Season 5 Episode 24

Day 5: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • About this episode

    It had great music score.
  • Good ending - an Overview

    Well I liked this season. There are few things which actually seems for a reasonable thinking man as silly mistakes. When Logan realizes that it is the member of his office that is in possession of key witness, why did not he take her down first. Why did he not do something that he did with Aron? At least how come those great minds behind the scene who are running this entire plot and even controlling the president did not even get this thought. Also one more scene when Lynn McGill lost his key card - why did he not report - okay he thought it would be embarrassing. How did he enter the CTU without it? Also how did those brilliant villains rely so much on Lynn not complaining about his lost key card. That would sabotage their entire plan.

    Well Jack Bauer has taken all his chances as he would take in any other episode. But things could have gone horribly wrong for him. He kidnapped US president!!! There is one in 100 probability that Logan confesses in front of his wife. But things went well as Jack planned, as always.

    Andrey episode is very good. This season managed to keep plots such that not a single plot was boring. Even though there are fillers they did not make them look like so. There are things that saddened me - like Edgar, Miller, and even Lynn.

    We are not yet sure whether Henderson was really killed or not. Because he told Jack that he was counting on his word. Probably we may see him again ? The character I think I disliked is Kim. Her anger is understandable on Jack. But after what he had done and after his explanation, and after the attempts on lives of his friends, Kim should be wise enough to understand and accept her father's love instead of going for a man twice her age and getting comforted by him. She had been bad daughter throughout the series and that continued in this episode too. There are other characters which were well portrayed:

    One such character was Chloe: She has been entertaining enough since last three seasons. But in this season we not only see weird Chloe but also emotional Chloe. We found that she had been married and her husband is a geek too - probably better than Chloe at things.

    Aron was a perfect suit for a character of secret service. I was glad there was some action for him this season. Curtis character has also been built well and he did great as Jack's aide.

    Finally Martha - Her action was awesome. Credit goes to writers for making her character not boring.

    This is one such season where every character is a key to main story line. Everyone has something to contribute, though Jack does the crucial part

    Ending is something which I predicted in one way. Because we know it very well that Chinese will be after him once they find out that he is alive. And the same happened. This actually presented an interesting wait for the next season

    I am not sure how well the next season is presented. But this season had it all. I can compare the quality with season one. Will Audrey wait for Jack? Has CTU or to that matter anyone, been aware of what happened to him.

    Lets wait and watch....
  • Season Finale, could be more fantastic, at least, managed to be great.

    What I liked -» The way that Logan was caught, but you could guess before you have the confirmation how he would be caught.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» The ending for Jack. The scenes that bought time.

    Action - » This wasn´t a episode for action.

    Drama - » (9/10). Was really any drama in this episode in this episode? Maybe you will feel sorry for Chloe and Audrey, they both lost someone important in their life´s. Wasn´t impressive, was quick, the way I like it.

    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). I think the majority of the audience could guess in one point or another how Logan would be caught, this killed any type of tension that you could feel, right? If not, than this tension is good, not great because you can feel that Logan will go down.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (8/10). Ok, the ending was a surprise, because it just happened in the ending.

    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10). So much filler scenes, but ok, too little affairs to cover in this episode.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (7/10). Logan brain froze or the audience is more smart, but that was necessary, but Martha did a plan with Bauer from the beginning, where? She is great in acting, for a person that has psychological problems, don´t you think?

    Beginning - » (7/10). Starts fine, following the last events.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Capturing the President of the United States and trying to get a confession from him.

    Climax - » (8/10). When Logan confessed and when the general attorney ear Logan´s confession.

    Ending - » (18/20). The ending caught me by surprise, but make sense, since Logan had a plan, but I don´t know if that plan was intelligent, anyway, Jack exposed himself, so was normal for the Chinese to find him. The rest of the conclusion was good.

    This season can be considered darkest in 24, since Palmer, Michelle, Tony, Edgar are dead and Jack ended up in bad hands.

    I only rate this episode 8, because confronting a president isn´t something that you will see in any TV Show out there, is something very unique and funny to see, so I think because the situation itself is great and not the episode itself, 8 is a worth rate.
  • The best finale of 24 since Season 1's classic.


