Season 5 Episode 10

Day 5: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Logan wrestles with his conscience when he learns that Martha is riding in the motorcade with the Suvarovs.

Audrey convinces Curtis to take action as McGill continues to abuse his authority.

Jack learns that an ex-CTU agent, Christopher Henderson, works for a company which is connected with the nerve gas.moreless

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  • we get more

    We get more hints that Logan is more involved than we thought, he is willing to kill another president for his own sake. The praying scene is good too.
  • A weak episode that IMO has almost no appeal whatsoever.

    One of the many weak episodes this season has almost everything going against it instead of for it. The subplot of Logan struggling with his humanity to either get his wife from the limo before the attack happens or just let it occur is without a doubt the weakest subplot from the season. The praying scene is an awkward one and laughable in every sense of the word. The subplot of Lynn McGill going crazy and paranoid is weak and really there is no need for it. Partly to blame for the episodes flaws is the writing of the episode, and it shows in some of the dialog excluding the Henderson scenes. The inclusion of Peter Weller's character is the episodes only redeeming quality and his character is arguably the best new cast addition this season. The cliffhanger is weak tops off the episodes horrendousness.

    NOTE: This is just my opinion and mine only. The review wasn't made to insult or anger anyone, its just my opinion and nothing else.moreless
  • Review!!!!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    It is necessary to give Chloe, Audrey and Edgar a nice time on screen, so this Paranoid McGill serves well and make things on CTU more interesting, but the writers wanted to end this situation in this episode and in a different way.

    Jack has less time on screen than usual, but be fooled by a old friend, was a nice touch from the writers, since Jack is never fooled, not so easily. Jack Time Screen was well dealt in this episode.

    White House Drama also ended in this episode, and has expected the writers managed to buy time until near the end of this episode, to make us finally see, who would die. Aaron participation was nice, and some suspense was well dealt. Aside some logical issues, in terms of emotional material, was well delivered.

    My Point of View:

    CTU drama was interesting, since McGill was worse than CHapelle, he was acting like a crazy Man. Curtis action was nice to see. Finally some Screen time well deserved for some of our favorite characters.

    Jack being fooled is something priceless, since is very rare, if not impossible.

    White House drama was interesting near the end of this episode. The action was good, aside from logical issues, since this is a show that sacrifices logic for emotions.

    Overall, this episodes solve things in great way, not very different from the usual, but still great to see how the writers deal with this type of show format.moreless
  • If you do not trust him one, do not trust him later..

    So, Jack is following his lead and needs help from CTU and it is hard as they are constantly followed by McGills who is paranoid, out of control and acting.. mm.. totally randomly. And thought this episode we see him loosing it even more and how others have to make it move - the whole cat-mouse game in CTU and the final facedown when Curtis is ready to draw a gun.. that was so great storyline.

    And it is not bad in other lines too - Jack and his old "friend" and stepping out for a second.. that was just brilliant. And the whole thing with president and convoi.. I will only imagine what Martha will feel now - her husband left her to the car to die..moreless
  • Can you spell A-W-E-S-U-M?

    Suspense, drama, and adrenaline-pumping action. We've got it all here. Not much from Jack, really, although he does serve it up at least once. But in keeping with the last hour, the Logan story is what makes this episode what it is. Suspenseful! Dramatic! Adrenaline-pumping actiony! YAHAHA!!!

    CTU has had very rare opportunities for some nice intrigue, but they manage it here. Likewise, Curtis usually gets pushed into other characters' shadows, but the writers now give him a chance in the spotlight, and I'd say he makes the most out of it. We also get a few comical moments courtesy of McGill and his newfound insanity.

    Jack's story kinda seems like an afterthought, since he's offscreen (save for the back-from-commercial split screens) for approximately half an hour. But his story isn't completely useless; we do get to meet his old mentor Christopher Henderson, whose importance to the story is made quite obvious quite quickly, both by his sudden villainous turn at the end and by the fact that freakin' Robocop is playing him.

    But what's going on with Logan? I'll tell you what: great suspense, great drama, and GREAT action! Logan panics! Martha gets nervous! Logan prays!! Martha and the Suvarovs almost get blowed up!! Pierce pwns the world!!! …er, make of that what you will. Anyway, these last two episodes have served up an enjoyable story arc involving an attack on the Russian President's life, but now it's over, and the ending sets us up for what's next to come: a…nerve gas attack on the United States? Hasn't another episode ended with a villain proclaiming such an act? I wonder…

    Hourly Highlight:

    PIERCE PWNS THE WORLD!!!moreless
Pia Artesona

Pia Artesona


Guest Star

Danielle Burgio

Danielle Burgio


Guest Star

Sky Soleil

Sky Soleil


Guest Star

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

Recurring Role

Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Mike Novick

Recurring Role

Sean Astin

Sean Astin

Lynn McGill

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Carlos Bernard (Tony) does not appear in this episode.

    • After Jack enters Christopher's office, he's tasered. Soon after, he's already waking up. If this is a real-time show, how did Christopher drag Jack to the desk, grab the gun, wake up Jack in only one second?

    • While arguing with Audrey, Lynn says "My people are not going to chase that white elephant". He means "wild goose", as a white elephant is an expensive liability, not a false trail.

    • After the motorcade attack fails, Novick says, "We need to prepare ourselves for the terrorists' retaliation." However, the closed-captioning says "...Bierko's retaliation" which is an error since since at this point they don't know the name of the head terrorist.

    • A secret service agent walks into Logan's office and hands Mike a phone while the two men are talking about President Suvarov's imminent death. Shouldn't he have been just a little bit more suspicious?

    • Omicron's building is obviously not very secure. Despite Jack needing to check in with security, the guard never gave Jack a badge, or screened Jack into the building. It appears that he walked straight through.

  • QUOTES (5)

  • NOTES (3)

    • Jane Espenson, Audrey's alias when calling Henderson's secretary, is a real person, best known for her writing on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. David Fury, who is a Co-Executive Producer on 24, also worked with Espenson on Buffy and slipped her name in as an in-joke.

    • Beginning with this episode, Sean Astin is credited as Special Guest Star.

    • Throughout Season 5, Peter Weller receives the "and" credit.


    • It is revealed that Jack implicated Henderson in an Internal Affairs investigation resulting in his resignation for taking bribes, a reference to Season 1 when Jack was harassed by Teddy Hanlin for implicating his partner Seth Campbell and 'two others' for bribe taking. Henderson was one of the other two.

    • Henderson makes reference to Nina Myers and George Mason, two main characters from Season 1 of the series.