Season 5 Episode 11

Day 5: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tony awakens from his coma with a CTU Doctor and Buchanan telling him that Michelle is fine and well. Later he learns from a CTU computer that she was killed by the explosion earlier in the day.
Buchanan calls Jack to find out what the lead is. Curtis finds a schematic of a ventilation system that's stamped with a time code denoting action in the next hour. The schematic is sent to CTU, and Chloe matches it with schematics on file from the hospital. They call the hospital and order an evacuation, only to learn that it will take almost two hours.
The data from Henderson's computer is being sent to his home, and Jack is going in. President Suvarov, his wife, Martha, and Aaron arrive back at the White House by a helicopter. President Logan greets them, and tells Suvarov that he will do what he can to stop the terrorists. Suvarov tells Logan that he noticed Martha acting strangely before the attack, but Logan dismisses it as his wife's poor mental state.
McGill calls his sister again and demands his key card back. He says that he will get the police involved if she doesn't. However, his sister's boyfriend wants to sell the card off to someone for a lot of money.
Jack arrives at Henderson's house, and talks with his wife at gunpoint. Jack calls Chloe and tells her to help him get access to Henderson's computer.
Viktor, one of the terrorists, calls Bierko and tells him that the hospital is being evacuated. Bierko tells him that he doesn't care, and that he wants the attack to go through. Curtis' team eventually kills Viktor and safely detonates the canister in a special containment unit.
The Department of Defense is talking with Russian Intelligence, and they told them of Bierko and his past. Jack gets into Henderson's hard drive, but he still needs a password to get into some files. Henderson's wife refuses to help him.
Henderson arrives at his home, and Jack interrogates him. His wife still doesn't believe that Henderson did anything wrong, so Jack opens up Henderson's briefcase, full of money. His wife is shocked, and Henderson says that he was trying to protect her. Jack then shoots the wife in the leg above the kneecap, and he says that if he doesn't get the information as to where the nerve gas is, the next bullet will leave her in a wheelchair for life. Henderson refuses to tell Jack anything and Jack replies saying how Henderson doesn't care about anyone. Jack then calls CTU to get an ambulance and get an interrogation room for Henderson.
A terrorist, Ostroff, kills McGill's sister and her boyfriend, and calls Bierko to let him know he has the key card.