Season 5 Episode 13

Day 5: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

An announcement goes off in CTU warning people to stay in the safe rooms until the environment is safe. Curtis calls CTU and says he will arrive as soon as possible. Jack tells Chloe that he needs her, but she is too shaken by Edgar's death. Barry (Kim's boyfriend and a psychologist) tries to help Chloe get over her shock and resume work. Tony seizes control of the medical department and threatens to kill Henderson for the murder of his wife, but Jack talks him out of it.
Vice-President Gardner again tries to convince President Logan to declare martial law after they learn that CTU has been incapacitated. Meanwhile, Bierko instructs his henchmen to start another part of their plan, which involves releasing all 17 remaining canisters on one single target.
Jack attacks Barry and claims that he is a sexual predator, but Kim explains that he helped her through her depression while Jack was away. However, the argument convinces Chloe to resume her duties. Immediately thereafter, an alarm goes off in CTU. Chloe tells them that an acid must have been combined with the gas, for it is slowly eating away at the containment seals. A breach is inevitable if the gas is not pumped out quickly. Their plan is to flush out the gas before it destroys the seals, but Chloe discovers that something is blocking remote access to the A.C. computer program.
Jack decides to run through the contaminated portion of CTU while holding his breath to shut down the computer program on the A.C. computer. Jack tries it, but he finds a set of steel bars between him and the computer. After checking the schematics, the group realizes that McGill is the only one close enough to the computer to turn the program off. However, if McGill does it, both he and the security guard will die. After discussing the situation with the security guard, McGill decides to proceed with the backup plan. He is successful in closing the program, but he and the guard both die from the gas. Chloe reports that the acid should stop destroying the seals immediately and CTU should be clear of the gas in 15 minutes.
Karen Hayes from Homeland Security calls Buchanan. She says that she is heading over to CTU to assist in the crisis, Buchanan then tells her how many people are needed to run CTU again and to help locate Bierko and the canisters. However, Hayes tells her assistant in her car, Miles Papazian, that CTU is severely weakened, thus forcing her to take charge of a merged Homeland Security and CTU department.
Tony claims that Jack's chance to break Henderson has failed. After arguing with Jack, Tony decides to kill Henderson by injecting him with an overdose of Hyoscine-Pentothal. Meanwhile, Jack races toward the medical room to stop Tony. While Tony hesitates, Henderson wakes up, knocks him over, and injects the chemical into Tony. Henderson then escapes, taking the gun with him. Jack arrives seconds later, but Tony dies in Jack's arms after uttering, "She's gone", referring to his wife, Michelle Dessler.