Season 5 Episode 16

Day 5: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2006 on FOX
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Jack and Wayne locate a source inside Logan's administration who has information on Palmer's assassination. But things get complicated when they learn that Henderson is using leverage to keep her silent. Audrey is forced to choose between Chloe and Buchanan as Homeland Security begins to absorb CTU.moreless

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  • Jack and Wayne

    Jack and Wayne helps the souce David Palmer had, wich caused him to be killed. We were shocked at the time, hgreat acting. Mike and Aaron are great in this episode. Another awsomely written episode.
  • i love 24 but it never got like it was in the first season. i feel like it isnt as serious at is used to be.yet i cant say anything about the thrilling course of it,and this last shock sure gave a great twist.moreless

    Lets face it;first one was the longest day of jack bauer, and although all the following days were great,they were never as ground breaking as the first one.Although they spesificly throw some life altering event towards the ends of each they;the contents of the days feel more and more like the "hard day at work" for a great agent.They include any personal thing for Jack himself less and less,and the things they throw in to avoid that;like him killing the husband of his lover,or torturing her,or losing a great friend;just feel alittle too...pushed in.

    And i dont know if anyone has noticed but the show doesnt take the real time thing as serios as before anymore,they dont even think how much time it takes to go up from some ladders or whatever.

    The latest shock was great,and i guess it was something we all needed. dont get me wrong the show is exciting but not as nerve wrecking as before;since we've seen it all.moreless
  • The buck stops here?

    Where one crisis ends and the next begins, this is the middleman. That's correct: the takedown of the Vice President of the United States. That's gotta be it, right? Who else could Henderson possibly be protecting?Jack's alive, and Bierko's done with (though also alive). This episode focuses on Henderson (and definitely Gardner, yep yep yep). Turns out that Evelyn, in keeping with many fan speculations throughout the season, does have something to do with the day's events—she knows who's behind the conspiracy, and the only reason she's kept quiet all this time is that Henderson kidnapped her daughter. But who needs Evelyn anyway? It's so obvious that Gardner's our guy!There's more bureaucratic stuff at CTU when Homeland Security officially takes over and kicks Buchanan out with Audrey's help so that she can keep Chloe onboard in order to help Jack and Wayne shoot their way into a coal plant where Henderson's meeting with Evelyn to give her back her daughter in return for the evidence that she doesn't actually have and that nobody needs since we all ******* know it's Gardner!This episode is engrossing enough, though keeping the audience in suspense for a near hour is pretty cheap when we've practically known for years that the VP's our new Bigbad.Hourly Highlight:Boy, Gardner sure looks a lot like Logan in that last scene. Must be the lighting.moreless
  • The episode itself was entertaining, the best part of course, was the ending, filled with tension, gunfight and a shocking surprise.

    What I liked -» The episode itself was entertaining, the best part of course, was the ending, filled with tension, gunfight and a shocking surprise.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» CTU scenes wasn´t specifically necessary, it is incredible that in the middle of a crisis this happens, but ok, it is because of the plot.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). All the scenes itself was entertaining and only one or two scenes could be considered filler, but it is hard to notice the filler scenes.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). Surprising enough, this episode should be slow and all about finding a new mission to pursuit, however, it was all about finding who is the man behind the all conspiracy. Even Wayne Palmer was also part of this episode actions. Didn´t notice plot holes in this one.

    Beginning - » (9/10). We start things like a classic movie, where Jack is alive, but then, news evidence arrive and Wayne Palmer has a very strong clue.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). Evelyn plays a important role here, in think her inclusion was improvised by the writers, but this doesn´t mean that this is a bad thing, since she have a daughter and Henderson is keeping her captive, because of the tape (season 2 direct copy storyline), the classic storyline played in the movies. The situation is very complicated, because in this episode CTU is absorbed and now Chloe and Audrey are working undercover, and this make the tension in this episode.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10). The action by the last scenes was superb., really suspenseful. You have some tension in CTU too.

    Climax - » (10/10). The best part and with the high tension here was when Jack and Wayne Palmer take out some snipers and then we had a suspenseful gun fight.

    Action - » (10/10). There is no way that you will not like the action in this episode.

    Drama - » (7/10). A mother that has her daughter captive.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (10/10). The last scene says all.

    Ending - » (10/10). A rare ending that will caught you by surprise.moreless
  • I did not see that coming..

    So.. we are getting closer to the conspiracy and it feels it is big but until the final seconds, we have no idea how big it is.

    So, the main plot goes around Jack who runs alone now with Wayne and trying to get Evelyn's child to her so she would talk.. With much action and some desperate moves, they do.. she gets hurt but that does not matter. What they learn is shocking.. I had no idea.. I did not even dreamt about it.. I would almost say it was as shocking as Nina Myers.. no.. there is nothing what can get close to Nina but it was shocking..

    And the whole thing in CTU.. the choice Audrey has to make.. and Chloe.. oh.. I hope they can help Jack..moreless
Jenny Levine

Jenny Levine

Valerie Harris

Guest Star

Christopher Amitrano

Christopher Amitrano


Guest Star

Skylar Roberge

Skylar Roberge


Guest Star

DB Woodside

DB Woodside

Wayne Palmer

Recurring Role

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

Recurring Role

Julian Sands

Julian Sands

Vladimir Bierko

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Jean Smart (Martha) appears in this episode but has no lines.

    • At the 10:41 splitscreen we see Evelyn in the car. But as soon as they cut to the action, she's standing inside a barn with Wayne.

    • Vice President Gardner says that he's surprised to see Wayne, and he didn't know he was coming. It only makes sense if he's part of the conspiracy and he's lying...but they pretty much establish he isn't. And he can't be trying to lie, because both Wayne and Aaron know he's the one who let Wayne through the checkpoint and they don't say anything. That means it's a continuity goof rather than some kind of suggestion he's in on the conspiracy.

    • It's established that Evelyn is the First Lady's personal assistant. Which means she works with her in Washington D.C. where the First Lady is. But...they say here that Evelyn is heading home, and that her daughter lives in L.A. So she lives in L.A. but commutes to Washington D.C.?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Henderson: I will not let you down.
      Logan: See that you don't.

    • Audrey: (to Miles) I'm proud of what we did here today. The people of CTU are heroes, especially Bill Buchanan. This takeover is completely unwarranted, and I won't help you justify it.

    • Jack: Evelyn...right now, I am your last chance.

    • Wayne: These are the people who killed my brother, Jack. They shot him with a bullet right through his neck and then he died in my arms. Put yourself in my position. Could you just walk away?
      Jack: No.
      Wayne: Neither can I. I'm coming with you Jack.

    • Wayne: I was a Marine, Jack.
      Jack: I know that, Wayne, and you never saw combat. There is a big difference between training to kill someone then actually having to do it.

    • Jack:...Bill, I'm scared...I think this is bigger than anything we could ever have imagined.

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