Season 4 Episode 3

Day 4: 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • chemistry

    The first chemistry seed with Chloe is here, its simply awsome. What a great season this is.
  • transition

    This is more of a transitional episode where the main story is being built. Except for the torture episode of secretary's son, all the other scenes are good. One of Jack's twisted ways of holding the terrorist till he gets satellite view. New character walks into CTU - so another mole inside? Hope not. Seriously how many moles are there inside CTU?

  • Transitional!!!!

    Jack Bauer is pursuing one of the terrorists, but it seems that this pursuit is not going to finish so early. It is a pity, since the episode would have potential for more. Jack shows a more human side when he saved chloe friend instead of going to pursue right away one the terrorists.

    We saw a more emocional chloe, and it seems she is the only one who meet jack in the past, because the writers wanted to create again - Jack Vs CTU. When this is over, will she remain in this season?

    Besides this, marianne, navi, heller and any other scenes only set up things for the next episodes.
  • Will we have satellite in next five minutes?

    Oh.. this one was much more excitement than last one as something is really going on - Jack is on his own on the pursuit and using Chloe as his hand to information and it will get her into trouble. CTU also has someone else to make trouble - Marianne. From the moment she walks in, it is just.. she starts to ask question, see things.. very weird but already the way she get there.. it gives us reason to doubt her.

    Behrooz and her mother.. maybe somehow the best part of this episode. The mother takes up the task his son does not do and calls for the girl and we can only imagine what comes next...
  • Roadside persistence

    Things to report: Jack continues to tail Kalil, Richard Heller may or may not have crucial information about the threat, Curtis' b*tchy ex-girlfriend comes into CTU, and Navi wants Behrooz to kill Debbie. Heavy stuff.
    Driscoll cuts off contact, so Jack asks Chloe to go behind Driscoll's back and get him some satellite surveillance to help track Kalil. Unlike pretty much everything else on the show, this process will take a long time, and that's only to give Jack an excuse to do something completely, insanely ludicrous to keep Kalil in one place.
    Rather than go with the needle, Curtis decides to subject Richard to sensory disorientation, which warps one's mind and makes one sob like a little girl. Or maybe the latter just applies for Richard, the big crybaby.
    But how can we forget the Araz Family? Navi demands that Behrooz call Debbie over and take care of the situation (that's code for something). But just when Behrooz thinks he's in the clear, Dina's the one who invites her over. Nice one.
    The numerous plotlines remain stellar in this episode. The Araz subplot is my favorite of the bunch, though it doesn't get the "Hourly Highlight" honor.

    Hourly Highlight:
    When Jack Bauer puts on a ski mask, you know it can't be good.
  • Review

    I didnt like this episode in the grand scheme of things. Jack has been in transit now for over an hour, trying to locate where this man is. I find it really hard to believe that it takes the man that long to get to his destinations and that Jack can remain concealed during that entire time. Not only that - but Jack Bauer does his most memorable stuff when he is not in a car, going back and forth with Chloe looking for satelitte coverage. CTU drama was pretty boring in this episode as well - with Curtis getting no where with James Heller. I dont think the information that he is holding is going to be too critical, thought I suppose it could later on. The scenes with Heller and Curtis just arent very well done. The Araz family with Debbie is one of the most random storylines ever. I guess its a change that we get to learn a little bit about the terrorists, but Im just not feeling there storyline. Audrey and Jim Hellers scenes are also all the same - Him telling her that she will be all right. Seems a little too early in the season to have a filler episode, but that is what this was.
  • great episode

    Andrew is confined at CTU and being tortured for information. Behrooz is forced to bring in Debbie to her parents. Erin Driscoll continues to hunt down Jack. This is another great episode, the action was amazing. Debbie's appearance is short but a very imporatant one. Leighton Meester played a really good hapless teen girl, her scenes were short but they were good. It was a really good episode. The suspense kept on coming, the slow dramatic scenes didn't feel like it was slow. They actually kept the thrill going. They compliment the fast moving scenes. I just can't get enough of it.
  • If eyes could win Emmys, Shohreh is a shoo-in

    Erin Driscoll's Skatepark CTU is starting to grow on me a little -- it was hard dealing with newbies like Michelle, Paula, Gael, Chloe and Adam at first, remember. But I like Curtis a lot, despite his idiotic devotion to Driscoll and her Idiot Ideas ("hey, let's torture the Secretary of Defense's son!"). If this is how Driscoll functions with the slightest bit of pressure or unforeseen circumstance, she needs to be removed. Stat. Torture Richard? Task CTU to apprehend Jack? With Heller kidnapped? Come on! Ryan Chapelle and George Mason at their toadiest moments were superior to this woman by leaps and bounds. At times, you'd think she was being deliberately obstructionist, but the sad thing is unlike most characters on the show, I know immediately she's no mole -- she's just damn incompetent. Even if Richard does have something, I think it's unacceptable.

