Season 5 Episode 13

Day 5: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on FOX

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  • What an amazing episode

    We get a "death" that fooled us all for years. I dont see The Walking (Crawling) Dead do this kind of chracter kill ever. Back in the time we never saw it coming either. Its basically one of the best ever episodes, on any show.
  • The End of An Era..... SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

    One major flaw is the death of Carlos Bernards character Tony Almeida. The death is very unjustified and not to mention only used for pure shock value. If one is to think about it the major character deaths of the past 13 hours can be summarized as so: David Palmer\\\'s death was to jolt the storyline for the season, Michelle Dessler\\\'s death was to pull the main character Jack Bauer into the days events, Edgar Stiles death was merely a casualty of war, while Tony\\\'s death was used for shock value to add to the high pile of past character deaths for the season. The whole premise of the previous 40 minutes prior to this itself is a interesting but the final project has its fair share of clichés and flaws. 4/10
  • Hard Eight


    Fine, I admit it…my eyes kinda welled up with salty discharge.
    I can't think of an episode more polarizing than the one currently under discussion. Most reviewers either love it or HATE it. You can count me among the former. The previous hour was ace, but this one just blew my mind and swept away the cerebral remains.
    This is disputably the darkest episode that "24" has ever churned out; there's a reticent sense of foreboding that I just can't shake. We have here a standalone plot: most of the main protagonists are confined within CTU and must vent the gas before it burns through the seals and kills them all. A very nice twist on the regular progression of an episode, even nicer than the one in S2, because whereas the bombing still allowed the (uninjured) characters to move around and get help freely, the nerve gas forces everyone into a sealed-off area. Jack himself is one of those trapped people, so there's no cutting to him in an outdoor firefight whenever things get boring (which they never do, fortunately).
    There's also Medical, where Tony seeks revenge on Henderson. The conclusion of this little story caught me off guard, and I loved it. Which brings me to something else. S5 is praised by some for boldly killing off major characters, while despised by others for stupidly killing off major characters—that seems to be the number one gripe. But after S4 played it so ******* safe and predictable, I was aching for a bloodbath. And I assure you that my evaluations are not the result of season-to-season comparison. I watch an episode and then try to judge it on its own merits or in perspective to the season; I usually factor in the episodes immediately preceding/following it, and maybe a few others in the same season, but that's all. This fifth longest day of Jack Bauer's life just happens to have a LOT of merits for me, "7pm - 8pm" in particular.
    Two 10-scorers in a row, and Kim Bauer is in both of them. Something is very wrong here, but damned if I care.

    Hourly Highlight:
    The death of Tony Almeida. Cannot believe how many people at the time disregarded the sad music and (!!!) Jack's tears, thinking that Tony had just FALLEN ASLEEP. Denial is an ugly thing…
    Wait, what's that? He really did fall asleep and he's gonna come back in S7? …mmm, I'll leave that 10 there anyway.

  • Ok, I will rate it a 7,5, just because of the surprises, since this episode is not a normal episode (50% relevant material mixed with 50% filler) of 24, it is just different because you have more characters deaths!!!

    What I liked -» Hard to say.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Another unnecessary death of one of the Best character in 24. I am starting to think that the writers run out of ideas and are making deaths to create superb episodes. Too much filler scenes.

    Action - » Wasn´t a episode for that. Drama - » (10/10). The sacrifices played a great drama, unfortunately another unnecessary death of one of the Best characters.

    Suspense/Tension - » (6/10). Wasn´t a episode for tension, was more about sacrifices and making a surprise.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (10/10). Unfortunately, another death serves as a surprise.

    Time and Scene Management - » (5/10). Things were simple, after CTU suffered the Attacked, they had another dangerous situation that not only serves as a filler, it doesn´t make any sense in terms of physics and chemistry, but ok. To resume this episode, was only necessary to create 7 minutes, they use 33 than the necessary and put a surprise in the end.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10). It is ok that they use Physics and Chemistry to make a filler to gain time.

    Beginning - » (7/10). Following the consequences.

    Complication Phase - » (7/10). A complicated situation that was a filler just to gain time until the finals scenes, the situation was fatal, but only made more victims.

    Climax - » (8/10). When the sacrifice occurred.

    Ending - » (10/10). A surprise that i didn´t liked, but caught many people by surprise, like me

    Ok, I will rate it a 7,5, just because of the surprises, since this episode is not a normal episode (50% relevant material mixed with 50% filler) of 24, it is just different because you have more characters deaths!!!
  • The aftermath of gas in CTU

    So.. some of them are safe, for some time but soon the realize they are still in danger - the seals may not hold and they have to take down a program in a computer and who does it.. that dies.. Jack tries one way but is not able to make it and so McGill has to be the one - ok, little self redemption as he was the one thanks to who the terrorist got there.

    Kim is acting hard and just.. weird but I think this is normal for her.. and she is gone, so good for that..

