Season 5 Episode 10

Day 5: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on FOX

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  • we get more

    We get more hints that Logan is more involved than we thought, he is willing to kill another president for his own sake. The praying scene is good too.
  • A weak episode that IMO has almost no appeal whatsoever.

    One of the many weak episodes this season has almost everything going against it instead of for it. The subplot of Logan struggling with his humanity to either get his wife from the limo before the attack happens or just let it occur is without a doubt the weakest subplot from the season. The praying scene is an awkward one and laughable in every sense of the word. The subplot of Lynn McGill going crazy and paranoid is weak and really there is no need for it. Partly to blame for the episodes flaws is the writing of the episode, and it shows in some of the dialog excluding the Henderson scenes. The inclusion of Peter Weller's character is the episodes only redeeming quality and his character is arguably the best new cast addition this season. The cliffhanger is weak tops off the episodes horrendousness.

    NOTE: This is just my opinion and mine only. The review wasn't made to insult or anger anyone, its just my opinion and nothing else.
  • Review!!!!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    It is necessary to give Chloe, Audrey and Edgar a nice time on screen, so this Paranoid McGill serves well and make things on CTU more interesting, but the writers wanted to end this situation in this episode and in a different way.

    Jack has less time on screen than usual, but be fooled by a old friend, was a nice touch from the writers, since Jack is never fooled, not so easily. Jack Time Screen was well dealt in this episode.

    White House Drama also ended in this episode, and has expected the writers managed to buy time until near the end of this episode, to make us finally see, who would die. Aaron participation was nice, and some suspense was well dealt. Aside some logical issues, in terms of emotional material, was well delivered.

    My Point of View:

    CTU drama was interesting, since McGill was worse than CHapelle, he was acting like a crazy Man. Curtis action was nice to see. Finally some Screen time well deserved for some of our favorite characters.

    Jack being fooled is something priceless, since is very rare, if not impossible.

    White House drama was interesting near the end of this episode. The action was good, aside from logical issues, since this is a show that sacrifices logic for emotions.

    Overall, this episodes solve things in great way, not very different from the usual, but still great to see how the writers deal with this type of show format.
  • If you do not trust him one, do not trust him later..

    So, Jack is following his lead and needs help from CTU and it is hard as they are constantly followed by McGills who is paranoid, out of control and acting.. mm.. totally randomly. And thought this episode we see him loosing it even more and how others have to make it move - the whole cat-mouse game in CTU and the final facedown when Curtis is ready to draw a gun.. that was so great storyline.

    And it is not bad in other lines too - Jack and his old "friend" and stepping out for a second.. that was just brilliant. And the whole thing with president and convoi.. I will only imagine what Martha will feel now - her husband left her to the car to die..
  • Can you spell A-W-E-S-U-M?

    Suspense, drama, and adrenaline-pumping action. We've got it all here. Not much from Jack, really, although he does serve it up at least once. But in keeping with the last hour, the Logan story is what makes this episode what it is. Suspenseful! Dramatic! Adrenaline-pumping actiony! YAHAHA!!!
    CTU has had very rare opportunities for some nice intrigue, but they manage it here. Likewise, Curtis usually gets pushed into other characters' shadows, but the writers now give him a chance in the spotlight, and I'd say he makes the most out of it. We also get a few comical moments courtesy of McGill and his newfound insanity.
    Jack's story kinda seems like an afterthought, since he's offscreen (save for the back-from-commercial split screens) for approximately half an hour. But his story isn't completely useless; we do get to meet his old mentor Christopher Henderson, whose importance to the story is made quite obvious quite quickly, both by his sudden villainous turn at the end and by the fact that freakin' Robocop is playing him.
    But what's going on with Logan? I'll tell you what: great suspense, great drama, and GREAT action! Logan panics! Martha gets nervous! Logan prays!! Martha and the Suvarovs almost get blowed up!! Pierce pwns the world!!! …er, make of that what you will. Anyway, these last two episodes have served up an enjoyable story arc involving an attack on the Russian President's life, but now it's over, and the ending sets us up for what's next to come: a…nerve gas attack on the United States? Hasn't another episode ended with a villain proclaiming such an act? I wonder…

    Hourly Highlight:
  • Filler

    Nothing very exciting happened. Jack had a total of about 12-15 minutes of on screen time. The fact that it took him and the senior VP about 20 mimutes to walk across the street to the bunker was a little unrealistic. The crisis inside of CTU wasn't very exciting either. everyone knew that Lynn was going to fall eventually and he finnaly did in this episode. Everything that happened in this episode sets up for the attack against the terrorists in the next couple of episodes. The scene with the motorcade was kind of cool, but other then Aaron taking out 3-4 of the terrorists by himself nothing really cool there either. I found it odd that terrorists continued to fire on a motorcade that was obviously bulletproof...that could have been written better
  • Another great episode.