    The 5th of 8 horrible, horrible days in Jack Bauer's life is my favorite so far. Absolutely amazingly exciting with amazing plot twists and turns. There was never an episode without some kind of revelation at the end and plotlines didn't drown themselves.

    But these final 8 episodes....holy crap how much more intense can you possibly get? Some of my favorite characters that were previously just in the background - Aaron Pierce and Mike Novack - finally get their chances to shine this season. Also the fact that Logan was behind everything was completely shocking when they revealed it in Episode 16, and the execution of the big reveal was even more impressive.

    In this episode everything comes to a head. No loose ends from the season are left untied. No plot holes. The fact that the president was behind it all made no sense at first, and with this finale it is all explained. Charles Logan's actor (forgetting the name) shows some true acting talent with the emotional scenes with Martha and the scene where Jack hijacked the helicopter literally had me jumping up and down.

    Day 5 killed off a lot of our favorite characters. Palmer, Michelle, Tony and Edgar. New characters that I was beginning to like such as McGuillwas killed off, which puts them in the "gone too early" club, which is not something easy to get into.

    Kim is annoying as hell and I wanted to punch her boyfriend in the face. Thank god she is not a main character anymore.

    But the best thing about this finale, is the ending cliffhanger. Jack's past comes back to bite him in the buttox. Extremely shocking and well written.

    My favorite seasons of 24:

    Season 5 - Best

    Season 2

    Season 4

    Season 1

    Season 3 - Least Favorite

  • Logan's Run


    Here we have the most downbeat finale of "24" yet, for one because the President of the United States is kidnapped. I hate politics, but you'd have to whack me in the head with a shovel multiple times to make me believe that the subject matter of this episode isn't seriously bleak. Compare Jack's actions in previous finales to threatening to kill the President; it's quite different, I say.
    Something else that sets this finale apart is the absence of a big set piece. We've had shootouts and chase scenes galore in the past, but nothing here really qualifies as an action sequence. There aren't even any deaths; a few people are rendered unconscious, Jack included, but nobody kicks it. My favorite episode—let alone finale—remains "Day One: 11pm - 12am," partly because S1 had relatively few action scenes up to that point. S5 is the opposite; episodes WITHOUT action are somewhat sparse. So the finale's focus on high-end drama and suspense, albeit with a big climactic shocker, makes it a special one.
    And here's something else: this is probably the best that I've seen Jon Cassar. Would the great Stephen Hopkins have done a better job? Possibly. However, this is the only finale that I found myself not wishing to see how Hopkins would've directed (ignoring the one that Hopkins actually did direct, of course).
    You know that reticent sense of foreboding I mentioned in my "Day Five: 7pm - 8pm" review, as well as the dark, gritty, paranoid, claustrophobic feeling in my "Day Two: 2am - 3am" review? Well, they both come back for the final scene of S5, with the chill factor increased about tenfold. This last scene (and even the last shot, I'd say) provides a stark contrast to its S4 counterpart. There had to be some sort of surprise ending; Jack and Audrey were just too damn happy, and it was only the fourth act. And I'm glad there was, because a reunion with Audrey AND with Kim via phone would've been way too much. I'm also glad we got the surprise that we did; that plotline wasn't wrapped up very well at all last time we saw it.
    Admittedly, S5 rips S2 off, with the main villain accidentally confessing to a hidden transmitter, and the mysterious villain above him remaining at large, but it's such a damn great way to end the season! Chloe, Karen, Buchanan, and Martha all get their due closure, and the sight of Logan being brought to justice juxtaposed with that of Palmer's casket being carried onto the plane brings the season full circle. It began with Palmer's death and a eulogy by Logan, and it ends with another eulogy followed by Logan's downfall. The first finale since S1's that, to me, feels planned from season's beginning, and you know what that means? The writers are back in form. But do they stay in form throughout S6? Well…to each his own.

    Hourly Highlight:
    The sight of Logan being brought to justice and whatever else I said up there. Tom Clancy couldn't have done better.

  • The Most Shocking Series Cliffhanger Ever!