    But it does not go so well for Tony who is in dilemma of paying back for Michelle but he doubts and then.. he is the one who dies.. (but we all know now that he did not as he will be back in season seven.. so it would be exciting to know how that happened)..

    Anyway.. loosing many important people in so few episodes in row...
  • The death of Tony.

    The pace of season five got even faster when the syntox virus was released just last hour. Unfortunately some did not make it into secure areas of CTU in time, one of them being the fan favorite Edgar Stiles. Chloe will be affected by this for the rest of the season, but she'll have to cool down and concentrate on finding a way to save her life, and the others in CTU when they find out that the syntox will eventually make it inside the safe zones. Chloe discovers there may be a way to manipulate the fans on a nearby computer, but Jack can't reach it without risking his life. Lyn McGill (Sam Austen) who earlier proved to be a bit annoying, ended up giving his life to save everyone else in CTU. Tony who was safe in medical was killed by Henderson with a lethal dosage of hyoscine-pentothal.

    This episode was bittersweet for me. I loved the suspense that arose when the nerve gas was in CTU, but was greatly hurt when I witnessed the death of Tony. The only regret I have about this episode is that I wish that Tony would have gotten a silent clock in the end.
  • What can I say? Another unbelievably awesome episode of 24.

    Episode #109 - Day 5: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm - 3/13/06

    What can I say? Another unbelievably awesome episode of 24.

    Following the shocking events of the last hour, an announcement is made for all personnel in CTU to remain in their airtight chambers until further notice. Chloe is obviously shaken after having witnessed Edgar's death, and Kim's boyfriend Barry, who happens to be a psychologist, tries to calm her down.

    Back in his room, Tony figures out something's up and is able to escape, killing the guard in his room. Then he sneaks up on the guy trying to interrogate Henderson and grabs his gun. Jack and the others find out and try to talk him out killing Henderson over the speakers. After a personal plea from Jack, Tony finally decides to allow CTU to finish getting the answers they need from him before he exacts his revenge on Henderson.

    Meanwhile, in his underground location, Bierko learns that CTU is incapacitated and orders his men to the new location - where they will release all the remaining canisters of nerve gas. Back at CTU, Jack tries to get Chloe to snap out of it and continue decrypting the files, but when Barry tries to intervene, Jack attacks him and accuses him of taking advantage of his daughter. CTU also finds out that an acid mixed in with the gas is slowly eating away at the walls of the containment units ... meaning if it is not pumped out soon, it will enter every room.

    The Chief of Staff tells Mrs. Logan about how Vice President Gardner is trying to incite the President into declaring martial law - obviously in an attempt to get him to slip up so that he will lose the presidency to Gardner. Mrs. Logan insists that she use her influence to stop Gardner. Back at CTU, Chloe discovers that she can flush out the gas through the air conditioning system, but a computer has been programmed to block her from accessing it. The only way is to unplug the computer, but unfortunately it's in a contaminated room with contaminated sectors surrounding it.

    Jack realizes that he can move through a chamber in the walls and get to the area with the room holding the computer and hold his breath long enough to unplug it. Jack manages to get to it but finds a metal thing of bars blocking him. Jack just manages to get out of the contaminated room in time before he cannot hold his breath any longer. Collaborating with Chloe, they realize that there is only one person close enough who can actaully get to the computer to shut it down - McGill.

    Jack contacts McGill and explains to him the situation ... before asking him to make the ultimate sacrifice. McGill will be able to unplug the computer if he holds his breath, but they have no way of filtering the air once he opens the door and contaminates the room. McGill is willing to do this, but the security guard with him protests against dying, until Jack is able to convince him.

    In another insanely emotional scene, McGill watches as the security guard says goodbye to his daughter and hangs up the phone. Both McGill and the guard take a deep breath before McGill opens the door, thereby contaminating the room, and runs out, heading for the room with the computer. McGill successfully disconnects the computer and manages to make it back without taking a breath.

    Despite having shut the door behind him immediately, the gas still leaks in, evident as when the guard cannot hold his breath any longer, he takes a couple of breaths and soon thereafter begins convulsing and dies. McGill holds his breath until he cannot anymore and himself takes a breath ... he then begins convulsing on the floor as well, with toxic saliva bubbling out of his mouth as he is poisoned by the gas.

    Karen Hayes from Homeland Security makes her way to CTU along with a new team set to replace CTU. According to her, the current people in the building are no longer capable to performing the operations that CTU needs to complete. She also makes it clear that she will be taking over Buchanan's job as director of this operation.

    Meanwhile, the last of the gas is filtered out and the CTU building is cleared. Kim does not wish to stay with Jack any longer and decides to leave with Barry. Jack heads over to the interrogation room, hoping to get to Henderson, but Tony decides that Henderson is in a coma and will no longer be able to respond, so there's nothing left to do but to kill him. He knocks out the interrogator from behind and then proceeds to inject a lethal dose of some kind of poison or chemical into him.