    Martha Logan rides with the Suvarovs on the way to the airport putting herself in harms way. Lynn starts abusing his authority inside CTU. Jack Bauer figures out that an ex CTU agent maybe behind the terrorist attacks. Well, this is another great 24 episode. This show promises action in each episode, it never gets dull. There's something to see in this episode, it's a very exciting show. I had a good time watching this episode. it's awesome, the action is excellent, they did a great job with this episode. It has all the goods, this episode was so much fun.
  • Slow start, and an episode where Jack is not heavily featured. But it all leads to an excellent outline.

    The pacing of this episode could have been better. If the deadline of the terrorist attack was 20mins, I\'d be a happy camper. Well, instead it was 40... or, more likely, 45.

    I must say, though, the terrorist attack - though it was defended - was really spectacular and brutal. I really thought at least one of the 3 dies(I thought either the Russian pres or Anja). But they all survived. AAron was incredible, I loved when he opened the door and shooted 3 people with perfect aiming. Right after he collapsed... I thought he died! Thank god.. he didn\'t.

    Logan once again had to make a decision. It\'s interesting to see a president struggling like this but.. it gets repetative! Altho Palmer had the same effect - he was a great man, a man of speech, but sometimes I swear I fell asleep during his scenes.

    Anyway, the scene where Mike and Logan are praying... 10/10.

    McGill was super-annoying and I\'m glad Buchanan is back. Though, I think McGill was really out of character. He might be bossy and a damn jerk, but... this was too much - even from him.

    Jack had a little role at the beginning and at the ending..The ending was great or should I say explosive... Henderson is alot like Jack. Clever, doesn\'t seem to be scared, and wears same style glasses. Heh.
  • 24 at its very finest!

    Fantastic episode! Great tension, great action sequences and some nice plot twists along the way. Definitely one of the best episodes of 24 so far.

    Jack's encounter with his old CTU pal (the name escapes me) was nice for many reasons. For one it was a great reference to season one (with the added bonus of Myers and Mason mentioned), but it also took a twist I hadn't seen coming. I actually thought the former CTU agent would turn out to be innocent and that he would be helping Jack throughout the season. Or at least that he would help Jack out and turn out to be a bad guy not until the end. I was wrong, and it was an interesting surprise.

    Agent Hobbit went nutsy. He was just all over the place and it made for a very interesting episode. I wonder what will happen to him in the future... From what I hear Sean Astin was only supposed to do three episodes so I take it they have no long-term plan for him. Audrey is getting on my nerves though, this season she seems to be the "I'm the heroine so I can do no wrong" character and I hate those characters. I miss Michelle... She was always sympathetic, which Audrey is currently not.

    On a side-note, in season four I couldn't help thinking "Edgar reminds me of Sam in LotR"... Now when I see Edgar and Lynn in the same scenes I still see that resemblance.

    For the record I have to say I think the president made the right decision about the Suvarovs, perhaps not politically but morally. It's the same situation as both Tony and Michelle have been faced with and in the end the lives of 100 000 are worth more than the lives of two or three people high up in the hierarchy (sp?). For the first time I think Logan showed some real guts and some fortitude, he made the tough decision and he stuck by it. I respect him for that.

    The storyline was really great all-in-all, it provided some great tension and one of 24s best action sequences. I was really worried that they had killed off Aaron there for a while but he seems to be okay. And he got to be the big hero, which was great!

    This storyline was probably the main reason why I thought this episode was so good. It provided moral dilemma, tension, action, great timing and some real emotion. It could easily have turned out cheesy but I really think they pulled it off well.
  • As Logan wrestles with his conscience, McGill loses control of his workforce and Jack comes face to face with someone from his past.

    Great episode. Strong dialogue, good moments of tension, some cracking action scenes and a beautiful moment of series realisation from Christopher 'Robocop' Henderson on CTU "You guys keep getting rid of anybody who can do the job."

    On the subject of Henderson, anyone reckon that the investigation that got him fired was the one Jack took part in pre-season one, where Teddy Hanlan's partner got arrested. Suffice to say he's an impressive addition to the cast, and hopefully, it'll give Jack something substantial to do, plus a new 'nemesis-who-knows-his-every-move-a-little-bit-like-Nina-did-back-in-the-old-days' to play with.

    The motorcade storyline was handled nicely, although the Logan/ Novick office party sequences started to get a little repetitive. Note to the writing staff: There is only so many times the 'call the motorcade back' 'I can't he'll release the sentox' conversation can be done in an hour. Having said that, there was a beautifully understated moment when Logan asks Mike to pray with him. For me, it sums up Logan's need to find authority from elsewhere, be it his wife, his chief of staff or God.

    The actual motorcade attack was fantastically handled, with Aaron getting to kick some serious terrorist ass, and given that he's spent five years standing around, handing cellphones to politicians and generally being an alround upstanding bloke, it's about bloody time. Having said that, he got very little recognition for it, since according to Novick, "CTU intervened in time" No, no actually 'in time' would have been about thirty minutes earlier. The only reason Martha and her orange grove pondering friends - who incidentally have the most tedious line of small talk known to man- are still with us is because Agent Pierce shot the terrorists despite having been heavily injured.

