Season 5 Episode 9

Day 5: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on FOX
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McGill orders Curtis to take Jack into custody for violating presidential orders, but Jack breaks away from Curtis when Nathanson contacts him through Audrey and offers information on the location of the nerve gas. McGill begins to unleash on his coworkers as he discovers that they may be working against him to aid Jack. The head of the terrorists makes a demand on Logan, and Martha takes a dangerous step to get her husband's attention.moreless

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  • McGill learns

    McGill learns that CTU is run by Jack Bauer when he is on duty, no matter who the director is. Logan panicks, Jack is arrested, but he gets away. Curtis does great acting again.
  • Interesting to See!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    24 is a show that has a structure divided in thirds. This means that after 8 episodes, a arc is closed and a new one begins. This not mean that that arc is totally closed, only a part is close.

    Until now, DAvid Palmer was assassinated and a conspiracy plot arrived. After the nerve gas plot arrived, Jack was able to locate the responsible for the Conspiracy. In episode 8 the sentox gas was demonstrated.

    So in this episode begins another arc, base solely in the setox gás and how the writers creativity can play this out.

    It is difficult to create something very good for every episode of 24, so my note are more gentile compared to others show I revised.

    The writers can only focus on Jack and President Logan. CTU don´t have any type of good material drama to play.

    So in this episode, the writers decided to make McGill the bad guy in CTU, make Jack life more difficult. This is one of the plots - CTU Vs Jack, that every season have to happen. With this, both Audrey and Chloe can share a good time on screen.

    Jack now has another lead, as usual, well connected this one. Of course, in the end, the guy with the information is dead and Jack has a Chip that make Jack pursuit another lead to the sentox gas.

    My Point of View:

    CTU scenes were interesting, the tension created was good, since CTU didn´t play another type of tension like this in this season , I think is not boring, it is interesting, but repetitive too.

    Jack Pursuit ends bad, as usual, repetitive, but the action itself wasn´t the top one, but was acceptable and interesting at some parts.

    The high point here is the drama in the white house. President Logan Choice end up bad when Martha too take her decision.

    Overall, better than the previous episode, but not too much. There are some interesting points that was well explored and is interesting to see.moreless
  • The whole nine hours

    Yikes; after some bad signs, S5 rebounds dramatically, and the writers manage to put something new in the mix.

    It even begins differently from most these days. Instead of some tidy exposition at CTU, we're introduced to a new villain who immediately and effectively offs Erwich and takes the reins of Bigbad. We see that while Jack was busy with his mall thing, Vladimir Bierko was busy trying to get back at Nathanson. Lovely how some significant stuff actually happens offscreen this season. Really.

    Technically, Jack does follow a new lead here, but ends up going rogue in the process. This leads to a neat action piece at an abandoned warehouse. While that twist on The Formula is underway, new intrigue rises at CTU, where McGill breathes down Audrey's neck as she tries to assist Jack's quest. So Chloe and Buchanan are brought into the equation to assist HER quest.

    But I consider those the B-plots of this Grade-A hour. The major storyline is that of Logan, who's contacted by Bierko and forced to hand over President Suvarov's life, which is somewhat similar to Saunders and Palmer in S3, but much grander in scale. If that's not intense enough, just watch what Martha does (no, after her crazy screaming). Are you giddy yet?

    This episode takes the path that S5 had been following and flips it around with new storylines that practically pop out of nowhere, in about the best way possible. I'm sold.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Bierko skewers Erwich.moreless
  • Action.. and a lot of things happening

    Wow.. this was a great episode - the whole thing with Russians and Logan and his wife.. the whole struggle what is right and what is wrong and the decision Martha makes in the end and forcing that oh.. old good bodyguard to come with her.. Ok.. but there is stunning action going on CTU.. Audrye gets call from Jack who attacks Cutris and then takes off with important information.. And there is McGill who has been pushed to limit and he acts.. oo.. totally randomly and without reason, at least it seems to me. He lets Bill but into holding.. he thinks everyone plot against him.. they do.. Anyway, it ends very excitingly..moreless
  • Review.

    This was a good episode with several key moments and only 1 discrepency that I noticed. The situation at CTU has gone about as high as it can go, with Lynn placing Bill in a holding cell, rendering much of what Chole and Audrey can do useless. Jacks moments during this episode were good - as always. The gunfight that lead to the death of Nathanson was pretty good, only Jack Bauer could take down a Helicopter with a handgun. The ending was good as well, with Martha Logan forcing her husbands hand and getting into the limo with the Russian president...forcing him to make very tough decisions in the upcoming episode. The only thing I didnt like was a time issue. The terrorists said they would call back in 15 minutes, yet called almost 35 minutes later. Nothing big, but just something that could have been done a little bit better.moreless
Penny Balfour

Penny Balfour

Jenny McGill

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Matthew Boylan

Matthew Boylan


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Anita Finlay

Anita Finlay

Logan's Aide

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Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

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Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Mike Novick

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Sean Astin

Sean Astin

Lynn McGill

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