Season 5 Episode 21

Day 5: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jack ignores the copilot's whining about his bloody nose and calls Hayes. He tells her that he has the recording and that he needs safe passage back to CTU.
At CTU medical, Curtis tells Audrey that her father survived the crash into the lake and is recovering at the hospital. Hayes calls Curtis and tells him to go pick up Jack from the landing site and put him into protective custody. She tells Curtis that it's important that he get to Jack before Logan's men.
Graem calls Logan and tells him that they can simulate a VCI signal from the plane. The signal means that the plane has been hijacked and that the terrorists plan to use it as a weapon against ground targets. Logan would then be justified in shooting the plane down.
Miles asks Hayes why Buchanan is out of holding and giving orders. Hayes brushes him off, telling him she'll explain later. She tells him to finalize the orders for Bierko's transfer.
Mike alerts Logan that the FAA has picked up a VCI signal coming from flight 520. Logan talks to an admiral who gives him the details and urges him to authorize an F-18 to shoot down the plane. Mike argues against it, believing that Jack Bauer must have a good reason for what he's doing. Logan pretends to agonize, then gives the admiral the go-ahead to fire on the plane.
Hayes spots the dispatch of the order and warns Jack that he's about to be shot down. Jack tells the copilot that they need to land the plane immediately. He asks Bill to locate a deserted stretch of freeway, then cuffs the copilot to the flight controls and orders him to start taking the plane down.
Miles sees Chloe arrive at CTU, which adds to his confusion. Hayes tells Chloe to patch into FAA and tell them the exact time they have until the F-18 reaches the plane.
Jack tells the flight attendant that she needs to ready the passengers for an emergency landing. Bill calls Jack and gives him the coordinates of a stretch of freeway, but the copilot fears that it isn't long enough. Hayes gives Curtis the location so his team can get there first. Jack orders the copilot to take the plane down as fast as possible as the oxygen masks deploy. The F-18 closes in on the descending plane as it plummets toward the freeway. Jack orders the copilot to pull up, but the plane is stuck in a dive. Jack and the copilot both jerk on the stick until the plane levels off. The F-18 pilot sees the landing gear being lowered and the admiral notifies the president that they no longer have reason to fire on the plane since it is landing. Logan reluctantly orders them to abort, and Jack's plane bounces on to the freeway. Logan orders the Marines to cordon off the area and capture Bauer. Jack orders the passengers to exit by the rear of the plane, as he ducks out the front and runs off.
Jack meets Curtis, and they head out but encounter a Marine roadblock just being set up. Curtis flashes his CTU badge and bluffs his way through the checkpoint, claiming that they're in a hurry to search for Jack. Curtis drives off and the Marines let him go.
Miles calls Hayes and demands to know what's going on, since she's working with two people who are supposed to be under arrest. She decides to bring him into the loop, telling him of the conspiracy and the recording that proves Logan was responsible for David Palmer's assassination. Miles is skeptical, but agrees to say nothing until the evidence is confirmed. Hayes then meets the detachment that is transferring Bierko to a primary holding facility at District. She orders them to notify her when he is safely there.
Mike informs Logan that Jack slipped through their fingers again. Logan knows his game is up, since Bauer will eventually release the recording to the Attorney General.
Jack tells Chloe to put a digital signature on the recording, so it can be authenticated. He tells her not to let anyone near it. Jack then visits Audrey, and they suck face for a while as romantic piano music plays on the sound track.
Logan isn't nearly so giddy. He calls Graem and tells him that their hopes of keeping America safe have been shot to hell. Graem tells Logan that the spectacle of a sitting president on trial would be bad for the country and that he should do whatever he must to keep that from happening. Logan gets the point, hangs up the phone and takes a pistol out of a wooden box.
Logan goes to Martha's room and begs her for forgiveness, telling her he's very sorry for the things he's done. At this point, Martha utters one of the best lines of the entire series. "I had no idea you were such a good liar. If I weren't so horrified by the fact that I'm married to you, I might actually be impressed." Logan's got no answer and leaves without another word.
He returns to his office and takes a few shots of liquor. He prepares to shoot himself as his intercom beeps. He ignores it at first, but then answers. The lady tells him there's a man from CTU who wants to talk to him about Jack Bauer. Logan takes the call and Miles is on the other end. Miles tells Logan that a recording has just arrived at CTU, and that Jack and Hayes are going to play it for the Attorney General. Miles feels compelled to intervene and wants Logan's approval. Logan not only gives him his approval, but his private number as well, so he can let him know when it's done. Logan seals the bargain with the promise that he won't forget the favor Miles is doing for him.
Miles goes to Chloe and distracts her while hiding something in his hand. He passes a small device with a flashing red light over the recording.