    However despite taking credit where it isn't due, I have to say: CTU. Horray. Curtis gets a bit of backbone, Lyn gets carted off (although I very much doubt he'll be gone for long- there's still the small matter of his sister and the stolen keycard to deal with) and Audrey and Chloe show that sisters are doing it for themselves to quote a rather appalling song. The confrontation scene, which in some respects kind of came out of nowhere, was fantastically played by all concerned and is one of my moments of the series so far.

    All in all a superb episode leaving things nicely set for a great mid season treat. I suppose the question is where will the Judderman release the gas? And what has Robocop got to do with it all? And perhaps most importantly, when is Jack going to get a decent change of clothes?
  • Mostly 24 hitting the reset button, but Aaron owns the best part of the episode.

    This episode essentially negates some of the developments of the last two episodes. Some of them are expected, like Bierko setting out to do what Erwich was planning, making his death more a penalty for trusting the Americans. Unfortunately, that leaves little advancement of the story aside from the Henderson thread. That's not to say this episode is bad. It's still entertaining, and it has one of the best moments of the season.

    While Martha had good intentions going with the Suvarovs, her uneasiness when she learned her loser husband didn't change the course of the motorcade didn’t help. Suvarov could tell that something was wrong, and the attack a half hour later would validate those suspicions. Although the Suvarovs, Martha and Pierce turned out OK, the fact that the missile hit the car is enough to warrant huge repercussions.

    It’s safe to say that Martha is the best thing that ever happened to Logan. Therefore, the thought of sacrificing her to the terrorists pushes him to a place he shouldn’t have been in to start. Of course, Logan doesn’t realize that Martha did this to tell him that this was wrong and it would only result in bigger problems than releasing nerve gas. Logan should’ve known that he couldn’t negotiate with terrorists. Because of this, he delivered a potent blow to his crumbling marriage, entangled himself in an impossible PR situation with the Russians and made a man with 19 gas canisters really angry. Smooth move.

    Praying with Novick draws obvious parallels to Nixon and the story where he allegedly prayed with Kissinger in his last days as president. Nixon has been a huge component of Logan’s character, down to the psychical similarities, but this incident was the closest comparison, the only difference is that Novick’s objection was that it was “personal” rather than he being of a different faith.

    24 has been ruthless in dispatching main characters, especially from this season’s opening moments. Although many believed that Martha would be safe from Bierko’s attack, many were especially worried about the fate of Agent Pierce. This season he has gotten plenty of moments to shine, notably when he helped Jack get to Walt. It could’ve been a good indicator that he was going to die, and this would’ve been a prime way to do it. I almost believed that they did it when he didn’t respond to Martha. Then he woke up. Casually opening the door and blowing those two terrorists away was easily the highlight of the episode. Is there anyone who doesn’t love this character?

    I am disappointed that Lynn has been marked down into an annoying figure made to hinder our heroes. Earlier he appeared to be thoughtful as he saved Jack and the terminal hostages. Then he got cranky after he got beat up by his sister’s boyfriend. Lynn’s frustrating control of CTU hinders anything that could be considered progress. Even if he didn’t believe it, he should’ve connected the dots between an attack on the Russian president’s motorcade and the separatists with the nerve gas.

    Speaking of annoying characters, Audrey has shed that persona this season, becoming a worthwhile component of the show and referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the process. Besides William Devane being on another show, it is worth asking why Audrey wouldn’t aggressively pursue getting Heller involved. At least she took the initiative to get the reckless Lynn out of control.

    Lynn’s behavior had to reach its breaking point eventually, so what better time than when CTU desperately needs to avert a major attack? Although I generally have a problem with some of the high school elements of 24, this time they were far more convincing, with there being a genuine problem our heroes have to avert (gotta love Edgar's comment about how he would do it, but he still wasn't comfortable). It’s no surprise that Curtis influenced the guards, but it will be interesting to see how this will affect CTU in future episodes. I’m a bit behind, so I won’t divulge the upcoming circumstances yet.

    The biggest tell to how much Lynn’s power trip hurt CTU’s progress tracking the gas and Bierko was how Buchanan made more progress in his first minute back on the job than Lynn did during his tenure. Lynn’s abuse of power was so the writers could make sure the terrorists could get close to killing everyone in the motorcade, without succeeding in the primary target. That makes it a bit more frustrating.

    Another episode with little Jack, but it does delve into unexplored Jack history with his former mentor playing a crucial role behind the conspiracy. We knew Jack busted agents for taking bribes from the pilot and that was awkwardly covered later on, but this one is more substantial and less annoying, especially with special guest star Peter Weller playing the role of Henderson.

    Some complained that Jack was stupid to place that much trust in Henderson, but the personal history explains why. Jack busted Henderson for selling information, but Jack only said he "believed" in Henderson's guilt, implying some lee way. Also, Jack now knows that there were people within CTU who were corrupt like Nina (although Mason became a hero, he did take some money from Darcet). That guilt lead Jack to give Henderson some slack, which cost him precious time and almost killed him.

