Season 5 Episode 11

Day 5: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2006 on FOX

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  • First part

    This is the first part of the attack of CTU story, we get Kim in danger, Jack shows emotions but always able to put his work in front. Henderson tells us a lot about Jack's past, how he taught him. Its just incredible story telling.
  • Good episode

    This is a good episode but no breath taking scenes or scenes that makes your heart beat faster - no big break is achieved in this episode except that Jack manages to find Henderson's computer and tries to break him unsuccessfully. This also builds up some excitement as to what happens with the key card. Yeah but we do not get to see how Lynn gets back to CTU without key card. Perhaps because he is high raking official to bypass security - but still he has got to make a registered entrance. This is not explained in this episode at least.

  • Almost the entire episode is a filler (80%), Henderson need to be caught to be with Tony, another cylinder stopped doesn´t mean anything, there is a lot of them to spread, this filler was used to save the best which is attacking CTU.

    What I liked -» Tony at least appeared and he discovered the truth.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Martha can be annoying, but her acting is good, but I didn´t find the patience this time. Also there were many filler scenes, like it wasn´t necessary for Henderson wife´s to be there, wasn´t necessary to play another attack yet etc.

    Action - » (6/10). It all about finding Henderson and the cylinder with the nerve gas inside the Hospital.

    Drama - » (8/10). Tony wake up and Martha has a new drama to play, at least it is justified.

    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). When Jack injured the leg of Henderson wife´s, nice tension, but nothing great. In the Hospital things played nice too.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (7/10). What Jack did was a little surprise, but don´t count with anything else, besides the ending.

    Time and Scene Management - » (6/10). Filler scenes played here too, it seems that the writers saved the best for the second hour.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10). Good details with little logical flaws.

    Beginning - » (8/10). Great news, Tony is ok, the rest of the presentation is the usual, following the current events.

    Complication Phase - » (6/10). Finding Henderson is the only mission here and then you have another terrorist attack to prevent, nothing to complicated since you have filler here.

    Climax - » (6/10). When Jack finds Henderson and….

    Ending - » (8/10). OMG, again CTU will be attacked, but this time with a cylinder with nerve gas, this should be interesting.

    Almost the entire episode is a filler, Henderson need to be caught to be with Tony, another cylinder stopped doesn´t mean anything, there is a lot of them to spread, this filler was used to save the best which is attacking CTU.
  • Jack shot Henderson's wife in the leg

    We're now in Phase One of Bierko's retaliation against the US. It involves a diversionary attack at a hospital…actually, that's pretty much it. Plus, McGill's keycard robbery earlier is revealed to be significant to the main story. You know what that means? S5 is officially the first season of "24" with no stupid filler subplots. Hurray!
    Jack shot Henderson's wife in the leg.
    It's like the writers thought, "Okay, Tony's been asleep long enough. Let's have him do something!" However, he's only in the first act of this hour, where he remembers that Michelle's dead. Plus, he asks to speak to Jack. Hmm, based on his urgency, it sounds like he has something important to tell him. Ah well, it's not like I'll ever find out…
    Jack shot Henderson's wife in the leg.
    Martha's busy giving Logan the cold shoulder all hour long. And she also comes on to Pierce. Lucky bastard. By the way, since the Suvarovs returned to Logan's retreat, it seemed to me that the writers were planning something big for them to do in the second half of the season. Perhaps find out that Logan gave them up to Bierko. But they didn't even show up again, so what was the point? I love the season, but this on-the-fly writing kinda irks me at times.
    Jack shot Henderson's wife in the leg.
    We've basically got filler here, but filler is sometimes warranted. Seeing as how we've just had a huge motorcade attack, I'm satisfied with this episode. It still progresses the story at a nice rate, and there's enough suspense to keep me from watching something else (like I ever WOULD watch something else).
    And it features quite possibly the funniest scene in TV history.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Jac…oh, screw it.
  • Aftermath.. and new waves..

    So.. the attack was stopped, Russian president saved.. and Martha.. she is in shock.. She just cannot believe what happens and she got little too emotional with that great bodyguard.. (I still do not remember his name even if he has been on the show from quite early).. Anyway.. she and her husband have some long talks ahead to sort this out.

    Mean time Jack is going to Henderson house and trying to get information.. and there is danger that one of the canisters is brought into hospital and Curtis have to deal with it.

