Season 4 Episode 14

Day 4: 8:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack learns the identity of a man who may be able to lead him to Marwan. He forces Dina to help him in a mock hostage situation that will get him close to the suspect.

Michelle calls on Chloe for help when Edgar begins to crack under pressure. Meanwhile, Audrey stands by as a gravely wounded Paul is taken into surgery.

Marwan's plan continues as his henchman uses an unwilling pilot to gain access to an airfield.moreless

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  • The Return of Chloe

    A filler episode.

    Best thing about it?

    Choe's back.

    Chloe, who wears her heart on her sleeve, is too nice a person for CTU, aka La Femme Nikita's Section One.

    She has too strong a sense of justice to be working in a fascistic police state entity like CTU.

    But it's entertaining to see how she copes with the injustice that surrounds her. So it's nice to see her back anyway.moreless
  • thumbs down

    This episode puts you to sleep. Just drags the story. Nothing much that we can connect to main story happens. The only exciting part was when Dina and Jack were transported.
  • Nothing Relevant!!!!

    Compared to the previus episode, this episode is more weaker.

    We have less action, however, Jack manages to get involved in another difficult situation , as usual. This already happened in season 2 and 3, When he tries to get inside some group of terrorists, with the objective -» catch the target, it is clear that the situation is always impossible, this time it is not different.

    What complicates more the situation is that marwan can´t be caught yet, since he is the head of the terrorists, so it will be interesting how Jack will escape this time since he can´t die.

    Even so, this episode does not manage to stimulate the viewer the way that the writers pretended.

    In CTU, nothing of relevant happens, besides chole is back, with the usual thing that is: to each episode, Audrey discovers how she feels regarding each one of the men she lovesmoreless
  • New turns

    Oh.. it started so promising. It was looking like they had done all they could with Dina but this episode promises something more for that char. I really loved the meeting between Dina and Behrooz. Oh, it was just heartbreaking.

    I also enjoyed the action and the surveillance they had and how the figured out that Jack and Dina were switched cars.

    And the end.. when Dina's loyalty is tested. I was so sure she will go trough that and it was empty gun and they will follow their plan. Oh, I am so sorry about Dina.. I was eager to see her char more.

    Anyway.. now they have Jack and the plain thing is going on... exciting.moreless
  • A lesson in undercover-ness

    The rebound from the McLennan-Forster arc isn't as good as it could've been.

    Jack gets back on track with the search for Marwan by unearthing yet another lead from the MFing printout. Here's something dumb: we're never told exactly how this lead is connected to Marwan. I guess it doesn't really matter, but it's still careless writing. Anyway, Jack enlists Dina's help to go undercover and lead CTU to Marwan.

    On the villain front, new henchman Mitch Anderson sneaks into the Air Force base we heard about a couple hours ago and uses a pilot's thumb to gain access into a hangar. This aspect of the episode is good, if only because it showcases how much of a d*ck Anderson is. With Navi dead, we could always use a new d*ck.

    Not much goes on at CTU. Paul goes into surgery, Audrey cries a lot, Heller leaves because Keeler ordered him to (and also just to get away from Audrey, probably), and Michelle calls Chloe back in. Damn it all!

    The undercover op ends extremely badly: Dina's dead and Jack's a hostage. Nice way to close the hour, but despite my initial excitement at this episode, it still didn't have me biting my nails as the show often does.

    Hourly Highlight:

    "Your family is dead, and so are you." BANG! Now that's a d*ck.moreless
Dagmara Dominczyk

Dagmara Dominczyk


Guest Star

Ned Vaughn

Ned Vaughn

Mitch Anderson

Guest Star

Adam Alexi-Malle

Adam Alexi-Malle

Joseph Fayed

Guest Star

Carlos Bernard

Carlos Bernard

Tony Almeida

Recurring Role

Reiko Aylesworth

Reiko Aylesworth

Michelle Dessler

Recurring Role

Jonathan Ahdout

Jonathan Ahdout

Behrooz Araz

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Dina Araz has her loyalty tested by being told to kill Jack. It is revealed the gun was empty. This is the second time Jack has been involved in a test of loyalty with an empty gun. Day 3, Jack was told tested the same way when told to shoot Chase who had been captured following Jack. Jack did pull the trigger to Chase's head, however.

    • Michelle calls Chloe at home and asks her to come in. Seven (real-time) minutes later, Chloe has managed to change her clothes, apply fresh make-up, and get into CTU to start telling Edgar what to do.

    • During the scene where Dina Araz is taking Jack to the door of Fayeds from the front, she is holding him with her left arm, but when the camera cuts behind them she uses her right.

    • The helicopter that is shown in an aerial shot carrying Jack and Paul is clearly different than the one that they come out of at the landing pad.

    • A couple episodes ago the doctors at CTU told Erin that they didn't have the means to watch over her daughter while she was having one of her fits. Yet somehow they had the means to perform major surgery on Paul after he was shot. Last season when Tony was shot he was taken to the hospital. Since when do CTU agents have the benefits of personal on site surgeons? If the surgeons weren't on site, how did they get to CTU so fast? It would have had to have been in under 15 minutes time to get to CTU and prep themselves to operate and would have been much easier to just wait at the hospital for Paul to arrive.

    • When Tony calls in the van licence plate at roughly 8:56 he doesn't state the first 6 on the licence plate number and says only "CVA322."

    • When the pilot (John Hansen) talks to his abducted wife, he calls her Dory. She is credited on screen as Laurie.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • This is the second time Dagmara Dominczyk (Nicole) and James Frain (Paul Raines) have worked together. The first time was in the 2002 film, The Count of Monte Cristo.

    • William Devane took a brief hiatus after this episode in order to film a comedy pilot for ABC called Crumbs.

    • According to Matt Roush of TV Guide, the producers originally planned to show Dina's shooting, but Fox officials requested that her death be off-camera. The reason for this request is not known. The ambiguity of Dina's execution lead to a week of intense fan speculation on the status of her character, but her demise was validated in the following episode.

    • Lana Parrilla (Sarah) is taken out of the main cast, while Roger Cross (Curtis) is added. This is the second time that a person left mid-season this season, and the second time a person is added mid-season, this season.