    The fifth season of 24 was the best of the series without any doubt. The writers gave the audience everything they would wanted and more... much more.
    And this finale is just terrific. So terrific and epic that it quickly becomes the second best episode of the show for me ever!. The scenes with Jack and Logan are electrifyng and excellent. The downfall of the corrupted President is awesome and memorable... and the final big surprising twist of all is the best TV cliffhanger i have ever seen!. To see how Jack is kindapped by the chinese and being taken to China breaks your heart, your mind and leaves you breathless.
    Can´t wait for Season six!!!
    Season 5: Best season so far!!! Truly 10!.
  • The fifth season ends with Jack again deciding to take drastic measures. He kidnaps President Logan to get him to confess to his role in the conspiracy. Jack's colleagues at CTU risk being charged with treason to help Jack bring Logan to justice.

    A great way to wrap up season five and prepare us for season six. However I do have some problems with the episode. The first is how Logan's conspirators are pretty much forgotten and we are left with no information about them and what became of them after Logan was arrested. They are, after all, a major part of the conspiracy which lead to David Palmer's murder and should be the subject of more focus. Second, how did the Chinese know where to find Jack? Despite these flaws, I think the episode was fantastic. On to season six!
  • Fine ending for fine season...

    I do not know but somehow the seasons with odd numbers are just much better than season with even numbers.. and this one was exciting season. And now it gets a proper ending.

    It looks like all hope is gone but Jack makes a desperate try to get the president but when it is time, he does not use violence and just lets him arrest - first it just looks like.. he did not manage, he is a better people in heart than we thought or weaker and he was not ready to go all the way.. then soon, we got the real reasons..

    And the whole way the season ended.. with Palmer's coffin sended away.. and think how it started.. oh.. What I liked:
    *Martha.. weird.. I first did not though much of her char.. but in the end, she turned out to be very interesting and multi dimensional one..
    *Chloe.. another weird turn.. For so far I had no positive thoughts of her but this season turn my way of seeing her..
    *That Logan was behind it.. Wow.. that was one amazing turn in the middle of season
    * I think the whole excitement thing.. there was no slow episode and even if I watched like 6 in rows.. they all were amazing..
    *Audrey.. Paul.. all things in CTU.. even McGill who added some different dimension..
    *Mike Novac and Aaron Pierce.. two great chars who have been around long and both survived. I was so sure one or both of them get killed
    *The plain thing..
    *Aurdey on the field.. and acting on her own..

    What I did not liked:
    *Kim was weird.. and the whole thing bringing her in for moment.. *hoe bad guys always get away.. even if there seems to be no way..
    *They killed almost all my favorite chars: Palmer, Michelle, Tony.. that was cruel..
    *And the ending.. Chinese.. ok.. it was cliffhanger and I think they wanted it but I felt like.. would they mind giving Jack a second of happiness.. no..
  • Season 5 finale: we finally find a finale just as perfect as season one finale!!!

    This season is perfect. Totally and absolutely perfect.
    For me, this fifth season has a 10 out 10!.
    This day is a pure masterpiece of television and probably the best season of the show!.

    But this last episode is very special because is comparable to the first series classic finale thanking it's incredible suspense, it's perfect moments, it's fine performances of the cast members (Kiefer Sutherland and Gregory Itzin are here at their best performance in the season), it´s perfect twists in the middle and it's ending. Because the ending is simply perfect, is totally unexpected, really surprising and unforgettable. I can say that this ending is one of the most shocking endings that i ever seen.

    Jack Bauer must hunt down Presindent Logan and forces him to say all the things that he did in this unforgettable day.

    This season is a masterpiece and it's finale is absolute nerve cracking. It leaves you at the edge of your seat.

    Just a word: Perfect!.
    10 out 10 forever!.
  • Season 5 finale! Awesome episode, with some of the most memorable events of 24 history.

    Jack captures President Logan, wanting to extract a confession of his involvement in the day's events. But this turns out to be a ploy, since the true plan is a microtransmitter planted in Logan's pen. But Jack unleashing his frustation and anger to Logan is one of the many perfect scenes of this installment. Another great aspect is the score. Sean Callery composed a series of long themes for the most important scenes and I think he fully deserved the Emmy Award he won. Although it was predictable that Logan will be arrested after all, Martha finally took revenge of her husband, which made it great. This leads us to a unique masterpiece: Logan being taken into custody while David Palmer's casket is loaded onto a plane. And this was solved in no less than 10 minutes away from the endig of the episode.