    So we have much dealing wish storylines set in motion last episode.. and the whole hospital thing.. emotions, action.. it has all.
  • Review

    This episode was one of the better episodes of season 5. Tony realizing that Michelle has past away was a big emotional moment. With everything that the two had gone through in the last 5 years, watching his reaction to her death was very emotional. The crisis in the hospital was pretty well done, with Jack not being on site. That actually made the clips a little bit better, as they handeled the sidestory while jack remained focused on one of the only remaining leads - Henderson. With Jack on his way back to CTU and all other leads exhausted, the next episode should be an informative one
  • Great episode.

    Lynn starts to become a liability to CTU when her drug addict sister's boyfriend sells his key card to a terrorist. Jack drives to Henderson's house after surviving a bomb blast. Curtis goes to a hospital and stops the nerve gas being released there. This is another great episode, there's so much stuff happening. It's fun to watch. the writers made sure that the episode looked plausible. it's an awesome episode, they did a good job with this one. it's so much fun to watch, i really had a good time. each episode have something to show, it's great, i love it.
  • Really part one of a larger episode, but still fantastic.

    Ok, hands up who cried when Jenny the irritating sister was shot? Yes, you at the back. I think you want the Soap Opera discussion next door. If you could just leave quietly please. Ok, now who cried when Tony learned Michelle had died? You again? Well, in that case please come back.

    The fact that Tony's world was collapsing around him was so apparent, and beautifully performed by Carlos Bernard, who hopefully will become a bigger part of the series now. Especially with terrorists soon to be roaming around CTU. Hopefully, Jack will get back in time to join the party.

    Speaking of Jack, the look on his face when Henderson refused to play was superb, he looked almost hurt- a side of Jack which I don't know if we've ever seen before, although in some ways I think it sums up this new Lazarus-esque Jack Bauer, he doesn't quite have the edge he used to, but still packs a bigger punch than most.

    President Nixon, sorry Logan, had very little to do this week, which is fine. His only moment of worth was the scene with Suvarov which showed him in contrast not only to a strong politician, but also against someone who seems to know more than he's letting on. And if that's not enough for him to worry about, it seems his wife has developed an attraction to balding ginger men, albeit a very very cool balding ginger man.

    All in all, this was a good episode that nicely set things up for next week and puts the plot back on track.
  • Good piece, but probably should be seen with the following episode for maximum effect, as it was aired.

    Originally aired as part one of a two hour event, 24 set out to conclude its first half with some of its darkest material yet. This two parter, like the first ones this season, fit together well. The events in this episode set us up for the explosive culmination. We get a little bit more from Henderson, and a potentially disastrous (artistically) B-plot is woven into the story with no interference.

    Since Bierko leveled a heavy threat against Logan, the guns would have to be turned back on America in a big way soon. They have nineteen canisters of deadly nerve gas, so for the sake of the show, they had to be deployed soon. While it may be a little much to believe that they already have a schematic for the hospital and a time written on a piece of paper that just happened to be on one of the dead motorcade terrorists, it gives us the possibility that CTU can stop it. Having it occur in a hospital, where they can't evacuate everyone keeps the stakes high.

    While they averted another major loss of life, one has to wonder when CTU's luck is going to run out. The final moments of this episode confirm that Ostroff is heading to CTU for a pivotal piece of their operation. Whatever action they take, it certainly will mirror the one Wald's crew did when they bombed CTU back in the second season, which also sought to cripple CTU, giving the terrorists some space to accomplish their goals. 24 hasn't been afraid to let the terrorists win some of the battles to remind us of how dangerous it is.

    In an earlier review, I theorized that Dwayne could've wanted Lynn's ID for two reasons: because the terrorists got to him and were planning to use the card for nefarious reasons, or he was planning to get high, barge into CTU and cause mayhem. Unfortunately, 24 has done the latter too often, so the confirmation that it wasn't continues a good trend against tacked on personal subplots to add character this season. I do feel a little bad for Jenny and even the loser boyfriend. Neither of them deserved what they got.

    In addition to having nerve gas in terrorists' hands, Logan now has to face the repercussions of surrendering the motorcade route. Although Logan blaming Martha's mental illness for her uneasiness before the attack is another way he can weasel out of responsibility, this is one situation where the truth would be far more harmful. Still, we hate him for getting in that situation to start. Suvarov, while allowing Logan access to their intelligence, doesn't appear to believe Logan's story as he bolts from him shortly after Logan's lie.