    However, at the last minute he is unable to do it, but he does not see Henderson, who wakes up and, lightning quick, grabs the syringe and sticks it into Tony's chest ... then makes his escape. Jack gets there to find that Henderson is gone and Tony is dying. He holds him and cries ...
  • Hold your breath... Spoilers...

    Or just breathe... CTU is in lockdown because of the gas having been released. While they're waiting for help from the outside, they discover they don't have much more time to wait. The scenes where people are holding their breaths just make you wanna try and hold your breath too... The phone call for the security guard was a nice touch, gave the entire scenario of his death a more personal feel. This episode just made me keep my eyes on the screen, waiting to see what happened next. Tony spends the entire episode waiting to get a chance to kill Henderson, and then at the end, Henderson gets the upper hand. That was SO unfair! I think my jaw dropped. I really liked Tony. I can't believe the rest of the day will progress and we'll never see him again.
  • It was all right but not one of my favourites

    It was quite good but hardly anything happened. And when something did happen it was repeated later on in the episode. The nerve gas is breaching the safe rooms- we need to send someone out now. They haven\'t come back yet- we need to send someone else out. It just continued like this for the whole episode. But on the bright side it did have some good thrilling moments in it. But as Day 5 goes on I\'m starting to get a it bored, but It\'ll probably pick up soon. At the minute I feel Prison Break is better. Woo!
  • Ummmmm...

    Why was there no silent clock for one of the greatest 24 characters of all time??? Tonys death made this episode bad, it would have been better to see him help Jack through the rest of this season and then die in the finale or something. Other then that this episode was pretty mellow, as would be expected considering the lockdown that was established in the episode prior to this one. The situation outside of CTU is boring, as usual. Martha Logan and President Logan seem to have a bad on screen connection and what Logan is doing is completly irrelevant to whats going on with CTU and stopping the Nerve Gas
  • Another great 24 episode

    I know I'm going to be in the minority here, but I'm glad they brought Kim back for a couple of episodes. I never thought the actress was horrible. My dislike of the character mostly came from the fact that in the second and third seasons, she was present when there was no need for her to be. In a case like this, where Jack has to confront his daughter after faking his own death, Kim actually serves a purpose. We know how much Kim means to Jack, and it would have been stupid for the show to ignore this when Jack resurfaces from hiding. Just a quick sidenote, it doesn't seem like anyone can catch a break on 24, even after they are off the show. We found out in the past couple of episodes that Chase left Kim and she fell into a deep depression. Neither character had appeared since season 3. Palmer was no longer President or a regular, so you would have thought he was safe, but he gets assassinated in the first episode of the season, as does Michelle who had also left CTU behind for good. Which brings us to....

    Tony! I can't believe Tony died like that! It doesn't really hurt this episode as far as entertainment value goes, but it does concern me a bit for the future of the show. Now that Tony is gone, Jack is just about the only guy left alive from season one. Kim is still alive, but she's no longer an important part of the show. Mike Novick and Aaron Pierce are still alive but they aren't really hugely important characters. I think that may be it: Teri, Nina, Tony, David and Sherry Palmer, Mason, Chapelle: all dead. Who's next? Keith Palmer who hasn't been seen since season 2's first episode? For the most part, I think it's cool that 24 has the balls to kill even their most beloved characters but so few of them remain at this point. And the characters that have been added since season 4 really just aren't as strong as the characters who were there since the beginning. They are all right, but 24 has never really taken the time to fully develop any of them (except for maybe Audrey) the way the original characters were. Bill seems like a good leader and boss, but what do we really know about him aside from that? Edgar was coming along nicely, but we lost him recently too. The only characters left who has any kind of real history with Jack are Chloe and Audrey. I hope they don't kill Chloe. Other than Jack, she's about the only one I really like.

    No silent clock for Tony? But Edgar got that special treatment? That's kind of curious.
  • This episode is awesome a bit of everything is going on! Don't think i took my eyes off the Tv!

    This is the first review i've written and i just had to start with this episode because i think it's one of the best. It's a very tense series but 7pm - 8pm had me sat on the edge of my seat all the way through. I really was convinced that the nerve gas would be found before anyone at ctu would be exposed but i was wrong again, i think thats the best thing about 24 it's not predictable at all which makes it much more enjoyable to watch. This episode really got me though, I never expected any of what was coming i thought Edgar would be ok, Jack would save the day (again), President Logan would do something sensible and Tony would take up working at ctu again!!?? How wrong was i? Total shock the complete oppisite of what i thought, apart from President Logan doing something sensible i mean come on thats never gonna happen, But as for the rest of it i was glued to the Tv it just has to be the best episode! Totally gutted about the ending though i can't believe Tony Almeida is dead i have to admit i actually cried for the first time while watching 24!
  • exciting

    Chloe is traumatized over the death of Edgar. Jack finds a way to prevent the centox from breaching the safety barriers inside CTU. Lynn must sacrifice his life in order to save everyone else inside CTU. It is a heroic act, he finally redeems himself for causing the security breach inside CTU. Lynn's death is a real tearjerker, we hated him throughout the start of the show, but in his final appearance we get to like him a little. Tony's Almeida final appearance is a real heart breaker, that means there wouldn't be any more of him in the future. i just wish that he was given the silent clock treatment. damn the film editors.
  • A tragic end.