    Of course, with that little time, several questions stay unanswered, a trademark of the show. But the real discusion and fame of this finale will be about the final scene. A classic cliffhanger, Jack being caught by the Chinese! All season long, the Chinese plot thread was left unresolved deliberately, to reappear in this masterful way!

    The scoring, direction, acting and setting of the scene are unforgettable. Let's expect that Day 6 can maintain the level quality of this season, and meanwhile let's enjoy more 24!
  • the 24's finest hour.. at least for now..

    this is the episode i loved most.., from the pilot episode to episode 21 of season 6.., at first i thought that they've all lost hope.., man i was so angry at Logan at the moment.., but i was shocked in the part where Chloe called the Atty. general.., and she said it was all about this recording..!! believe me i was so overjoyed i even jumped out of my couch..!! hehehe.., well.., i loved the episode so much.., even the season itself.., by far it's the most exciting..!! by the way.., it also made my tears go out when David died.., well.., look at Jack..! he cried so much..,, LOLz..., go Jack Bauer..!!
  • Great - wan\'t wait for Season 6 !!!!!!

    Great Ending to Season 5

    When this episode finished I just wanted to know what happens next!!

    Jack is such a hero. 24 is one on the best shows on TV right now. Every season gets better and better. season 6 better be good !

    The great Script - great acting all round.

    you better go watch this episode now, if you have not already.!!

    best part was -

    Jack: A year and a half ago, I was warned that my life was in danger by someone within the government. I was told the only way I could stay alive was to create the illusion that I was dead. I was forced to deceive people that I loved. My only daughter will never forgive me. As I see the depth of your corruption unfold, I have no doubt that you are that source of danger. David Palmer was a great man, and he was a great President, but he was also my friend. He tried to warn me about you, and now he is dead. Other people tried to help me, and they are dead too. So, Mr. Logan, I hope you understand, I have absolutely nothing to lose. You are going to be held accountable for you part in everything that happened today. You will not be able to hide behind the Presidency. Right here, right now, you are going to face justice! And make no mistake about this, this is personal, and if you think for a second I am scared to put a bullet in your brain, you don\'t know me!

    James Haagensen
  • 9.99999/10!!!

    A Brilliant Episode! The 24 Producers/Writers Were, Well I Suppose Good But In A Way Annoying. They Did A Season 2 On It! They Started A New Storyline And Didn't Have Time TO Finish It! By That I Mean Jack Being Kidnapped! I Wish They Would Jut Conclude Seasons! But Then Again It Leaves A Really Good Amount Of Tension! So It Works Both Ways! Can't Wait To See Season 6! Will Be A+++

    A Really Good Episode And Was A Great Season! An Upto Yet 24 Has Being The Best USA Acton/Drama TV/DV Program Out! Hope This New Character Morris O'Brian Will Be As Good As Chole Is!
  • This is by far the best season finale of "24" - and possibly of most of the shows on TV. After creating such a huge story starting with David's murder, Tony and Michelle, and losing Adger, then discovering Logan was the big brain... wow.

    Jack has proved himself smarter then everyone else again, getting that recorder in Logan's pen. Then Martha getting him to confess, David's ceremony (where was Wyane??), the all Aron story (hope he hooks up with Martha) and finally, Jack getting caught, just when he was about to re-unite with Audry. I could not expect a better season finale. Once again, "24" keeps us excited and unable to wait for the next season. That's what "24" does best. It may be irrational, but it gets you so turned on, you just can't wait for more. Simply the best.
  • amasing end

    The best cliff hanger ever, the only thing i dont like about 24 cliff hangers is the fact that the next move that gets jack bauer out isn\'t cleaverly plotted at all, it would be a simple 5 minute thing if anything at all. but 24 is a great show and this is definatly a great way to end season 5 and as i type this right now, 24 season 6 starts in 10 minutes and i cant wait, it will be amasing, we all know it and i\'ve got to get ready for 2 straight hours of twenty four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Episode 24!