    Many viewers are now getting on the Martha/Aaron bandwagon for good reason aside from her husband being a twerp (although I'm still against an affair). Aaron has shown true heroism whereas Logan, well, it's been said plenty. However, this isn't just Martha jumping into the arms of another man. She is grateful for Aaron's actions, and sometimes that can be confused for love. In addition, she's more interested in making her husband uncomfortable. He certainly deserved it for what he did.

    Aaron's reaction to Martha's gratitude is a sad comment on the sacrifice he needed to make for his job. 24 has done a lot about detachment affecting those involved in public service, especially in season three. Aaron's uncomfortable because he distanced himself from this for the sake of his work.

    While his appearance in the episode is brief, Tony's moment establishes his motivations for the rest of the season. Originally, Tony was supposed to die in the car bomb that killed Michelle, leaving us to believe that the writers have a reason to keep him alive. CTU's decision to keep him unaware of Michelle serves more as an impetus for his arc than. It doesn't appear to be important enough for them to reapply the bandage on the side of his face.

    This could be a simple continuity error for the sake of narrative, but how can Jack get to the Henderson's home twenty-five minutes before Henderson does? 24 has taken many liberties with the real time format (not that I have a problem with them omitting Jack in gridlock for several episodes), but perhaps Henderson did something before coming home that may be important later. We understand the contrivance of Chloe being unable to decrypt a PC in time is to give Jack opportunity to question Henderson so we can see how far he's willing to go.

    Henderson's inability to cooperate also adds to the terrorists' momentum. While he may have been there for Kim following Jack's "death", he is clearly a sociopath; using patriotism to justify the horrible things he's done today, even refusing to tell after Jack took drastic measures. Of the two other players we've seen involved on the American side, Henderson is clearly the big one. Had he been in Walt's position five hours earlier, he probably would've let Jack gouge out his eyes. It's worth noting is that Henderson was Jack's mentor and recruiter, and has gone through similar training, as we saw when he called Jack's threat to blow off his knee cap.

    Shooting Miriam in the leg was a great surprise moment, as well as giving us an unintentionally hilarious (in an awesome way) line: "She can still walk!" However, seeing his wife in pain isn't even enough to get him to talk. The question worth asking is what is he hiding that is making him so determined to be quiet? On the other hand, is he just that devoted? We have seen fanatical terrorists before, but they have been largely religious, not political.

    Although this episode is good, it needs to be seen alongside its following episode, as they are designed to complement. Things start rolling, but it is not until the next episode before we get a payoff.
  • Feels Like Part One of Two.

    This episode kinda feels like it's building up to the next one in the double bill. During the shenanigans at the hospital I got the distinct feeling that it was all a diversion so the terrorists could infiltrate CTU. Maybe the show really is getting too predictable but I just knew nothing would happen simply because Jack wasn't directly involved. Not the best episode I've ever seen but Jack livens things up with his 'interrogation' technique of Henderson towards the end. Oh and the crackhead gets it too. Hooray!
  • Fun with Jack...

    TONY!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, he heals quick, doesn't he? Less than eleven hours after he's been bombed and he's up out of bed searching for Michelle.

    The first thing of the hour is going to come back and bite Buchanan on the butt - telling Tony that "as far as he knew" Michelle was going to be okay... Um, hello, she's dead, and nothing good can come of lying to Tony about it.

    Poor Martha - I'm so glad she told Aaron that Logan knew about the attack, and even provided the motorcade route to the terrorists - somebody outside the inner circle needs to know what Logan is up to, even if Aaron doesn't seem to quite believe what he's hearing.

    Logan is something of a contradiction - he knows darn well that at least some of the decisions he's been making are the wrong ones, but why can he not seem to stop making those bad decisions? He certainly has made enough of them by now to have a benchmark against which to judge future decisions. I truly hope Martha kicks his ass, though.

    Suvarov is not a stupid man, here's hoping he doesn't buy Logan's explanation of Martha's behaviour being due to "depression and anxiety". She may be under a doctor's care for said issues, and she may also be slightly nuts, but this day seems to have snapped her back into a full state of self-awareness where she is a highly effectual woman with strong opinions of her own not coloured by any prior mental instability.