    Powerful. The death of Tony Almeida was very sad and tragic. The last minutes of where Jack discovers his body and tells him to hold on, while Tony says "He couldn't do it, and she is dead Jack" were very sad. Jack then watchs Tony close his eyes and Jack grabs on to him and begins to cry as he is dead. Although he didn't receive the silent clock and should this Episode is worthy of a 10.
  • A dark, depression, and overall dissapointing episode of 24.

    I'll start by posting some positives:
    -I loved when Jack choked Barry, a very powerfull scene and something I had been waiting for.
    -Lynn and the security gaurds deaths were well done.
    -It was good to see Jack get some sympathy from Audrey, she is the only one there for jack personally right now... she'll probobly die soon with the way things are going.
    -A great conflict in Logan's camp is brewing.
    -Bierko plans on releasing all of it somewhere and no intelligence agencies have any clue...yet.
    -Hot chick in a thong (Im still a sucker for those, keep them coming fox... hell mabey a sex scene between her and Mandy would cheer me up)


    Im probobly the biggest fan of the show, having seen every season 2-3 times. This episode was unbearable and I really find it hard to care what happens next. What an IDIOTIC way to kill tony.... you kill the guys wife, keep him in surgery for 12 hours, than have him get stabbed by a guy who magically woke up from a coma. WTF?!?! That makes no sense.

    Tony isn't what has been making s5 so great, but the way they killed him was terrible. I expected MUCH more from the producers. People make the argument that part of what makes 24 good is main characters deaths. We already have 3 of them this season (4 if you count Lynn) Tony's death was gimmicky, cheap, and tasteless. A shamefull end for one of the best and longest-living character on the show. Its a sad day in the land of 24.

    Don't even get me started on Kim... she basically wrote her part on s5 because she was afraid of playing anything other than strong, confident, and self-centered idiot. She even said in an interview she didn't want all the negative comments from fans because she had movies to sell. So lets say your Jack now... wife is long dead, best friend just died, daughter has disowned you... why did you still care about nerve gas in LA? Its completley unbelievable, unless we learn Jack is a robot.

    I won't give up the show because of one uncalled for, moronic choice by the producers, but I don't know if I can look at it in the same way. I have gotten 4+ whole familes addicted because of how I talk about the show... I buy the DVD's, the families buy the DVD's. Mondays are spent eagerly anticipating the next episode.... tuesdays are spent dreaming about next monday. Big deal, eh?
  • A great episode… until they killed my favourite character. Then there’s the non-silent clock!

    For Tony, a trained CTU agent, to go out like that is a little embarrassing. I am, however, taking into account that he was severely injured at the time. The only thing I liked about it was the way Jack reacted. These two are best friends and the series has always downplayed their friendship, occasionally giving us little moments to keep us happy. If Tony had to die, I’m glad they acknowledged the depth of friendship Jack and Tony shared. That’s the only reason I haven’t burned the video tape. Of course, then there’s how Henderson – who was tortured and heavily drugged – overpowers and kills Tony, suddenly alert and bushy-tailed.

    I am still immensely p****d off that there was no silent clock. Tony has been in almost every episode since the first episode, over five seasons!!! Doesn’t he deserve a moment of silence?! I’ll never forgive the writers for this. I love this series, never miss it but I am seriously offended, as I know many other fans are.

    Anyway, off the Tony topic – Lynn, who we’ve never liked – redeemed himself in the end and his death was very well handled. It was very cool about the acid eating through the seals.

    As for Kim, I understand why she’s lashing out at Jack, she’s got good reason, but how does she go from Chase to this *loser*?! I’m still amazed that Jack didn’t smack him when he started putting in his two cents.

    I have never been a big fan of Edgar’s, but I did like how his death humanised Chloe here.

    If it wasn’t for Tony, I’d have given this a higher rating, but still a highly unusual episode, not just because of the deaths but it’s also based almost entirely inside CTU.
  • 24 at it\'s best.

    I feel that the ratings of this episode are pretty low due to the unwanted death(s).

    Granted, I felt really sorry for Tony. And I really hated the way he died. If he really *had* to die, it would have been \'better\' if he died with Michelle.

    McGill\'s last one was excellent. I really hated his character before, but for the last few minutes he absolutely redeemed.

    The whole situatio nwas incredible. Had a little \'Resident Evil\' \'Lost(Lockdown)\' feeling in it, and of course the typical 24 feeling.

