines. Dina, as a mother, is obviously worried over whether Behrooz is able to complete the task (it's just a briefcase, right?) - but this isn't out of motherly concern. It's because she and her husband Navi are sociopaths. Terribly heartless, horrible and grotesque (especially Navi as later episode show Dina may just have a conscience), you have to feel sorry for Behrooz after being raised in a family like this. Especially as it seems that Debbie, Behrooz's girlfriend, is the next in line for the death pool after she sees the warehouse.

    As for the goings-on at the warehouse, Heller's fatherly conern for Audrey is quite nice. So why does Audrey keep sabotaging her chances of survival?
  • Things introduced last hour congeal in this one. Episode summary in review.

    This second part of the premiere seems to be made to compliment the first. Several players, like the Araz's, are given more screen time. Other terrorists are given more time as the first threat of the season becomes clear. CTU's incompetence is frustrating, but it serves as a way to get Jack back involved. Whereas the first episode ended explosively, this one ends on an eerie note reminiscent of current events.

    The episode's opening serves to show the fallout of the last episode's climax. LAPD is dispatched to Richard's house to find dead bodies, a wrecked car and Richard cowering in his kitchen, not that I wouldn't do the same. Audrey and Heller are driven to an empty warehouse and placed in a new van to ward off people following them. Driscoll diverts attention to the kidnapping and arrests Jack for torturing Sherak, although Jack found out more in a minute than they did in thirty.

    Andrew calls his mom to warn her about what happened in the hip office of doom. She doesn't seem to respond that well to it. Like many parents who are told the right thing from their kids, they don't hold it in high regard. Now, if my kid called and told me what Andrew did, I would've gotten the hell out of the house. Also, why didn't Andrew try to call his mother immediately after getting away? It seems weird that he would wait twenty minutes to warn her.

    Seeing Jack in custody, Chloe tells him about Andrew's call and that Driscoll passed it on to the FBI. She calls Andrew, who is at the train station hoping to get out of town immediately. Jack convinces him to stay and that CTU will pick him up in a half-hour. Unfortunately, Kalil, the terrorist scouting Andrew's house, has been listening to the whole thing. He also snags a picture of him before bolting out, leaving the corpse of Andrew's mother.

    Kalil informs Navi of the development and that he will take care of it. We learn slightly more about the briefcase, that it contains a device. Dina offers to deliver it, but Navi argues that Behrooz is a more logical choice as he wouldn't arouse suspicion and staying home would cover their alibis. What the writer is saying is they need a situation where Behrooz can seriously complicate the mission, as it has been established that he isn't as dedicated.

    Back at CTU, Jack reproaches Driscoll for ignoring the Andrew lead. Driscoll doesn't seem to be fazed. Jack already feels that this investigation is poorly handled, so he uses the information he has to squeeze back into CTU. Driscoll doesn't have time to bargain or interrogate Jack for the information. She reluctantly gives him a temporary position, to be retracted when Heller is rescued. Of course, we know that this temporary stuff means little when referring to Jack.

    Audrey and Heller arrive at a mysterious compound, which apparently has very poor ventilation. They are covered in sweat. The head of this part of the operation, Omar is asked whether to kill Audrey, but she's spared because she could be used as a bargaining chip (i.e., she's a lead and she wouldn't die in the second episode.)

    Behrooz is about to leave when he gets a fateful phone call. Debbie, his girlfriend, has unwittingly demanded to speak to Behrooz on the worst possible day. Hastily, Behrooz ends the conversation, telling his mother he'll deal with her later, which unfortunately for him foreshadows the upcoming episodes.

    Ronnie doesn't like that Jack is out of custody and onto his unit to find Andrew. He doesn't have a choice, but tries firmly to teach Jack that he will not allow him to go above him. Ronnie must have dealt with a lot of comparisons to Jack. Jack is practically the rock star of CTU. Following up Jack has to be tough: even one season of 24 is likely equal to most of Ronnie's portfolio. Ronnie must be jealous of the glory Jack has gotten during his tenure. It's too bad that they didn't have more time to develop Ronnie's character or at least mention what CTU's been like under his command.

    Chloe is reprimanded for going to Jack about Andrew instead of her. Driscoll fully exploits Chloe's social awkwardness by saying she had an opportunity to tell her after Sherak was captured. Now with such a warm boss, why couldn't have Chloe placed her trust in Driscoll?

    Waiting in a cell, Heller tries to reassure Audrey that they won't die there. Since she doesn't know Jack's ways in the field yet, we can see why she can't believe that. Trying to relieve her worries, the terrorists come and ask for his clothes. Earlier he had warned Audrey to cooperate with them. Unlike him, they didn't have much reason to keep her around. However, now he is giving the terrorists attitude. It may feel good, but such behavior could easily make his daughter a tool to get him to cooperate. For now, they just removed his clothes for him.

    At the compound, Behrooz delivers the briefcase to one of Omar's henchmen. It almost goes perfectly, until he sees that Debbie has followed him. Some dubbed her the new Kim for this season, though in her defense, it's not likely you would expect someone you know of being a terrorist or helping terrorists. She stays long enough for the henchman to notice.

    Navi slaps him when he returns. Behrooz tries to protect Debbie, but Navi demands that he call her and have her over to confirm what she knows. Navi can only see the mission, something he has been planning for five years. Behrooz doesn't want people hurt the way his parents do.

    Kalil manages to find Andrew first. Jack and Ronnie scramble to find some way to find him. When they try calling his phone, Kalil interrupts by holding him at gunpoint and escorting him to the car. Through help with the MTA police, they locate where Kalil is trying to exit. Ronnie says they should pounce on him before he leaves, whereas Jack believes that if they follow him, they may be able to find where Heller and Audrey are being held. It escalates into a fight, and Jack is arrested and cuffed to a nearby pipe while Ronnie goes to capture Kalil. I bet you can guess who was right with this call. Ronnie becomes the first of Jack's many red shirts this season, but Jack is able to get the keys and free himself. Though it is morning traffic, he can still spot him ahead.

    Edgar finds a video feed the terrorists have made. Heller is bound and gagged, while three masked men behind him declare that he will be put on trial within hours and sentenced. This art imitating life is especially scary considering the poor men who have been captured and murdered, with their executions broadcasted over the internet. Such a move for a show is certainly risky and must've turned off some viewers, but it didn't seem to raise an eyebrow after the controversy involving the Middle East.

    Things congeal more in this episode. We know most of what they want, with mystery still lingering over the briefcase's contents. The stories are beginning to move and become more complicated. It works well paired with the previous episode as both episodes illustrate what this first part of the season will become. They aren't afraid to tackle current events either, but they do it in a non exploitative way.