    Nice shot to the head when Henderson came in the door - he owed Henderson that, at least. I'd say he owes him more, after attempting to blow Jack up in the server room. Poor Miriam - shot in the leg, that had to hurt. Have to admit, I wasn't really expecting Jack to shoot her, but it was a great twist. I can't wait to see the interrogation of Henderson, but that's going to have to wait - apparently it is a lovely afternoon, and I have to take the other half off to pull his motorcycle out of storage.
  • Great

    This was a great episode with jack returning to his hard guy self. It was good to see that he'll do anything to get the information he needs

    Didnt expect him to shoot poltergeist woman, it was a good shock.

    Is it just me or is Tony some kind of superhero, in season 3 he was shot in the neck and was back working in ctu in a couple of hours and now he survived an explosion and is back on his feet already with only a few marks on his face. He's got to have super healing powers or something.

    Overall this episode was great and looks like this season is just going to get better
  • Jack interrogates Henderson's wife about her husband's connection to the terrorists. Lynn begs his sister to return his stolen keycard, while Tony regains consciousness and learns of Michelle's fate. Martha gives Logan the c

    Pop the Champagne corks open ! There is nothing better in television than 24 at its best and this episode was just that. With almost no flaw throughout the episode, it was really one of the very best in season 5. Though a minor flaw was that the terrorist had timed the cannister to go off after 10 minutes at 5.45 pm but the cannister actually went off around 5.59 pm. I was also very happy to see Tony after a long time. Wish he and Jack could work again as a team. All in all the episode was top-notch.
  • How bad is Jack!!!

    Do not get this guy mad! He might shoot a loved one instead.

    How about the exchange between suberov and logan? If suberov had a nuke he would have detonated on logan's head. He can smell a rat.

    Oh, yes! Martha rats out her husband to Aaron. Aaron will spill the beans as some point and Logan will go down.

    Great episode.
  • Overall, this episode is a marked improvement over the previous two installments, with an emphasis on the consequences. That’s one thing that the series avoids too often, yet in this case, it provides a balance to the well-executed action.

    Coming into this episode, which aired as the first half of a two-part event, the writers had slipped into the usual worrisome waters of episodic improvisation. It’s easy to tell when they are searching for a direction, because plot points begin to repeat unnecessarily and characters start making decisions to service the plot rather than their own agendas. However, that’s not the inevitable outcome. The writers can and do slip into less-trodden territory from time to time.

    This episode is a good example, because it lingers over emotional and personal consequences while preparing the audience for the possibility of a successful terrorist attack. Such concepts work best as a progression: a small-scale event, followed by a larger attempt that is foiled, followed by a successful larger event, etc. It builds the tension, because the audience gets to see what the effect would be if the terrorists succeeded and stuck a large population center.

    Long-term fans of the series remember how quickly the third season snapped back on track once the viral agent was released in a hotel, taking a largely abstract threat and making it very real. That same logic is being applied more consistently this season, even if the delays between attacks are somewhat artificially extended.

    The episode begins with Tony waking up, and immediately, his fans worry that his fate is sealed. Foreshadowing aside, the point here is to get him conscious early enough to justify his activity when it counts. Of course, that also means that he wants to know about Michelle, and that presents a problem. Tony was shot in the neck and running around looking for a chance for payback within hours, so finding out that Michelle is toast is rather likely to lead to life-threatening heroics. (Which means that his doom may only be delayed slightly, not that he has a reprieve.)

    Martha, meanwhile, makes it very clear to Pierce and anyone within earshot that Logan allowed the attack against the Suvarovs to take place. This turns out to only be the beginning of Logan’s latest round of troubles. One of the most brutal subplots of the episode is Martha’s cold reaction to Logan’s overtures of remorse, and he deserves every minute of it. More to the point, her attitude has made Suvarov suspicious, which cannot be good.

    On a more obvious note, Bierko sends a lackey to get a keycard, which is critical to their plans. Sure enough, this turns out to be Lynn’s keycard. It doesn’t take long to work out where the plot is heading, which is probably why the network wanted to air this episode and the subsequent installment on the same night. Once this obvious scene comes along, it’s just a matter of time before a canister is going to end up in the CTU building.

    Before that, however, the writers need to show the audience how bad it could get once that happens. That gives Jack time to hunt down Henderson, which is actually another opportunity to put some characters through the emotional wringer. Jack feels that he must deal with Henderson personally, which eliminates the chance for a tactical team to just take the man into custody and avoid the twisty knife.

