Season 5 Episode 24

Day 5: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The container ship's name has two Chinese characters, one meaning light and the other meaning color. Together, they form the word Brilliance. Underneath, it reads Shanghai, which is probably the port of registry of the ship.

    • One minute before the end of the previous episode, President Logan and Martha were preparing to "get romantic". Logan had just called to delay the helicopter and the episode ended one minute later (at 6:00am). The next episode began at roughly 6:03am, and in the opening scene, the President and First Lady were through with their romantic interlude and had redressed.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: So Mr. Logan I hope you understand, I have absolutely
      nothing to lose.

    • Jack: David Palmer was a great man and he was a great president, but he was also my friend.

    • Logan: You blow up like this one more time, I will fill you so full of drugs you won't even know your own name. And then I will ship you off to an asylum and you can stay there for the rest of your life. Are we clear? Are we clear?!
      Martha: (broken) Yes.
      Logan: Good. Now clean yourself up. You're a mess.

    • Jack: (to Logan) Right here, right now, you are going to face justice!

    • Jack: I'm going to ask you one last time: Who are your coconspirators? You have until the count of three, or I will kill you. One.
      Logan: You'll make me a martyr. I'll go down in history with Lincoln and Kennedy but you'll go down with John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. Is that what you want?
      Jack: Two!
      Logan: You're a man of honor. How can you assassinate a President of the United States in front of the entire world? If you love your country, you won't pull the trigger.
      Jack: Three!
      (Following a clear and interminable inner struggle, Jack begins to stand down)
      Logan: You can't do it, Jack. No, Jack, it's alright. Jack. It's alright. It's alright. It's right that you can't; I'm the President.

    • Jack: Captain, I can fly this thing if I have to which leaves you with one of two choices - you either do what I say and you live or you don't and you die for nothing, do you understand me?

    • Logan: Jack, I'm the President of the United States, I'm not carrying any weapons.

    • Chloe: Listen, Jack, I don't mean to put any added pressure on you but if you don't have a confession by then, we'll all be arrested for treason.
      Jack: Yeah, I know.

    • Cheng Zhi: You surely must be aware, Mr. Bauer, that China has a long memory. Only eighteen months ago, you invaded our territory and killed our Consul. Did you really think that we would forget? Hmm?

    • Jack: I'll be right back, I promise.
      Audrey: Take as long as you need, I'm not going anywhere.

    • Logan: Why did you help them?
      Martha: Because you killed David Palmer!
      Logan: Marty, I told you, I didn't realize that was going to happen.
      Martha: Your people killed him to protect you! You covered it up, that's just as bad!
      Logan: I covered it up because I had to!
      Martha: More others died to cover that up!
      Logan: That's right, for the good of the country.
      Martha: You sold nerve gas to terrorists! You're insane! You're insane!!
      Logan: I did it for the good of the country as I saw it at the time!

    • Logan: Mr. Clark, arrest these men and get them the hell out of here.
      Agent Clark: I'm sorry, Mr. President. We have our orders.
      Logan: You take your orders from me!
      Agent Clark: Not anymore.

    • Jack: A year and a half ago, I was warned that my life was in danger by someone within the government. I was told the only way I could stay alive was to create the illusion that I was dead. I was forced to deceive people that I loved. My only daughter will never forgive me. As I see the depth of your corruption unfold, I have no doubt that you are that source of danger. David Palmer was a great man, and he was a great President, but he was also my friend. He tried to warn me about you, and now he is dead. Other people tried to help me, and they are dead too. So, Mr. Logan, I hope you understand, I have absolutely nothing to lose. You are going to be held accountable for you part in everything that happened today. You will not be able to hide behind the Presidency. Right here, right now, you are going to face justice! And make no mistake about this, this is personal, and if you think for a second I am scared to put a bullet in your brain, you don't know me!

    • Jack: Mr. Logan, I'm not going to torture you. But you are going to tell me what I want to know. Or so help me god, I will kill you.

    • Logan: What are you trying to do, Jack? Whatever it is, you know you won't get away with it. Are you going to kill me? I suppose you want some sort of revenge, I understand that. Bad things happen. I didn't want them to happen. People who work for me, they went too far, they did things I thought I wanted them to do, but they were wrong. You have to understand, I have always acted in the country's best interest. But you're just trying to get even. Do you realize what effect this will have on the American people? This day has been trying enough, and now the President is being attacked. If you want to do what's right, you were turn this thing around, and go back.
      (Jack keeps looking at Logan and doesn't say a word.)
      Logan: ...Damn it Bauer, SAY SOMETHING!

    • Jack: Kill me...just kill me.
      Cheng: Kill you? You're far too valuable to kill Mr. Bauer.

    • Jack: I know how this works. Please just let me make one phone call ... please.

    • Jack: If you think for one second that I would hesitate to put a bullet in your brain then you don't know me!

  • Notes

    • In 2006, musical composer Sean Callery won his second Emmy for his work on this episode.

    • The tune playing as David Palmer's coffin is taken from the hearse is called Eternal Father (also referred to as the Naval Hymn) and was composed by John B. Dykes in 1861 as accompaniment to the words of William Whiting from 1860.

    • In an interview, executive producer Howard Gordon revealed that Logan was originally going to "get away scott free" with everything he had done in Season 5.

    • The unit patch Jack is wearing on his flight suit belongs to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 45 (HSL-45) which is part of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Wing, Pacific. It is stationed at Naval Air Station, North Island in San Diego, CA. This squadron flies the SH-60B Seahawk, which is the naval variation of the Black Hawk helicopter, and can be seen transporting President Logan in this episode.

    • The scenes at the airfield were likely shot at the Point Mugu Air Station which is part of Naval Base Ventura County, located 65 miles northwest of Los Angeles. One of the aircraft seen, likely an F-18 Hornet, had the word "Bloodhounds" painted on the fuselage. This is the name of the Naval Weapons Test Squadron designated as VX-30 which conducts research, development and testing of naval combat systems. It's purpose is to "put missiles in enemy cockpits and strike weapons through their front doors."

    • This is the first time that a season has ended without a split screen showing the other characters. In the first season finale however, there was a split screen ending, but it was a flashback of Jack & Teri from the pilot episode.

    • Tzi Ma is uncredited in this episode.

    • On the back of the photo that Buchanan gives to Chloe, you can see the words "DAED SI KCAJ", which spelled backwards is "Jack is dead".
      Also, written at the top is "ENOHP NAF" which is "Fan Phone" spelled backwards. Along the right side of the paper is a series of numbers:
      310-597-3781 is the show's "fan phone" number.

  • Allusions

    • The freighter that Jack Bauer is kidnapped onto is named the Shanghai. Despite the villains being Chinese and heading there with Jack Bauer, it works on another level in the act they did to Jack Bauer, which was they shanghaied him. To shanghai derives from a phrase in the late 19th century on the West Coast, where men who were alone were forcibly boarded onto boats to work, with the common destination of the boats being Shanghai, thus deriving the term.

    • When Logan opened the door of his limo to get onto the helicopter, the time was 06:06:06. 666 is of course the anti Christ's number (see Rev. 13:18).