Season 4 Episode 14

Day 4: 8:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2005 on FOX

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  • The Return of Chloe

    A filler episode.

    Best thing about it?

    Choe's back.

    Chloe, who wears her heart on her sleeve, is too nice a person for CTU, aka La Femme Nikita's Section One.

    She has too strong a sense of justice to be working in a fascistic police state entity like CTU.

    But it's entertaining to see how she copes with the injustice that surrounds her. So it's nice to see her back anyway.
  • thumbs down

    This episode puts you to sleep. Just drags the story. Nothing much that we can connect to main story happens. The only exciting part was when Dina and Jack were transported.
  • Nothing Relevant!!!!

    Compared to the previus episode, this episode is more weaker.

    We have less action, however, Jack manages to get involved in another difficult situation , as usual. This already happened in season 2 and 3, When he tries to get inside some group of terrorists, with the objective -» catch the target, it is clear that the situation is always impossible, this time it is not different.

    What complicates more the situation is that marwan can´t be caught yet, since he is the head of the terrorists, so it will be interesting how Jack will escape this time since he can´t die.

    Even so, this episode does not manage to stimulate the viewer the way that the writers pretended.

    In CTU, nothing of relevant happens, besides chole is back, with the usual thing that is: to each episode, Audrey discovers how she feels regarding each one of the men she loves
  • New turns

    Oh.. it started so promising. It was looking like they had done all they could with Dina but this episode promises something more for that char. I really loved the meeting between Dina and Behrooz. Oh, it was just heartbreaking.

    I also enjoyed the action and the surveillance they had and how the figured out that Jack and Dina were switched cars.

    And the end.. when Dina's loyalty is tested. I was so sure she will go trough that and it was empty gun and they will follow their plan. Oh, I am so sorry about Dina.. I was eager to see her char more.

    Anyway.. now they have Jack and the plain thing is going on... exciting.
  • A lesson in undercover-ness

    The rebound from the McLennan-Forster arc isn't as good as it could've been.
    Jack gets back on track with the search for Marwan by unearthing yet another lead from the MFing printout. Here's something dumb: we're never told exactly how this lead is connected to Marwan. I guess it doesn't really matter, but it's still careless writing. Anyway, Jack enlists Dina's help to go undercover and lead CTU to Marwan.
    On the villain front, new henchman Mitch Anderson sneaks into the Air Force base we heard about a couple hours ago and uses a pilot's thumb to gain access into a hangar. This aspect of the episode is good, if only because it showcases how much of a d*ck Anderson is. With Navi dead, we could always use a new d*ck.
    Not much goes on at CTU. Paul goes into surgery, Audrey cries a lot, Heller leaves because Keeler ordered him to (and also just to get away from Audrey, probably), and Michelle calls Chloe back in. Damn it all!
    The undercover op ends extremely badly: Dina's dead and Jack's a hostage. Nice way to close the hour, but despite my initial excitement at this episode, it still didn't have me biting my nails as the show often does.

    Hourly Highlight:
    "Your family is dead, and so are you." BANG! Now that's a d*ck.
  • Review

    Well, we had a one episode pick me up but other then that there was nothing special in this episode that merited any good attention. Audrey telling her father (who seems to have been aimlessly written off) that her feelings for Jack have changed is nothing that we couldnt expect from the second that Jack had to start torturing Paul for information. With Jack now captured, it looks as if Audrey will be pulled in a million directions emotionally. Chloe coming back was the only exciting thing that really happened this episode. Dina Araz is now back in the storyline and I think that is a bit of a reach by the writers. Overall, I think it was a filler episode as best, but nothing great happened in this episode from my view. Season 4 has its amazing episodes and its standard episodes and standard is beginning to out number amazing by too large a number.
  • Blah blah blah