    Curtis gets enough information from one of the terrorists killed in the motorcade attack to determine that a building will be targeted by the end of the hour. Despite the incredibly convenient nature of this plot point, it does provide a lot of good tension for the rest of the episode. The writers continue to hint at Tony’s possible demise by having him discover Michelle’s fate, but since they have something far better in mind, it’s a nice bit of misdirection.

    It takes a while for the action to resume, since the characters need to get into position, but once Curtis arrives at the hospital, things gear up quickly. Jack is forced to place Henderson’s wife Miriam at gunpoint, but that presents a completely different kind of problem. Henderson, at least, he could set behind a professional wall, despite the personal ties; Miriam was just a personal friend and someone who doesn’t understand why Jack is so hostile and frantic.

    The writers don’t hit a complete homerun; the subplot involving Martha’s apparent ploy to make Logan suffer by toying with Pierce is a disturbing and unworthy plot thread that should be buried immediately. Far better is the fact that the terrorists clearly planned out this diversion at the hospital for the specific purpose of keeping the focus off CTU as a target. The implication, however, is that the rest of the terrorist plot likely includes plans for something far more damaging, should the US continue to interfere.

    That makes questioning Henderson even more important, and as Curtis races to prevent the deaths of dozens at the hospital (including, of course, at-risk babies, since that’s the easiest way to generate sympathy among the masses), Jack tries to use Miriam as leverage against Henderson. Up until this point, Henderson’s success relied far too much on Jack’s sudden decision to ignore his own paranoia.

    Henderson tosses out the usual excuse that he’s acting in the best interests of his country by staying silent, something that ties back into the earlier episodes with Walt Cummings. But Henderson seems to indicate that the terrorist plot might touch on aspects of the government and secret policies that would be even more disturbing for Jack. The fact that Henderson would stay quiet, even after Jack shot Miriam in the leg to get the man to talk, speaks to his dedication to cause. And that, more than anything, strikes Jack in the gut.

    Jack’s failure to get Henderson to talk makes the last-second containment of the canister in the hospital less than comforting. The audience has every reason to think that the attack will be foiled, but it’s close enough a call to make one think. And that’s exactly why the writers end the episode with the terrorists killing Lynn’s sister and her boyfriend, clearly taking possession of the stolen keycard. It’s all about setting up the unthinkable, and besides a few minor glitches along the way, that’s why this episode works so well.
  • Started out childish, but picked up fast. (spoilers)

    The president is a childish character, but his wife is not only childish but annoying as crap. The writers really didn’t feel like making these characters realistic I guess, it’s just silly and feels like grade-school-soap-operas. Fortunately the president’s wife was only in the first half of the show, and then it started picking up. With Lynn out of the way, that’s one bad soap-storyline that’s also out of the way, too bad his sister took the bullet, I think she had potential. The show is childish in many ways, but the later half of this episode reminds me of why I watch this show, hope it does it more.
  • Great entertainment!

    So alot of 24 is a little far fetched, but Jack is such a bad ass that we can forgive all the fake hacker crap and enjoy some great action. After a few episodes that seemed a little too boring and had too much of the psycho first lady, tonight's episode got back to the basics of action, plot twists, and losts of bodies
  • Did he do what I just think he did? (spoiler)

    This episode shows the perfect reason why you should *never* get on Jack's bad side. If you get on his bad side, he will not just threaten to shoot you, oh no no no! He will instead shoot a loved one to get you to talk. I am still in shock that he shot Henderson's wife. At least now she can see what a jerk she married when he would not defend her. And it is about darn time we get to see what happened to Lynn's key card, but sadly it had to be at the expense of his sister and her boyfriend. As with the next hour where we see many, many members of CTU die, if I could give this episode higher than a 10, I would.
  • Just when you think they can't get you...they leave you with one last look. The last look at one of the main people "ALIVE"

    Tonights "24", is exactly why I watch the show. They do the unexpected and they sugar coat nothing. Jack Bauer aims his gun at the knee of the bad man, but does he shoot the bad man. No. He shoots the bad mans wife. This is why Jack is a badass. Nerve gas is loose in CTU, everyones is safe. No...they are not. Innocent and lovable Edger ends up dead. A must see season of "24"
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