Season 5 Episode 2

Day 5: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack and Chloe infiltrate Wayne Palmer's penthouse where David Palmer was assassinated, in the hopes of finding a clue to his murder. Jack convinces Wayne to cooperate and finds some information in Palmer's memoirs that leads him to the airport where the Russian president is about to land. CTU and Secret Service attempt to capture Jack, but they only find Chloe as Jack and Derek slip through their grasp. Martha tries to convince her husband that she received an important phone call from Palmer the night before his death, but a tape of their conversation seems to contradict her claims. Jack goes to the airport to find a lead, but a group of renegade Russian terrorists take hostages, including Derek, before he can act.moreless

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  • Awsome

    JUack meets Wayne, lots of Jack action, and how smart he is, more happened in this episode than in the crawling dead series alone.
  • It's like the insanity never left

    The madness persists as the characters take a closer look into the crazy villainous plot, whatever its main goal is.Jack drags his new girlfriend Diane Huxley and her son Derek into the mess and properly acquaints himself with Wayne as he investigates why the bad guys went after Palmer. He also becomes, as the promos promised, the most wanted man alive. Even though he was already the most wanted man alive, kinda—who can resist that voice…?We meet an early S5 Bigbad, James Nathanson, although Katz & Cassar seem more focused on set design than on characterization. But hey, Nathanson's dark, monitor-filled hideout is still swanky, and creates more mystery as to who he is and what the heck he's up to.The hour provides great suspense as Jack must make a miraculous escape from Wayne's penthouse, turning him into CTU's new Marwan in a sense. What he uncovered at Wayne's place takes him to the Ontario Airport. Likewise in the suspense department, President Logan and his wife Martha prepare for the arrival of Russian President Yuri Suvarov, which may or may not provoke a terrorist attack. Finally, the episode unravels more of the antagonists' plot without giving away too much at one time. It's the s***, yo!Hourly Highlight:Jack knocking out the FBI agent and stealing his clothes in record speed.moreless
  • Build Up!!!

    After the Last Shocking Episode, this episode seems a little weaker, but manages to be good.

    Right now, this assassination plot is already build, so Jack will have to prove that he is not involved in Palmer assassination, but since the writers have to create a great obstacle, J goes for the last place that he should be, Palmer Hotal.

    Wayne is less annoying now, with is brother death, he can shine now. I quite don´t Undertstand his reactions, since Jack was someone that is Brother Liked, but ok.

    Chloe participation was good, since Jack for this type of operations always need her.

    Martha Starts to be annoying, but in the end, she is Right.

    We End with a Surprise, a New Mole is Reveled and a New Threat Begins and Jack is inside It.

    Overral, a episode that build up the Storyline for the next two episodes, however, managed to create Tension, impossible situations, and a Shocking and interesting Ending.moreless
  • So much happens

    So, the show continues with that huge tempo and motion as last episode started and now they all think Jack did it - like again. But no worries, Jack tries to fix it, meets with Wayne and they find something that can have be a clue. But ofcourse, things go wrong and Edward discovered that Chloe is logged in and they find her, blind her equipment and Jack has to find his own way out - and they get Chloe and CTU does not believe what she says.

    On the mean time, the russians are there, we learn who the mole is and Logan's wife is thought to be hallucinating but she has some important information. And that boy.. what his name is.. he gets himself another trouble.moreless
  • Chloe\'s server code, \"JJ72\", is also the name of a British pop group. Could someone please add that to \"Allusions\" for me? I\'m only a level 1 user, whatever that means, so I can\'t add it myself. Thanks!moreless

    Great episode! I thought this episode in particular showcased some great acting from the women of \"24.\" Jean Smart\'s palace madness was well-played, and the tenacity of Chloe and Audry\'s defense of Jack set a great counterbalance to the coldness of Buchannan, Edgar and the terrorists at the Ontario airport. I would have like to have seen Jack\'s young companion get smacked around just a bit more...