    It is never said, but Henderson’s motives must be similar to Walt and Nathanson’s. There are some things worth asking: what exactly is his role in the conspiracy? Why did he have a bomb in the clipboard in his office? With the bunker blown up, what was Henderson planning to do? Wouldn't he be targeted by the same people who came for Nathanson and his crew? Even though CTU didn’t have a lot, they still had his name and would want to speak to him, especially with an attack on a federal agent. Likely, he would’ve skipped town and gone into hiding with whatever money he got from this operation.

    Something is also suspicious about the three dead scientists, all killed in “accidents”. The proximity of them incidents indicates that someone killed them and made it look like an accident, but who? Was it Henderson and crew, wanting to keep them quiet in case their plan unraveled (which it is now)? Or was it Erwich, who got help from the Americans, who wanted to silence anyone who wasn’t on board for this operation? We may never know for sure, but the facts given are enough for us to draw our conclusions.

    There are some good moments in this episode, especially when Aaron saves the day (or hour), but there is little forward movement, indicative of a transitional episode. With the two hour event the following week, 24 isn't going to run out of steam yet this season, which is amazing considering the pace they've set for themselves.
  • Bierko is now going to make sure that the failed assassination attempt on President Suvarov ... will be a successful assassination of hundreds of thousands of American lives through the canisters of nerve gas.

    Episode #106 - Day 5: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm - 2/27/06

    Following a recap of last week's intense episode, this week's unbelievable ep starts out just as explosive. After finding out that his wife has stayed with the Suvarovs in their limousine, President Logan calls her and orders her to remove herself off the motorcade route; when she refuses to do so, the President is forced to make a decision - call off the motorcade and thereby allow the terrorists to release the nerve gas and also reveal to Suvarov his part in his attempted assassination ... or let the assassination of the Suvarovs ... and his wife as well ... commence ...

    Back at CTU, McGill continues to suspect Raines of insubordination, but she is able to secretly call Bauer to give him new information obtained from the disc ... Bauer must confront his old mentor, Henderson, the man who brought Bauer in and later was betrayed by him. Meanwhile, McGill fires a woman from CTU after he suspects her of covering for Raines and threatens to fire others as well.

    O'Brian helps Bauer into the Omicron building under an alias, but as she finishes planting the new information into the company's database, McGill finds both her and Raines ... fortunately, Raines is able to talk her way out of a confrontation and O'Brian finishes before McGill can take action. Bauer gets Raines to patch into the secretary's phone and call her away so that he can sneak in ... however, when he steps through the door he is tasered by Henderson.

    Upon waking up, Henderson finds out about the extra 20 canisters of nerve gas, one of which was released in the mall and covered up to be chlorine gas, and that Bauer is accusing him of having something to do with it. Henderson decides to prove to Bauer that he doesn't. Meanwhile, O'Brian picks up up a new lead - believing that the Suvarov motorcade may be a target of attack by terrorists. However, McGill refuses to devote any resources to investigating this, blowing it off as speculative and irrelevant to the nerve gas they are trying to locate.

    O'Brian, Raines, and another agent decide to deal with this situation behind McGill's back and warn Secret Service before the attack; Raines confronts Manning, who admits that McGill has gone over the deep end, and convinces him to charge him with being mentally incapable of running the CTU, thereby allowing Manning to released Buchanan.

    In another emotional scene, the Chief of Staff tells President Logan that with the motorcade only 15 minutes away from the airport, he has to make a decision now - to call of the motorcade or to let it continue. Logan reflects one last time, and then he realizes that when he couldn't risk hundreds of thousands of lives before ... he still can't now, even if it means his wife will die as well.

    Back at CTU, all hell breaks loose as McGill cuts off the agents when he discovers them trying to hack into his personal database; escorted by a couple of security guards, McGill enters and orders them to take Raines, O'Brian, and the other agent into custody; however, Manning finally steps in, realizing this has gone too far, and orders the guards to stand down, threatening to draw his weapon. He then orders them to arrest McGill and escort him out under Section 1-12 ... which provokes McGill to promise persecution for this 'injustice.' With McGill gone, Manning tells everyone else to go back to work ... and orders the release of Buchanan, putting him back in the position of Director of CTU once again.

    Buchanan immediately brings order back to CTU and has the O'Brian inform Secret Service of the presumed attack before calling the president. Buchanan shocks both Logan and Novic by telling them of this new "revelation," and the Chief of Staff has to cover for Logan on the phone. Logan realizes that now that CTU has found out and is informing Secret Service, the chances of the attack succeeding have greatly reduced ... meaning they're totally screwed one way or another.

    In one of the most intense scenes in 24 history, Secret Service receives the message ... but a little late ... when they decide to turn around, they are too close to the terrorists and they fire, killing the lead officers on bikes. Then, one of them fires a missile, knocking out the front of the Suvarov limo, killing the driver and knocking out Agent Pierce. The terrorists proceed to the limo and fire on it, but Pierce wakes up and is able to kill all three terrorists with a handgun, thereby saving the lives of the Suvarovs as well as Mrs. Logan.