    Kim was disappointing, and her boyfriend is... oh well, when I first saw that guy I thought he\'s Kim\'s new father :\\ lol.

    edit: I must mention how the CTU worker(who was with McGill) mentioned he's alright,and 5 seconds later he died. That was hilarious, and very sad at the same time.
  • Jack Bauer and CTU employees are locked in CTU's Situation Room after the nerve gas attack. The gas starts breaking down the room seals and the crew has to beat the clock to neutralize the Sentox as the president contemplates instituting martial law.

    I read other users' reviews before writing this one and can see why so many people were upset with the episode but I found it especially powerful because, for one of the first times this season, the writers take their time to develop the situation and the characters. Instead of Jack moving from CTU to a helicopter to an apartment complex in the space of 20 minutes, the focus is on one location and a compelling cabin fever scenario that takes advantage of Kim's presence. We learn more about her struggle to deal with Jack's death (despite her also hearing he died in Season 2) and I noticed a definite shift in Jack's character. In this episode and the subsequent ones, he is far more aggressive and frustrated (especially after the intense Henderson interrogation at his home). I admit, the holding the breath to beat the nerve gas scenes were kind of hokey (couldn't it still get into your system through your ears or other orifices) but the scenes reinforced the reality of the nerve gas threat which has been fairly lacking throughout the season. Lynn's death and bravery were strong and disturbing, as they should have been. Jack's life in hiding is developed and he still can't catch a break (even though he will never die despite his being in many, many, many more extreme situations than the other KIA regulars). What put this episode over the top for me was the ending. Tony's death, however short, seemed to me to strengthen the credibility of Michelle's death and the tragedy that has always defined '24'. The last 30 seconds where Jack finds Tony lying on the ground and the music starts blew me away. The music had a sense of inevitability to it, that Tony's death was coming and it was heartbreaking. Though the writers may not have intended for it to be interpreted as such, I saw Jack Bauer's crying at the end as the culmination of one of his most painful hours where his relationship with his daughter was strained again, he saw a man die in front of him, and everything else the day brought. It's like the cry at the end of Season 3 but in the middle as things continue to worsen. To my dismay, the next episode threw away the vulnerability that Jack showed here and the chance to make Tony's death more meaningful (and the German intelligence thing was a stupid idea) but I really appreciated this episode.
  • The body count continues plus one meaningless loss...

    As Jack and rest try to figure out how to survive the nerve gas, Logan considers martial law and Kim remains unforgiving, all leading to a sad final second...

    This episode follows the attempts of Jack and the rest to survive the nerve gas as they realize the containment seals won't last long enough... I kind like the claustrophic element with all the major characters trapped but apart... It reinforced the tense situation between Jack and Kim... Lynn's sacrifice seemed too convenient, well it was the least he could do after being such a pain, not to mention it was all his fault to begin with. The story then moves to Tony now recovered he decides to avenge his wife's death and kill Henderson but hesitates and Henderson kills him...

    Besides Jack, Tony and Palmer were my two favorite characters in the series and writers have managed to get rid of them for no meaningful reason (maybe Palmer's death)I think this "anybody can die in 24" is getting too extreme... Teri, Chapelle, Mason and Palmer were shocking but Tony's ??? I guess it'll reinforce Jack's sense of revenge...

  • Why did they kill tony!?! They didn\'t even give him a silent clock!!:( :( :(

    I love 24. it is by far the best television programme ever! But I couldn’t believe it when they killed Tony off! I have never cried so much at a TV death! I didn\'t cry that much when my grandma died! I am a huge Tony fan and I am shocked that they didn\'t even give him a silent clock! Teri got a silent clock and she was only in ONE season Tony ha been in ALL of them!! He has been a great character who has done A LOT of great stuff over the years of 24!! I mean they made a bigger deal of Lynn dieing and he was a complete jerk!! I mean I no Tony is with Michelle now but they shouldn’t have killed her off either!! Fox has killed off three of my favourite characters and if they kill anyone else off I’m not going to watch 24 anymore!!!
  • 24, the best show on television, at its worst.

    I am a huge 24 fan, but this episode has got to be one of the poorest written episodes in all of television. By far, my least favorite episode in 24 history, the writers made the show seem like a joke (they almost make up for it as the season goes on, but nothing can make up for this episode).

    First off, Jack decides that he can go through an area contaminated with nerve gas, but make it back alive, because he is going to "hold his breath." Come on writers, you should know by now that 24 fans don't usually buy into COMPLETELY unrealistic or just poorly written plots. Anyone watching this episode for the first time would have laughed and turned off the tv. Also, Jack putting on his hood while holding his breath made this scene that much more painful to watch and cornier than I thought possible.

    Then, one of 24's ONLY characters left on the show from season one and one of 24's all-time-greats, gets killed off (That making four 24 vets to be killed off in this one season. 24 reached the overkill mark by the end of season 3, to kill of this many well-respected characters is a sign of poor writing and thinking on the part of the writers). Not only was he another main character to get killed off this season, but they couldn't have written him off any poorly. If the writers had a map to follow in order to make an episode of 24 as bad as it could be, they followed the map perfectly. Even though Tony had a loaded gun that he could have used to kill off Henderson (who was responsible for his wife's death at the beginning of the season) he chose to fill up some death shot to use against him.