    Okay, serious review time. It is extremely difficult for a series, any series, to stay fresh going into the fifth season, but \"24\" does a great job of shaking up the tried-and-true formula, kicking the audience in the stomach in the process. Granted, most of that stomach-kicking took place between 7:00 and 7:15am; and as such this episode is afflicted with a lot of coasting and picking at the threads that will turn into great storylines over the next 22 episodes. Overall, it is a great episode, but obviously overshadowed by the season premiere. For example, the scene in Wayne\'s apartment, with David the giant laying dead and defeated on the carpet, is one of the dramatic highpoints (not to be confused with the action scenes at the end of the episode); and the constant recurrence of President Palmer\'s image and voice on television. It\'s an interesting precursor to how David Palmer\'s long shadow will continue to shape events over the rest of the season.

    Great episode, not fantastic.


    P.S.: Chloe\'s server code, \"JJ72\", is also the name of a British pop group. Could someone please add that to \"Allusions\" for me? I\'m only a level 1 user, whatever that means, so I can\'t add it myself. Thanks!moreless
Kevin E. West

Kevin E. West


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Taras Los

Taras Los


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Musashi Alexander

Musashi Alexander

Agent at checkpoint

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DB Woodside

DB Woodside

Wayne Palmer

Recurring Role

Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Mike Novick

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Connie Britton

Connie Britton

Diane Huxley

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Carlos Bernard (Tony) does not appear in this episode.

    • This is the second time Jack is accused of assassinating (or plotting to assassinate) David Palmer. The first time was in Day 1.

    • Chloe's access code "JJ72" is also the name of a popular Irish rock band.

    • There are 25 agents in the penthouse where president Palmer was murdered and yet Jack was the only one who thought it would be useful to check the computer.

    • Real-time error: Logan said he was expecting the helicopter to land in five minutes. The five minutes lapsed when Jack, Derrick and Diana met up at the airport.

    • When Jack enters the airport's terminal and asks for Chevensky's office there is a man walking behind him carrying a brown bag and wearing a blue shirt and pants. Few minutes later when Derek follows him the same guy is there walking in the same direction.

    • Time error: the elevator goes up faster than it should, following the rhythm of the first few and last few floors.

    • During Martha and Walt's interlude, we find out that David Palmer was 55 years old when he died.

    • The IP address of David Palmer's computer is Like 555 phone numbers, this is not valid, as no number in an IP address can be greater than 255.

    • At the first scene w/ Nathanson, on the monitor of CN3, there is footage from "Day 2: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM" of the attempt on Palmer's life.

    • Martha comments that the news is airing part of Palmer's inauguration speech. However, this speech is clearly lifted from season 1's "7:00 AM - 8:00 AM" as indicated by the guy with the hard hat.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Wayne: You son of a bitch! You killed my brother.
      Jack: Mr. Palmer, you know I didn't do that. Whatever evidence they showed you against me has been fabricated. I served your brother for years. I would have gladly given my life for his. He was my friend.

    • Buchanan: Put out an inter Agency Alert. Jack Bauer is now a prime suspect in President Palmer's assassination. Emphasize that he's a former agent, well trained, and should be considered extremely dangerous.

    • Audrey: This whole thing is impossible. Bill, you were there when Jack was shot. He had no pulse, and no vitals.

    • Cummings: The man does have a history of insubordination, irrational behaviour, drug addiction...
      Audrey: Jack Bauer has a history of great service to this country!

    • Diane: You gotta tell me right now what the hell is going on here, Frank.
      Jack: My name's not Frank. It's Jack Bauer.

    • Jack: You are going to tell me what I want to know. It's just a question of how much you want it to hurt.

    • Jack: (to Derek) Let's get something straight, kid. The only reason you're still conscious is because I don't want to carry you.

    • Jack: (to Derek in the car) I started to believe that a guy like me could get a second chance.

    • Chloe: (as Jack begins to choke an FBI agent) Relax, he's really good at this.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The body of David Palmer is seen in this episode and his voice is heard during the phone call between Palmer and Martha Logan, though Dennis Haysbert does not appear in the credits.

    • Allstate Insurance again signed on as one of the sponsors of 24. Fans waxed nostalgic as Dennis Haysbert returned as their official spokesman.

    • This episode's original airing was delayed about 10 minutes in the Eastern & Central time zones by the Carolina/Chicago NFL playoff game.