    Mary-Lynn Rajskub is extremely affecting here now that she's one of the few characters we are familiar with and feel we can rely on -- to be in that position with Chloe O'Brien is a strange thing. I've now seen her in a lot of things, including Legally Blonde, and she has a knack for playing the thoughtless neurotic. I've never seen her cry or be vulnerable, until now. She did very well, and I do love me some Chloe after last year -- she has some dimension. But her blaming Jack for Andrew's injuries after Jack went out of his usual Jack way just to save her friend was classic Chloe. I love her.

    It's interesting to me that while Chloe is one of our few reliables, the new CTU seems to have bred a lot of Chloe/Chappelle/Carrie-types -- people focused on petty things often thoughtlessly obstructionist simply because they're more interested in covering their own asses or caught up in their own crap and neuroses. Look at Sarah (let me kill her. Like now, I hate the woman), and Marianne (love Aisha Tyler, but you can tell this character's a mole from a mile off), and especially Driscoll. Chloe, on the other hand, is at least focused on goals -- these guys are just a joke squad. Though I could grow to love Curtis and Edgar.

    I actually have very little problem with Debbie, other than it's an annoying plot point. Nice enough girl.

    Shohreh Agadashoo is incredible. Those eyes. They are amazing. The Araz family are rivetting.
  • Good overall, and the final twist isn't as bad as they say. Episode summary in review.

    The second part of 24's season four premiere bonanza wouldn't quite hold up to the first, but still had plenty of good moments in it. We see the difficulty of having to put the interests of many over those of the few, which becomes a theme throughout the season. Though we see it mainly through CTU's perspective, Jack allowing Andrew to be beat up for example, we also see it as Berhooz's crisis of conscience intervenes when he believes his family will murder his girlfriend.

    With only three hours until Heller's trial, CTU has few leads. Curtis feels sure that Richard had no direct involvement in his father's kidnapping. The internet broadcast couldn't be traced. On top of this, they haven't been able to hear from Jack and are unaware of Ronnie's recent death and Andrew's subsequent kidnapping.

    Keeler meets with CTU and his cabinet to decide what to do. Keeler guesses that this is merely one in a series of attacks planned, which establishes the notion in the audience's mind that unlike previous seasons, it would not be focused on several threats. Since each season dragged through some episodes midway, perhaps they would be better off creating shorter arcs. Unfortunately, this season dragged midway as well, but this could be a learning exercise for season five.

    Jack calls Driscoll to update her. She demands that Jack bring in Kalil instead of trailing him. Believing that this could lead him to Heller's whereabouts, Jack refuses to comply. To get off the line, Jack says that his signal is bad. He forgot to make the static sounds with his voice. It's funny that Jack would do something like that. It seems more passive aggressive than what Jack is accustomed to doing. In another of her mistakes, Driscoll declares Jack off the case and assigns CTU to track both him and Kalil. Jack does have a better case, as Kalil is a fanatic and wouldn't likely break under interrogation.

    Jack can think like a terrorist, but the most effective terrorists on 24 can think like Jack. Kalil is confident that he escaped the train station without anyone getting to him, but Omar believes that they want him to think that he got away. To throw off whoever may be following him, Kalil whips the car off the highway. Jack frantically drives the other way down an on ramp to find where Kalil went. For a TV show, this car chase is certainly above what I usually expect.

    Heller returns to his cell after the webcast, furious that his daughter had to be involved in this. Following him Omar comes to have him sign a form with a list of things he is being charged with. Still defiant, he throws the paperwork on the floor. Omar utilizes his bargaining power. He has his goons threaten Audrey until Heller accepts. While Heller is justified in his anger, his attitude should be a little more subdued for the sake of his daughter, who as we saw can be hurt or threatened to get him to comply.

    Driscoll informs Keeler of Jack's situation. Since they are running out of time, Driscoll asks Keeler if they can raid Heller's location if they can find him, but not safely extract him. Decisions where you have to worry about what is best for everyone over a single person's life are the type I would never want to face, but such choices escalate the audience's tension and comprehension of what they're dealing with.

    Curtis hasn't had much to do aside from be Driscoll's loyal side. This episode we meet Marianne, his ambitious former lover eager to get to CTU. He doesn't want her there because she would make working there uncomfortable, but she insists that she knows enough and that they need people today. She's more concerned about having the opportunity to impress higher ups than saving lives, which is a good indicator of who she is. Considering she is a black woman, Sherry Palmer comparisons have been thrown about, and they do have weight.

