Season 5 Episode 21

Day 5: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 2006 on FOX

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  • I think it's safe to say this season is freakin' sweet

    Heller's alive. Cop-out!
    But the other stuff is killer. From Jack's jillionth bout of death-cheating to an uncharacteristically dark final act, it's high sailing. Jack's got the recording, but now he must land the plane before Logan can shoot it down. The first two acts concentrate on an emergency landing on the highway, which is one of the most absurd and preposterous sequences I've seen in a while, maybe even THE most. I frickin' love it.
    The rest of the hour is mostly low-key. Naturally, Jack slips past the military perimeter and gets back to CTU. It's one thing that I love about this season; the writers just stopped trying to top themselves with threats. And they bring up/utilize other stuff that's happened in the season, like the martial law curfew.
    With no way out, Logan decides to take his own life. This sequence is accompanied by some really, REALLY creepy music that I must applaud. Would I consider Logan's suicide a good ending for the season? Sure! But it's not 7:00 AM yet, so Logan magically does have a way out. Cue your grumbling now.
    Despite the fact that Miles' actions in the last minute render Jack's actions in the last five hours utterly useless (whereas a similar event in S2 still left Jack with a lead), I'll forgive the cheap and lazy writing because this hour overall is a true standout of S5's second half. Given the quality of said second half, that's saying something.

    Hourly Highlight:
    The landing. Statistically, it's still the safest way to travel.