    Of course, Henderson (in a coma) wakes up while Tony is rethinking his decision about whether or not to kill him, and some how gains enough strength to grab the needle, turn it around, and jab it into Tony's neck, killing him. Worst character death of all time, in any show. As much as I hated Palmer's death and as much as I think that they could have made a much better season if it wasn't based around his death, at least he went out for a plausible reason. Tony just died to fulfill the writers purpose of letting him be with his wife (who shouldn't have been killed off to begin with because it added nothing to the story, except bringing Jack out of hiding, which would have happened anyway) which they had decided would come sometime in the season. It is great to think that "everyone is expendable" but when the viewers get the message over and over and over again, that takes out the suspense the writers were trying to add to begin with. The episode ends with one of 24's all-time vets dying without a "silent clock." With only 4 episodes left in season 5, Tony's name has yet to be mentioned, as well as the other pointless death this season, Michelle Dessler.

    Finally, Jack Bauer's daughter Kim finally returned in the previous episode with a very interesting part. She seemed like a person with nothing left to live for because she thought she lost her dad after being abandoned by Chase. In that episode, she was with her new 50-60 year old deuch psychiatrist boyfriend and she was having a hard time forgiving Jack. At the end of the episode, however, she began to piece together the fact that Jack could not contact her when he was "dead" because he needed to protect her. Two people who knew he were alive died, and she started to realise he did it for her own good.

    Now we are back to this episode and those revelations that Kim had completely disappeared (like Behrooz from season 4). By the end of the episode, after her dad saved her life again, she went completely out of character and told Jack that she never wanted to be around him again because when she is around him, "terrible things happen, people die." I don't know who wrote this episode, but they don't know Kim's character at all and they destroyed a potentially great storyline.

    Worst episode in 24 history that proves many things:

    1)"Everyone will die." No, this isn't the "everyone is expendable" theme that the viewers respected in seasons 1, 2, and part of 3. This is just a flat out fact, "everyone will die" except maybe the newly-dubed Jack "Superman" Bauer, who seems to luckily dodge about 2000 bullets an episode while everyone else dies around him.

    2) The new writers don't know the details of characters or themes of the show and just write whatever is on their mind.

    3) 24 is no longer one of the most realistic shows on television that government officials who watch the show as well as critics and most fans agreed during seasons 1-3. The setting may as well be in space as the show has become a sci-fi, poorly written thriller.

    As far as the rest of the season goes, we have a U.S. President who turned out to be the "bad guy" and Jack's recurring role as Superman. This "Day" definately, without a doubt, improved after this episode and the rest of the season (despite Jack's role as Superman and the President's role as the "bad guy") holds up relatively strong.

    I just hope that the writers will finally learn from their mistakes and use this episode as the example of exactly what not to do.
  • All I have to say is... I don't buy it.

    I'm strangely unaffected by this episode... Probably because I don't believe that Tony is dead. If he really was dead they would have given him the Silent Clock but they didn't. Instead I think that they want us to believe that he's dead and that they will try to fool Henderson or someone else later in the series that Tony is dead. Call it denial if you wish, but I really doubt that he's actually gone. I don't think the show would kill off their most popular character besides Jack Bauer.
  • Five reasons why Tony Has a BETTER than 50-50 shot of LIVING:

    Five reasons why Tony Has a better than 50-50 shot of living:

    #1) As per the trivia from this season's episode opener: "In addition, Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) is once again upped to series regular after being a Special Guest last season." I dont feel he'd be made a series REGULAR to appear in, what, 3 total episodes? IF he doesn't have a bigger role, he'd likely have been left at special guest star.

    #2) Reading an interview somewhere earlier in which Tony was describing a practical joke he played on one of the actresses that she got angry over. That actress hasn't appeared on the show yet. So... that also makes me wonder.

    #3) No silent clock. Proves nothing but if he were dead, it was a perfect spot for it.

    #4) Needle was stabbed into the right side of his chest, not his heart. No idea if that matters and you may say he was planning on giving Chris a lethal dose BUT lets remember Christopher is pumped full with this stuff already. Maybe it would take a bit more to kill off Tony.

    #5) Lastly, I just think the writers know what is 'overboard' and what is not. Killing off characters is important to the show. Killing off the 3 most loved characters after Jack is a bit much. Especially with them killing various other important people around them. The death rate is just too high.

    The review:
    First off, nice reaction by Tony going for the kill on Christopher at the beginning. He's gotten more like Jack over time. Great death of Lynn and the random officer--it was very touching and even shocking because I thought they would live. I dont particularly buy into Jack being able to go into and out of infected areas and live like he did. He can't create perfect biological seals with duck tape can he? Looks like Kim is gone and safe. If there's another season, probably the only thing that can get Jack to be active again is someone killing Kim so I figured she had to live.