    The final episode of 24, season 5. What an episode this is. Jack manages to bring down the president! I have to say that this has to be one of the best seasons if not the best. I have been extremely happy with the way this season played out. 24 is now at it's peak. I love the show and cannot wait for season 6. I hope this show can only get better. Kiefer Sutherland's proformance is wonderful, the writing for this episode and the rest of this season was very good. I hope we will get to explore some of these new charactors in season 6. It's a shame they killed off some old cast, but thats the way to shake up the story and it worked. The deaths this season caught me with surprise. A great episode.
  • Review

    Wow. Jacks kidnapping of the presidant of the United States was really cool. I liked the intergation process and I liked how it seemed that Logan would get away with everything for a while. The bomb that Jack placed a listening device on Logan was amazing and a great twist in the Season Finale of the season. Jacks moment was Audrey was perfect and had they shared a few more kisses and then the clock went tick tick tick I would have been much happier....

    The fact that Jack was captured by the Chinese was utterly random and I didnt see much point to it. Jack is going to be in next season (in the US) so Ill be interested to see what becomes of Jack and Audrey, though she isnt a series regular. The episode was great, but I just wish Jack and Audrey would be able to stay together for a couple of months, instead now Jack had been gone for 20 months and his relationship with Audrey is now likely never going to happen.....
  • The name is Logan. Martha Logan.

    Is it just me, or does Jean Smart deserve an emmy?

    Her whole arguement with Charles in the hanger was exceptional, I can't believe how well it was done. I deffinatly can't wait for her to return in season six.

    Jack and Audrey reuniting after everything is all over was sweet, and it would of been nice to see them walk of into the sun set. Jack even thought of sailing off into the sunset. On a slowboat to China!!! Oh No!!! Who will keep America safe? Perhaps next season Jack should be training a whole lot of mini-jacks, capeable of anything - including saving the world while Jack is away. i hope season 6 is more kind to Jack, and allows him to build a life between the end of season 6 and the begining of season 7, only to have it ripped up again.
  • overall a good show pretty much liked everything but was upset about a few things.

    its good that jack busted logan but nothing is really going to happen and now that jack is in the hands of the chineese, that was a great twist to the plot by the way, it changes everything and logan might get. should have been done another way. it was a good show though can\'t wait till day 6.
  • Jack busted Logan.

    This was by far the one of the best episodes of 24 I have ever seen, and I have seen all but 8 episodes. I have seen this particular episode about three times, and I have gotten a few of my friends hooked to 24 by this episode alone. It showed Jack being his risk-taking self. He is so daring and adventerous. I would recomend this episode to anyone who loves seeing justice prevail. I love 24... and this is exactly why! Rent the season, which comes out in December, and season 6 comes to fox on January 14. WATCH 24
  • Fantastic ending to a fantasic season

    Since watching the very first viewing of Season 1 Episode 1 on the TV network BBC in the United Kingdom - I have been hooked! I have saw many good men die, and I have watched as one character stood out and became \"the man\". Jack Bauer is the greatest! And the writers of 24 should give themselves a big pat on the back for the way they have reshaped the career of Kiefer Sutherland!

    I must admit Season 5 was a hard one to begin with - losing Tony Almeida (my 2nd favourite character), David Palmer (my 3rd favourite character) and the lovely Michelle was heartbreaking. I thought to myself - how the hell are they going to make up for this??? The answer is simple - giving life to characters such as Wayne Palmer, Mike Novac, Aaron Pearce, and developing further Chloe O\'Brien and Audrey Reins (all spelling are perhaps a little \"dodgy\"...apologies!) Anyway, they have replaced these indespensible character with new ones who i\'m sure we will all come to love just as much! The ending to Season 5 may have had some little glitches, as has been well documented on this site, but take nothing away from what, in my opinion was the best ever season of 24!

    I have viewed the trailer for Season 6, and the Jack Bauer voiceover had the hairs on my neck standing up - however, i fear he might die in this one.... but deep down I believe Jack will yet again find a way out of it! They can\'t have 24 without Jack Bauer, and so they can\'t kill him off!

    So who will they kill of this time? Aaron? Chloe? Bill? Curtis? Kim?

    We\'ll just have to wait til January to find out!
  • Amazing!!!