    Meanwhile, Henderson leads Bauer into the sealed bunker and accesses information on the computer regarding the scientists who worked on the gas ... finding out that they all died in mysterious ways. Henderson then reflects on how Bauer betrayed him and how he didn't believe him when he told him he was framed. However, Bauer was right to trust his instincts then, because as Jack works, Henderson leaves the room, and when Jack finds out the phones don't work, he realizes that it was all a set-up ... and also finds the bomb planted there for his untimely demise. Outside, Henderson calls an unknown informant and tells her that Bauer has been eliminated, thereby proving his involvement. He presses a button, detonating the sealed room with Bauer in it ... however, Bauer found a way to survive, and even under the rubble, emerges to live another hour.

    Finally, President Logan is relieved to find out that both his wife and the Suvarovs were unharmed. However, he and his Chief of Staff realize that Bierko won't care if he had tried to keep his end of the bargain. Sure enough, Bierko calls, informing him that this is their last conversation: for failing to keep Secret Service in the dark about the planned attack, Bierko is now going to make sure that the failed assassination attempt on President Suvarov ... will be a successful assassination of hundreds of thousands of American lives through the canisters of nerve gas.
  • President Logan, boo hiss!

    Every week I am amazed by the complete lack of leadership shown by the Chief-of-Staff himself, President Logan. The confusion, uncertainty, negligence and incompentence shown by Logan makes compelling viewing. Who says 24 doesn't mirror reality? Also, Jack is suddenly very gullible (re. Weller), totally out of character so how and why did this happen? Good stuff but not top marks (it takes a lot to impress me).
  • CTU gets intel that the Russian president's motorcade will be attacked. CTU Director Lynn McGill loses control and Buchanan is finally reinstated. Jack meets the man who once recruited him to CTU and falls into a trap.

    Talk about insane. Writers and actors continue to prevail on this show. Logan may be annoying but he definitely contributes to the action, Sean Astin's character as well. The peek of the night was when the possible lost of Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce was at large. I believe profanity and jumping was used. Excellence! Amazing momentum the show still has, now in its fifth season. I'm expecting episodes far greater than this in the weeks to come.
  • McGill is losing his marbles over at CTU, and Logan is going bonkers at the White House - everyone thought Martha was the crazy one...

    I still can't believe that Novick gave Bierko the Suvarov's route, and holy crap, did Logan really just say that? That the murder of the Russian President and his wife is a justification for the treaty that was just signed? And to say it in such a holier-than-thou tone - honestly, this man makes me ill. The worst is Novick going along with all of it, though - I truly thought the man had better sense, better judgement, higher morals than Logan is displaying. I can't wait til Logan finds out Martha is in the car. If they warn the Secret Service, the terrorists will release the gas, but if they don't Martha will probably die. I really like her, I love that she stands up to Logan - since Mike won't do that, at least somebody will.

    The music this week is really rather bad, to be honest. It is usually pretty good, or at least unnoticeable, which is the mark of a decent composer, but this week all I keep hearing is cheesy midi tones.

    The little pow-wow in the server room is fun - it's never a good sign when underlings are working together to stage a coup.

    Jack's reference to the investigation some years ago of CTU agents selling information to defense contractors was a nice little nod to continuity - always a good thing to throw in for the rabid masses :)

    Jack is in his element infiltrating Omicron to confront Henderson - love it when he gets to do the stealthy thing. Damn, not often someone gets the drop on him... wow... Nice to see Peter Weller again - I've missed his presence on tv since Odessy 5 was cancelled. There was a show with another very unique storyline.

    Since when does McGill's reputation matter more than a potential threat to the President of and allied nation? Definitely losing his grip. What a moron - how much worse is it going to look on him when there *is* an attack on the Suvarov's motorcade and people are killed and/or injured? Audrey's right - McGill's actions are proof of being mentally unfit for the job at hand. If it were a normal day (so to speak) his micro-managing might not be such an issue, but the current situation requires extreme flexibility and adaptability, which he is incapable of.

    Typical Logan - blaming someone else, in this case Martha, for circumstances that are of his own making.

    Great showdown between Curtis and McGill - very well done. The look on McGill's face when the two security officers looked at Curtis and asked him what his orders were was just priceless.

    The echoing silence when Buchanan tells Logan of the pending attack on the motorcade is really quite amusing - it's not like he can just come out and say "Well, yes, we knew about it all along..."

    Aaron better not be dead - ah, good, way to go. At least somebody has kept up on their range practice. I know Jack is an awesome shot, he can outshoot a .50 cal chopper mounted machine gun, in fact, but still...

    How interesting - three of the lead scientists involved with the Centox project are dead, and Jack is locked in a bunker where no one knows where he is. Henderson has taken a powder, and is up to his eyeballs in the whole thing. So much for Jack ever believing his protestations of innocence regarding the defense contracts all that time ago.

    Two hour episode next week - glad I'm all caught up, because I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
  • Special Agent Pierce rocks! Also a lot of Audrey and Logan and very little Jack.