    Jack needs more help tracking Kalil. He calls Chloe to get her to steal CTU bandwidth so Jack can use satellite photos to follow him easier. Though he is not officially a part of the investigation, she helps him anyway to save her friend. She knows Jack's track record and he tends to be successful, even while rogue.

    Off screen Marianne calls Driscoll and informs her about some things that Curtis may have said when they were together. She has no choice but to bring her in to avoid a massive overhaul of classified intelligence. While they're talking, Curtis mentions that the polygraph was inconclusive in parts. Believing that Richard could be hiding something, she implies torturing him to extract this information.

    Desperate to help his girlfriend, Behrooz appeals to his mother, who he feels more connected to than his dad. Dina agrees to help Behrooz by talking to Navi. This is the beginning of Dina Araz's evolution into one of season four's most memorable characters. She talks to Navi and assures him that she'll take care of it. Behrooz takes the more positive side of this ambiguous statement as a sign of his mother's love.

    Richard's experience at CTU must confirm a lot of the beliefs he has about government. He has been sequestered against his will, not charged with anything, and questioned about his possible involvement with the kidnapping. Then Curtis returns and threatens to torture him with a potent neurotoxin. Before he can be injected, Curtis stops and asks Driscoll to try a non-invasive method of interrogation. Blocking his sight and overloading his audio has been effective with Curtis' past work. After a half hour, he finds Richard disoriented, but still unwilling to say anything, so Curtis resumes the sense deprivation as Richard screams in horror.

    Another hint of what's to come occurs when Kalil talks to the gagged Andrew before pulling over. Today's events are about "something bigger". Although the terrorists keep saying it, they remain silent regarding what exactly is bigger about this day. This tactic can be a problem with the writers. As they feel the need to up the ante with each subsequent Jack faces, the more they face the potential backlash as credibility is stretched.

    Jack is following safely behind, and is able to find a place to watch from the view of his sniper rifle. Chloe watches helplessly from a traffic camera as Kalil and his men beat Andrew for information. He gives in, but Jack can't stop them because he still needs to know where Heller is located. As Kalil drives away, Jack follows, but quickly decides to do the right thing and kill those thugs before Andrew dies. Relieved, but still horrified, Chloe goes to the bathroom and silently cries. It's a great little moment of character for someone who hasn't been the most sensitive about personal issues.

    Trying to help his daughter, Heller recommends that she try to escape when the trial is underway. They will be focused on him, which will make it easier for her to slip away. Heller wants his daughter to live a long, happy life. This scene could've been overdone. Having no other choice but to leave your father to die so you can live is a situation that leads to heavy melodrama, but both players, still drenched in sweat, play it well.

    Andrew's near death experience jeopardizes Chloe's willingness to help Jack. He makes her see that it is an impossible situation and horrible choices need to be made. Unlike Driscoll, Jack is more sensitive toward Chloe's quirks, which helps her realize that she is doing the right thing. She needs some help, so she sends a program to Edgar's computer, which messes it up enough for him to be taken away from his system. Utilizing this time, Chloe gets the satellite shots Jack needs.

    Marianne arrives. Immediate tension ensues between her and Curtis, who still doesn't like her being there. He has Chloe place a firewall around her computer so he can monitor it. However, Marianne is able to get some information out of Edgar. If they were able to place the energy they use bickering between each other into finding the terrorists, then they probably could avert everything much quicker.

    Behrooz's situation gets much worse as he learns that Dina invited Debbie over under the guise of wanting to talk about their relationship. He knows what this really means, but he can't warn Debbie with Dina around. Though he loves his mom, he believes she's capable of acting out Navi's wishes.

    Jack scores a break when Kalil stops at a gas station, however, waiting for the satellite coverage takes too long. He needs to keep him in the store long enough for the feed to work. Taking a bag of tricks from the truck, he stages a robbery of the gas station convenience store. Now this got much flack from viewers, who sometimes roll their eyes when 24 goes overboard. They suggested that Jack slash Kalil's tires, or at least let the air out of them. This suggestion would make Kalil suspicious that someone was following him. He couldn't directly go for the guy. Staging the robbery, while extreme, works also to show how high the stakes are.

    I can see why people would rate this episode lower due to the last minute development, but I can buy into it because of 24's manner of hyperactive reality. It's good that they further add to the consequences of when CTU, Jack or even the terrorists decide to place one person above their respective missions if it will work for their greater good. Stakes are established, as we are assured that Heller's kidnapping is only the beginning of this terrible day in American history.
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