    When this episode finished I just wished I could fast forward to January - skip xmas- just to know what happens next!!
    I agree with one review that says that too much happened in only 10 min... but does it really matter? Once you get involved in the action, with the characters, small mistakes like that are easily forgiven. It's only when the plot sucks that I go to that much detail, and this one definitely didn't!!!
    I'm only sorry that we won't get Michelle and Tony back. I loved those two.

    I wonder if Kim will show up again!
  • This episode solidifies Season 5 as the greatest season ever in "24" history, and there's a cliffhanger better than the entire episode itself to boot.

    Just like Season 1 and 2, I went into 24's Season 5 finale with virgin eyes. I had no idea what was going to happen, and for lack of a better word, I was shaking and tense from the moment about to come, Jack vs. President Logan. And when Jack finally confronts him, it is absolutely classic, and Logan almosts craps his pants. Although I would have loved to see Jack fit a bullet through the president's head, him rotting in a federal prison for the rest of his life does more justice than anything. And who saw that ending coming? Certainly not me. I thought Nina or someone we thought that was dead would show up, but no. And the nerve of the president...the nerve of him to choke his own beloved wife, and hit her like that. I hope domestic abuse is one of the charges when Logan is sent to prison. I salute Martha Logan for being such a tough cookie. There's a wonderful future on the horizon for her to be sure, a new life with secret service agent Aaron Pierce. Hopefully, anyways. And Karen Hayes and Bill Buchanann look like they have something going. I loved how Karen started off to have an appeal of being a total b*tch, but in the end, she did a complete 180, and helped Jack saved the day. Way to go, Karen. And Chloe, as well, who delivered the evidence to the attourney general. And that scene of Edgar and Chloe in the picture had me in tears. And Audrey, who had the appearance of an annoying complaining moron in Season 4, but completely turned the tables and became a hero, just like Jack. And Heller of course, for showing that he is a true american patriot, like Martha, Mike, Aaron, Karen, Bill, Chloe. And Jack, the ultimate patriot, the person constantly trying to do the right thing, and bring the people responsible to justice. In my world, there's a saying. The dead will not rest until Justice is served. David Palmer, Michelle Dessler, Tony Almedia, and Edgar Styles can now rest in piece. But for Jack on the other hand, that trip on the boat to China looks incredibly long, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for Jack Bauer that he will find the light, and show the chinese who american really is. Now I shall go into my hole for 7 and a half months until January 2007 rolls in.
  • Awesome cliffhanger.

    24 always ends with a bang, it's so intense, this is why i love watching this show. the writers always come up with cool things to show in 24. it always starts great and it ends great. anything in between are also awesome. i love watching this show, i had a very good time. jack bauer confronts the evil president personally after all his efforts were hampered by an ass kissing snake from homeland security. but jack gets help from martha, and the day is saved once again. the characters are cool, i really looking forward to the next season. this show is awesome.
  • Some mistakes that damage this final

    I love 24, and I think is well written in most on its episodes, but, in this season 5, I think the writters made some mistakes in a few episodes; like in this last episode...first, on episode 23, the president and first lady were dressed up ready to have sex like in minute 58 or 59; but when the last episode begins, they already had sex and were dressing up..in what? 2 minutes? 3 minutes? very fast!!!!!!!!! also, in the last 10 minutes, the time seems to go faster that the clock, Jack is attacked, kidnapped, beat up very good, moved into a ship that seems to be already on international waters, all that in less than 10 minutes??? Those chinese are very fast and furious!!!!!!! In addition, is very stupid that Jack, that in all this seasons used a mobile phone to talk to everybody, had a call from Kim in a land phone¿?; besides that the entire area was surrounded by officers, how the chinese managed to get Jack out of there??? very weird, Also, I think the writters made a mistake killing all the known people of the series, the next season I hope we could get to see Chloe, Bill, Kim, Audrey and even Mike and Aaron....oh! by the way! In one day (entire season) Jack didn't eat and didn't go to the bathroom, worked free........he might need to get quite a great salary as agent of CTU or Nation hero next season
  • A chilling, nerve-racking, and brilliantly acted season finale that leaves me wanting season 6 now!