    I feel like this is a low point of Season 4, the season that is the low point of the the show. Its clear that the bad guy is planning something else now, but it hasn't been elucidated yet. Perhaps the season will pick back up once we know what the new threat is? I was happy to see Chloe brought back, her annoyingness/abrasiveness has really grown on me. It is also nice to see Tony and Michelle beginning to get along again. Additionally, I am curious to see what will happen with the Audrey/Jack/Paul triangle. Overall though, I am not very attached to the characters or storyline this season, and I just want to push through to get to the good part (the end of this season and into seasons 5 and 6).
  • great episode

    Jack finds out about a man who may have a link to Marwan. He goes to an address to investigate. Dina agrees to take part on a fake plea for help in order to get Jack close to Marwan. Edgar starts to lose it when he finds out that his mother can't be helped. Paul Raines is taken to surgery, Audrey stays close to comfort him. This episode shows some stuff that's totally unexpected, new characters are brought in to bridge the gaps. The writers did this brilliantly, it's a very entertaining episode indeed. It's fast paced, Arnold Vosloo is one bad crazy terrorist, he is more than just the mummy.
  • Haven't we seen most of this before?

    Unfortunatly these past two episodes have felt like a "best of" special.

    First last hour when there were riots and a gunfight just like in Day 2. And now Jack is captured by the terrorists as in Day 2 (hopefully no torture scenes to follow, I can't stomach those). And Dina Araz is forced by the Mummy to shoot Jack with what she doesn't know is an empty gun. Been there, done that.

    This episode just felt like they were out of inspiration and borrowed some old ideas to get through the hour. I'm glad to see that Chloe is back, but that's about the only bright point.

  • A disapointing installment. Beware, episode summary included in review.

    Like the last two episodes, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM is another transitional episode connecting the kidnapping and nuclear override plot to what comes next. The pacing has increased, but it is still slow compared to the first half. Not much in the area of significance happened in the episode, just further steps necessary to get to a more exciting part. Paul was in surgery and Audrey was watching. Jack spent most of the episode as a hostage trying to get to Marwan. Anderson kidnapped and murdered a pilot so he could use his credentials to get onto the airplane hangar. And CTU was trying to keep up with the hunt. This would be more acceptable if they got this within the first two acts of the show. I would've liked to see more from the Michelle/Tony dynamic, since that was one of the last episode's assets.

    Audrey is in a difficult position. When this day began, she was ready to let go of her marriage to Paul and officially start her life with Jack. Seeing Jack torture Paul hours earlier gave Audrey a glimpse to how dark Jack can get and hearing that Paul was shot saving Jack reminded her of why she fell in love with him. Now it's likely because of her ex-husband's sacrifice he may be paralyzed and such an action should spark her reaction.

    One aspect of the episode I thought didn't get an appropriate introduction was the possibility of President Keeler declairing martial law if another attack happened. If Keeler does decide such action, the consequences would be huge. However, it's only mentioned briefly; as if to set up what Heller will be doing. Heller has been in a lull since being rescued from Omar and his character has been used as leverage for CTU workers to get what they want or as someone to react to Audrey. Thankfully they're taking care of it.

    Adultery never goes well on 24 and John and his family are the latest casualties. Aspects of this plot are similar to the pilot episode where the cult favorite Mandy slept with Jonathan so she could steal his identity and give the terrorists access to the area vital to their plan. Although this time there is the added impact of having his entire family killed. However, when John finds out and is murdered shortly afterwards, it feels like an afterthought. Granted Anderson's delivery was appropriately merciless, but it was so quick that the impact isn't as deep as they were hoping for, especially since this is a character just introduced.

    But what does Anderson want? After spending an episode getting to the hangar, they had better make sure he does his part in the next episode or else it will be more filler. Considering Keeler is now accelerating to a martial law plan, it's likely Anderson will come into play next week.
    Bringing Chloe back helped to remedy one of the biggest problems in the writing in the first half. Mary Lynn Rajskub had to leave temporarily so she could work on "The Sketch Show", but couldn't her exit have made more sense? She sided with Jack who never got in any trouble for his actions and became the heading the search. Plus, they have mentioned several times that she is the best in her field. I am worried about the possibility of removing Edgar because I have grown to sympathize with him, even to where I liked the subplot involving his mom. Not to mention he has proven to be very effective at his job when others were petty.

