Season 5 Episode 24

Day 5: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • Good ending - an Overview

    Well I liked this season. There are few things which actually seems for a reasonable thinking man as silly mistakes. When Logan realizes that it is the member of his office that is in possession of key witness, why did not he take her down first. Why did he not do something that he did with Aron? At least how come those great minds behind the scene who are running this entire plot and even controlling the president did not even get this thought. Also one more scene when Lynn McGill lost his key card - why did he not report - okay he thought it would be embarrassing. How did he enter the CTU without it? Also how did those brilliant villains rely so much on Lynn not complaining about his lost key card. That would sabotage their entire plan.

    Well Jack Bauer has taken all his chances as he would take in any other episode. But things could have gone horribly wrong for him. He kidnapped US president!!! There is one in 100 probability that Logan confesses in front of his wife. But things went well as Jack planned, as always.

    Andrey episode is very good. This season managed to keep plots such that not a single plot was boring. Even though there are fillers they did not make them look like so. There are things that saddened me - like Edgar, Miller, and even Lynn.

    We are not yet sure whether Henderson was really killed or not. Because he told Jack that he was counting on his word. Probably we may see him again ? The character I think I disliked is Kim. Her anger is understandable on Jack. But after what he had done and after his explanation, and after the attempts on lives of his friends, Kim should be wise enough to understand and accept her father's love instead of going for a man twice her age and getting comforted by him. She had been bad daughter throughout the series and that continued in this episode too. There are other characters which were well portrayed:

    One such character was Chloe: She has been entertaining enough since last three seasons. But in this season we not only see weird Chloe but also emotional Chloe. We found that she had been married and her husband is a geek too - probably better than Chloe at things.

    Aron was a perfect suit for a character of secret service. I was glad there was some action for him this season. Curtis character has also been built well and he did great as Jack's aide.

    Finally Martha - Her action was awesome. Credit goes to writers for making her character not boring.

    This is one such season where every character is a key to main story line. Everyone has something to contribute, though Jack does the crucial part

    Ending is something which I predicted in one way. Because we know it very well that Chinese will be after him once they find out that he is alive. And the same happened. This actually presented an interesting wait for the next season

    I am not sure how well the next season is presented. But this season had it all. I can compare the quality with season one. Will Audrey wait for Jack? Has CTU or to that matter anyone, been aware of what happened to him.

    Lets wait and watch....
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