    This is the confrontation everyone had been waiting for, Jack Bauer versus the corrupt Charles Logan. The look on Logans face when Jack took out the occupants of the helicopter was priceless; he was terrified... and rightly so. Kiefer and Greg Itzen acted those scenes wonderfully and when Jack failed to get a confession, the thought entered my mind that Logan would get away with it and Jack would be sent to prison and I didn\'t like it one bit. Another thing worth noting was Chloe\'s ex-husband character, I liked him... it takes a certain kind of person to watch the president being kidnapped and just walk away without any question, I hope this guy returns for the sixth season. On to David\'s ceremony; it was well done and even though Martha interupted it, I was cheering her on because I was incredibly pissed at Logan! I couldn\'t believe as Charles went into the Hanger and roughed up Martha, but when he confessed to everything there I knew there was a recording device somewhere and thank god he was finally caught. The cliffhanger ending worked in shocking us, although once I saw the asian tell Jack about the call I had a sense that something would go wrong. Either way it was a great ending to a solid season of 24, and I eagerly anticipate season 6.
  • For godssake can't they just trust us to watch the next season. They only get a 5 because of the look on Martha's face, other than that it's a sucky season finally.

    For godssake can't they just trust us to watch the next season. They only get a 5 because of the look on Martha's face, other than that it's a sucky season finally. I mean "like really?" i consider it an insult to my intelligence they're doing the total cliffhanger after such a nice wraping, it's so obvious it's painful. So what? they don't trust us fan s to watch the next season if they don't forcefully oblige us with kidnapping. I had tought it was such a nice season, and they'd had to go and ruin it. i'm deeply dissappointed with the producers who decided to do this...
  • Fine Ending To A Fine Season

    When the world has been saved with 5 minutes left of the hour to go, we know it's time to worry about the ending. I'm pleased with what they did, showing that even though Jack is our hero, his actions will come back to get him at some point. It says a great deal that Jack would prefer to be killed than carry on, over the last 5 seasons we have been used to Jack defying death mainly because he wanted to survive for his family (mainly Kim). After the midseason appearance of Kim left Jack unwanted, not even Audrey could make Jack want to live.

    This season praise has to go to the new characters of Christopher Henderson and Martha Logan, both well written and well played.

    It was also pleasing to see Aaron Pierce, one of the few left from season 1, have a fuller role.

    I'd also like to mention Chloe, who I have grown to like more and more. And the fact she has/had a husband has opened up even more stories.

    Finally, I found out recently that the original plan on 24 was to have each season based on a different character, a different hero each year. I can see the appeal of that, but having seen what Jack Bauer has gone through over 5 hellish days it gives a greater understanding of the main character. I'm pleased they decided to keep Kiefer (think it might have been down to the fans).

    All that remains is wondering how Jack will get back from China in time for season 6.
  • This episode was brilliant up until the last ten minutes or so.

    Most of this episode was brilliant. It was an excellent storyline where we thought we knew what was going to happen but were taken in another direction, several times. The plan to get Logan to confess was absolutely great, and it had me going from anxiety to frustration to triumph.

    Though when the episode came close to ending things got a bit worse. First of all there were too many happy endings, with Buchannan and Hayes \"pulling a Tony and Michelle\", Chloe finding comfort in her ex husband and Jack and Audrey having the lovely reunion. But the worst part was what happened to Jack in the very end. An awful way to end, and quite frankly it feels like they\'ve put him in similar situations far too often by now.

  • A good finale ending the great season 5.

    24 season5 had ups and downs. luckily, way more ups than downs. anyhow, the story felt a bit dragged.

    fortunately, the last episode wraps up he president storyline, the biggets storyline of season 5. Martha, Jack, Aaron, Mike, Chloe... WOWzers. You guys/gals own!

    The ending could have been a bit better. I actually found it very sad that it wasn't Kim looking for Jack. But I knew it... when i saw the chinese guy.. and told Jack to go inside *that* building.. I mean that building is a wreck. Why would Kim call his father there?

    And when Jack gets knocked out, he's so out of character..'I know how this works.. just let me call.'

    Ah well. I am sure we will see s6 played in L.A and Jack will be in L.A. too. Remember S2 ending and S3 beginning...? I expect the same.
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