Season 5 Episode 24

Day 5: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Charles and Martha finish making love and get dressed, Jack takes a flight suit from a locker. Chloe calls and tells Jack that she and Morris have found a way to have the co-pilot pulled from the flight. Chloe says she'll need Mike to call with the proper info. She then tells Morris that she has something special for him to do.

On the airfield, a Secret Service agent tells the co-pilot that his packet is messed up and that he'll have to get it straightened out in the Secret Service outbuilding. The co-pilot leaves.

Martha meets Mike and tells him she's stalled Logan as long as possible and that he's on his way to the chopper. Mike calls Aaron and tells him that he's faxed the reassignment protocol and reauthorization over. Aaron receives both documents. As the co-pilot enters the outbuilding and speaks to Aaron, Jack knocks him out and takes the documents from Aaron. Dressed in the co-pilot's uniform and helmet, Jack goes outside and tells the guards that the original co-pilot has been reassigned, then boards the chopper.

Logan's limo pulls up to the outbuilding, as he reviews his speech. Mike tells Martha that she needs to find an excuse not to get on the helicopter. Martha tells Charles that she forgot her medication in the house. Charles offers to send someone back for it, but Martha tells him to go on without her. She strokes his ego by telling him that he should primp his image by stepping out of the chopper alone when meeting Palmer's casket. Logan agrees and kisses her goodbye, then boards the chopper as it takes off.

As the chopper flies away, Jack tells the pilot that he will kill him and fly the chopper himself if the pilot doesn't follow instructions. Jack orders him to rip out the communications mike and stow his helmet. Jack then tasers Logan's two Secret Service guards and orders him to put on a pair of handcuffs. Logan is shocked when he recognizes Jack. Jack calls Chloe, who gives him a certain heading. Jack orders the pilot to follow that heading which leads to an abandoned printing press in an industrial park. Logan tries to dissuade Jack, telling him that revenge will only hurt the country. He tells Jack he never meant for any of the bad things that have happened to occur. Jack remains silent as Logan becomes unnerved.

Chloe calls Morris and gives him directions to meet Jack. Morris confirms that he will hand an item off to Jack and then leave. The chopper lands next to the press building and Jack tasers the pilot, then forces Logan out. Jack shoots the lock off and takes Logan inside the building. Logan continues to try and talk Jack down as Jack searches him, removes all of the items from Logan's pockets and then cuffs him to a pole. Morris arrives and hands off some modified equipment to Jack. Morris is shocked to see President Logan cuffed to a pole, but Jack orders him to get out. Jack then calls Chloe and confirms that he has the briefcase. Chloe tells him that he has 10 minutes to get a confession from Logan before Secret Service finds him. She also reminds him that they'll all be busted for treason if he fails.

Jack mounts a camera on top of the briefcase and sets up a live video feed to Chloe. Logan asks if he's going to be assassinated, but Jack tells him he wants a confession. Logan says he won't break that easily, as Jack confirms with Chloe that they are broadcasting. Jack accuses Logan of authorizing the theft of the nerve gas and helping in the cover-up of David Palmer's assassination. Logan denies everything. Jack presses him for the names of his co-conspirators, but Logan denies that there is any conspiracy. Jack tries to bluff by claiming that Henderson admitted to a conspiracy before he dies, but Logan doesn't fall for it. Jack points a gun at Logan and says that he'll kill him if he doesn't name the people with whom he's been working. Logan stays silent. Jack remembers that over a year ago, he was warned that his life was in danger from someone within the government and that the only way to escape was to fake his own death. Jack voices his anger at the fact that he had to deceive his only daughter and that she'll never forgive him for it. Jack knows that Logan was the one who signed off on his murder. Jack says that Logan caused the deaths of Palmer, along with his other friends who tried to help him. He growls that he's a man with absolutely nothing to lose and that he's not afraid to put a bullet in Logan's head, because it's personal. Jack gives Logan to the count of three to name his co-conspirators. Jack counts as Logan begs him not to pull the trigger. Jack reaches three as Logan flinches, but Jack doesn't shoot. Logan tells Jack he's doing the right thing by not killing him as a chopper lands outside. Secret Service swarms in and arrests Jack as they release Logan. Logan puts his things back in his pockets as Jack is cuffed. Chloe quickly types something on her computer and then shuts her system down. Logan says he feels sorry for Jack and orders him to be put in solitary confinement for the time being.