    This episode was an extraordinary good one, I don't give it a 10 because there was a lot of episodes that deserve that grade in other seasons (The bombing of CTU, The detonation of the nuke, Chapelle's death, etc).

    We see very little Jack in this episode, I think that he appears only 5 minutes, is good to see that the show doesn't depend entirely in the main character to survive.

    I don't think that Jack has ever fallen into a trap so easily. He even says that, "how can i be so stupid"... yeah! that was what I was thinking also. When Henderson said "nobody can get in, nobody can get out" I thought that something like this could happen. But I liked that, Jack is allowed to mess up, because he's human. This sort of things make the show a little more beliavable, and breaks with the routine a little.

    I also enjoyed that the bomb situation resolves in about 2 minutes, It would've been really easy to let Jack trapped with a ticking bomb until next Monday, but I think that the viewers are a little used to ticking clocks in 24. That sort of cliffhanger would've been a little cheap in my point of view.

    In CTU the things get out of hand, we see a very strong and determined Audrey. In the last few episodes I was getting tired of seeing the same storyline as always, that is Jack breaks the law, somebody in charge orders to bring him in and his friends help him to do it covertly. This episode breaks with that, shows little Jack and a lot of Audrey and I think it is a great way to go. Don't get me wrong, I really like 24 and I think that the writing is amazing, but after 5 seasons is difficult to be innovative in every episode. So far, they're a doing an outstading job.

    President Logan is once more faced with a difficult choice and makes a mistake. But this time we see something that we rarely see in his character, determination... he's a whimp, nothing to do with what Palmer was, but this time he was willing to let go his own wife to save american lives. I think that even if he was making the wrong call (and I think that negotiating with terrorist is) he did it with determination and the thought that it was for the best, and not because of fear or desperation as he always acts.

    And finally, Aaron Pierce saves the day. When the motorcade was heading towards the ambush I thought "I hope they kill them, that would be a high bet", not that I don't enjoy Martha's character, but it would've been a great storyline.

    The shooting was a great one, and for a moment I really believed that Pierce was dead. I felt really sad, he is one of the few characters to survive through the whole 5 seasons, one of the most loyal and clever ones. He never had a great part in the things that happend, until today, he saves the lives of the Russian president and both first ladies and gets his moment of glory. I think that was a great way to deal with the motorcade story, even if they all survived. And also, I'm glad that they didn't kill off another of the historic characters, for the moment is enough with David Palmer and Michelle Dessler.

  • Come on that was bloody good!

    I loved this episode, this whole season so far is back to basics which I love.

    I was expecting Martha to be killed but i guess things are never that easy, but we need to get rid of Logan he is such a bad president compared to Palmer (late!) And that linn guy what an annoying B***ard so glad he got what was coming to him.

    All I am going to say is being on the next episode!
  • Logan wrestles with his conscience when he learns that Martha is riding in the motorcade with the Suvarovs. Audrey convinces Curtis to take action as Lynn continues to abuse authority. Jack learns that an ex CTU agent, Christopher Henderson, works for a c

    A good episode, but again, not perfect. There were many fallacies. Lets take a look at them. Firstly the charatcter of Henderson was too predictable. It seemed pretty obvious from the onset that Jack will be in trouble with him.

    Also, President Logan's reaction when C.T.U. told him that thr can be an attack on the Russian President was pathetic. He should have disguised it well from the C.T.U. Something fishy could easily have been smelt from it.

    And lastly, the character of Lynn. His character is incorrigible. How can a man with such short temper and low aptitude was made the head of such a prestigious organisation.

    It was all too predictable. It's not the first time that a person in the C.T.U. has tried to halt the proceedings. It has happened in every season till date and as per the previous trends i think Lynn was the last hurdle. The C.T.U should function normally now.

    As for the positives, the plot was pretty strong in this episode. Also, it was well written.
    I liked the way Jack applied his mind and saved himself from the bomb explosion.
  • Yes 10 is a high score, it was actually about 9.98 so I rounded it up. Best episode of 24 Iv seen yet and I have seen them all several times. Every episode is a classic. Every second of every episode is very exciting.

    I can't be bothered to summarise this episode becuase if you arnt watching it from the beggining then it will just ruin the story for you anyway. If you are not watching 24, start now, from episode 1. Brilliantly calculated story all the segments fall into place perfectly at the perfect moment, visuals and soundtrack as close to perfect as I have ever witnessed. Fast, intense, nothing seems out of place story and characters seem to act perfectly logically but it still manages to suprise you, I always think I have it all figured out and then bam! Im going to watch it again now(I record it from tv).
    I could ramble on for hours about how good it is but I would rather just go watch my collection again....
    Think I will look for the soundtrack too, anyone know where I can find it? post it in a summary review. I check here often.
  • Extraordinary episode! Dramatic, thrilling, suspensful, and just an excellent plot! This episode is the best one of this season.. and I have a feeling things will be kicking up! Suspense, suspense, suspense, suspense, and some more suspense! This show is

    24 is an exciting show about CTU agent Jack Bauer who goes to stop crim and terrorism. The drama and suspense will leave you on the edge of your seat and waiting for more every week. Clearly, the best show on television. Every monday night at 9:00, be there for24!
  • Overall, this episode is an incremental improvement on the previous installment, but many of the same annoying and questionable plot elements remain at the forefront.