    Overall, I will reserve judgement on the ranking. If Tony lives, I think its a great one. If he dies, well then that is just TOO much. You can't kill off EVERY beloved character for shock value. Viewers will just get too annoyed. Its one thing to be realistic in that lovable people die. Its another to be UNREALISTIC in killing them all!
  • The final moments were really lame, a poor way to end a great character.

    Following the mass murder of 55 CTU employees, most notably Edgar, the second half of season five was poised to be some of 24’s darkest material. Considering the magnitude of the situation, the episode’s action centers heavily on CTU’s desperate attempt to save themselves. The principle survivors are trapped in small rooms while Curtis and the CTU team are too far away to help them. Avoiding "holding breath" metaphors, this is a tense situation, but there are elements that lower its enjoyment.

    So a corrosive agent in the nerve gas is eating through the barriers protecting the safe zones, OK. However, wouldn't that affect everything else in the building? Couldn't it erode the second floor and its supports, which could be a dangerous complication later? In addition, it could affect their computers. It's meant to create suspense now, but wouldn't it also affect the rest of the season? They could've had as much suspense over decreasing oxygen supply and not have to worry about plot holes in the future.

    It was clear that Lynne would have to sacrifice himself to save those in the other containment areas. However, they didn't explain how the holding room couldn't be cleansed like the safe room Jack went into. Also, wouldn’t it make sense for the guard to go with Lynn in case he accidentally took a breath? With such a sensitive mission and the guarantee that both men would die anyway, the rest of CTU could’ve used the insurance.

    The red shirt (a very apt term nowadays) has every right to be furious at Lynn. It is Lynn's fault that they're in this situation and in the end, he has to die too so Lynn can fix his mistake. I was expecting that the guard would snap and kill Lynne, complicating the situation. Instead, Lynn gets to redeem himself, and pay dearly for his mistake. Unlike Edgar's demise, these deaths are far more unsettling, as they unflinchingly focus on the victims convulsing on the floor.

    Bierko's next strike, using the remaining 17 canisters at once, seems to be the writers' attempt to resolve this crisis quickly. They don’t want to fall in a repetitive rut as they were last season, where most of the action consisted of chasing, but narrowly missing Marwan. Bierko will want to act fast, because the later it gets, the less likely he’ll strike a crowded area. Ironically, Gardner’s obsession with Marshal law won’t affect this plan, as they won’t be organized by the time Bierko’s men will be in position.

    Speaking of the loser president, he is playing right into whatever plans Gardner has, despite their history of him pinning the problems on Logan. Of course, throwing LA in martial law is a prime plot device to create even more chaos for our heroes to navigate through. Regardless of how much we hate Logan, he does have a good point about how much they've been through. This season has been some of the most frenetic 24 ever, and there are still 11 episodes to go this season.

    Since Henderson is on the run or comatose for most of the episode, we’re now given another thread for CTU to pursue, as Bierko contacts Collette, who must be Mandy V 4.0 by now (certainly not a bad substitute). This scene also answers the important question of where Desmond from Lost went after bolting from the hatch. Luckily he’s (now called Theo) able to release some stress with Collette. Considering Collette won’t divulge what she was doing, Theo is poised to be another guy who fell for the femme fatale.

    The new Homeland Security team is going to be nothing but trouble. It’s no coincidence that Logan and VP Gardner signed off on this. Hayes and her favorite crony are going to be stubborn like every other boss or higher ranking official Jack and CTU have had to deal with. Inevitably, it will cause Jack and CTU to work covertly on the only relevant leads. Hayes will find out and butt heads with those involved, only to find out that she is wrong.

    Kim certainly has good reason not to want to be around her father. No sooner is she at CTU then the bodies start piling up. Considering how depressed she has been since Chase left her, being with her father can be too much to bear. Deaths come with the territory. Although she knows Jack loves her, she can't be a part of this violent life. The subject of detachment has been one frequently used on 24, and it is Jack's tragic flaw for his personal relationships.

    Now we come to the low point of the episode, and perhaps of the series to date: Henderson’s Michael Myers-esque resurrection and Tony's death. Like last season’s “7:00 PM – 8:00 PM”, a character who should be beyond incapacitated suddenly springs to life to kill one of the heroes (although Paul didn’t succumb until later). This is far too slasher flick for me; Tony deserved a better demise than that one. Even if he had died in the car bomb as originally planned, I would’ve been happy with that outcome because it was a good way to end the characters before they overstayed their use.

    It’s ridiculous that Tony, after cold cocking Burke, wouldn’t shoot Henderson with the gun in his hand. Instead, he finds a syringe and loads it with a mystery poison, which is eventually used against him. This is too contrived. Perhaps this was meant as security for the writers who weren't sure whether they wanted to kill Tony and a mystery injection was easier to write around than a gunshot wound.