Later, Logan's chopper lands at the airfield, as Mike and Martha wait on the ground. Mike tells Martha that Jack failed to force a confession from Logan. Martha begins to break down, as Palmer's casket is delivered from a hearse. As a band plays, Martha begins to sob over the casket. She suddenly lashes out at Logan, calling him a murderer. Logan orders his men to take her to the hanger as she continues to scream. Logan tells his guard that he wants to make sure she's all right and that he'll be back in a moment.

Logan goes into the hanger and slaps Martha, then forcefully frisks her for a listening device. He blasts her for being part of the plan to delay him, so Jack could sneak onto the chopper. Logan manhandles Martha until she admits that she helped Jack. When Logan asks why, she says it was because he killed Palmer. He argues that he didn't mean for that to happen. She blasts him for helping terrorists gain control of the nerve gas, but Logan claims he was only doing good for the country as he saw it at the time. Martha blasts him as a hypocrite, but Logan retorts that she's in no position to judge him after her performance with him earlier. He threatens that if she blows up one more time, he'll fill her full of drugs until she can't remember her name. Then he'll ship her off to an asylum for the rest of her life. Martha nods her consent, and he orders her to clean herself up, then leaves.

Logan and Martha exit the hanger, and Logan begins to address the assembled press core. He boasts of his victory over the forces of terror and chaos in America. Buchanan and Hayes find Chloe on a conference call with the Attorney General. Hayes tries to apologize for Chloe's unauthorized actions, but Chloe claims she had to do it without their knowledge in case they failed. She says that Jack planted a transmitter on Logan after he was kidnapped and that it recorded the fight between he and Martha. The Attorney General is outraged at first, but Chloe plays him the recording of Logan admitting that he was involved in the day's events.

Logan continues to speak to the press, claiming that Palmer was a great American and a great friend. An U.S. Marshal gets a call from the Attorney General and is dismayed by what he hears. As Logan finishes his speech, asking for a day of mourning for Palmer, he sees Secret Service approaching the podium. The Marshal takes him into custody as the press looks on. Logan denies he's done anything wrong, but the Marshal removes Logan's pen from his pocket and shows him the micro transmitter that Jack placed on him. Logan gapes at Mike and Martha in horror as Palmer is honored with a 21 gun salute in the background. Palmer's casket is loaded on the plane bound for Arlington Cemetery, as Logan is arrested and loaded into his limo.

Jack, still at the empty warehouse, has a tender reunion with Audrey. They kiss passionately as Jack tells her he loves her. An agent interrupts them and tells Jack he has a phone call inside from his daughter Kim. Audrey tells him to go take it and she'll wait for him. Jack goes inside to take the call, but when he picks up the phone, no one is there. Suddenly, a masked man shoves a rag in Jack's face from behind. Jack tries to fight off two other men, but the chloroform quickly overpowers him. Jack sees one last glimpse of Audrey through a crack in the door, before he loses consciousness and is dragged into another room.

At CTU, Buchanan asks Hayes about Logan's status. Hayes figures that Logan will try to cut a deal, choosing to resign without a fight in exchange for clemency. Bill says he doesn't deserve it, but Hayes thinks the country doesn't need a long impeachment drama after what happened today. Hayes apologizes for being such a jerk when she first arrived at CTU the prior evening. Bill is sure that his job will be over once Hal Gardner takes office, but Hayes promises to fight for him. Bill invites her to breakfast, but Hayes says she has to get to division for debriefing and takes a rain check.

Bill congratulates Chloe on her good work and hands her a photograph of her with Edgar. Chloe tears up as she gazes at the photo. Morris approaches her and asks if she wants to talk about it, then gently escorts her out.

Audrey goes into the warehouse to find Jack and sees the phone hanging from the hook. She alerts the other agents that Jack is missing.

A battered and bloody Jack is dragged into a room by masked men. The other shoe drops as Cheng, the security agent from the Chinese Embassy, confronts Jack. "China has a long memory," he says. "18 months ago, you invaded our embassy and killed our consulate. Did you really think we would forget?" Jack begs for one phone call, but Cheng silently refuses. "Kill me," Jack whispers as he spats out blood. "You're too valuable to kill," Cheng smirks as Jack is chained. A Chinese ship carrying Jack and Cheng sails out of the harbor and toward the open sea.