Season 5 Episode 5

Day 5: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack returns to CTU and has an emotional reunion with Audrey, while Curtis tracks the Russians and the stolen nerve gas.

Cummings sends in a hit man to silence Jack.

Chloe discovers that Spencer has his own agenda at CTU.

Cummings convinces Logan to have Martha institutionalized when she tells them of the attack on her.moreless

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  • Jack returns to CTU

    Jack reunites with Audrey, intense moments. What a great scene that is. Walt cummings tries to make us believe he is the bad guy. Curtis is great in this episode too.
  • Everyscene is a highlight

    Season 5 started off great and is continuing the pace. This is one such episode full of scenes which did not make me feel like - fillers. To start with, we came to know that there is something bigger that these people who ever they are, are planning. Tony started to recover and for some reason the people who wants Jack dead, killed Palmer are also planning to kill him too. The best part for me was when Andrey finds out that Jack was seeing a woman who did not know anything about jack's past and did not even care about it, the look in Andrey's eyes when she told that she accepted Jack as he is and will continue to do so, That is the exact thing Andrey was unable to do. Another good moment was when she comes face to face with Jack. Chloe' s part though one feels pity for her - we see emotional side of her when she realizes that she has been used for the information. I did not expected that the white house's part in Palmer's murder to be revealed so soon. Now that we know who is behind it and Jack going after them we have to see how he manages to get them. Jack still do not know who in presidents administration is behind these attacks.Plot seems interesting. Thankfully we did not have any episodes /subplots which reduces the pace.moreless
  • Well Written!!!!!

    It seems that one episode is superb (1,3,5) the others not (2,4).

    Never (except season 2 CTU Plot) in 24 a CTU plot was very well made. Only couting normal episodes, not season finales.

    So this time we have another mole in CTU, but this time is justified, since it was possible that to happen, when the orders come from the White House.

    First, the details, CTU discovered what the new threat is this time. The terrorist remain calm, nothing happened yet.

    The white House plot is becoming boring, as usual, is all about martha, but now became too repetitive an ilogical too, because with so many guards, how martha can escape? How cuttings was able to grab her and nobody noticed?

    What this episode did that made this all worth watching was Jack and Chloe Scenes.

    Chloe acting was superb, with some funny lines, and she discovered the mole. Of course, not until the mole made his move.

    The reunion between Jack and Audrey was the second best highlight of the episode. Their reaction and words was excellent.

    The mole in CTU is found, is questioned and he already says the truth only in this episode.

    Then we had a surprise about tony, but then we had a very good action fight between JAck and another assassin.

    OVerral, the highlights of this episodes (3 of them), make this episode worth watching.moreless
  • New turns..

    Oh, this one was good.. it had emotions (Jack's and Audrey's reunion was so tearful.. and Chloe..), it had the excitement (what will happen in airport.. the man in CTU) and a lot of danger. So they had a perfect mix for super episode and Tony should be awake and he should be back.. what I am hoping.

    Also I liked the whole development on president side.. They are sending the first lady away and she is not giving in so easily.

    And the mole in CTU (how that always happens?) and the try to take out Jack.. Oh, it had tempo..

    Eager to see next one.moreless
  • Scissors are cool

    The end of the airport arc had to bring about some downtime, where everyone reels in from the prior intensity and gets acquainted with this new threat. Which is casually revealed to be nerve gas.

    It's just a pit stop, cleaning the stage of what's left from the first four hours and setting it for what's still to come. With twenty episodes on our hands, that stage better not be flimsy (like it was for S4, hardy har).

    Jack returns to CTU and meets the people he worked with last season…including Audrey. Awkwardness abound. And as Logan tries to send Martha to an institution, Cummings tries to kill Jack by resorting to such an original plot device: a CTU mole.

    Hated it when the obvious choice of Spenser turned out to be Cummings' man, loved it when Spenser turned out to be completely oblivious of Cummings' evilness. It's always nice when the writers twist a tired plot cliché into relative freshness.

    The first nine-tenths or so are mostly suspense and slow drama, the comes the big action scene. And boy, was I waiting for something to happen already. This leads into what we'll see in the next episode, as Jack now knows who in Logan's camp is the mastermind of Palmer's death and this nerve gas threat (or so he thinks, hardy har).

    Hourly Highlight:

    Nobody cracks Jack Bauer's rib without some scissors in the neck to pay for it! I say nobody!moreless
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Timothy V. Murphy


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Robert Rusler


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Josie Di Vincenzo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Carlos Bernard (Tony) appears in this episode, his first since the premiere, however he has no speaking lines.

    • The canisters of nerve gas are all clearly marked with the interlocking circles symbol (Bio-Hazard) that denotes a Biological Weapon. This would mean that the contents should be a virus or bacteria and not the VX type nerve gas that they do contain.
      The symbol for Chemical Weapon is three solid circles surrounding a central circle and linked to the center circle by solid lines.
      The precautions for handling each type of weapon are radically different and nobody would ever mis-label these weapons for fear of killing themselves.

    • Considering CTU's servers are a priority, control classified information and control all the computers at the office, it is awkward and illogical place to have a server room there. Spencer can walk directly to the server room through one door and not more than 50 feet after passing through a two man security station.

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