    Since Tony is dead, his survival of the car bomb in the premiere is rendered pointless. Why did he need to survive if his role this season was to be comatose for the first eleven hours, wake up, find out about Michelle, get depressed, and die? The more I think about it, the more I wish Tony had a better send off. Tony is one of the few people Jack could consider a friend. He has been in every season and is behind only Jack for appearances, and he doesn't even get a silent tick when he died. Granted, the same problem existed in the first act of the season, but these were different situations. Although it was used in the last episode, they could use it again because it was appropriate.

    If there was anything Tony’s death did, it was refresh the rage Bauer felt at the beginning of the day when Palmer and Michelle died. It certainly compounds with Kim deciding not to be a part of her father’s life anymore. Jack has lost more this season than he has before, besides when Teri was killed. However, couldn't Tony have done something that would make his initial survival worthwhile before dying? Even a silent clock would've improved it. I’m unhappy with the way Tony died, but what it could set up could make me a little more forgiving of this. The episode is good, but there are some poor writing decisions. Had the final minute been redone to fit a major character, this episode would've been a lot better.
  • No the end of Tony? 2nd best character on 24 behind Jack is now gone. The silent clock should have been used again to mark the end of a era. (spoilers ahead)

    Above average follow up to the previous hour with the end of Tony but the end of Sean Austin's time on 24 as Lynn McGill as he takes his life to save the others by leaving his safe zone to activate the AC and inhales the gas to fall to his death.
    Tony on the other hand is hell bent on revenge to Henderson but it will cost him as Henderson wakes and injects the lethal dose into Tony and escapes. To end it Tony dies and Jack holds him like he did Teri at the end of the first season.

    R.I.P Tony Almeida
  • did not see tony dying. bit disappointed in the way it happened

    let's just start off by saying wow. extremely saddened by tony dying. thought he would heal up and help jack like season 3 when he got shot and came back to lead the secret operation. kind of disappointed in how his death happened. wanted it to be more heroic. Now chloe is the last one alive who originally knew about jack's faked death. I'm sure tony could have survived the pain if he had tried but he really didn't have anything to live for. also wished that they had done something more with his death. just thankful that they got rid of Lynn. didn't really like him despite the fact that he was Rudy and Rudy does rock. So i guess he did redeem himself.
  • How DARE they not give Tony a silent-clock-worthy death?!?

    I mean, I understand that they just had a silent clock in the last episode and don't like to use that device often (not even one-per-season, as I don't recall one in season 4). But seriously, it's TONY ALMEIDA for Pete's sake!!! I'm peeved at how his demise was so very lacking in honor. :( But overall, a decent episode, finally doing away with annoying Lynn while still giving him the chance to redeem himself first.
  • Tony deserved better and so did we

    The episode's ending is possibly the low point of the series. Tony certainly deserved better and so did the audience, which was asked to swallow that Henderson could turn from comatose into killing machine in the blink of an eye. But, if there's one rule of "24," it's don't get too attached to the characters other than Jack. No one is safe. The ending is made all the more worse by the previous episode's climax in which we, along with those in the air tight conference room, were forced to watch poor Edgar draw his last breath of nerve gas.

    Some of the scenes strained belief, even more than usual. For example, if the "safe" rooms were air tight, why weren't they concerned with a shortage of oxygen? Also, Jack's foray outside the safe room continued for much longer than I suspect anyone would be able to hold their breath. I tried it and I think I was breathing nerve gas by the time Jack discovered the grate.
  • Jack, Buchanan, Chloe and the rest of the gas attack survivors try to figure out how to get CTU up and running while the vice president tries to advise the president but is suspected of pushing his own agenda to make himself look good.

    I enjoyed this episode from start to finish though I was a little bit sad to see Tony die. Tony Almeda was one of my favorite characters on the show and he will definitely be missed. Chloe was a high point of this episode. I really enjoyed watching her help rectify the situation at CTU and her dialouge was very well written. Jack, as always, was fantastic as well. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with Henderson. He tried to kill Jack, he killed Tony, but he still maybe useful to CTU. We shall see.
  • I hope Tony is the last one to Die in 24, coz honestly cute Kim, Curtis, Chloe as well as jack are the few main characters left.


    I like Charles Logan though, coz at least
    someone has to be a pain in the - - -
    and make the audiance "furious"

    I believe new characters will be introduced,
    playing other roles,,,
    C.T.U will always miss
    the best STARS it

    I tend to wonder, whats it gonna be like for
    everyone these remaining hours ?

    i went to ths movie review website where people
    where asked to vote for why they watch t.v shows
    or movies,,,
    a) inspiration
    b) entertainment
    c) just amusement, finish time

    a number of people said they where entertained
    opt (b).......

    i watch 24 coz it inspires and entertains me

    im touched by some of the scenes in the show
    and thrilled by some non-stop action
    ohhh scenes as well.

    and you ?
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