    How great was it to have Shorheh back on the show? You could almost connect the lack of quality from the last two episodes to the fact that she wasn't in them. Fayed's connection is implied that he is another sleeper cell in Marwan's control. While it's improbable that they would know each other, I'll allow it simply because it brings her back, even for one episode. Seeing Jack and Dina interact was great, especially when Jack stabbed himself to add weight to their story. She probably didn't think people were as dedicated to preventing these attacks as she and her associates were towards committing them.

    Watching Dina say goodbye to her son felt almost incestuous considering how affectionate she was to him, but it could've been slightly misplayed. Dina knew that she may end up dead because of this mission and that she was doing this for him. Throughout this day, Dina has shown that she loves Behrooz enough to put him above her cause. Combine the two and you can argue that her affection wasn't dirty.

    Fayed and Marwan's conversation was intriguing because of the plot convenience friendly interference in the phone call. Marwan knows Jack since he was able to alert Fayed. How Marwan knows Jack is unknown, but for dramatic purposes we should assume that they've met. I hope that they won't go the route of tying it with a previous season like last year and have a connection that initially is intriguing, but in the end doesn't pay off. In Marwan's case, it would likely involve Syed Ali or any of the terrorists from the second season. Jack must have a reputation considering how effective he is with his work, so they may be better off creating another past incident that would involve Marwan and Jack.

    Seeing CTU use more cool techie toys to monitor the terrorists was fun, but it was predictable how Dina and Jack were switched. It reminds me of an Alias episode where something similar happened. We should have found out about the switch when CTU did. Side note: at one point Michelle advises them to maintain a safe distance and it comes off almost like a Jedi mind trick.

    There were several repeated events in this episode; the adultery kills theme, removing a thumb to use its fingerprint and Jack injuring himself to give the impression of a struggle. These events can be easily forgiven as they worked dramatically, but the recycling could be a poor indicator of what's to come.

    Another repeated event was the confidence game, played last year when Ramon asked Jack to prove his loyalty by pulling the trigger on Chase (both episodes were co-written by Howard Gordon). This time it was played differently. To a degree, it seems right that Dina would forsake shooting Jack because it could mean that the deal to go in witness protection with her son would be voided. However, Jack believes that keeping cover is the most important thing to do, and that's what kept him and Chase alive. Dina clearly said she wanted Jack dead.

    One nitpick some 24 fans have with the show is that Jack has infallible intuition. Jack has an incredible sense of knowing what the terrorists are going to do. However, having Dina take him to Marwan via Fayed was a mistake. Had they rushed into Fayed's house, they could've snuck in and got him. Dina was able to make it to the front door without a problem and Fayed was watching the news away from his weapon when this happened. Had Jack tried this he could've ended up with at least another person to interrogate. Instead, he wound up getting Dina (as far as we know) killed and he's now a hostage of the mastermind.

    Dina's assumed demise is interesting, as it further fuels speculation that she could still be alive since we never actually see her get shot. I hope that she's still alive, but I'm not optimistic that that is true. Although if she is alive, what was the importance of making Jack believe that Dina was dead? Next week we should find out her fate definitively, at least to ease speculation. Her death does reinforce the notion that anyone could go at any time.

    Behrooz, we have to assume, is an orphan. Combined with the death of his girlfriend, he has had a terrible day. It would be too corny to have him after this show active interest in becoming a CTU agent or something to that affect, but I hope that he can get a new start since he has proven to be a good person.

    While this episode is above what 24 has been the last two weeks, it still isn't quite the level of the first eleven episodes of the season. Some of the repetitive things and the slow forward movement hindered the episode. However, 24 has always slowed down midway through a season, likely so the writers can have some time to concoct a good second half. Even though it's expected now, it doesn't make the wait for the next arc better.