    The previous episode was filled with serious flaws in characterization, designed to mask the fact that the writers, as usual, started working out the plot on the fly once the initial story arc wound down with episode 5.8. It left Lynn on a paranoid power trip in the middle of a national crisis, Logan giving up the Russian president to terrorists, and Jack going dark again for reasons even more inexplicable than usual.

    As with past seasons, the trick to reviewing the episodes is understand that each episode will inevitably include plot and character elements from the episode that came before it, and sins of the prior episode should not carry over to those that come after. Still, it makes it difficult to review an episode like this one, where the elements that didn’t work are amplified.

    Logan, for instance, is even more willing to sell out every speck of the nation’s political integrity on the chance that the terrorists might release the Sentox gas against American citizens. Even having identified the most likely position for the ambush, he can’t make the call to CTU that would set in motion an effort to find or contain the terrorists.

    Part of that is to ensure that Logan agonizes over the choice between Martha and the public, which is all well and good. But it’s drawn out specifically to allow the drama at CTU to unfold and resolve itself. Once again, it’s less a matter of choices having consequences as the need for a big plot point forcing decisions by the characters. Unfortunately, that means that most of the scenes with Logan were beyond repetitive and, over time, more than a little annoying.

    Lynn’s paranoia continues to get the best of him, but at the same time, while people are fired for taking phone calls that are related to their job, he completely misses Audrey’s ongoing circumvention of his authority. Sure, he notices that Chloe is away from her desk, but only after Audrey has a long time to get Jack what he needs to infiltrate Omicron. Considering how Lynn was hovering over Audrey and questioning her motives, it seems odd for Audrey to have such latitude.

    “Buffy” reference aside, Audrey’s continued ability to work in some dark corner of the CTU building, out of Lynn’s sight and control, really doesn’t make sense once he “catches” her working with Chloe on something he didn’t explicitly authorize. It’s true that Lynn is losing control and getting in the way, but one would expect him to be exerting that level of control more personally and more frequently.

    But the point, of course, is to give Jack support just long enough to service that part of the plot, so Audrey gets all the time in the world. Thankfully, Henderson turns out to be smarter than one would expect, given the contrivances of the script. Henderson knows Jack is coming, which is something that Jack conveniently forgets later in the episode. In fact, this is one of those situation where Jack is suddenly struck by the Really Damn Stupid virus. Henderson made such a point to grab that metal file box on the way to a bunker that he supposedly hadn’t been to before. Suspicious, much?

    Lynn, however, is not just a member of the Really Damn Stupid club, but also its president. He assumes, with very little information, that the chatter regarding Suvarov is unrelated to the nerve gas. This, despite the fact that the terrorists connected to the nerve gas originally demanded that the anti-terrorism accord with Suvarov be disavowed and despite the fact that they all know the terrorists were stealing the gas intending to strike Moscow. So why does Lynn aggressively dispute such a possibility?

    Well, the reason is fairly clear; the writers needed an excuse for Audrey to defy Lynn directly and question his mental stability. The writers don’t completely drop the ball on this one, since Curtis gives Audrey a bit of an argument regarding the legality of the move. But it’s quite clear that Curtis is going to follow through with Audrey’s plan, and while it’s fun watching Lynn completely lose his control.

    Not willing to let anyone of true conviction to remain unaffected by his cowardice, Logan resigns himself to sacrificing his wife and then asks Novick to pray with him. Frankly, Novick is equally disappointing in this episode, since his past decisions have never indicated this level of equivocation. But Novick certainly knows that this is not the right thing, even if he’s willing to support it for political reasons.

    In a scene that is more satisfying than it has any right to be, Lynn is removed from power and Buchanan quickly undoes as much of the damage as possible. This only serves to underscore the fact that Lynn’s power trip was designed to serve the needs of the plot. Once the story no longer needed Jack to be on his own or the motorcade to be an irrevocable target, all the results of the paranoia are reversed and everything’s back to status quo. It’s more than a little annoying, because it’s something that seems to happen even season.

    Pierce was looking like an obvious red-shirt when he joined the motorcade, so it’s slightly surprising to see him survive the assault. That said, the dynamics of the attack are designed to ensure that certain people survive. That RPG should have taken out the armored car with relative ease, for instance. Never mind that the terrorists line themselves up rather conveniently for Pierce to counterattack!

    Meanwhile, Jack steps into such an obvious trap that one wonders if he was knocked senseless by that stun gun. Far more questionable, however, is the idea that Jack could use the explosion to open the bunker door while hiding from the explosion under a floor panel. He’s trapped inside a bunker! It’s designed to contain explosives!

    Worse is Henderson’s assumption that CTU doesn’t have enough evidence to pin anything on Omicron. Perhaps they didn’t, but killing Jack on their premises using an explosive that is clearly a bomb will all but implicate Omicron in the terrorist plot. And Henderson seems to forget that if Jack was investigating based on some evidence, which CTU still has. However one chooses to interpret it, Henderson should know better than to think he’s in the clear.

    By the end of the episode, the situation is essentially the same as it was two episodes earlier, which brings up an interesting question: just what was the point of the past two episodes? Now it’s not Erwich threatening to release the gas on Americans, but is it really any different for Bierko to be making the threat? The one obvious lead has evolved into another obvious lead, and all that’s happened in the meantime is a moral collapse for a questionable president and a mental collapse by a questionable bureaucrat. Since both collapses required the characters to make extreme and illogical choices to service the plot, it all seems like a waste.

    But how much of the problem was the status quo delivered by the previous episode, and how much can be attributed to this specific installment? If one takes the situation with Lynn and Logan at face value, then they act more or less consistent with that situation. It’s a question of extremes. More damning, however, is Jack’s inexplicable trust of Henderson and the manner in which he survives. It’s a better episode than the previous installment, but there’s still quite a bit of room for improvement.
  • Great stuff...watch for terrrorists and robocops!

    Honestly, there was no way that would kill off Martha Logan right now. The best thing to come will be the confrontation w/ her husband.

    You could tell she was holding out hope that he would do something. Now that has been shattered. And I'm sure she will tell him he is pure evil.

    I was also holding my breath on Aaron as well. He doesn't do or say much, but he's almost like a comfort to know he is there. He won't let anything bad happen. Not on his watch.

    Now am I the only one that wants to scream when Logan and Mike have there little discussions? Example: "What should I do Mike?" "I don't know your the president you have no options." Arggh!
    And when Logan's asked Mike to pray with him. I think Mike mentally fell out of his chair. Something is fishy with that guy.

    Oh yeah, let's not forget CTU. Well played Curtis. That had to happen to get the plot up and moving again and it seemed to work well.

    Jack on the other hand. I'd say he was having a bad day. But it was more like a bad hour. Tazed and almost blown up. All in a day's work. But he found that bomb awfully fast. Which brings me to one complaint for this "hour".

    If a presidential motorcade is being attacked, what is the protocol? Do the secret service whip out there machine guns and start lighting up the sky or do they floor and and make a run for it? I would have voted for the floor it. But, my guess is the firefight was more exciting for television.

    Next week looks pretty wicked. The preview shows hints of Tony and Kim and other interesting items.
  • Great episode

    Firstly i would just like to say that this was a really good episode.
    I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire episode. Lynn became a bit annoying in this episode with him getting paranoid about everything thinking that everyone was working behind his back. To his credit though he was right.
    Peter Weller was great in this episode, i was just hoping that when he took jacks gun away from him, he would start spinning it around on his finger like in robocop but alas, no such luck.
  • Wonderful, exciting, and powerful epiosde.

    Wow..that was an amazing episode! Then again so are many other episodes of 24 but this one I throughouly enjoyed. I was kept on the edge of my seat during the whole episode.
    The episode was also emotional. Seeing the President in such a tough spot and the scene of him asking Mike to pray with him was powerful.
    I guess the only thing that irked me was seeing Lynn acting like a paranoid stressaholic. Then again, that confrontation at CTU and seeing him led away in handcuffs made it a lot better.
    Overall, this episode was great. Lots of action and drama. Man, I was stuck on my seat wondering if Suberov (sp?) and the secret service would survive in the ep.
  • The best in some time. Bombs, Hostile Takeovers, and Rocket Launchers, all in an hour's work at CTU.

    This episode had my pulse racing for the first time since the season began.

    Throughout the episode, I wanted to punch Lyn in the face. In my review last week, I sympathized with him, but he has gone too far. I nearly cheered when Curtis stood up to him, especcially not as I expected him to do ("If you give that order, I'll have to draw my weapon" and u see his hand move to his gun and you suddenly wonder if there will be a shootout in the middle of CTU). God, I love Curtis. I cried when Jack knocked him out. But I digress.

    Despite disliking Presdident Logan, I truly felt sorry for him in this episode. As he said to Mike, he is trapped between a rock and a hard place. The decision about whether or not to give the terrorists the info last episode was tough enough (I wouldn't have done it, and would have sacrificed the American lives, but nonetheless), and now he has to decide whether his wife's life changes the decision. I would never want to be in a place like that. I criticize the goverment, as many people do, but tonight I realized that I can't know these things. But I'm getting off topic. I liked that aspect of the episode, and seeing how it ended was amazing. Was Martha going to survive? The Russians? Pierce? On this show, no one is safe. The writers killed off enough characters to show that.

    And Jack's lead was a bit slow, but blew us away at the end (Cheesy pun alert). Watching Jack mumble "How could I be so stupid?" as he piles things onto the bomb almost made me laugh. If my pulse wasn't racing I think I would have laughed. THE Jack Bauer getting outsmarted twice by someone within a half hour? Is that possible? Realism is good when mixed with the right blend of writing and unrealism. Which is what this episode shone with. Great work, I look forward to next week.